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Monday's 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central

We talk Real Estate, Finance, The Economy, Mortgages, Insurance, Moving, along with Life Stories and Current Topics. Rick is joined each week by his sidekick and Business Partner, Kathy Parker

Legendary Football Coach

Barry Switzer

joined The Cathy Nutt Show

Ensign Pavel Chekov  aka WALTER KOENIG joined Karina Kantas!

Recently On The

Chit-Chat Cafe'

Joan Lunden

joined Lisa & Betty Anne to discuss her new book:  Why Did I Come Into This Room?



1A The Steiger Perspective
6P Pastor Freddie Cortes Show
7P It's Just Us Radio wks 1 & 3
7P Authors-First wk 2
7P  Pamela Foland Show  wk 4
8P Rick McCormick New Show
9P Dr. Maxine Thompson
10P YOUnique
11P Jerilyn Champion
12A  Project Urantia


1A The Steiger Perspective
7P The Soul Of The Everyman
8P Karate-Kai Nerds Dojo wk 1-3
8P Live Better Daily w/Ankit Shukla wk 2-4
9P Project Urantia
10P Cosmic Carousel w/ Dr. Marlee Doolittle wks 2 & 4
11P Pyramids On Mars UFO Radio wk 1
11P Robert Newton Show  wk3
12A  Project Urantia


1A The Steiger Perspective
8A  Word Play with Kristine Raymond
2P John Francis Peters Art wk 3
3P Ask The Chaplain w/ Mark Caronna wk 1-3
4P Cathy Nutt Show
5P Jonathan Steele Show wk 2
7P Majoring In The Majors w/ Pastor SJ Munson wk 2  
8P Aging Without Wrinkles w/ Harriet Tramer wk 1-3
9P WHAAT Matters Radio wk3
9P StoryWave with Nancy Wilson wk 4
10P GL Henderson Radio Hour wk 2
10P One World Government  wk 4
12A  Project Urantia


1A The Steiger Perspective
5P Sports Injury Forum
6P NHSCA_Sports Hour
7P JW Fuzion 
8P Crime Beat
9P Chit-Chat Cafe wks 1 & 3
9P Gisele On-Air wk 4
10P The Steiger Perspective
11P Alchemy 101 w/ Halo Marques
12A  Project Urantia


1A The Steiger Perspective
11A Doug Dahlgren Show
12P  # Truth w/ Dr. Sonia
1P Author Assist w/ Karina Kantas wk 2
10P  Word Play with Kristine Raymond
12A  Project Urantia


12P Hi-Noon Music Special
3P Debra Rufini Show
12A Riley Martin Show


10A Pastor Freddie Cortes Show 
12P Hi-Noon Music Special
1P The Soul Of The Everyman
3P Debra Rufini Show
5P Sports Injury Forum


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Cathy Nutt Show Harriet Tramer
Life Styles & Variety Aging Without Wrinkles
Wednesdays 4pm Wednesdays 8pm

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UFO / Alien Life / Mysteries / Paranormal

Michael in Maui & Zman

R. Wayne Steiger

Kevin Estrella

Alien Life/UFO

Visionary & Futurist

Project Urantia

The Steiger Perspective

Pyramids On Mars
Tuesdays 9pm

 Thursdays 10pm

1st Tuesdays 11pm

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Music Specials & Authors-First  Shows. Below are a few recent guests:

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THE SWINGING CHADS New music from the west coast
DEB RICHARDSON-MOORE Author of Murder, Forgotten
CHRIS LEWINGTON New album from England Riverside
THE VIGNATIS  "GypsyBilly" Music
NANCY M. WILSON  Author of He Knows You By Name For   Book: Click Here

ROCKY MICHAELS  Singer/Songwriter

TOM AMEEN Pianist Extraordinaire New CD is out!
BRIAN GARNER Songwriter/Performer
NICK KOROLEV Artist & Author of The Cat Who Fell To Earth 
MARTY JUREK New Music from Texas
SUSAN JOHNSON Author of Some Dreams Are Worth Keeping

STEPHEN MURRAY Author of Discreetly Yours

EDWARD N. BROWN Author of The Passion of Thecla


RUSSELL FOISY He's Back! With New Music!
NO SERIAL KILLER New Music from England

ROBERTA BOMBONATO author of Blind Sympathy

SALLY WHITNEY  Author of When Enemies Offend Thee

11 STARES BAND New Music!
TOM AMEEN  new Disney Album Old Time Magic
LUCY ANA KRASNO Author of A Diabetic's Journey For Book Click Here
FLOWPOETRY Lyrical Jam Poet
RICHARD MULLIGAN New Country Music from Ireland!
SAVANNAH KNIGHT  New Album Mr. Casanova
SHELLIE BOWDOIN Author of Find Your Weigh
THE CONDUIT  New Music from LA  Click for Spotify Link

Producer's Choice Shows

To Hear Show Click Name


joined Ron Chepesiuk on Crime Beat  to discuss his new book Framed: Why Michael Skakel spent over a decade in prison for a murder he didn't commit.


Legendary Attorney, including OJ Simpson's council during the trial of last century. A great guest with Ron Chepsiuk on Crime Beat.

WALTER KOENIG    Walter Marvin Koenig is an American actor and screenwriter. He rose to prominence for his supporting role as Ensign Pavel Chekov in Star Trek: The Original Series (1967–1969). He appeared in all seven Star Trek films.


joined Lisa & Betty Anne on the Chit-Chat Cafe' to discuss her new book:  Why Did I Come Into This Room?

KIM RUSSO known around the world as The Happy Medium, starred on Lifetime Movie Network's popular show The Haunting Of...., and speaks annually at hundreds of engagements across the country


of the Temptations

joined the GL Henderson Show

One of the world’s most famous activists who will discuss U.S. foreign policy, human rights and international crime.

JOHN LEAR Godfather of Conspiracy. The Great 911 Deception. Holograms & Direct Energy Weapons. Joined Kevin Estrella on Pyramids on Mars UFO Radio 

Remembering Davy Jones from The Monkees with one of the last interviews he gave when he appeared on the Chit Chat Cafe'.



Women Abusing Women

 ~ Better Living Shows ~

Animal Lovers

The Debra Rufini Show

Michael and Margret Lynes

James & Wendy Barnes

Pamela Foland Show

Sundays 3pm EST

The Soul Of The Everyman    Tuesdays 7pm

JW Fuzion    Thursdays 7pm

4th Mondays 7pm

Author Programs

Ron Chepesiuk

Doug Dahlgren Authors-First Dr. Maxine Thompson Karina Kantas Kristine Raymond

Author & Screenwriter

Author & Public Speaker Independent Author Interviews Author/Editor Prolific Author Author
Crime Beat Doug Dahlgren Show Authors-First Maxine Thompson Author Assist Word Play
Thursdays 8pm Fridays 11am Mondays 7pm Mondays 9pm 2nd Fridays 1pm Wed 8a & Fri 10p

Christian and Religious Programs

SJ Munson Freddie Cortes Nancy Wilson Dr. Sonia Lott Chaplain Mark Caronna Michael & Zman
Author/Pastor (Ret.) Author and Pastor World  Evangelist Doctor/Missionary Author & Chaplain Creator/Urantia Book
Majoring In The Majors Pastor Freddie Cortes StoryWave # Truth Ask The Chaplain Project Urantia
2nd Wednesdays 7pm Mondays 6pm 4th Wednesdays 9pm Fridays Noon Eastern 1st/3rd Wednesdays 3pm Tuesdays 9pm

Entertainment & Variety Programs

John Francis Peters Ankit Shukla Charlene Bowden

Angel & Maurice

Dr. Robert J. Newton
John Francis Peters Art Live Better Daily It's Just Us Radio WHAAT Matters Radio Robert Newton Show
3rd Wednesdays 2pm 2nd/4th Tuesdays 8pm Tuesdays 8pm 3rd Wednesdays 9pm 3rd Tuesdays 11pm

Lisa & Betty Anne GL Henderson Susan Stackpole Dr. Michael DeFranco Jerilyn Champion
Former NFL Cheerleaders King of Relationship Drama Self Growth Expert Sports Injury Physician Artist/Author/Poet
Chit-Chat Cafe GL Henderson Show YOUnique Sports Injury Forum Jerilyn Champion
1st & 3rd Thursday 10pm 2nd Wed. 10pm Mondays 10pm Thursdays 5pm Mondays 11pm

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It's Just Us Radio

It's Just Us Radio

Doug Dahlgren Show

StoryWave with Nancy Wilson

GL Henderson Radio Hour


Dr. Maxine Thompson

Majoring In The Majors w/ Pastor SJ Munson

Gisele On-Air

Jonathan Steele Show

Author Assist with Karina Kantas


Cathy Nutt Show
  Word Play with Kristine Raymond The Soul Of The Everyman Jerilyn Champion
  Live Better Daily w/ Ankit Shukla #Truth w/ Dr. Sonia Lott Debra Rufini Show
UFO / Aliens / Paranormal Better Living

Amateur Sports

Karate-Kai Nerds Dojo
Project Urantia Younique NHSCA Sports Hour Whaat Matters Radio
The Steiger Perspective Alchemy 101 w/ Halo Marques Sports Injury Forum
Timeless Esoterica Aging Without Wrinkles w/ Harriet Tramer Fine Art  
Pyramids On Mars UFO Radio Cathy Nutt Show John Francis Peters Art Animal Lovers
Riley Martin Show Archives Robert Newton Show Real Estate Pamela Foland Show
One World Government JW Fusion Rick McCormick Show  

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Riley Martin Show

Bigfoot Central

Ron Shaw Show

Kevin Zimmerman Show

Terry Lovelace Show

Sala J Show

Artie Kornfeld Spirit Show

Sweet Talk with Janet & Heather

Vince Nolan's Retro Review

Arqese & Food 4 Thought Project

Planeteering with Tommy Gee

Crypto Truth Seekers / Jennifer Collins

Timeless Esoterica w/Dr. Bruce & Lucinda Laughing Eagle

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