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WARNING: Content contains adult language and Not Safe For Work. Listeners must be 18+


Third Wednesdays 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific

Mischief Matters explores kink in a conversation for everyone. Mistress Schari has a gift for making the risqué and taboo mainstream so that anyone* can participate. Covering a wide variety of subjects within the BDSM/Kink community, each week Mistress Schari and catnip will speak live with experts, friends, and guests regarding their kinky experiences, advice, and opinions, including listener emails. Mistress Schari believes... a little Mischief Matters.


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Mistress Schari has been in the lifestyle (both BDSM & Swing Communities) as a participant and as an educator for the last 20+ years. Mistress Schari has been trained to lead her workshops by several field experts. Her experience as a Professional Domme, sub, and sex-toy specialist combined with her training as an educator, life coach, and public speaker gives Mistress Schari unique lifestyle insights. These insights have enabled her to provide all genders and sexual orientations with a safe and comfortable environment to explore their fantasies. Mistress Schari uses she/her pronouns.

Catnip is an assistant, companion, submissive, and all-around sidekick to Mistress Schari. Catnip has been in the BDSM/Kink community for the last 3 years after their therapist suggested it. They manage the majority of their Mistress' social media and monitor online class participation. As a transmasculine non-binary queer, Catnip strives to assist communities in becoming more inclusive and competent around LGBTQ+ topics. Catnip uses he/him or they/them pronouns.
Mischief Matters is based out of Northwest New Jersey. Mistress Schari and Catnip regularly attend conventions and events locally, throughout the country, and virtually.

For booking information and her upcoming appearance schedule please visit her website at

Twitter: Mistress_Schari          Instagram: highprotocol_mistress            FetLife: MistresSchari        Text # 732-624-6955


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January 20, 2021 Show

Special Guest: GL Henderson

King of Relationship Drama/Fiction

Radio Show Host




January 20, 2020 Show

Mischief Matters Radio presents:

Living Kinky in a Vanilla World

Mistress Schari and Catnip will be having a candid discussion about their kinky dynamic in a world that is more traditional. We will also speak with our dear friend G.L. Henderson about his view from the vanilla side.



December 16, 2020

Inaugural Broadcast