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First & Third Tuesdays  8pm Eastern / 7pm Central

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Hosted by: Ankit Shukla and Kevin Chornohos

Join Ankit Shukla and Kevin Chornohos as they discuss anything and everything related to the Karate Kid and Cobra Kai series. The start of the new Cobra Kai series in 2018 has resulted in fans emerging from all walks of life around the world to talk about their favorite franchise. Ankit and Kevin are here to provide these fans a show and a platform to discuss some of their favorite topics from the series.

Karate-Kai Nerds Dojo is very fan oriented, and in being so, will provide fans an opportunity to listen to, and discuss, all of their favorite subjects from both Karate Kid and Cobra Kai. We will also allow fans to hear and interact with some of their favorite actors/actresses and characters. All are welcome to be a part of our family, as long as they are respectful. Just to be clear, the Karate Kid we are talking about is the original trilogy with Ralph Macchio, William Zabka and that whole crew. All others do not exist in this Dojo.

Now, let’s enter the Dojo and have some fun!

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September 15, 2020 Show

 Special Guests: Helen Irving and Robert Henry. 

 Discussing the Women of Cobra Kai.


September 1, 2020 Show

Special Guest:

Erin Bradley Danger

Counselor Blatt on Cobra-Kai




August 18, 2020 Show

Tidbits with Jon Hurwitz

Special Guest: Jon Hurwitz

Co-creator of Cobra-Kai



August 4, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Dustin Lewis,

who played Mr. Palmer on Cobra Kai Series.

@realdustinlewis on Instagram and other social media platforms




July 7, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Jeffrey Bryan Fishman

Actor who played “Billy” in the original Karate Kid Movie

and the keyboard player for the band “Survivor”.



June 16, 2020 Show

Phil Cancilla joins Ankit

to discuss the character “Hawk” from Cobra Kai.


June 2, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Owen Morgan

Bert on Cobra Kai



May 19, 2020 Show

Special Guests:

 Mike Young and Phil Cancilla



May 4, 2020 Show

Darryl Vidal

Life-Long Martial Artist, Karate Instructor, extra Actor in Karate Kid 1.

Ed Tech Consultant

Contact: Vidal Kenpo on Facebook



April 21, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Brihana Davidson



April 7, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Nate Oh

who played Nate on the Cobra Kai, season 2



March 17, 2020 Show

Season 3 Predictions

 Mike Young and Shay Richards


March 3, 2020 Show

Mr. Miyagi

No, he was not a guest on our show, but rather the subject of this episode.

We are VERY hopeful, at some point, Mr. Miyagi will stop by for a visit.


February 18, 2020 Show

Sensei William Christopher Ford

Martial Artist. Played the Character Dennis on Karate Kid 3.

William Christopher Ford on Facebook


February 4, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Sensei Ron Thomas

Cobra Kai character Bobby Brown in Karate Kid, Martial Artist, Motivational Speaker.

Also find Sensei Ron Thomas on Facebook.


January 21, 2020

Special Guest: Jeff Kaplan

 The character “Cruz” from Cobra Kai Series



January 7, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Sean Kanan

 Actor Motivational, Speaker, and Author Of “Success Factor and “The Modern Gentleman”. Played “Karate’s Bad Boy Mike Barnes” in Karate Kid 3.


Kevin and Ankit are also  joined by

Special Guest: Phil Cancilla


December 17, 2019 Show

Actor Matt Borlenghi

Matt plays the character “Pawnshop Guy Lyle” on Cobra Kai. He shares his experiences on set of Cobra Kai and his acting background.


 December 3, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Susan Gallagher

Actress and the character "Homeless Lynn" in the Cobra Kai Series

November 19, 2019 Show  Co-Hosts Ankit Shukla and Kevin Chornohos resume the discussion.

November 4, 2019 Show  Host Ankit Shukla is joined by Cobra-Kai experts Trey and Phillippe.




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