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Host Doug Dahlgren

Georgia author, Doug Dahlgren, is an experienced interviewer with his own unique style. Having nine novels to his credit gives him credibility with other writers and his manner offers them a chance to relax and tell you, the reader, about their work. Doug’s books, six of which are a popular series known as The SON Series, are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle version as well as through most places where books are sold. You can also learn more about his books through his web page: Join Doug Fridays at 11am to meet authors, artists, and other interesting people you may not know yet. Interested in being a guest?

Contact Doug at for details.

The Son Rising

Now available as an Audio Book

The Traveler


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Everything You Need to Know about Audio Books

(Provided you know almost nothing now!)

Let’s take a look at audio books. What they are, how they’re made, are they just for blind people?

Are you a writer? Thinking about doing it yourself? Or wondering how to get started?


January 27, 2023 Show

Gary DeRigne

with Guest Host Linda Hughes

From our archives of great programming, here’s an encore from a few years back, of a guest hosting appearance by Author Linda Hughes.

Linda has been on before and brings her guest, Author Gary DeRigne to talk about his work.

Gary served as an Army infantryman and platoon sergeant in the Vietnam War, an experience that indelibly altered his spirit, and his life. Since the war he has been a husband; a father and grandfather; a youth baseball and soccer coach; a business executive; an entrepreneur, a philanthropist; an adjunct professor of ethics and corporate social responsibility; and a Storyteller, a novelist and speaker. He lives near Kansas City with his wife, Kitty, close to his sons and their families. Angie’s War is Gary’s second novel, a sequel to One Young Soldier. 

January 20, 2023 Show

Doug Dahlgren

This encore presentation from, right at, four years ago, is still relevant; as are the stories in my novels.

I shared about the books, why they are important to me and why I think you’d enjoy them.

I also talk about this program and what we usually do this hour every week.

It may be a repeat, but it’s not a waste of time…good info here, so listen up !!

Thanks for being there and let us hear from you.

January 13, 2023 Show

Southern Author

David Butler

David Butler was on the show with us in February of last year. He had just released his forth novel based on life, and death, “way down upon the Suwannee River.” “Echo on the Suwannee” follows “Ellaville” and “Signal Six” with a mystery set in rural North Florida. A cry for “help” carries along the water and spurs a man into action. As we know, action also bring consequences. And with those, David also brings back many familiar characters while introducing us to a couple of new ones. Join us for this repeat of a discussion of his new book and David’s life and experiences, that make his work so compelling.

See you there….

January 6, 2023 Show

Doug with Zman on 2023

It’s 2023, huh?

Okay. Let’s talk about it.

See ya at 11am

December 30, 2022 Show

Musicians Tim, Sammie Purcell

To our many visitors to Atlanta, this New Year’s weekend….WELCOME and have a safe, enjoyable stay.

If you’re here to see and hear the Foxes and Fossils, some have done so last night…more will this evening.

To hold you over a bit, I offer this encore of my program from May of 2022, when this concert was still just an idea.

Tim and Sammie joined me for a fun discussion of how they got to this point. I do hope you’ll enjoy…………

Have fun at the concert; stay safe while here, and traveling home !!

December 23, 2022 Show

An Interview with Santa Claus

Several years ago, eight to be exact, we thought it might be a great idea to go to the North pole and interview the golly old fat man, himself.

Travel was the big problem for this idea, being our budget was, well…there was no budget.

We decided UPS Next Day Air was the all we could afford, so Scott boxed me up and off I went.

Through the magic of radio…and with the help of Scott Z, Tony, Corey, Kevin, members of my family, and others, we offer this bit of Christmas levity and hopefully a smile or two.

Merry Christmas from The Doug Dahlgren Show!


December 16, 2022 Show

Your Host and Author Doug Dahlgren

Holiday gift giving season is upon us and I want to be a little self-serving here, if I may.

I want to discuss my books and why I think you, or your recipient, would love to get one this year.

So…sit back, relax and listen up.

All the books are available through in Paperback and Kindle…or through Audible in audio format.

Thanks for being listeners and have a great season, from me, and everyone with the show.


December 9, 2022 Show

Political Talk Show Host and Candidate for Office.

Brian K. Pritchard

BKP, as he is known in these parts, returns to our show to discuss his reasons for jumping into the fire.

That fire being politics in his local district here in Georgia.

Brian has been involved in these matters, at all levels, for years with his widely watched, daily talk show available on the internet.

The sudden and unexpected death of the State House Representative, in his home district, offered an opportunity to serve in yet another fashion.

He’s here to discuss that job, why it’s important to him, and what he hopes to accomplish should he win.

This story should ring out across our country and inspire others to “get involved.”

Listen up…this could be your district.

December 2, 2022 Show

Award-Winning Author

Kathryn Lane

In March of this year, Kathryn returned to our program with her latest Nikki Garcia novel, making the franchise a full series, at four volumes.

The latest is titled, “Missing in Miami,” and it finds our heroine searching for a missing teenager.

Always a great guest, Kathryn will tell us about how the venue for this latest story changed completely at the last minute.

Her strong research instincts, especially on locations used, lead her to the island nation off our coast line.

We’ll talk about the new book and what’s to come. 

November 25, 2022 Show

Donna Dahlgren

Producer – The Doug Dahlgren Show

From August of 2019, please enjoy this encore presentation…

Avid reader and excellent judge of material, Donna Dahlgren will share her love of reading and it’s beginnings.

We’ll talk about her role as “the Producer” of The Doug Dahlgren Show on ArtistFirst Radio, and the writers we have met through the years.

Maybe no favorites mentioned, we’ll see, but we’ll discuss how she stays ahead of the show’s schedule, supplying me with critical information about the every book I discuss on the show.

It’s no easy task, but Donna handles it, and me, expertly.

She even has an opinion about self-published versus major house publishing errors!

Join us won’t you…


November 18, 2022 Show

What Happened – What Now – Where are We ??

Doug and Scott try to explain

We promised an autopsy on the midterm ( election? ) so here we go.

Join us, join in or just listen. It’s a big kitchen.

Was the election as we expected? Did the unexpected win the day?

How does this effect the price of gas for my new Electric Vehicle?

Will the new logo help the soccer team?

So much to discuss and so little time for stuff that matters.

But we’ll sneak a couple in………..


November 11, 2022 Show

Author Alex Walker

An encore from 2018 when we sat down with this historical author.

Alex Walker is an experienced author and historian. He has a 28 chapter historical documentary, “From Our Past”, and other magazine articles as tune ups, Alex started his hugely successful series, “Toltec”, with the book of that same name. Mixing history with science fiction, fact with speculation, these novels are exciting page turners.  The series began with “Toltec”, followed by “Cuzco”, “Zenox”, and now “Runes.”  Alex comes back to our program to talk about the latest of the series and the books in between.  Join us for a great conversation.

November 4, 2022 Show

Author Kimber Silver

A small town in Kansas has had it’s first homicide in years. The victim’s granddaughter, a former resident, roars into town to find out what happened.

This is the set up for a new mystery novel by first time author, Kimber Silver, who is not completely unknown. Her social media posts have already earned her quite a following.

There are twists and turns, and as the best stories usually have, some revealing background and history to be uncovered.

Kinsley Rhodes is a force to reckoned with and the Sheriff must work quickly to solve the murder at hand and prevent another.

“Broken Rhodes” is the novel, the author, Kimber Silver, will join me Friday to discuss it and how it came to be. 

October 28, 2022 Show

Tryin’ to Make Some Sense of it All

Like you, I’ve heard about all the “whose gonna win what” stuff I can handle.

I want to share some background with you.

How and why we are where we are.

You can run, but you can’t hide.

Heck, you might even agree.

Join me and add to the show with your input :

October 22, 2022 Show

Author Chad Boles

Truth has no expiration date and this encore from 2018 features a book with that distinction.

Atlanta Financial Advisor, Chad Boles, wrote an exciting novel with a warning signal for metropolitan areas across the country.

In this world, Mass Transit Taxes, Sports Stadiums, and unfunded pensions are steered toward a collision with default by corrupt politicians.

This novel uncovers the “Blinded Authority” that can lead to a Great Financial Recession. Characters you may not know, but certainly know of, are exposed by their double dealing ways and a societal meltdown that nobody saw coming. The loss of control takes the reader on a wild thrill ride of mistakes, corruption and financial chaos.

Chad Boles comes from the world of confusing headlines and challenging markets. His understanding of the financial marketplace offers his readers insight into that dangerous territory through an exciting novel. A subject you thought you weren’t interested in…until you start learning about “Blinded Authority.”

October 14, 2022 Show

Author and Playwright

Emory Jones

Emory returns to our show to discuss his latest endeavors, mainly turn his novels into stage plays ! Of a c

urrent count of ten stand alone novels, four have been converted into plays by Emory, himself.

It’s not as easy as that may sound, and our guest will talk about how it works and other news post-Covid in the writing world.

Join us for a great conversation with a very talented man.


October 7, 2022 Show

Special Guest: Christopher Riordan

One of the earliest programs we did here was in September of 2014.

A friend introduced me to actor, Christopher Riordan and he graciously allowed me to have him on the show.

You say, his name doesn’t quite ‘ring a bell,’ with you….

It will.

Enjoy this interview with one of the Hollywood insiders of his day.

September 30, 2022 Show

Author Jonathan Gould

An Encore from over five years ago, when Jonathan took time to visit The Doug Dahlgren Show for an hour long discussion of his latest biographical work, “Otis Redding, An Unfinished Life.”

Known internationally for his in-depth research and attention to detail, Gould first came into prominence in 2007 with “Can’t Buy Me Love,” a book called, “everything you’d ever want to know” about the Beatles.

Jonathan worked with Otis’ widow, Zelma and others to capture the man who was, the King of Soul.

Fresh from an appearance on The View, Jonathan joins Doug for a conversation. 


September 23, 2022 Show

CURRENT STUFF with Doug and Scott

It’s been a while…a bunch has gone on.

Scott comes on with me (oh god) to take at least two sides to what’s happening in the world.

Input from you is welcome as always…email to

It’s free for all Friday on ArtistFirst Radio… for my hour anyway.

September 16, 2022 Show

Author Gerald Gillis

Some books, and the shows about them, can be considered timeless. Such is the story of Dave Paige, a hard working pawn in the corporate world. Our “Way-Back” machine allows us to revisit a conversation we had with author, Gerald Gillis, back in April of 2014.  His book, Dare Not Blink, was fresh and new then. Some eight plus years later, the story is still fresh to those who work in the world Gerald describes.  I’ve updated the start, commercial break and the ending, but please…enjoy this encore presentation of the introduction of author Gerald Gillis.  Dare Not Blink…it’s worth a look.

September 9, 2022 Show

Retired FBI SSA Jim Furry

From almost three years ago, meet an author who spent his career in law enforcement. Back when that meant something. I had the pleasure to meet a couple of real-life FBI Agents, a few years back. This interview is from over two years ago, but is timeless in the message and his book. There are all kinds of agents in The FBI. Real people with differing opinions and styles. While the agency is taking hits these days, remember, not all were or are bad folks. This is one of the good guys and I’m proud to know him. Enjoy his story, and his book…

After a short stint as a teacher, Jim Furry joined the FBI. Thirty-two years later, he retired having served in a clerical capacity and up to a supervisor in Counterintelligence surveillance. The target, Russian ships in the port of New Orleans. He has also served in Washington, DC, Springfield, Ill, Newark, NJ. The Newark assignment was as a supervisor in the investigation of the Sept 11, 2001 attack on New York. After his retirement in 2005, Jim became a consultant to banks, both international and domestic, watching for signs of money laundering. In 2016, James Furry retired again and began work on his book, "Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity, My Story.” It was published last year. Jim brings his book to our show for discussion.

September 2, 2022 Show

Five Cent Advice – Half Price

Join me for a recap of where we are in the year 2022 and an opinion on what we can do to change the trajectory of our situation.

As Lucy offered Psychiatric help for 5 cents…I go her one better, half off and worth every penny.

Join me, agree with me, or offer where you think I’m wrong.

We are in deep stuff, folks. Ignoring it ain’t helping the smell so I say we stir it up and bury it.

Who’s with me?



August 26, 2022 Show

Everything You Need to Know about Audio Books

(Provided you know almost nothing now!)

Let’s take a look at audio books. What they are, how they’re made, are they just for blind people? I and my narrator, Ed Waldorph, are finishing up book six of my series known as The SON. I’ve learned a bunch about this medium and the process that makes it work.  Are you a writer? Think about doing it yourself? Or wondering how to get started? Why should I care, I like to read? We’ll spend most of the hour looking at these questions and others. 

August 19, 2022 Show

Author Bradsher Hayes  

Author and Baseball Historian, Bradsher Hayes, has complied a history of his favorite team. A Team he has followed for over 65 years. While not everyone loves the game as he does, most everyone will enjoy Bradsher’s take on this team, told through the personalities that shined during it’s 150 year run.  The book is 150 Years of the Braves. Join us as we discuss his work and his passion for The Braves.



August 12, 2022 Show

Musician Tim Purcell

Long time Atlanta and Nashville performer, Tim has fronted several bands in his career, including the current day Mustangs and the internet sensation, Foxes and Fossils. The later group, made up of journeymen musicians and young, fresh faced, ladies as the singers, basically named itself. It took a while for their work to gain attention, but once it did….it took off. Tim is taking some time from his busy schedule to share some interesting details about himself and his bandmates.



July 29th 2022 Show

Encore of an Earlier Program

Angela DeCaires
CEO of BookLogix Publishers

We introduce you each week to interesting people you may not know. Mostly, they are writers. Writers looking for people to read their work. The ultimate goal for many of these authors is to be published.
This week begins a series we will complete over the next couple of months.

We will bring you a publisher to discuss what they look for in a book they will spend money and time on, to publish.

This week, our guest is the CEO of Atlanta based BookLogix Publishers, Angela Decaires.

Great information for writers and interested readers.


July 22, 2022 Show

Author Susan Lindsley

Soon after receiving her B.A. degree, summa cum laude, from Mercer University, Susan began her writing career as a reporter for the Macon News. She wrote feature articles as well as news items. Her interest in writing had begun well before then, back in grammar school where she also loved her study of biology.

She wrote professionally at the Macon News (a daily), the Raytheon Manufacturing Co., the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Research Laboratory of Electronics), and at the Centers for Disease Control. At MIT, she wrote and edited the first paper on laser beams and the first on telemetry. She an article published in The Georgia Journal about a famed Atlanta writer, "Margaret Mitchell: A Portrait" (February/March 1983). Her interests run from Wildlife to Politics and she has written about all.

Her novel, “When Darkness Fell” won a Next Generation Book Award in 2016. Susan brings that book to our discussion of her work. 


July 15, 2022 Show

Your Humble Host

Doug Dahlgren

A few current events remarks and then I’ll share a few lessons learned in dealing with businesses these days.

Get a couple of laughs, at my expense, and hopefully save yourself some trouble down the road.  Enjoy….

July 8, 2022 Show

The Ultimate Panel

A full hour discussion with three retired businessmen from different parts of the country.

We’ll ask them about issues that are on the minds of nearly everyone, these days.

Will we cover everything? No

Will we resolved anything? Probably not

But hearing from others can’t hurt, if you still believe in this country and our system.

Email questions from the audience are welcome at:  


July 1, 2022 Show

Dr. Bill Keeton

We revisit an interview from December 2014, with Dr. Bill Keeton.

He brought us his then, new book, “A Boy Called Combustion.”

A great story of growing up in the 1940’s in Mississippi.

Please enjoy this encore presentation of that interview.


June 24, 2022 Show

Michael W. Paul

Author Michael W. Paul first brought us his memoir of growing up in Colorado. That was back in 2013.

“The Bridge Over Cedar Creek.”

Fans have asking for more and Mike has finally released a new novel, an historical fiction story, centered on this country’s Greatest Generation. “Wild Horse – The Gods Await,” take the reader back to 1943 at an airfield in England, where young men with more courage than good sense, fly missions to defeat The Nazi Scourge. Their weapon is the B-17 Flying Fortress. The story is gripping and filled with insights only a fellow pilot could share. Join us for a discussion on this new novel you’ll want for your library.

June 10, 2022 Show

Jennifer Greene

Co-Owner of The Blue Ribbon Grill

Jennifer and her husband Eric purchased the Iconic Restaurant last year and will be hosting two major events in the next two weeks. National Bourbon Day is June 14th and the BRG will have a tasting and mixing class, in the bar, that evening. There is a $36 cost before fees which is refundable up to June 12th. There will also be a great, in store event, on June 21st in support of The Alzheimer's Association.

June 3, 2022 Show

Captain William G. Haneke

With the Memorial Day weekend just past, I wanted to share this achieve from way back…
From 2014 comes one of our listener favorites. I’m a veteran myself, US Army, 1968 – 1971. So just knowing this man is a special honor.  Capt. William G. Haneke ( Retired ), a five time amputee and survivor of the Vietnam War, came on to talk with Doug about his book, “Trust Not.” The story and the book are amazing. If you’re not familiar with his story, please take this next hour, sit back, and be inspired by Capt. Haneke’s story of war, injury and survival while helping others. And please, remember all those who served to make this country free and try keep it so.


May 27, 2022 Show

Author and Playwright

Emory Jones

Emory has been with us before. He is the current author and playwright in residence for the North Georgia Mountains that he calls home. He's written several books, some informational, some novels, and many that have also become stage plays. The most notable to date being, "The Valley Where They Danced." Long interested in producing an outdoor play, Emory has accomplished his goal with a new work premiering at The Hardman Farm, June 2nd 2022. "Valley Voices" tells the story of the legendary Nacoochee Valley and those who lived there over a span of 200 years. The play is joined by a new book, of the same name that will also be variable at the showings.


May 20, 2022 Show

Author Joan Holmes-Radford

Teacher and reading coach, Joan Holmes-Radford was raised in North Florida by a Spiritual Mother and a true to life, cowboy, Father. Music followed her from grade school to college which included a stint as Drum Major after serving as a twirler and Heads Majorette in high school. She wrote songs in her youth and that was it. Later married, she was divorced and spent time as a single mom, eventually having a family of four children. All seemed well until 2017, when her forth child, her son, Barry, died suddenly at his home, at the age of 46. There was no warning of this event. Joan wrote about the trauma, the grief and the recovery, through other issues that arose. "Born For This Purpose," tell her story and Barry's as a mother's tribute to her son's life.

May 13, 2022 Show

Musician Tim Purcell

Long time Atlanta and Nashville performer, Tim has fronted several bands in his career, including the current day Mustangs and the internet sensation, Foxes and Fossils. The later group, made up of journeymen musicians and young, fresh faced, ladies as the singers, basically named itself. It took a while for their work to gain attention, but once it did….it took off. Tim is taking some time from his busy schedule to share some interesting details about himself and his bandmates.

May 6, 2022 Show

Doug Dahlgren

Author of The SON Series

I’ve introduced many authors, and what they write, to you over the years. 

Today, I want to talk a bit about my novels and why I write them.

Hope you’ll tune in and I hope you’ll be interested in my stories.