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Host: Jonathan Steele

Composer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Veteran

Jonathan Steele is a lyricist, drummer and song composer who has been composing since 1999. Jon's music is influenced by mainly classic rock bands like Rush, Bruce Springsteen, U2 , The Police, Simple Minds and Journey. and Jon's drumming influences are mainly Neil Peart and Buddy Rich. Jon writes motivational and inspirational songs mainly in the pop and rock genres.

Jonathan is an Air Force Veteran who has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, and also has a Personal Trainer Certification. Jon enjoys exercise, bowling and martial arts'

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Jon's Music is Available Here:  CD Baby



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March 13, 2024 Show

Jonathan kicks-off a 3-part Series:

Jonathan Steele  25 Greatest Hits

April 10, 2024 Show

Part 2

Jonathan Steele  25 Greatest Hits


May 8, 2024 Show

Part 3

Jonathan Steele  25 Greatest Hits






February 14, 2024 Show

Happy Valentines Day

Jon breaks out many of his original LOVE songs.

Plus some truly unique takes from Jon's deep library.



January 10, 2024 Show

Happy New Year!

Jonathan is back and starts off the year with a January broadcast.

Football, Football and Football.

And some great Music!



October 12, 2023 Show

Jonathan presents his latest release:

The Jonathan Steele Greatest Hits Album

Jonathan plays many of the cuts on the record.  Enjoy.



June 14, 2023 Show

Special Guest: Donna Halper, PhD

Associate Professor of Communication & Media Studies, Lesley University, Cambridge MA
2023 Inductee, Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Donna is credited with "discovering" and getting the group RUSH started on their legendary career. Hear how that happened.

Photograph by Craig Renwick. Used by permission.



May 10, 2023 Show

Jonathan looks at The Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Guardians as well as the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. Plus 8 great cuts from his extensive library including the cult classic "Mig The Pig"


March 8, 2023 Show

Jonathan looks ahead to another year of Music Production and a possible live show. Also 12 great cuts from Jon's music library.


February 8, 2023 Show

Jonathan check-in with his audience ahead of Valentines Day. Jon offers many of his original tracks about love.


December 13, 2022 Show

Jonathan hosts his annual Christmas show. Memories of past years and predictions for the future. A little bit of Football talk too! Also several great cuts by Jonathan


November 9, 2022 Show

It's a Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving show! Jonathan's thoughts on the holidays and several of his great songs to commemorate the special days.


October 12, 2022 Show

Happy Halloween! Fall updates and of course some great music from Jonathan.


September 14, 2022 Show

It's Football Season! Jonathan is a huge Ravens fan and former Browns fan. Preseason updates and early season recaps. Plus 4 great Music Selections!


July 13, 2022 Show

Jonathan solves many of the world's problems, and looks at the upcoming 2022 College football season with the new NIL rules! (college athletes can make unlimited money)


June 8, 2022 Show

Jonathan talks about the music industry from the Indie Artist perspective. Plus a couple of great songs!


May 11, 2022 Show

Jonathan pays tribute to his fellow US Veterans past and present in honor of Memorial Day.


April 13, 2022 Show

Jonathan returns with Music Business Talk with Zman.

Plus a commercial-free 30 minute set of J.S. Music!


March 9, 2022 Show

Enjoy a commercial-free hour of Jonathan Steele Music.

Jon's Music is Available on CD Baby


January 12, 2022 Show

Jonathan projects this years projects and plays a dozen of his top tracks.


December 8, 2021 Show

It's time for another Christmas Music Special. Some originals by Jonathan plus Jonathan's all-time favorite Christmas songs by other artists. Enjoy!


November 9, 2021 Show

Jonathan features original music in recognition of Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving.

October 13, 2021 Show

Jonathan plays several of his top cuts, plus talks the reality of the music "business" with Zman.


September 8, 2021 Show

Jonathan speaks about his military career (s). And of course, several cut to honor his fellow veterans.

Recently Independent Artist Buzz posted a review of "In A Soldier's Stance" :

They've also reached out with some questions for Jonathan:

1. You originally began your musical journey rather early; what made you decide to join the military before pursuing a music career?

2. As Independence Day just passed, what does independence mean to you, being a veteran?

3. What do you hope listeners will gather from and feel when listening to “In A Soldier’s Stance”? 

4. Was there any difficulty with writing “In A Soldier’s Stance,” or any other of your songs when having to write and relive those experiences from the military?

5. If you could give any advice to those entering or exiting the military, what would it be?

Here are Jon's responses:

1. I decided to join the military 3 times. the first time i was pressured by recruiters. The second time i don't remember joining. The third time i really wanted to go back in the military myself. So, i wanted to do everything at one time. i just didn't pursue music as much as i am now. I also didn't have as money funds before i joined the military to pay for my music career.

2. Independence as a veteran means using the military for the right reasons. When war and peace time service are served for the right and justified reasons. That's any country's military.

3. I hope listeners will gather enjoyment, fun, and seriousness from listening to In A Soldiers Stance. I hope they will understand that serving in the military sometimes has lifetime consequences.

4. There was no difficulty in Writing In A Soldiers Stance or any other military song i wrote. All my thoughts and beliefs were fresh in my mind.

5. For those joining the military always read what you are signing in a military contract. You can expect to have no rights. Get in military shape before going to basic training, this includes marching. Learn the history and customs of the military. Also, know there is so much unknown about the military. when leaving the military try to get all the benefits entitled to you by going to a county vet rep. Also, get connected with the department of veteran affairs.



August 11, 2021 Show

Jonathan plays 10 cuts from is new POP 2021 album.


July 14, 2021 Show

Jonathan invites Zman on the show to (get hate mail) and kick it for good conversation and a couple of great original cuts.


June 9, 2021 Show

An entire hour of Jonathan Steele Music commercial-free (and DJ fee).


May 12, 2021 Show

More music, including Jon's two latest compositions:

Distance And Go and Good Life Elsewhere


April 7, 2021 Show

Parodies by Jonathan Steele


March 10, 2021 Show

Compositions By Jon Steele Volume 6



February 10, 2020 Show

In Honor of Valentines Day: Songs About Love


January 13, 2021 Show

Some Music by Jonathan and a discussion with Zman on

 how hard it is to be a music artist in America these days!


December 9, 2020 Show

Christmas 2020

Jon's newest Christmas song, plus samples of all of Jon's favorite Christmas music.


November 11, 2020 Show

Veteran's Day

New music and songs for our Veterans


October 14, 2020 Show

Compositions By Jon Steele Volume 5


September 9, 2020 Show

Compositions By Jon Steele Volume 4


August 12, 2020 Show

Compositions By Jon Steele Volume 3


July 8, 2020 Show

Jonathan continues his prolific songwriting skills with a selection of new and enhanced previous cuts.


June 10, 2020 Show

Jonathan returns with new music and some old tunes


May 13, 2020 Show

1-Hour of commercial-free uninterrupted

Jonathan Steele Music



April 8, 2020 Show

The Beginnings of Jonathan Steele


March 11, 2020 Show

Rush Band and Neil Peart Tribute


February 12, 2020 Show

Special Guest:

Minstrel Poet Tommy Gee

Tommy also has his own Radio Program: Click Here



January 8, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Gary Sass

Trained in martial arts for 51 years

9th degree black belt Shotokan

6th degree black belt Matsumura Shorinryu

2nd degree black belt Matayoshi Kobudo

1st degree black belt Kwan Mu Kan

AAU Champion

School owner since 1977

Trained in Japan

Founder Shoto Ikki Kai

Former President American Institute of Martial Arts

Certified Self Defense Instructor


December 11, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Actor Lawrence Latsko



November 13, 2019 Show

A Tribute to Veterans



October 9, 2019 Show

Jon digs deeper into his vast catalog of music with 6 new never-aired tracks.



September 11, 2019 Show

An Hour of Jonathan Steel Music



August 14, 2019 Show

Jonathan and Zman

hang-out for an hour, playing several cuts from Jon's music library.


Inaugural Broadcast:  July 10, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Joe Godina

President of Spotlight International, Inc.

Company produces and sells CD’s to distributors and by mail order.

Radio Broadcaster, Polka and Ethnic Music shows on many local stations over the years and also produced a show in Virginia Mn. for several years.

Inducted into the Polka Hall of Fame in 1993

Two-time award winner at Hall of fame for Support and Promotion.

Current radio programs:

Rare Finds, WKHB Pittsburgh, PA. Saturday 3:00pm

Polka Spotlight Show,  Several times and days each week.

The Italian Show, WPIC 790, Sharon, PA. Sunday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm