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WARNING: Content contains adult language and is Not Safe For Work. Listeners must be 18+


Third Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

Mischief Matters explores kink in a conversation for everyone. Mistress Schari has a gift for making the risqué and taboo mainstream so that anyone* can participate. Covering a wide variety of subjects within the BDSM/Kink community, each week Mistress Schari and catnip will speak live with experts, friends, and guests regarding their kinky experiences, advice, and opinions, including listener emails. Mistress Schari believes... a little Mischief Matters.


We welcome your email questions and comments: 

Mistress Schari has been in the lifestyle (both BDSM & Swing Communities) as a participant and as an educator for the last 20+ years. Mistress Schari has been trained to lead her workshops by several field experts. Her experience as a Professional Domme, sub, and sex-toy specialist combined with her training as an educator, life coach, and public speaker gives Mistress Schari unique lifestyle insights. These insights have enabled her to provide all genders and sexual orientations with a safe and comfortable environment to explore their fantasies. Mistress Schari uses she/her pronouns.

Catnip is an assistant, companion, submissive, and all-around sidekick to Mistress Schari. Catnip has been in the BDSM/Kink community for the last 3 years after their therapist suggested it. They manage the majority of their Mistress' social media and monitor online class participation. As a transmasculine non-binary queer, Catnip strives to assist communities in becoming more inclusive and competent around LGBTQ+ topics. Catnip uses he/him or they/them pronouns.
Mischief Matters is based out of Northwest New Jersey. Mistress Schari and Catnip regularly attend conventions and events locally, throughout the country, and virtually.

For booking information and her upcoming appearance schedule please visit her website at


Twitter: Mistress_Schari          Instagram: highprotocol_mistress            FetLife: MistresSchari        Text # 732-624-6955



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June 18, 2024 Show

"Flagging and Pride: Unpacking the Colors and Codes in Queer and Kink Communities." 

Tonight Mistress Schari and Catnip_boi explore the rich history and evolving practices of flagging, a communication method using colored bandanas, wristbands, and stickers in LGBTQ+ and kink circles. This podcast delves into the origins of the flagging system, its significance in expressing identity, desires, and boundaries. We will also look at its role in fostering safer, consensual interactions and how flagging comes up in other areas of kink socialization. Flagging is a unique and often discreet way to convey who you are without broadcasting it, so that you can remain safe and conspicuous. Tune in to see what the colors mean for you.



April 16, 2024 Show

This month Mistress Schari and Catnip_boi will be taking our discussion to Broadway...

Yep you heard me right. Both of us are avid fans of Broadway Musicals so much so that we have season tickets to the Philly Arts Center and we see about 12 Broadway shows a year. You can say we are obsessed. While all the shows are filled with music and costumes and outrageous sets, they are also filled with political and sexual themes, even the revivals. Recently we saw Hadestown and we have very different opinions on the show, oh boy are they different! So tune in and listen to us review the shows we've seen and how they seem to always relate to our Wondrous World of Kink.



March 19, 2024 Show

Special Guest: Miss Jay

Policemen, Firemen, Nurses and Teachers OH MY! Why is it that the kink lifestyle attracts these professions all the time. Join Mischief Matters radio as we discuss this very topic with our dear friend Miss Jay, a registered nurse. Hear how being a nurse creates a safe kink playground and protects others as well. It also allows her to be a lot  more devious, join us as we talk all about it.



February 20, 2024 Show


Tonight Mischief Matters Radio will be talking with their own in-house rigger, Briska. We plan on discussing how women within the Rope scene are received, how it's improved, and where the challenges still are. As the co-host of our monthly Rope Salon, where rope enthusiasts can come to practice and receive expert help to improve their skills, Briska is uniquely qualified for this very discussion. Briska (she/her) is a bisexual, polyamorous switch that has been in the scene since 2006, tying rope since 2007, and suspending bottoms of all shapes & sizes regularly since 2009. She briefly modeled for several kink sites such as and Since retiring from modeling in 2010, she has been focusing on tying and creating dynamic scenes for her and her play partners at various events around the country as well as studying as many aspects of BDSM as she can. During the pandemic, the well timed purchase of a suspension rig for her home allowed her to fine-tune certain rope skills. She now looks forward to teaching and spending time with the community in general.



January 16, 2024 Show

Lilyann Laurent

Happy New year everyone and welcome back to a new year of shows with Mischief Matters Radio Hostess, Mistress Schari and her "all things" sidekick catnip_boi. Tonight we are talking to Lilyann Laurent, the author of the poetry series Musae: Fratres et Sorores. This Latin titled poetry series will be a multi-volume collection about muses both male and female. The first volume is a male muse volume titled Vulpes Niveus which is Latin for Snowy Fox. It is an erotic poetry book with a forbidden age gap romance and will also be portrayed in a companion film. You can find Lilyann's work at lims website . There is also a lifestyle brand of personal and home products for fans' self-expression.



November 21, 2023 Show

Are you in hiding or "out" with your family?

This month on Mischief Matters Radio will be a two-parter. We will discuss the ups and downs of the holidays as a lifestyle/kinky person. Are you in hiding or "out" with your family? What do you tell your family or friends even? What are the different ways you've learned to cope and some new ideas to try too. Navigating dynamics, multiple partners, and a biological family during the holiday season can be exhausting and confusing. Join Catnip and Mistress Schari for this candid discussion and tune in next month for more about navigating the holidays.



October 17, 2023 Show

Join Mistress Schari and Catnip_boi

as they solve many of the world's most pressing problems.

All in one-hour!



September 19, 2023 Show

Join Mistress Schari and Catnip_boi

as they discuss the age old question... Can nurturing exist in a BDSM relationship? Should it? We've been conducting conversations all week with our fan base regarding this very issue and tonight we are going to discuss what we found and what we think of those findings.  It's such an important topic that stretches far beyond the kink community so tune in and join us then share your insights with us in an email to Stay tuned for the show, because a little mischief matters...



August 15, 2023 Show

Special Guest: Nicholas Tanek

Tonight join Mistress Schari and Nicholas Tanek, author and Host of Your Kinky Friends Podcast as they discuss a very sensitive yet important subject in our kink community. PRIVACY.

Tonight we discuss why discretion is necessary and how very fragile it is. Maintaining privacy can sometimes take tremendous effort, I mean there is a whole fetish built around "getting caught in public". The consequences of being "outed" and the risks we take going public can sometimes spark movements. This is a conversation that doesn't just permeate the Kink Community, it stretches across "all the aisles" and connects us all. So please tune in as we discuss whether privacy and kink can coexist.



July 18, 2023 Show

Mistress Schari and Catnip host their first show of the summer!


May 16, 2023 Show

Tonight Mischief Matters Radio speaks to Scott, a member of Mistress Schari's kink community. We continue our discussion on toxic masculinity and how the community has changed to pave way for Dominants to be more educated to do better. The pros and cons of the role the internet has played in shaping modern dominants and how glad most of us are for these advancements. Join us for a candid discussion on the modern dominant.



April 18, 2023 Show

Darren Campbell

Mistress Schari and Catnip have an incredible conversation tonight about a very serious subject... Toxic Masculinity. Two words that get tossed around a lot lately, but do we really understand what it means and how to create safe spaces for persons of all genders to communicate effectively with each other. Joining our conversation is Darren Campbell (he/him) is a sexuality and relationship educator and coach based out of Toronto, Ontario. The conversation around toxic masculinity gives us language and tools to deal with the lies society tells us about how to be men. These lies and narratives impact every aspect of life and cause a lot of harm in our relationships with ourselves and each other. By talking about healthy masculinity and by using tools available to us we can create a world that reduces harm and gives each of us (men and non-men alike) permission to pursue our authentic bliss. Addressing the ways the patriarchy and it’s close cousins white supremacy and colonialism are actively harming us is one of the most important things we can do in pursuit of our own path and creating a more equitable, just world.  Darren is a proudly queer, non-monogamous, pleasure-affirming community member who loves to facilitate discussions and experiences that strengthen relationships and encourage a sense of curiosity and exploration. His education and coaching areas of focus include self-love & acceptance, consent, communication, non-monogamy, & power exchange. An intersectional lens informs Darren’s coaching and workshop facilitation, recognizing that we live in a complex world with many identities, needs, and desires, and are often subject to systems that actively cause us harm. Darren is invested in growing his anti-oppressive practices and welcomes any feedback on how to make his teachings more accessible and inclusive.  In his classes and coaching, Darren provides participants with tools and examples that help them communicate more clearly and authentically with themselves and their partners. Darren believes that a collaborative approach, focused on creating a sense of safety and shared vulnerability, is the key to great sex, connection, and a love-filled life.



March 21, 2023 Show

Sir Ezra Algos

Join Mistress Schari and Catnip_boi for tonight's chat on the importance of education in kink. the value, the social aspects, the fun, and how it fosters community. We are so excited about our guest too! Sir Ezra Algos is a Life and Intimacy Coach at They identify as non-binary, polyamorous, omnisexual, and kinky. Ezra has more than 10 years experience as a polyamorous lifestyle Dominant. They are also the Director of Education at Sanctuary LAX Studios and co-founded the Triskelion Scholarship for BDSM education, which is currently in its third year. Ezra authored Mindfucking Mindfully and they host the Ask Ezra Intimacy Coaching Podcast. They are the founder of Radical Sexual Acceptance, an approach to building acceptance around sexuality and gender through coaching. Currently they are conducting clinical sexology research on the efficacy of Radical Sexual Acceptance. Ezra’s Coaching practice focuses on empowering people in their personal growth, sexual discovery, self acceptance, and living life to its fullest.



February 21, 2023 Show

Mischief Matters Radio is discussing generational age gaps in relationships tonight and how in lifestyle relationships it's often something we choose because we count on it for certain experiences. For instance, a younger person may deliberately be attracted to an older person because they will naturally be better navigators for adulting. While an older person may choose a younger person because it brings out their own vitality and exuberance for life. Whatever the case may be, age gaps are common and worth discussing. We will also be joined by Billy Lore who will be leading a workshop for us in March, Better Bottoming w/Billy. Billy is a Philly-based sex educator and porn maker with an overdeveloped sense of curiosity and a big mouth. He centers trans pleasure, authentic communication, playful kink, and queer joy in all of his work, while his teaching style prioritizes inclusivity, accessibility, harm-reduction, and humor. He uses storytelling to engage the audience, and metaphors and pop culture references to break down complex topics into digestible concepts. You can find him engaging in dorky discourse on sex, dating, and masturbating every week on The Dildorks and you can follow him online at @BillyLore on Twitter, @BillyLore_ on instagram, and



January 17, 2023 Show

Lady Steele, Esq.

We are starting off the new year with a peek into Kink and the Law with the foremost expert on the subject, Attorney lady Steele. Lady Steele is a femme lesbian Alpha leather slave with multiple neurovariances. She is an international presenter and resides in Atlanta where she is the only out, open, and practicing attorney in the U.S. that specializes in the issues that are unique to the BDSM and ENM communities. She is the founder of the Center of Learning and School of Success (C.L.A.S.S.), the Worthless Bastards (Cigar) Club (W.B.C. – Atlanta), and The Leather Coterie (T.L.C.). She proudly founded and leads the West Inclusive Georgia Socials (WINGS) group. Lady Steele has held various positions in both the former chapter of NLA - Atlanta and the Leather Leadership Conference. She continues to give back to the community through multiple appearances on the KinkyCast, Kuldrin's Krypt, Dating Kinky, Excite Me, Black to Leather, and Pink Kink podcasts. Lady Steele is also a proud Associate Member of Onyx Pearls - Southern Leather.



December 21, 2022 Show

Schari had a great guest and show in December as they wrapped-up 2022. Expect show details to post soon. The link is active so you can enjoy the program right now.  Click date above. Happy New Year!



November 17, 2022 Show

This month Mistress Schari talks crossdressing and feminization with The Cherry Bomb, a cis-gendered female and enthusiast of crossdressing fetishists.  The Cherry Bomb, also known as Cbombz on Fetlife, entered the kink world several years ago when she discovered that she had an attraction to men in stockings after her then lover tried on a pair, along with heels and panties. As she watched the world of the masculine and feminine collide, she immediately felt at home in a new culture that she never knew existed. Since then, she has dated, befriended and admired men who enjoy dressing up as women. She feels like an advocate and a supporter to anyone who wants to explore their inner femme, so much so that she began hosting a podcast called “Conversations with Crossdressers,” where she conducts one on one interviews with CDs from all walks of life. You can find links to her profile and podcasts here:



October 19, 2022 Show

Join us as Mistress Schari and catnip interview one of our own. Dr. Bob is a frequent member of the Skyland's Munch Group and he has years of experience with Erotic Hypnosis and he is going to talk about it with us, so tune in. Dr. Bob first learned hypnotism in college in the '60s. He is also an avid reader on the subject and attends events like the New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconvention. He is not a therapist of any kind, but likes to put people under for mutual enjoyment. With wiling subjects, it can be fun and exciting. He has helped people orgasm when they were not expecting to and to have a bigger, stronger and longer climax than they have ever had. To make people quack like a duck and bark like a dog are just for the vanilla world. The real fun is using his talents to enhance BDSM activities.



September 21, 2022 Show


I am so excited for tonight's show because we get to speak with one of our favorite guests, Nookie. Nookie is an accomplished author of several lifestyle books and the owner and creator of  Tonight Nookie and I will be discussing BOUNDARIES. How setting boundaries can reduce relationship drama & abuse, make you MORE loveable (not less) and give you more energy and love for the RIGHT activities (and people). Join us as we discuss setting and maintaining personal boundaries.




August 17, 2022 Show

Mischief Matters is proud to announce the grand opening of

Mischief Manor!

 Hear all about it on tonight's show. We will be promoting social parties, in-person education and rentals for boudoir photography. So join us to hear all about New Jersey's exclusive kink spot, Mischief Manor.



July 20, 2022 Show

Catnip and I recently attended TESFest, one of the oldest kink conventions in the US and our first back in the scene since the lockdowns. It's always very impressive to me how these conventions are run and I am amazed that there are often waitlists to volunteer at such events. So tonight we have a young man who recently volunteered at TESFest so we can find out what it's like to volunteer for a kinky convention.

So we welcome, Chef, a 28 year old switch from NJ.As you might get from the name Chef has a passion for cooking and has spent 8 years travelling the country cooking in different types of restaurants. His next adventure has been to explore the world of kink.



June 15, 2022 Show

This month on Mischief Matters Radio,

Mistress Schari talks with Catnip about pride,

a little history, a little education, and a little laughs.

Check us out for Rainbows and catnip!!




May 18, 2022 Show

Join Mistress Schari and her faithful sidekick catnip for a fun conversation about kink, burlesque, belly dancing, pole and tattoos. We are joined by Amanda the owner of Flight Risk Aerials in Randolph, NJ. We chat about how kink and burlesque cross paths and talk about kinky tattoos.

For more information on Flight Risk Aerials





April 20, 2022 Show

This week Mischief Matters radio celebrates 4/20 by interviewing the host of Your kinky Friends, a podcast Mistress Schari recently appeared on. Join Mistress Schari and catnip for a candid conversation about pot and kink and if they mix with author Nicholas Tanek:

Nicholas Tanek is an author and that person who runs YOUR KINKY FRIENDS (  He has interviewed kinky and sexually expressive people from all over the world. For his video interviews, he uses a lo-fi punk rock style that is like finding a hidden VHS tape. He has interviewed Dommes, submissives, educators, burlesque performers, comics, bands, activists, and many other kinky people. Topics include femdom, fetishes, feet, CBT, feminization, latex, leather, dominance, submission, bondage, art, film, music, politics, and more. Your Kinky Friends became a community of talented kinky people who write articles and create art. Hailing from New Brunswick and Edison, New Jersey, Nicholas Tanek grew up as a New Jersey punk rock skater kid who lost himself in the early 90s New York City rave scene. After years of drug addiction, he got his life together when he was reunited with Lynn, the love of his life before she died at the age of 37. Instead of choosing negativity, he chose creativity. Losing Lynn inspired him to write his first book, The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself. There is quite a bit of kinky sex, drugs, and music in the life of Nicholas Tanek and he has some unique stories to tell.




March 16, 2022 Show

Rose C. Carole

Tonight Mistress Schari interviews erotic author Rose C. Carole. Rose is a published author who often uses her own experiences as inspiration for her books. She and Mistress Schari discuss how erotic writing has evolved from the Story of O to 50 Shades of Grey and its impact on current culture. Pour a glass of wine and listen in.

Rose C. Carole is an award winning author. She had the Best Book of the Year 2015 from the BDSM Writers Con; was a finalist in the Passionate Plume Contest Best BDSM Book 2018 from Passionate Inc, a division of the Romance Writers of America; and a finalist in the Beverly Awards for Best Erotic Writers from Colorado Romance Writers. For a link to her books on Amazon start here. Catering to His Needs (Kitchen Confessions)



February 16, 2022 Show

Special Guest: Mistress Zeneca

This month Mistress Schari and catnip will be talking too Mistress Zeneca organizer of Philly’s longest running BDSM Club and Swingers events, Cherry Noir. Listen in as they discuss the future of kink events post COVID, what Cherry Noir is brewing for the future and all things kinky. Check out Cherry Noir on Facebook and listen to Mistress Zeneca on her podcast “The Dead TV Podcast” where she discusses cancelled TV shows of the horror, sci and fantasy genre.


January 19, 2022 Show

Mistress Schari and Catnip are interviewing "The Kitchen Witch" on intentional cooking. Many roles within our community involve cooking for your partner, or family, or maybe you just love to cook, whether cooking for yourself or others this is an episode you don't want to miss.  We will be talking with Dawn, the author of A Kitchen Witch's Guide to Recipes for Love and Romance. We will be discussing how to cook with intention and how to impress the one you love with spells from the kitchen. View her website here




December 30, 2021 Show


Join Mistress Schari and her guest, PupArgos (in for catnip tonight), as they discuss how to keep their kinky resolutions and make them stick. 

Here's to a great 2022 and join us at our new time, 9:00 pm the Third Wednesday of every month!



November 17, 2021 Show

Ms Nookie

This month Mistress Schari, welcomes one of our favorite sponsors, Ms Nookie Notes, founder of Dating Kinky, an online dating platform and kink community that provides educational resources and connections. Ms. Nookie describes herself as a hedonistic, dominant cuckholdress who is polyamorus and monoromantic. She has written numerous books on Female Led Relationships and presents on many topics within the lifestyle. She loves a good power exchange and the mental game of kink. You will not want to miss, as these two Dominant Women cover a variety of topics.




October 21, 2021 Show



August 18, 2021 Show

Toys, No Assembly Required

Mistress Schari shares her passion for sex toys, she's been selling them at parties and online since 2006. Tonight Mistress Schari and Catnip have chosen a few of the most popular toys to chat about and we promise you will learn something you didn't know, our engineer did! Learn a little bit about the history of sex toys, how to choose one, what toys are great for solo and couples play. We also discuss which toys can be used across all genders and sexual orientations, and if there are multiple uses for certain toys. Plus, how to properly clean and take care of your toy. So, sit back and listen to how we break it down and enjoy a little mischief with Mistress Schari and Catnip!



July 21, 2021 Show

        What is it Like to be a Professional Dominatrix?

More than any other question, I am asked this very question. What better way to answer it than to be interviewed by my ever-faithful, wise-cracking submissive and sidekick Catnip_boi. Tune in live and listen or download it. I will answer what it's like to meet people for the first time under some very often odd circumstances. Why would someone come to see me? Is it just for men or can anyone book a session? How has being a pro-Domme spilled over into my personal life in both positive and negative ways. What are the most requested types of sessions? I will also discuss how to book, what proper etiquette during a session is, and why I do this in the first place. Plus a whole lot more!



June 16, 2021 Show

Does Kink Belong in Pride?

Featuring Pissi Myles

Pissi Myles is an accomplished drag comedian, singer, and hostess from Asbury Park, NJ. Always one to make a scene, in 2019 Pissi partnered with the streaming news app Happs to cover Donald Trump’s impeachment. Dawning a red mini dress and a patriotic updo, Pissi caused a stir on Capital Hill, leading to stories from The Washington Post, NBC, and The New York Post.



May 19, 2021 Show

Mistress Schari and Catnip welcome Special Guest: Dom. Brooklyn


April 21, 2021 Show

Mistress Schari and Catnip answer your email questions.



March 17, 2021 Show

Green Flags: How to get lucky and illicit a response?
Special Guest: Jon Bagnato is a writer, podcaster, chicken parmigiana enthusiast, he is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, teaches meditation and has a small dog named Squiggles. He is a former United States Marine and served one combat tour in Iraq during Operation Iraq freedom; He belongs to a 12 step fellowship, received his bachelors of science in Nutrition Science and has a band called Stealing Rome - Oh yeah, he likes cats.



February 17, 2021 Show




January 20, 2021 Show

Special Guest: GL Henderson

King of Relationship Drama/Fiction

Radio Show Host


December 16, 2020

Inaugural Broadcast