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Project Urantia

"Expanding The Revelation"

Intelligent beings have been visiting this planet since before our recorded history. Some call them Angels, Demons, Aliens, Celestials. Etc.  They have a name for our planet it's not Earth, it's "Urantia".  Earth is their Project.




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      Show # 626  2024-07-16

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. How does my dog know when I'm coming home? Is there anything "new" in the universe? Are the lights on the planet imaged by the JWST city lights? Do they know about us?

Show #625  2024-07-09

Michael talks hurricanes.  He's been through a few.  Are there some humans who are "protected" by celestials? Do we actually have guardian angel(s)? Has Planet 9 been spotted on a trajectory that's heading this way? Now what?

Show #624  2024-06-02

Michael brings to our attention MrMBB333.

Show #623  2024-06-25

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. What should we expect in 2027? Ted answers several questions about human sexuality, heterosexuality, homosexuality, marriage and abortion. Also can gravity exist without mass?

Show #622  2024-06-11

Tan & Nella are more advanced beings than we are so does that mean they are more "spiritual" than we are? Are "Near-Death" experiencers catching a glimpse of the Morontial life? China's is erasing the rich!

Show #621  2024-06-04

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Quite a bit of discussion about "demons". What does God require of us? Is Putin going to announce the approach of Nibiru? Why? Will Tan & Nella have the same experience that we do after death?

Show #620  2024-05-21

Archangel Headquarters is right here on this planet! Why? The blood found on the top of the Ark of the Covenant was only 1/2 human (Mary). Why are the Jewish and Christian religions so obsessed with blood? 

Show #619  2024-05-07

Does god hate Palestinian Children? NO! God loves everyone. Are there signs of an approaching change on this world? Michael explains his experience with celestial "power sources".  When will the final judgment occur regarding the fallen angels?

Show #618  2024-04-30

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. How many galaxies are there? Is Spontaneous Human Combustion real? Will pets be allowed on the airlift? Was the Nibiru system created at the same time the rest of our solar system was?

Show #617  2024-04-16

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Has CERN opened up a portal to other dimensions? Yes! Did Atlantis exist? What happened to them? Can humans actually levitate? Nibiru decades away.

Show #616  2024-04-09

Solar eclipse happened. We are all still here.  Many predictions did NOT happen. (thankfully). Are there wars going on between other species in our universe? A billion years long?

Show #615  2024-04-02

Does religion brainwash the individual? What is the Spirit of Truth? Will Planet X be visible in the solar eclipse?  Is it true that Omuramura is coming back?! Intelligence? Won't that change everything?

Show #614  2024-03-26

Michael discusses how the natural and celestial-made events may happen. Some will be taken but then returned after being instructed with new knowledge to help those humans still on Earth.

Show #613  2024-03-19

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Ted stayed with us for about an hour and 40 minutes. Probably the most emails we have ever covered on a single show with Ted. A wide range of topics were discussed on the show.

Show #612  2024-03-12

Michael was called "Royalty" when he met the celestials.  Why was that said? We talk about the Lucifer rebellion.  No gun, bombs or spaceships, just ideas? Why was our planet "quarantined"? The Urantia Book is a TEXT book, not a bible.

Show #611  2024-03-05

Michael was hit with 3,000 volts of electricity and lived! He describes how it felt. Does Michael have protection? When some NDE experiencers are told they MUST go back, does that insinuate a planned destiny?

Show #610  2024-02-27

Michael talks about his ideas on how the evacuation might go down. Some physical people and some "spirits" of people. They say everyone on earth will be able to see "it" in advance of 2027.

Show #609  2024-02-13

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Beings that use telepathy to communicate with each other can't lie and get away with it! Music is universal. Is Purgatory a real thing? (No). Could a glass of wine bring you closer to God?

Show #608  2024-01-23

15-20-25? How  many countries are now involved in the middle east conflict?  Is time changing the past and future. Who commands Time?  Do some miracles in the bible show time manipulation? 7 trillion inhabited worlds? Are we alone?

Show #607  2024-01-09

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Ted talks about playing sports on his planet while growing up! And how his race teaches their young about our inhabited universe. What are Tan and Nella doing these days?

Show #606  2024-01-02

Michael returns from Japan. Michael was given topics "they" hope we will discuss. Does Man need religion? Does God need religion? Why are we at a disadvantage on this planet?

Show #605  2023-12-05

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Does it  make any difference what someone's beliefs are before they die? Were Adam & Eve really 10 feet tall? What did they look like? Do Angels, Celestials or Extraterrestrials incarnate here on this planet ?

Show #604  2023-11-28

We were just hit by an M-Class solar flair.  Can that effect volcanism here?  Are our current electronic grid and machines and products able to handle a major solar flair? Are you sure?

Show #603  2023-11-14

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Michael speaks about Trinitization. What is the Spirit of Truth?  TED explains: Is it ever ok to kill someone?  What will help my personal longevity?  Only humans "die".

Show #602  2023-11-07

Michael returns from Japan.  His observations from his excursion.  The growing questions of the very odd burn patterns in the Maui fire! Similarities to 911 twin towers? Direct Energy weapon?

Show #601  2023-10-24

Is the United Nations the "beast" in the bible? Are we really near Armageddon? Do the Celestials know these things in advance? Why can't stupid people read the Urantia book?

Show #600!  2023-10-10

Michael's concerns about Israel/Hamas. Could this be the beginning of something very bad for everyone? Are Curses real? Why they should not be messed with. The confusion of religions.

Show #599 2023-10-03

Are there "worker grays"? Do they have souls? How much smarter are aliens than we are? Mexico just put 2 preserved alien bodies on display!  Are human memories controlled by aliens in some cases?  

Show #598  2023-09-26

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Gamma ray event is not far off.  How to stay safe. Why were there times in the past when humans moved to underground living  Mermaids are real (sort of)

Show #597  2023-09-19

Maui continues to recover.  Michael recalls the night Tan and Nella first appeared in the sky and how they picked him up and took him to the New Jerusalem. Also some discussion about what happens after we die and what to expect.

Show #596  2023-09-12

Earthquake in Morocco, floods in Libya and China. What are the causes? Is there a large object heading this way that is way out past the Kuiper belt? Michael's thoughts on what Earth may look like by 2028! (Not good)

Show #595  2023-09-05

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Lots of great new information from Ted. Hidden dark planet in our solar system. Why is 2027 critical? Can humans see Midway creatures? Ted's words of comfort to a dying man.

Show #594  2023-08-29

Why the Urantia Book could not possibly have been written by humans. Is there a base in Antarctica that uses neutrino detectors to communicate across the universe? Is Omuramura returning?

Show #593  2023-08-22

Michael's first show back after the deadly wildfires on Maui.  80 mph winds stoked the deadly event  800+ still missing.  How did they run out of water!? What? Did somebody screw up bigtime? Is there anything left to identify the missing?

Show #592  2023-07-25

Why are Americans becoming less religious? Is that a bad thing or not? Is the Bible the unerring word of God? Which Bible? The American Congress is freaking out about being "stonewalled" regarding Aliens and UFOs. Who's laughing now?

Show #591  2023-07-18

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Fantastic information on this show. More about Gravity we do not understand. Why animal experimenting is NOT ok. Revelations about ocean currents and global warming. And more!

Show #590  2023-07-11

Last 3 days were the hottest in recorded history worldwide! Global warming is a hoax? Michael thinks Niburu may be a contributor. What happens when AI meets Quantum computers?

Show #589  2023-06-27

Why is Earth (Urantia) still a quarantined planet? Will it be that way forever? Why are we NOT welcomed by our brothers and sisters on other planets? Michael talks more about his experience on the "mother ship".

Show #588  2023-06-20

Some say the recent Las Vegas UFO encounter is a hoax? Why? Was the 1947 Roswell crash a deliberate suicide mission? If so for what reason? Are US service men and women serving in a secret off-planet military with the Reptilians?

Show #587  2023-06-13

Celestial "Ted" returns.  Listener emails. Are we constantly under surveillance by aliens? Do all civilizations eventually develop computers? Did TEDs home planet develop AI? How did that work out? Also Ted speaks to the Russian people.

Show #586  2023-06-06

Yellowstone continues to concern us. Is the temperament of our world today similar to the Sodom and Gomorrah cities of old? How many people can Earth support? Is population declining? Really?

Show #585  2023-05-30

Is Michio Kaku's prediction about Yellowstone happening now? Interesting listener email about pole shift, and if the "elite" are planning to flee off world to maybe Mars or the Moon? Can they be stopped? Who is the "Council of Worlds?"

Show #584  2023-05-23

Michael talks about Michio Kaku's warning: Yellowstone park just shut down and something TERRIFYING is happening! Civilization will be dramatically changed if Yellowstone goes off. Billions will perish in the aftermath.

Show #583  2023-05-16

Celestial "Ted" returns.  Michael talks about walking through walls into another realm! Ted explains where stuff goes that falls into black holes. He also speaks on the actual size and age of the universe. Is it really infinite?

Show #582  2023-05-02

Are aliens mining the moon? Do they use water taken from earth for that operation?  What are non-breathing entities? Are there some non-breathers on the moon? Let's talk about what happens when you die!

Show #581  2023-04-18

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Can you "sell your soul to the devil"?   The subject of "murder". What happens to the murderer after death? Is baptism a requirement? What if you die and are not baptized?

Show #580  2023-04-11

Michael reflects on his family's reaction to his unusual life. The Pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere were advance power stations not a tombs for people. Nicole Tesla solved the "free clean energy" problem for  mankind. The pathetic wealthy killed it.

Show #579  2023-04-04

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Do beings of light sleep? Do they dream? Is the Mothership mentioned in Revelation 21?  Will the planet be "reseeded" after the Reset? Is there a catastrophic Pole Shift coming, and if so how soon?

Show #578  2023-03-21

Some are predicting a pole shift. Is it survivable for anyone?  Wouldn't an airlift need to happen before such an event? Who would be left to lift? Michael's experience with alien power generation (unknown on this planet).

Show #577  2023-03-14

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Was Michael in Maui perfect?  Do beings like TED have perfect memory? Who are the Pleiadians? Is there message genuine. Are they informing us about the same air-lift others have warned about?

Show #576  2023-03-07

Quote from Michael: Time is happening all the time. Certainly an increase in UFO sightings worldwide. Why is that? Michael recognizes the V-wing craft. An increasing consensus the Omuramura object proves alien life exists.

Show #575  2023-02-28

Is the very large V-craft recently filmed, the same one that hovered over Phoenix, the one they tried to cover up? (Phoenix Lights) Michael speaks about the "fallen ones" that have not yet been rounded up, and some of their characteristics and technology.

Show #574  2023-02-14

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Could Nostradamus see into the future?  Does God ever get angry?  Can an adult human be without a soul?
Is the Bible Code real?  Did god put 10 plagues on Egypt and why does God hate Egyptian children?

Show #573  2023-01-31

A meteor passed very close to our planet last week! Is the evidence for a Pole Shift rising? Does the orbit of the moon change? Michael's experience with a Rogue Wave.

Show #572  2023-01-24

Did a Midway creature help Michael's wife survive being swept into a white water river? Are all Midway creatures good? Too many people do not have anyone who cares about them.

Show #571  2023-01-17

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Does the Vatican have a machine that can view past events? Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to man? Can demons possess humans? What about animals?

Show #570  2023-01-10

What are the Keys To The Kingdom? Is this the only life we will live that we will die? Can you pass the Test of Recognition?  How is it Lazarus was resurrected without a morantial body?

Show #569  2022-12-20

Earthquakes and volcanoes. Are they increasing? It could be because something is perturbing our planet. Michael suggests perhaps whatever it is, it is drawing closer and closer. It may be very hard to "see" and will be a surprise if it appears.

Show #568  2022-12-13

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Michael sees increased volcanic and seismic activity as possible omen. Ted talks about the death penalty and also "Angels". Can they get sick? Can they have mental issues? What do they actually look like?

Show #567  2022-11-29

Volcano erupts in Hawaii. Michael is concerned about developments in China. Things are a mess there now. Why should we care what's going on in China? Michael recalls the poor man in Cambodia he gave money to, and what the man said.

Show #566  2022-11-15

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Was Valiant Thor from Venus? Are there universes that exist without gravity? Is the Gospel of Thomas true? Is the Thought Adjuster conscious? The population passed 8 billion people today. Hooray?

Show #565  2022-11-08

UFO sightings have grown exponentially! Why now? An alternate theory of what caused "the flood". Was the flood a worldwide or regional event?  Michael feels the upcoming "event" is getting closer. Perhaps less than a decade.

Show #564  2022-11-01

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Have some humans had past lives? Does it matter if after death you are buried, cremated or whatever? If an airlift is necessary, will there be any warning to the general population?

Show #563  2022-10-24

Jesus spoke of "Mansion Worlds", There are 7. Mansion World #1 is what many religions call Heaven. Jesus created the Women's Corp. to help spread his message and commanded his disciples to treat all women as equals. How did that work out?

Show #562  2022-10-18 

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Does God care what religion we follow? Are our thoughts our own or can they be unknowingly influenced by some entity? Fast radio bursts really happen but what is the origin and is it intelligent life?

Show #561  2022-10-11

Michael's observations on possible celestial interventions in the Russia/Ukraine war. How close are we to the end of humanity? Why a "reset" if we are going to do it ourselves!

Show #560  2022-09-27

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Do Tan and Nella (Biavians) have the divine fractals that each human has?  Are some of the entities in the Urantia Book invisible to humans? Could we see TED?

Show #559  2022-09-20

This show focuses on Michael in Maui. THE most important part of this Gateway.  Michael contacted ArtistFirst radio after Riley Martin left the network for Sirius XM. (are they still in business?).

Show #558  2022-09-13

How was Michael "altered" to connect with the Celestials? Here to Saturn in15 minutes? What is "Pre-energy"? With JWT new data, is the Big Bang theory in danger?

Show #557  2022-09-06

Celestial "Ted" returns. More ways we could be in trouble! Are there secret bases on the Moon? On TED's home world was evil among them? Are there still politics and social issues in the spirit worlds following the Lucifer rebellion?

Show #556  2022-08-30

Look around. Is this the pinnacle of what humanity accomplished? That's it? Michael speaks seriously about what may occur in the future. It will be scary to many. Is there a "hell"? Are you headed there?

Show #555  2022-80-23

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails. Will the New Madrid fault fail before 1-1-2023? Are humans on other worlds just like us? Does Jesus visit the New Jerusum often? Why?

Show #554  2022-08-16

Are we getting closer to an Airlift? What happens to people who do not get selected for the lift? What if we can't see the object as it approaches and some possible reasons why.

Show #553  2022-08-09

Celestial "Ted" returns. How many wars are actually going on today? There are alien ships sitting on the far-side of the moon "just in case". Just in case of what?

Show #552 2022-08-02

Are new wars inevitable? China flexes its military muscle. Are they for real?  Iran is very close to having nukes! When will Israel strike? All rain is now contaminated so they say!

Show #551  2022-07-26

Michael interprets his understanding of "being taken up on the wings of eagles". A planet cannot achieve unity until several things happen. None of which have happened here yet. What are they?

Show #550  2022-07-19

Celestial "Ted" returns. Are we in danger from the 40 degree change in the position of the magnetic North Pole? Do all humans experience death in the same way? Georgia Guide Stones gone!

Show #549  2022-07-12

Michael talks about his experiences on being visited by Men In Black after a crop circle appeared near his home when he was young. And also how his parents reacted to his trip to the mothership.

Show #548  2022-07-05

Michael answers question and talks at length about the many "humans" he saw on the Mothership. Where did they come from? How is it that so many people on this planet can be so easily fooled?

Show #547  2022-06-28

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener emails.  Are demons real? Where do they come from? Where are Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia now? Are there still pockets of the "fallen ones" still operating freely?

Show #546  2022-06-21

Is there a Galactic Federation? Are we "tied" to time? Should we be worried about the large sunspots, and what may is cause here on earth? What ever happened to UFOligist Billy Meier?

Show #545  2022-06-14

Celestial "Ted" returns. Michael discusses how channeling works and how it can be influenced by the person channeling. TED talks at length about his home world and his life as a mortal.

Show #544  2022-06-07

Does Putin have cancer? Will another country (not US) be the ones to reveal contact with Alien life? The Moon is not uninhabited. Who's there? Japan, Russia, Israel, India, China and the USA are going!

Show #543  2022-05-31

Inflation. Gas continues to rise! Some Americans actually support Putin not democracy and freedom!? Why?  China is pulling ahead of the rest of the world in many categories of engineering. Now what?

Show #542  2022-05-24

Celestial "Ted" returns. Michael's comments on Elon Musk's memory. Ted says Putin is ill but being cared for. Ted's prediction on world after R/U war. ArtistFirst receives a good review from the Celestials!

Show #541 2022-05-17

Michael returns from his cruise. He was detained when he tested positive for Covid during the trip. Live listeners in Russia during the show! Is Putin gravely ill? Will that change his plans in Ukraine if true?

Show #540  2022-03-15

 Democracy and Communism.  Michael speaks about Thought Adjusters and the ultimate "fusion" with God. Does Michael feel he will make another trip to the mothership?

Show #539  2022-03-08

Celestial "Ted" returns. Has WW3 already begun? Is Putin now insane? We are closer to Nuclear war than ever before! Will the Celestials step in if things get completely out of hand?

Show #538  2022-02-22

Celestial "Ted" returns. One day before the war begins in Ukraine, Will the Celestials do anything if the war spirals into WW3? What about threats from the "godless" to use nukes in Europe?

Show #537  2022-02-08

Why is it that the apostles got so much wrong? How frustrated was Jesus with them realizing after so much time, they just didn't "get it"? Other humans on other worlds. What's life like for them? Is it better or worse that our existence?

Show #536  2022-02-01

Are aliens afraid of some humans? Yes! So are we! Why is Space X deliberately crashing a rocket into the moon soon? Are Humans technology from God? Is the concept of spreading democracy outdated? Another week without a new war!

Show #535  2022-01-25

How is it humans are so easily fooled and confused?   Will the world's religions ever come together and realize that there is only one God just different names? Probably not. How did the universe begin? Maybe not the way we think?

Show #534 2022-01-18

Celestial "Ted" returns. Numerous hot-spots where major military conflicts are likely soon. Ted answers listener emails. What are Agondonters? Ted speaks a bit about his past mortal existence on another planet and his 250+ year-long life there.

Show #533  2022-01-11

Is the U.N. the "beast"? Michael discusses his thoughts on a mountain-sized asteroid hitting earth.  How can this be allowed to happen? Can it be called off? Are other alien races aware of this impending event? Will they do anything? Can they?

Show #532  2022-01-04

Why is Earth an "Experimental" planet? They were hoping a truly advanced race of humans would develop.  How's that going? Was a Lemur our distant ancestor? A Frog? Are we on our way to mars. Are we there now? Who else is there now?

Show #531  2021-12-21

Celestial "Ted" returns. Ted says world tensions are at their highest point in a very long time. Not good. China is not helping. Israel / Iran worrisome situation. Listener emails. Do the celestials "play"? What do they do for "fun"?

Show #530  2021-12-16

Celestial "Ted" returns. We read your email questions. Who were those beings that created the civilization left behind under the ice in Antarctica? What is speaking in "Tongues"? Is the soul the same as the divine fractal?


Show #529  2021-12-07

Michael is back. Blizzards in Hawaii? Yes. Light filmed at 10 trillion frames per second. What does it look like? How do the celestials use light as a "building material"? More information leaks from Antarctica. They are hiding everything. Why? 

Show #528  2021-11-09

China.  UFO drones. Many new sightings. Michael sees a UFO in front of his car. Anti-Gravity craft. Do we have any? The electric universe.  Zetas say NASA is lying about Planet X.  Do we already have Nuclear powered satellites and spacecraft?

Show #527  2021-10-26

The Sun is "acting up!"  Have you seen China's new surveillance drones that look like doves? The journey to our destiny as humans is not one-and-done. Its a long long trail. If the air-lift is coming soon, should we alter our life plans?

Show #526  2021-10-19

Are the regional floods occurring around the world just a coincidence? Is China melting down? More misinformation from NASA about the huge sphere spotted in the corona of the Sun. Explain that! Evolution is never an accident  Urantia book.

Show #525  2021-10-12

Celestial "Ted" returns.  He speaks of a large dark object that all the world will see at the same time. Also more about the Shroud of Turin and what Jesus looked like in life.  Also babies and receiving a human soul.

Show #524  2021-10-05

Hidden photos from Apollo 16 have been found and released. Huge UFO totally visible while the men walked on moon!  Urantia book speaks of another world with no churches but very spiritual.  A huge asteroid is headed this way. Still many years away.

Show #523  2021-09-28

Celestial "Ted" returns. Some topics discussed: Prayer. Can humans talk to God? Do after-death rituals matter? (burial, cremation etc.) A piece of the Divine Fractal is in every human, but not every advanced species.

Show #522  2021-09-21

Can a  volcano have conscious?  Do lava flows have intelligence? Is there evidence? Does it matter if the dead are buried or cremated? Are EVPs real? If so what is happening? Michael's daughter Niki has been contacted by an angel. Stay tuned!

  Show #521  2021-09-14

Celestial "Ted" returns. Ted speaks about the Black Knight Satellite and that it's ancient. He also talks in detail about "demon possession". Also gives information on the historic Fatima event in 1917.  Very interesting.

Show #520  2021-09-07

Celestial "Ted" returns. Ted speaks about the beliefs in un-truths and what that means for humanity. He also speaks of the tools we have been given to discern between truth and lies and how we are crippled by fear, lies, tradition and superstition.

Show #519  2021-08-24

Was the election of Trump in 2016 a sign to start the countdown clock?  If so, how much time until the clock runs out?  Then what?  Who is David Adair, and why has he been offered $3 Trillion to finish his plans in space?

Show #518  2021-08-17

Exiting Afghanistan. How things may change elsewhere. Also an amazing true story from Michael how a 750 year old Samurai sword found Michael. New info on Sunspot observatory shut down and cover-up.

Show #517  2021-08-03

Are Riley Martin symbols "tickets"? More and more crafts are being seen and videoed worldwide. Can aliens project thoughts or images into our minds without our knowledge?

Show #516  2021-07-27

Fires, floods, record heat. Possible causes. What is Moon Wobble? Some amateur astronomers claim they may have found Planet X. If air-lift occurs, what % of people will be removed?

Show #515  2021-07-20

Michael sees more fleets of UFOs over Pacific ocean. Planet X.  Is it returning? If so, oh dear!  What about Nibiru? Are they the same thing? Are the celestials about to hit the "reset" button? Again?

Show #514  2021-07-13

Fleets of UFOs are now being recorded worldwide. Is this part if the planned disclosure? Are they here to say hello, invade us or remove us?

Show #513  2021-07-06

Celestial "Ted" returns for an extended show. Michael stays for the first half-hour, then TED answers you emails for the balance of the show. Many topics covered.

Show #512  2021-06-29

Celestial "Ted" returns and answers your email. Michael's research leads him to believe the "LIFT" may be only a few years away, and predicts massive asteroid impacts on the east coast of the USA.

Show #511  2021-06-22

Michael used advanced alien technology on the New Jerusum that allows the viewer to see anything that has ever happened in the past! Will there be a necessary time-adjustment to save some people?

Show #510  2021-06-15

Michael's take on why the Lift may be more likely than not. Is there any way to stop it? Jesus read the Book of Enoch several times. Who then decided it should be removed from the bible and why?

Show #509  2021-06-08

Is our government going to reveal the truth about UFOs or try to confuse us again? Are the "elite" real nervous about this information being released? If an air-lift is necessary, has that probability increased recently? Michael explains..

Show #508  2021-06-01

U.S. Government is admitting UFOs are REAL. Alien life exists and they are visiting this planet! Deal with it. So what about Crop Circles, Cave Paintings, SOHO images of the Sun with giant spheres in the Corona?!! They must be real as well!

Show #507  2021-05-25

Why was Michael given the title the NAVIGATOR? Is the "air-lift" at hand? If ETs are revealed and we accept them openly joining our society, will we gain knowledge millions of years beyond our current understanding?

Show #506  2021-05-18

Is the growing war in the middle east going to get out of hand?  Why is the US government disclosing so much about aliens now? Other planets in our local universe worship the same God we do, but some do not.

Show #505  2021-05-11

Big trouble in the Middle East! Is this how the end times begin? Are the celestials worried? Will they need to step in? Would they? Will Turkey enter the equation just like Nostradamus predicted?

Show #504  2021-05-04

 Is organized religion in trouble? Do you feel more or less religious because of pandemic? More concerns about China. Why were we warned away from the Moon and Mars?

Show #503  2021-04-28

Michael's perspective on the current state of Urantia. Is China preparing to invade Taiwan?  Are the Pyramids far older than we know?  Yes we finally read some listener emails!

Show #502  2021-04-20

This show is under review.

Show #500  2021-04-06  Part 1

For our 500th Show we are starting from the beginning to bring new listeners up to speed. If you are a new listener, start here.

Show #501  2021-04-13  Part 2

of "Back to the Beginning".  Michael completes  his recollection of his experiences with the Celestials and how it resulted in this show.

  Show #499  2021-03-16

Does the average man have any say in the disclosure of alien contact or just the Úlites? UFO sightings continue to increase. Earth (Urantia) is an experimental planet.  Is that good?

Show #498  2021-03-09

Continued earthquakes and volcanic activity. Possible causes. Airlines are now publicly reporting UFO reports. Are more UFOs not cloaking? Why? The Moon is not where it should be! Earth wobble.

Show #497  2021-03-02

Is the 3rd secret of Fatima the warning of the pole shift that kills most of humanity? Will there be an air-lift first? To where? How does the Anti-Christ concept fit with a pole-shift calamity that kills most folks?

Show #496  2021-02-23

So many UFO sightings! Why now? Michael says check out "9Nania" on YouTube. More sightings of the New Jerusum. Was the 3rd secret of Fatima a message from aliens? How long is the journey?

Show #495  2021-02-16

Recent attack in Iraq. Will it lead to an escalation with Iran? China and Iran are buddies now. Does the US government hold materials from crashed UFO's? Government documents confirm it!

Show #494  2021-02-09

Celestial "Ted" returns. Listener info about Nibiru and Nemesis. Is a pole shift imminent? Will the Celestials intervene? Israel/Iran tensions continue to increase. Most likely spot for nuclear conflict.

Show #493  2021-02-02

Is a mass evacuation going to be necessary? Why? If needed they can only take so many actual people. What about the rest of the population. Is Nibiru back? What is a Seraphic Transport?

Show #492  2021-01-26

What is Paradise Gravity? Is the Moon hollow? Some very interesting facts to consider. Why are some of the Archangels' headquarters here on earth? Have new telescopes spotted architectural planets?

Show #491  2021-01-19

Celestial "Ted" returns  America looses its 400,000th citizen to Covid. Is there a treaty expiring that will allow aliens to reveal themselves? Are all viruses from off-earth? Viruses as weapons.

Show #490  2021-01-12

What do the celestials think of the chaos and confusion in America? Law passed in USA directing military to revel all info about UFOs by end of July. Will there finally be real disclosure once and for all? Will the White House say "it's fake news?"

Show #489  2021-01-05

Will 2021 be the year mankind is allowed to know Alien life is here now? What is causing all the volcanic activity recently?  More information about the Midway Creatures. What was Lucifer's ultimate goal when he broke away?

Show #488  2020-12-15

It's the Christmas Season: Jesus was born August 21, 7 BC. The real star of Bethlehem. Mother Mary was a brown-eyed blond. The 3 wise men story in the bible is correct! How do the Celestials communicate over an infinite universe?

Show #487  2020-12-08

Ex-Israeli Space Official confirms aliens real and working with our governments. Trump was told not to disclose. Who told him that? Folks are still having visions Trump takes election. Shroud of Turin? Why did Jesus not want any artifacts left behind?

Show #486  2020-12-01

Will you take the vaccination? Other life forms. Can the soul leave the live body? Have you heard from Tan & Nella?  What do you have that God needs? Many millionaire TV Evangelical Preachers told the world God spoke to them and Trump would win.

Show #485  2020-11-24

Coronna Virus Madness! Vaccinations are on the way! Will anti-vaxers accept the Covid vaccinations? Much older civilizations had technologies we are completely unaware of.  Who really built the Great Pyramids? Not the Egyptians.

Show #484  2020-11-17

Michael is wearing his mask! The embarrassing horrific selfishness of some Americans. If aliens show up to harm humans, do they care what race or nationality or political party you are?  Is there still going to be an "air-lift" Riley spoke of?

Show #483  2020-11-10

US election. What now? Will China take advantage of our confusion in America. What is a Super Universe? Why was Lucifer allowed to run his rebellion for over 300,000 years until it was ended? Earth is a life experiment planet. What is that?

Show #482  2020-10-27

There may be a Jupiter-sized comet heading our way. What might happen? The nearly unexplainable complexity and infinity of our universe. Things that go 800 trillion miles per second! NASA says there is water on the moon?

Show #481 2020-10-20

Do we have a cure for cancer? Is it more profitable to not cure it? For who? Do the Angels have a headquarters on Earth? Gabriel does. More about the Midway creatures. (midway between man and the angels).

Show #480  2020-10-13

Evolution or intelligent design or both? Everything we do is being recorded by the celestials. (oh dear). What for?  Michael was shown the 7 psychic circles and taught how to work our way into the center of enlightenment. Why was Kim Jung Un crying?

Show #479  2020-10-06

Chinese Communist Party is changing stories in the Bible they allow their citizens to read. Urantia Book revealed birds are descendents of dinosaurs 40 years before science "discovered" this truth. How is that possible?

Show #478  2020-09-29

Mankind and the many races of humans on Earth.  How many races have their been? Why is that unusual among the inhabited worlds of Satania? Most worlds have only 1 or 2 races. How did 6 races appear at the same time. Where did they go? Evolution is never accidental (U.B.)

Show #477  2020-9-22

Michaels impressions about new Planet X information and it's possible influence on our solar system. Is that what the Urantia Book paper 57 discusses in detail? Will the Celestials need to airlift some of humanity? The craft are already on the moon.  Listener's emails about Life Carriers.

Show #476  2020-09-15

The world's weather is screwed up. Climate change is real. Are the Celestials involved? If this is the new normal what does that mean for humanity? Michael has further concerns about the Communist Party in China

Show #475  2020-09-08

 Celestial "Ted" returns. Do they control weather? Were the 10 plagues in the bible real? If you kill a fly or anything, what happens? Michael recalls how he was permitted to pilot the new Jerusalem and the unique technology. Where's the water going in China after the 3G Dam? Satellite images raise questions.

Show #474  2020-09-01

Is China going to start a war? Large structures have recently been photographed on the dark side of the moon. Images of the massive New Jerusalem were taken by Cassini as it plummeted into Saturn.

Show #473  2020-08-25

Changing world paradigms. Tesla Motors now worth 2 Exxon/Mobiles! Big Oil is loosing its grip on the world. Jesus' teachings on Angels and the equal value of women. Why was this lost?

Show #472  2020-08-18

Is China on the verge of collapse? What would that mean for the world? A 22 mile diameter craft was recently photographed sitting on the moon's surface! More US Dept of Defense disclosures about UFOs

Show #471  2020-08-11

Massive ancient structures found all over Earth. How were they constructed and by who? Why were they build so strong? Who did they fear? Michaels thoughts about hell. Who is there? What about you?

Show #470  2020-08-04

Celestial "Ted" returns and comments on many current topics of concern on Urantia (Earth) today and in the near future. He reminds us of our Higher Destiny, and those who would hope to prevent that from happening. Listener emails. Where is Riley?

Show #469  2020-07-28

Where are Lucifer and Satan right now? Will we still need an airlift?  How do the celestials build such incredibly massive ships? Ships are now frequently see on our moon. Michael was told "space is not empty". So what's out there?

Show #468  2020-07-21

With the 1/2 Trillion $ deal between Iran and China, has the groundwork been laid for WW3? Michael's take on the book of Revelation's 3 million man army and latest events. Jesus healed 683 people at once in Capernaum then the next day said "no". Why?

Show #467  2020-07-14

The USA has lost control of Covid-19 due to a complete & shocking lack of leadership from the top!  The world laughs. Is it every man for himself? Good luck. Michael's continuing concerns about China and the results of their multiple crises.

Show #466  2020-07-07

China is headed toward chaos. How will it effect the planet? With the US and Chinese economies cratering, what's next? Thanks to stupidity, the US has lost the battle with Covid. Did we surrender?

Show #465  2020-06-30

Introducing Niki, Michael's daughter. She has been receiving information from celestial beings and we discuss the latest information and warnings. Visit her YouTube Channel Collective Quilt for more.

Show #464  2020-06-16

Covid19 continues to kill worldwide and in the US. Are North & South Korea headed for war? Are China and India headed for war? Will China make moves on Hong Kong and Taiwan, and if so then what?

Show #463  2020-06-09  

Celestial "Ted" returns. Ted explains what/who is under the ice in Antarctica. Ted also confirms the "shadow elites" are real and have been running things behind the scenes worldwide for a very long time.

Show #462  2020-06-02

China worries continue with Michael. Are they poised to make some major moves? Beijing "Day into Night?" It's a warning. From where, for who? See Show #450: has Ted's announcement come to pass?

Show #461  2020-05-19

What would an atheistic planet look like? Any place on Earth resemble such a planet? Is Covid-19 ruining China's aspirations? In Moses' time there was a different list of 10 commandments.

Show #460  2020-05-12

Signs of virus leveling off?  How is China holding up?  Is conflict inevitable? Did Celestials initiate the virus to corral China? Drones are being modified to carry firearms. Oh great.

Show #459  2020-05-06

Michael's continuing concerns over China. Did the Covid19 virus jump from animals to humans or from a lab somewhere? Are Lucifer's minions here and active on earth right now? What can we do?

Show #458  2020-04-21  

Celestial "Ted" returns. Show begins with Michael's concerns about China. TED returns for rest of extended show. He discusses Covid19 and takes several diverse email questions from you guys.

Show #457  2020-04-14

Michael warns about China labs. Did Coronavirus leak by mistake?.  Can we avoid a depression?  How is the US government doing so far? Will there ever be enough testing to know what we need to know?

Show #456  2020-03-31

 Celestial "Ted" returns. We are listeners as well as teachers.  What is unified Prayer? If you deny your science it would be an insult to humanity. How can we know what is true?

Show #455  2020-03-24 

Coronavirus rages on! Will it change world power? How did this happen?  China's godless government's approach. Does it work? Why is the US government issuing conflicting information?

Show #454  2020-03-17

Corona rages on. Is the virus on our metal coins? What's going to happen?  Michael believes Electro Magnetic Pulse equipment kills the Coronavirus. Will the corporate medical system look into this? Probably not.

Show #453  2020-02-25

Michael's concerns about the Corona virus. The South Korean cult and Michael's suspicions. Not divine inspirations, rather flawed thinking. Humans make mistakes. More about the Teacher's Sons. Urantia Book info ahead of human knowledge.      

Show #453  2020-02-18

Is Corona virus now in Hawaii? Has China lost control? Lucifer didn't convince a bunch of stupid humans to rebel, he convinced Angels and Advanced Celestial intelligences to rebel. Quite persuasive. Where Lucifer is now?

Show #452  2020-02-11

Celestial "Ted" returns and answers listener questions such as: Was Jesus romantically involved with anyone? Where did human genes come from? What is the status of the Magisterial Mission for Urantia? What about the Pleiadians?

Show #451  2020-02-04

Celestial "Ted" returns and expands on the concept of "Higher Destiny."  Also discusses how the universe is set-up governmentally. And when the "Confusion" began on the planet.

Show #450  2020-01-28

Celestial "Ted" returns with an announcement. It's actually GOOD news.  Listen to his words, but here's the spoiler: Change is coming. Change for the better! Also we read a few listener emails for Ted.

Show #449  2020-01-21

Michael returns from Japan. Michaels' observations of possible Master Energy Controllers here on Urantia (Earth). Are we close to a pole shift and if so, what may happen?

Show #448  2020-1-7

Michael discuss the truly remarkable human being known as David Adair. Why are the 1-Percenters so eager to hand him trillions of dollars? Where and how did Adair learn this knowledge?

Show #447  2019-12-17

Are there entities sowing "confusion" among humankind. Fake news?  Can average humans use analytical thinking anymore? Who were the small beings Michael saw on the New Jerusum?

Show #446  2019-12-10

Michael sent a few bucks to a man in need far away. That man called Michael a god. How much knowledge have we been handed?  Have aliens saved us from ourselves before? How many times?

Show #445  2019-12-03

Who saved Michael's wife in the river? Michael gives more detail on who are the Thought Adjusters, and how they are connected to humans. Do you have a Thought Adjuster? Do you know?

Show #444  2019-11-19

Special Guest: Jay creator of the website joins Michael & Zman. Jay's discusses his views and experience with the Urantia Book.

Show #443  2019-11-12

Chinese zero population growth and it's consequences  Are we intelligent by accident or on purpose? Are we intelligent at all? Why do we still have "flat-earthers"?

Show #442  2019-11-05

Do celestials have a sense of humor?  More photographic evidence there was once a civilization on Mars. Still? Who keeps cleaning the solar panels on the Mars rover? (5 times so far).

Show #441  2019-10-29

Michael recalls more of his time with the celestials and his travels with them. More details on how their ships are powered by living beings and how they can traverse vast distances almost instantaneously. .

Show #440  2019-10-08

Celestial "Ted" returns. Can anyone communicate with aliens?  How much can you communicate with your Thought Adjuster? More of Ted's thoughts on the Power of Prayer

Show #439  2019-10-01

China is eliminating Islam nationwide. Much information on Thought Adjusters. Michael speaks about meeting his personal adjuster. Who assigns the thought adjuster to an individual?

Show #438  2019-09-24

Celestial "Ted" returns. We discuss the concept of "Prayer".  When you pray is anyone listening? Many prayers go unanswered. Does God need to be "persuaded" to do something?

Show #437  2019-09-18

Flash points: Hong Kong and Iran.  Is the world being "dumbed-down?" If so, who benefits from that? Faith and it's relationship to intelligence. Is there a connection?

Show #436  2019-09-11

Michael 's concerns with China's situation. Vast increase in UFO videos posted by civilians.  India's moon lander crashed.  What does Expanding the Revelation mean?

Show #435  2019-09-03

Celestial "Ted" returns. Ted describes some forms of transportation across great distances Seraphic transport. There were 2 Garden of Edens. Adam and Eve ran into many problems. Cain's real father.

Show #434  2019-08-27

Michael's eye on events in China. Why many countries and cultures will never be democracies, and maybe shouldn't. Satan is not the little red devil, his actual appearance is a brilliant being of light.

Show #433  2019-08-20

Celestial "Ted" returns. What are the celestials concerned about right now?  Ted reminds us, they allowed 2 world wars last century. Japanese scientists cross-breading humans and animals!

Show #432  2019-08-13

 Celestial "Ted" returns and takes listener e-mails. Who were the first humans? Before Adam & Eve. Will the "Watchers" reveal themselves any time soon? Are there "evil" aliens?

Show #431  2019-08-06

 Celestial "Ted" returns.  The divine spark all humans have. Other worlds of humans with no organized religion. On what world did Jesus appear before appearing on earth?

Show #430  2019-07-30

Information was taught and downloaded to Michael by the celestials.  What did they mean "think of static electricity"? Can pacifists survive against an enemy with no problem killing every one of you?

Show #429  2019-07-23

Earthquake in Mid-America?  Michael was told by the Celestials, we have cures for cancer but the info is suppressed to maintain profits. Moon landing 50 years ago. Weren't we already there?

Show #428  2019-07-16

Michaels thoughts on 5G. Massive metallic anomaly underground on the moon discovered.  Large craft filmed departing sun last week.  What was the Russian military sub doing on the ocean floor?

Show #427  2019-07-09

Michael visits the Shetland Islands and discovers an acoustic ruin buried in sand. Was it a tsunami?  David Adair saw things at Groom Lake that Michael also saw on The New Jerusam.

Show #426  2019-06-04

Thoughts on suicide.  Why are Grey whales beaching in huge numbers? Is Nibiru still approaching? Was the 3rd secret of Fatima a warning of a celestial disaster.

Show #425  2019-05-21

Can you see the Aurora?  Moving geomagnetic poles. Virtual reality movie business of the future. How did Mary know Jesus could perform miracles?

Show #424  2019-05-14

Can anyone have an ET encounter if they want to? Are there a several races of ETs planning to reveal themselves in 2021. Or maybe not?

Show #423  2019-05-07

Man falls into volcano in Hawaii!  Michaels thoughts on Monument Valley. How was the Grand Canyon formed?  Jesus' frustrations and disappointments with his mission on Earth (Urantia)

Show #422  2019-04-30

The US government thinks it has proof 3 ET groups have been here for 200 million years. Did ETs create man? Pres. Regan was briefed on ETs at Camp David. Was Monument Valley constructed?

Show #421  2019-04-23

Archangel Gabriel. Is he currently here on Urantia (Earth)? Why?  Where? What is the Council of Worlds and did they destroy Israel's lunar lander ? Why? Are the Israelis God's chosen people?

Show #420  2019-04-16

Revisiting the possibility the "Cabal" did launch a missile from a sub at Hawaii in the hope of creating a "false flag" event to begin a war between N. Korea and USA.  Was the sub sunk?

Show #419  2019-04-09

Crazy strange light formations over Arctic. (swamp gas).  Private Israeli company to land on moon Thursday. Why?  What did the celestials want Michael to do? Can memories be delayed?

Show #418  2019-04-02

Are Alaska videos of a close by planet real? Michael witnessed an atomic bomb test with his father. Cal Tech's new video camera: 1 trillion frames/sec. They can now view LIGHT in slow-motion!

Show #417  2019-03-26

How bad will it be for America if an enemy sets off an EMP device? Solar flares can do the same thing or worse.  Is there any defense? Where is Nibiru now?

Show #416  2019-03-19

Does Michael expect to see Tan & Nella anytime soon?  Why was he shown the extinction events in the past by the celestials. Science says brain cells can communicate even when separated

Show #415  2019-03-12

Will the Celestials allow a small catastrophe to occur, to prevent and even larger total destruction of the planet?  Will the "Lift" happen in 2019? Why do some think so? If the Arc of the Covenant was found, why are we not allowed to see it?!

Show #414  2019-03-05

Michael recalls more from his Mothership experiences. How did his mother and father deal with the situation? The unsolvable mathematical problem "Square a Circle" (draw a circle, then make a square with equal area) has been solved by a crop circle.

Show #413  2019-02-26

Michael remembers riding the "Blue Light" to visit Tan and Nella for the first time.  Celestial "Ted" returns. The concept of "being perfect". Some political concerns. There are forces against us! Does the angel Gabriel have a base here on Earth?

Show #412  2019-02-19

Michael tells what he thinks the "lift" may look like. Some background on Michael's father.  Will 2019 be the year when a majority of thinking people realize and accept the reality we are not alone?

Show #411 2019-02-12

Michael recalls meeting a great "teacher" on the New Jerusalem.  Also how Nella hid the Urantia Book from him, until she was cleared to discuss it. Snow on Maui!

Show #410  2019-02-05

Jesus also built boats. Is the "Church Age" about to end?  Are there now 2 North Poles? Why couldn't the Urantia Book be revealed prior to the 1900's? How did the Urantia Book have knowledge about science not yet discovered prior to its publication?

Show #409  2019-01-29

Continuing effect on Earth from the Sun. Is the Earth wobbling and is it caused by the pole shift?  Polar Vortex freezes much of North America in record low temperatures. Do planets expand? Is the earth expanding but not increasing mass?

Show #408  2019-01-15

Do beings ever get tired of living over and over again?  Michaels sees light emitting from men in Japan over New Years. If God knows everything, then He knows before you are born, if you will be good or bad. Does that change free will?

Show #407  2019-01-08

New Years in Japan!  Baba Vanga the prophet predictions.  Yellowstone is releasing Helium 4, one-thousand times more than usual. Is the eruption eminent?  More about the resurrection chamber on the mothership.

Show #406  2018-12-18

Thoughts on "Time".  Michael talks about his views of the upcoming year and he sees COLD. How much will Nibiru effect Earth. Michaels thoughts on meditation and it's use. How aliens use telepathy to effect human thoughts.

Show #405  2018-12-11

Where are all the Sunspots? What effect is it having on Earth's weather? Do animals know when disasters are imminent?  What is Prayer and how does it work? What may happen if there is a pole shift?  How bad might it be?

Show #404  2018-12-03

Men in Black visited Michael's home when he was 4! His mom said come back later! How do Tan & Nella travel so far so fast?  How did Michael's parents react when he returned from the Mothership?

Show #403  2018-11-27

Do you get the feeling something BIG is about to happen? The Human lifespan?  Why is it as long as it is? Why are some aliens believed to live thousands of years or more?  More about Adam & Eve and the tree of life.

Show #402  2018-11-20

The horrible loss of life in the California wildfires.  Michael is visited by an advanced being named Galantia, who is mentioned in the Urantia Book. Galantia joins us to offer his help at this critical time. Send us your questions!

Show #401  2018-11-13

What may be about to happen?  Will the airlift become a reality? Ships are on stand-by.  Does the book of Revelation still apply? Will a rapid pole-shift be the culprit? Science has discovered water very deep in earth's crust.

Show #400  2018-11-06

Humans are unable to contemplate infinity. The Universe is infinite. Time is infinite.  Is the creator infinite? How can any intelligent civilization travel the incomprehensibly vast distances across our local universe?

Show #399  2018-10-30

Is there an "Antichrist" alive today? Michaels says yes. Continued cover-ups of activity in our solar system. Chinese attempt to make their citizens use "the mark" for all economic transactions (not cash). What does that mean?

Show #398  2018-10-23

Celestial "Ted" returns. There are ships behind the moon just incase there needs to be an airlift, and what that means.  Some words on why "Master Michael" (Jesus) incarnated when and where he did.

Show #397  2018-10-16

Celestial "Ted" returns and confirms we do have a secret space force with advanced technology.  Venus and Mars are inhabited. "Regulators" shown around sun when observatory plugs were pulled.

Show #396  2018-10-09

Continued climate issues. The latest cover-up story to hide what our 6 Solar Observatories were recording around the sun.  20 mile-high structure photographed by the Russians on the moon!

Show #395  10-02-2018

Continuing earth disasters. Possible causes.  What's hanging around our sun?  Can humans contemplate infinity? How old is the Universe?  Is there such a thing as "nothing"?

Show #394  9-25-2018

The latest cover-up stories about the Solar Observatory shut downs (6).  Why are so many American Music Stars claiming on video, they sold their souls to the devil?  Are Greys bio-mechanical?

Show #393  9-18-2018

Hurricanes and Typhoons all over the planet!  Possible causes for the increased frequency and intensity. Why did they shout down all the solar observatories at once? What are they hiding?

Show #392  9-11-2018

Maui braces for a direct hit. Miami Florida is sinking and sea levels are rising. Insurance companies are beginning to pull out of the area. Problems with the 9-11 cover-up! Americans are really stupid.

Show #391  9-4-2018

Alien video on Youtube. Michaels analysis. Is it real?  Are Greys "us" from the future? Michael's experience with "Rogue Waves". Is the human race so "disgusting" to the civilized advanced races of aliens in our galactic neighborhood, that they don't want us off this planet?

Show #390  8-28-2018

Damage to Hawaii from hurricane. Gordon Cooper's secret logs lead to a UFO on floor of ocean off Bermuda! Are there still giants left on earth? Where did they come from?  Do we have a "dark" space fleet now? Why?

Show #389  8-21-2018

A Cat 5 Hurricane bears down on Hawaii. Michael is making preparations for the big hit. Laval flows and hurricanes!  Are there "bugs" on the mothership? Also: How each species has to find it's own path to enlightenment.

Show #388  8-14-2018

A frank discussion about the horrific behavior of perhaps thousands of Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals. They claim to be Christ's representatives on earth. Is this the last Pope as St. Malachy prophesized?

Show #387  8-7-2018

Is the Nibiru system having and effect in Earth? Increased volcanic activity, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Is the effect and electro magnetic one? "Sprites" that create massive electrical discharges near the very top of earth's atmosphere.

Show #386  7-31-2018

11 Dimensional Realities? Why was Nella "required" to mask some of Michaels memories until a future time? Does the United States have a "destiny"? Some question why so many Jews were killed.

Show #385  7-24-2018

Nibiru update: is on it's way back. Cracks at Yellowstone. Yikes. Why does NASA lie? Why do they fake some things and not others? The Buzz Aldrin situation. Michaels latest vision.

Show #384  7-17-2018

Yellowstone Fishers! Next week all planets in solar system will be on same side of the sun. What will gravity so? Other energy effecting solar system. Michael really likes his Leaf (car).

Show #383  7-10-2018

More on the Hawaii volcano continued eruption. What are the objects seen in the Sun's corona? The strangest creature Michael encountered on the mothership. 

Show #382  7-3-2018

What connection is there between owls and aliens? Bigfoot and aliens? Can aliens "replace" a memory in your brain? Why are massive ships behind the moon? Just in case of what?

Show #381  6-26-2018

Is any magic "real"? What is the "divine fractal" that is in all humans? How is it activated? Jesus and his communications with the Father. Before birth did he choose to be born a man or a god?

Show #380  6-18-2018

Latest on Hawaii eruptions and earthquakes. Did someone capture a clear photo of Nibiru? Trump announces Space Force! What?  Is there a threat being kept hidden? How do we get there?

Show #379  6-12-2018

N. Korean Summit. The celestials picked TRUMP from way back. Hear why. Volcanoes continue in many locations and cracks are appearing in the earth worldwide. Are there hollow spaces within earth that holds life?

Show #378  6-5-2018

More on the Volcanoes.  Big Booms and strange sounds being heard worldwide. Crystal radio technology. 5G is being rolled out, and what to expect. Scalar Waves. Create black hole?

Show #377  5-29-2018

Celestial "Ted" returns. We cover many topics: What happens when we die? Ted's origins. Is life predestined? Near Death Experiences. Ancient Egypt and aliens. Suicide.

Show #376  5-22-2018

Michael reveals what the new Chinese mission to the dark side of the moon may discover! Why are some souls "collected" and others not? Is the world ready to know?

Show #375  2018-05-15

More on the volcano in Hawaii. The Midway Creatures. Trans-dimensional beings and Time Adjustment. Who was Machiventa Melcizedek and what did he do?

Show #374  5-8-2018

Michael's report from Hawaii and the volcano. UFO's near weather phenomena. When will disclosure happen? Huge cigar-shaped UFO in sun corona. May be thousands of miles long!

Show #373  5-1-2018

Michael's impressions of the possible Korean agreement. How it matches up with his vision. Do the Russians fight with aliens? Is Earth the ultimate "reality Show" for aliens?

Show #372  4-24-2018

Michael returns.  He has been in China!  His latest observations good and bad. What he was allowed to see, by his "minder" (tour guide). An interesting email question about Florida's future.

Show #371  3-5-2018

Who were the first humans that had the divine fractal within?  Who were Andon & Fonta? What caused the huge gouge into the surface of Mars and when? What was Mars' Real History?

Show #370  2-27-2018

Are there brown dwarf cores within our solar system? How long have they been here? What are "they" hiding this knowledge? Have we now spotted them with NASA satellites?

Show #369  2-20-2018

Snow on Maui and 75 and sunny in Ohio in February!  Origins of the Urantia Book in 1923. Did they test Jesus' DNA? Is our "sword" our ability to choose?

Show #368  2-13-2018

When did Russia no longer become a country that can kill every American in 1-hour? Did Nostradamus' prediction for 2018 just get more credible this week?

Show #367 2-6-2018

Stock Market manipulation. Evil Bankers. What did Nostradamus predict starts WW3? Did humans invent the concept of sin? Is God happy when you suffer?

Show #366 1-30-2018

Latest on missile warning in Hawaii. Why so many unanswered questions? More about the Evil Bankers.  Sound bursts under the seas. What affect does it have on life in the oceans?

Show #365  1-23-2018

A missile was shot down over the Pacific. The Hawaiian false alert was not false! What was the motive? Why was Japan threatened the very next day? Can you detect a disguised Alien?

Show #364 1-16-2018

More crazy weather. Are we on the cusp of another Ice Age? What might that look like. Questions about the Hawaiian and Japanese false alerts of missile attacks.

Show #363  12-19-2017

Michael's new info about North Korea.  Weather: Will it get much colder after it gets warmer? Cities under water found of the coasts all over the world, many once thought legends,

Show #362  12-05-2017

Jerusalem(s). How many of them are there? Genetics of Jesus of Nazareth. Midway creatures, some good some bad. Urantia Book admits much is still unknown about them.

Show #361  11-28-2017

Great job Elon Musk in Puerto Rico Is time travel here now? Is time being "corrected" occasionally? The real Adam & Eve. How did Eve mess up? Eden's 2 different locations.

Show #360  11-21-2017

Strange metallic object enters our solar system. When did they find the Arc of the Covenant?! Was the Arc of Gabriel discovered in Saudi Arabia recently? Were over 2,000 people killed?

Show #359  11-17-2017

Michael's Thought Adjuster speaks on-air! Some description of this entity and it's purpose. Some insights to Near Death Experiences. Are some Greys actually humans (us) from the future?

Show #358  11-7-2017

Michael's new vision. A new map of the USA? Upside down. Is the Airlift even more probable? How might it happen? 5 billion people now have cell phones. TED stops in for a few minutes.

Show #357 10-31-2017

More about the divine fractal and how some can access it. Your entire life is recorded (oh crap!). Do dreams have meaning or purpose? Where is the water going? Lakes vanishing overnight!

Show #356  10-24-2017

 Crazy storms in Hawaii. Gospels of Bible, and book of Enoch. If Jesus studied the book of Enoch then why can't modern day Christians? Life evolving from plants? (with a little help)

Show #355  10-17-2017

More details about the Lucifer rebellion and how earth was affected. What are "Midway Creatures"? How were they created? Was 9/23/17 a marker in time?

Show #354  10-10-2017

Do giants still exist? Human civilizations have been wiped out on earth in the past on purpose! Yikes. Why are many inhabited worlds only one race? Is racism a human instinct?

Show #353 10-3-2017

More evidence Nibiru is nearing. Why are the "lifeboats" parked behind the moon? CNN and FOX are reporting there is something out there! When was Riley last on the mothership? 1972?

Show #352  9-26-2017

Comments on 9/26 signs in sky. Impending massive quake on northern west coast?  How old is the Universe really? Michael's vision of the 2 Korean women and has it come to pass?

Show #351  9-19-2017

Michael's views on increased frequency of hurricanes, earthquakes & floods. TED confirms the "airlift" ships have arrived & are behind the moon, and reptilians are here and real!

Show #350  9-12-2017

Some celestials can guide your life for better or worse. Attaining partial divinity. Michael received his instruction face-to-face with the celestials. Casini space probe.

Show #349  9-5-2017

Do some folks have "Devine Advantage"?  Can prayer change anything, let alone the path of a hurricane? WTF North Korea?  What are "acceptable losses"?

Show #348 8-29-2017

What happens after we die? Why some aliens have lost their alignment to divinity. We welcome Celestial MAICOMTI

Show #347  8-22-2017

Is there a code in ALL DNA directly from the creator? How is this different from the Divine Fractal? More about our Moon.

Show #346  8-8-2017

Korea issue.  Michael's vision of a boat at sea during a bad storm. What is that in Greenland? TED is on for 20 minutes.

Show #345  8-1-2017

TED discusses "bad" aliens. How to discover false prophets. Physical and Spiritual air-lifts. Can flies think?

Show #344  7-25-2017

TED RETURNS! Discusses "Time". Do Angels die? Book of Revelation.  What is the Soul? What is the Spirit?

Show #343  7-18-2017

The Venezuelan's nightmare.  More news about Antarctica. The U.S. Congress begins to create a new Military branch: U.S. Space Corps. Why?

Show #342  7-11-2017

Why was the Urantia book first published Oct 12, 1955? Kim Jung Un, the North Korea problem. What's happening in Yellowstone?

Show #341 6-27-2017

Michael has returned from his extended vacation! Was the Arc of the Covenant found? Was a ransom paid? Who paid it? Who has the Arc now?

Show #340  5-16-2017

How would an advanced being have explained the wonders of life and the universe to an illiterate man many thousands of years ago?

Show #339  5-9-2017

Is there a correlation between the book of Revelation in the Bible and September 23, 2017? This is going to happen.

Show #338  4-18-2017

Did a UFO shoot down N. Korean missile? N. Korea's god-like reverence for their "leader". How is that possible?

Show #336  4-11-2017

North Korea! Oh Dear! Michael sees a "brick wall". What does it mean? Is Kim Jung-Un in his last days?

Show #335  4-4-2017

Michael returns. Was Technology given to man or did we invent it? Is our military shooting at UFO's? Why?

Show #334  3-14-2017

Weather continues to be a big concern. Will there be a false flag incident to trick the public about Aliens?  Is there a conspiracy of some "elite" humans cooperating with reptilians to "Thin The Herd"?

Show #333  3-7-2017

Are Bigfoot creatures not of this planet? Is that why the U.S. & Canadian governments continue to cover up and mislead us? The Electric future.

Show #332  2-28-2017

Michael Retires Today! Congratulations! Jesus is in fact an "alien". Are Tan & Nella religious? Can Riley Martin communicate with us? Would he?

Show #331  2-21-2017

Michael responds to e-mails from listeners. Some of the questions involve: The Mothership, Tan & Nella. Telepathy, Prophesy, Riley Martin & Question

Show #330  2-14-2017

Michael discusses the Lucifer Rebellion in more detail. Why did Jesus allow the rebellion to last over 200,000 years? It was not a war like you may imagine! Free will.

Show #329  2-7-2017

Unusual weather patterns, and what may be causing it. Why Michael believes there is an ongoing paradigm shift for the order of Earth (Urantia)

Show #328  1-31-2017

Michael discusses more about the "Electric Universe", and his experiences with telepathy.

Show #327 1-24-2017

The incredible importance of words. Michael recalls his face-to-face meeting with Jesus Christ.

Show #326  1-17-2017 Show

Celestial "Ted" returns. It is each person's quest to find their ultimate destiny. Ted also reveals some insight to the life of a being of light. Aliens among us everyday?

Show #325  1-10-2017

Weather as a weapon?  Giant Ice Sheet breaking off Antarctica. Why did Buzz Aldrin warn of evil in Antarctica? Is CERN for creating Anti-Matter?

Show #324  1-3-2017

Michael returns from Japan. Michael predicts the eventual end of radio based technologies to be replaced with Quantum based technology.

Show #323 12-20-2016

Year end show. Michael's thoughts on some of the show topics from 2016. Plus a few predictions for 2017.

Show #322  12-13-2016

Magnetrons and Galactic Superwaves. Quantum Entanglements. Properties of light. Are Riley Martin Symbols on the Mothership?

Show #321  12-06-2016

Beings of Light see biological life as "Technology".. Light can deconstruct and reconstruct mater.

Show #320  11-29-2016

Celestial "Ted" returns for nearly a 2-hour stay. Much about Trump and some about Nibiru  Also: Where is Riley Martin now?.

Show #319  11-22-2016

What is Morantial Material? Is the Earth hollow? Why did Admiral Byrd write that it is in his diary? Did the celestials want Trump to be elected?

Show #318  11-15-2016

Michael believes Trump's election was  "by design". Did the Celestials want this to happen? If so, why?

Show #317  11-01-2016

Celestial Recording. It records everything. (Oh dear!)  Why is Mars "off limits" to other celestial beings? Have the bad guys moved gold to Mars?

Show #316  10-25-2016

Shape Shifters.  How do we travel across the Universe?  Are some families protected by Guardians of Destiny? Is there a destiny?

Show #315  10-18-2016

Michael returns from the 911 Memorial in NYC. Why did Turkey's Prime Minister say "World War 3 is inevitable?" Are we in trouble?

Show #314 10-04-2016

Thought adjusters are not all equally competent.  Electromagnetic healing works. What was God's first thought? More earthquakes!

Show #313  9-27-2016

What powers the Mothership?  Space is NOT empty. Will the Nibiru fly-by "thin the herd?"  Some thoughts on alien implants.

Show #312  9-20-2016

Michael's unusually fast recovery from knee replacement surgery, and how it happened. Nibiru threat still looms. More evil bankers!

Show #311  9-13-2016

Michael see an orb over volcano crater. Is Nancy from Zeta Talk correct? Are 90% of us are about to die soon because of Nibiru?

Show #310  8-30-2016

Many more people filming 2 suns. What are they seeing? Is it Nibiru? Send your clip to  Why have so many US government agencies been prepping for Oct 1?

Show #309  8-23-2016

Michael identifies new video of Mothership off rings of Saturn.
 Rejuvenation technology is restricted. Did Michael disappoint Jesus?

Show #308  8-16-2016

What's causing increased earthquakes and floods? Is Planet X having gravitational influence? Balances in the solar system. Are there hybrid humans?

Show #307  8-9-2016

What is a "sovereign planet" and what does it have to do with the bad guys that want to push the Global agenda?

Show #306  8-2-2016

What happens to the Divine Fractal when a person dies? Have humans always valued gold? Why did baptism begin?

Show #305  7-26-2016

Questions about Riley Martin's companion "Question". What happens to the Divine Fractal when a human dies?

Show #304  7-19-2016

Celestial "Ted" returns. Can Man really comprehend God? The difference between worship & prayer. Does "Luck" exist?

Show #303  7-12-2016

Celestial "Ted" returns. Riley Martin Symbols. Living quarters for humans on the New Jerusalem.

Show #302  7-5-16

Celestial "Ted" returns. Michael sees another UFO close-up in broad daylight.

Show #301  6-28-16

Is the Holy Spirit 7-in-one?  Are other humans around the galaxy God's children too?

Show #300  6-21-16

Michael returns from Alaska. Hear is adventure.

Show #299  5-24-16

Giant Pyramids in Antarctica? Reptilians. Time travel artifacts.

Show #298   5-17-16

Is the Niburu system still out there and on it's way by? What evidence is there?

Show #297  5-10-16

Is our solar system and indeed the entire galaxy interconnected by electricity?

Show #296  5-3-16

Riley Martin saw Bigfoot on the mothership. The 1111 are here.

Show #295  4-26-16

Does God care if your team wins? Did God care when wars were won or lost?

Show #294  4-19-16

What would it take to trigger the Celestials to conduct an airlift?

Show #293  4-5-16

2 Volcanoes went off back-to-back. And what happens when pets die?

Show #292  3-29-16

Michael returns from his journey to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Show #291  3-8-16

Celestial "Ted" returns..

Show #290  03-01-16

The original Jerusalem is not on Earth.

Show #289  02-23-16

Fallen Angels are sexual beings?

Show #288  02-16-16

Celestial "Ted" returns.

Show #287  02-09-16

Where is Riley Martin Now?

Show #286  01-26-16

China wants to fight Isis? Why? Aliens influencing bad human behavior?

Show #285  01-19-16

Riley Martin Fans may want to listen to this show. The Meaning of Life.

Show #284  01-12-16

Michael and Zman share memories of their experiences with Riley Martin

Show #283  01-05-16

Michaels views on Trump. Paradigm shift in Global Politics. Fear is "in".

Show #282  12-22-15

Scalar Waves, the science of our future? Does observing something change it? 

Show #281  12-08-15

Crop circles with messages. What might earth look like after disclosure?

Show #280  11-24-15

Did our ancestors get information about other civilizations on Earth from aliens?

Show #279  11-17-15

The Paris Attacks. The Isis problem.

Show #278  11-10-15

Lights in sky over California. Are electric cars an inevitability?

Show #277  10-27-15

Is Man devolving?  (just watch TV)

Show #276  10-20-15

1/3 of the Fallen Angels chose to follow Lucifer, and so did over 660 planets.

Show #275  10-13-15

Do Celestials laugh or cry? Do Celestials see into the future to manipulate the present?

Show #274  10-06-15

And the beat their swords into plowshares.

Show #273  9-29-15

Water and Life on Mars!

Show #272 9-22-15

Economic collapse soon?  Demons in Magic?

Show #271  9-15-15

Levitating Discs. Light Therapy. Drones.

Show #270  9-8-15

Hurricanes miss Hawaii again.  Are the evil ones planning something for this fall?

Show #269  9-1-15

3 hurricanes line up for Hawaii.  Who are "God's children"?

Show #268  8-25-15

Electromagnetic Fields can heal? Yes.

Show #267  8-18-15

Weather and world problems.

Show #266  8-11-15

Increased sightings. Is China just the start of economic meltdowns to come?

Show #265  8-4-15

Vanishing people? Do UFOs take refuge on Indian reservations?

Show #264  7-28-15

Michael's experience on the mountain.

Show #263  7-14-15

Is Polygamy illegal in the USA?

Show #262  7-7-15

Magnetism and life on Earth. Link Michael sent

Show #261  6-30-15

What if the Chinese moon shot finds the moon is not uninhabited? Will they go public?

Show #260  6-23-15

Some aliens are at war with other aliens. Why humans are unique.

Show #259  6-16-15

Michael returns for his latest voyages.

Show #258  5-19-15

Why do some aliens tell humans never to own cats or dogs?

Show #257  5-12-15

Special Show with Guest John McGuiness, Author of Heavenly Women, Heavenly Laughter

Show #256  4-28-15

Celestial "Ted" visits with us. Where are the blue people?

Show #255  4-21-15

More Michael insight.

Show #254 4-14-15

Reincarnation. Why have UFO's been seen at the edge of battlefields for centuries?

Show #253  4-7-15

Celestial "Ted" joins us!

Show #252  3-31-15

Michael is back from his trip.

Show #251  3-10-15

A Celestial pays us a visit!

Show #250  3-3-15

Earth changes and what it means for us.

Show #249 2.24.15

Sinkholes? Why are there more now than ever?  Is the earth really porous?

Show #248  2-17-15

What's that white plume on Mars? Is there someone on Mars now?

Show  #247 2-10-15

Was Michael's previous vision 4 years ago about Isis.  Is Tan's prediction about to come true?

Show #246  2-3-15

What's the difference between God & The Creator?

Show  #245  1-27-15

Glyphosate. Do current trends show 2025 the Autism rate may be 50%! 

Show #244  1-20-15

Low Oil prices means what?  Is there risk of an asteroid hit in September 2015?

Show #243 1-06-15

A new reality show:: Let's shoot a banker!

Show #242 12-17-14

Wall Street Bankers. The truly evil ones.

Show #241 12-08-14

We are all going to die! (someday)

Show #240  11-25-14

Can things go faster than light? Can governments push around the jet stream?

Show #239 11-18-14

Alien genetic manipulation.  Strange stuff with the Sun. Huge spiral lights in the sky.

  Show #238  11-11-14

Did the Bible get it right? Do Aliens believe in ghosts?

Show #237  11-4-14

Lava reacts to a graveyard in Hawaii. Maybe we know why?

 Show #236  10-28-14

Magnetic Pole Shit. Axis Change? Sun cycles and sun spots

Show #235 10-21-14

Hurricane goes south of Hawaii. Georgia Guide Stones.

Show #234  10-14-14

Another hurricane approaches Hawaii. Will Isis use Ebola as a weapon?

Show #233  10-7-14

Was a UFO tracking Michael on his voyage in the Pacific ocean?

Show #232  9-23-14

Viruses. Do they naturally fall from the sky? Do aliens deliver viruses when they want to?

Show #231  9-16-14


Show #230 9-09-14

Diseases are on the rise everywhere. What are the predictions on Ebola?

Show #229 9-02-14

Michael's boat and why it did not sink. (a little help)

Show #228  8.12.14

Biological life forms and non-biological life forms.

Show #227 8.05.14

 Thank you George W. Bush for the huge mess you lied us into in Iraq. Now what?
Show #226 7.29.14

Is Weather a bigger factor now that ever before?

Show #225 7.22.14

More Expanding of the Revelation!

Show #224 7.15.14

Is the mess in Iraq going to spill over into the entire Middle East?

Show #223 7.8.14

Is the conflict in Israel heading for War?

Show #222  7.1.14

Did Bigfoot originate on Earth or were they brought here? If so, why?

Show #221  6.24.14

Arc of the Covenant.  Dark Matter. Electric Universe. Niburu.

Show #220  6.10.14

Former AZ Governor admits seeing a huge UFO. Spacecraft are now being seen on Moon.

Show #219  6.3.14

Weather warnings. What do the Russians know about the Aliens?

Show #218  5.27.14

Ascending toward the Divine. Will Michael be a "Greeter" on the Mothership?

Show #217  5.20.14

Michael's latest vision. Does everyone get a Riley Martin Space Beaver?

Show #216 5.13.14

Where is the missing airliner?

Show #215  5.6.14

Some views about Billy Meier.

Show #214 4.29.14

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #213  4.22.14

Celestial being nicknamed "Ted" speaks with us on several topics.

Show #212 4.15.14

Are the video messages on Youtube credible?

Show #211 4.08.14

Michael returns from his trip to the DMZ in Korea

Show #210 3.11.14

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #209 3.04.14

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #208 2.25.14

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #207 2.18.14

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #206 2.11.14

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #205 2.04.14

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #204 1.28.14

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #203  1.21.14

Bad aliens. What do they want? Sometimes do angels screw up?

Show #202 1.14.14

Is there more evidence the second coming of Christ is near?

Show #201  1.7.14

Increased earthquakes and volcanoes. Is Yellowstone showing bad signs?

Show #200  12.17.13

Where is comet ISON now, and what has happened to it? Are we in the end times?

Show #199 12.10.13

More videos discussed and further possible explanations. Click for A  Click to see B

Show #198 12.03.13

Michael discovered a video on YouTube that is fascinating. Click to see.

Show #197 11.26.13

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #196  11.19.13

ISON has what looks like wings? Does a crop circle detail Comet Ison?.

Show #195  11.12.13

Typhoon in Philippines. Only Earth will experience the return of Christ.

Show #194  11.5.13

Comet ISON Michael wants you to see this

Show #193 10.31.13

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #192  10.22.13

Comets hitting the sun.  Sun activity. Consolidation of wealth and power.

Show #191 10.15.13

Michael returns from Taiwan

Show #190 9.03.13 Show #189 8.20.13
Show #188 8.06.13

Show #187  7.23.13

Comet ISON. What is Wormwood? Nibiru.

Show #186  7.2.13

Comets approaching Earth

Show #185  6.18.13

Michael visits Tasmania

Show #184 5.21.13 Show #183 5.14.13


Show #182 5.07.13

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #181 4.31.13 Show #180 4.23.13 Show #179 4.16.13


Show #178 4.09.13

What about those folks who are continuously abducted?

Show #177  4.2.13

Can you pass the test?

Show #176 3.12.13

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #175 3.05.13


Show #174  2.26.13

What do Aliens do for fun? Do they play video games, drink or take drugs? (Yes they do)

Show #173  2.19.13

Is God real? Was the moon constructed? Is disclosure near?

Show #172 2.12.13

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #171 2.05.13

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #170 1.29.13

Should we fear some aliens? Underground bases. Hollow Earth?

Show #169 1.22.13

Michael describes new dreams and answers e-mails.

Show #168 1.08.13

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #167 12.04.12

Is the dollar a Ponsey scheme?

Show #166 11.28.12

Life spans? Do the Prophets and those who predict the future see anything past 2012?

Show #165 11.20.12

Where did the Celestials receive their education?

Show #164 11.13.12

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #163 10.30.12

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #162 10.23.12

Why have so many civilizations across history and the world state 2012 as the most significant year in their future?

Show #161 10.16.12

75 Days from Dec. 21st. Will a second sun will appear? Does the Vatican have knowledge of Ancient Aliens?

Show #160 10.09.12

Is the Middle East the biggest threat to our world? What's going on in Jordan? What is under the veil?

Show #159  10.02.12

What do the advanced Biavians do all day? Is there a 26 million year extinction cycle? Yes there is.

Show #158 9.25.12 Show #157 9.18.12 Show #156 9.11.12 Show #155 9.04.12


Show #154 8.28.12

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #153 8.07.12 Show #152 7.24.12 Show #151 7.17.12


Show #150 6.26.12 Show #149 6.12.12 Show #148 5.29.12 Show #147 5.22.12

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #146 5.15.12

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #145 5.08.12 Show #144 5.01.12

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #143 4.26.12
Show #142 4.16.12 Show #141 4.03.12 Show #140 3.20.12 Show #139 3.13.12


Show #138 3.06.12 Show #137  2.28.12 Show #136  2.21.12 Show #135  2.14.12


Show #134 2.07.12 Show #133 1.31.12 Show #132 1.24.12

Michael receives more information involving the country of Jordan.

Show #131 1.17.12

Michael has another vision. What does it mean?

Show #130  1.3.12

Solar Flares and Electro Magnetic Pulse damages and protections

Show # 129 12.20.11 Show #128 12.13.11


Show #127 12.06.11


Show#126 11.29.11 Show #125 11.22.11 Show #124 11.08.11 Show #123 11.01.11


Show #122 10.25.11

Should we prepare?

Show #121 10.18.11 Show #120 10.11.11

More Celestial Information

Show #119 10.04.11

No Show

Show #118 9.27.11

Celestials re-visit us.

Show #117 9.20.11 Show #116 9.13.11 Show #115  9.06.11


Show #114  8.30.11 Show #113 8.23.11 Show #112 8.16.11 Show #111 8.09.11


Show #110 8.02.11

Michael continues to get new images and information.

Show #109 7.26.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #108 7.19.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #107 7.05.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #106 6.7.11

Mars Clip Michael continues to get new images and a specific location.

Show #105 5.31.11

What dangers may befall us? More messages from the celestials

Show #104 5.24.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth.

Show #103  5.17.11

Michael receives much more information. Listener e-mails.

Show #102  5.10.11

Is the world going to end on May 21, 2011?

Show #101 5.3.11

Bin Ladin's death. More information from the Celestials. What does Pres. Obama fear?

Show #100  4.26.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #99  4.19.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #98  4.12.11

A Celestial speaks about the Chronodecks and the relationship of time and the speed of light.

Show #97  4.05.11

Japan's Tragedy  2

Show #96  3.29.11

Japan's Tragedy  1

Show #95 3.8.11

World unrest, and are the celestials going to reveal more soon?

Show #94 3.1.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #93  2.22.11

Earthquakes. Telepathy, privacy, encryption.

Show #92  2.15.11

Solar Storm causes earthquakes. And what about those F*****g Bankers!?

Show #91  2.8.11

Michael receives 2 more bits of information from the Celestials. What about our food!?


Show #90 2.02.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #89 1.25.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #88 1.18.11

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #87 1.11.11

Can earthquakes release methane gas? Is the gravity of Planet X affecting Earth?

Show #86 1.4.11

Bird & Fish kills in Arkansas. Pole shifts on earth? What happens when atheists die?

Show #85 12.21.10

Artist First President, Tony Kay joins Michael and Zman.

Show #84 12.14.10

Were Adam & Eve scientists? What was their mission? Is Music sacred? Do Celestials sleep?

Show #83 12.07.10

Spheres move out of Suns corona and your email questions.


Show #82 11.30.10

Michael's vision of the twin Asian sisters. Can a jealous God be a perfect God?

Show #81 11.23.10

Possible impact of the gravity of Niburu as it passes Earth. Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

Show #80 11.16.10

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #79 11.09.10

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth

Show #78  11.02.10

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth.

Show #77  10.26.10

Celestial Currency.

Show #76  10.19.10

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth.

Show #75  10.12.10

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth.

Show #74  09.28.10

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth.

Show #73  09.21.10

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth.

Show #72  09.14.10

Will the "Lift" be the Souls from the Chosen and not their bodies?

Show #71  09.07.10

General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth.



Show #70  08.31.10 What or who is "Lucifer"?  Does he live someplace? Does he take the form of a human?
Show #69 08.24.10 General discussion of various topics related to Celestials and their influence on Earth.
Show #68  08.17.10 The truth is out there.  Will the internet as we know it be sold!
Show #67  08.10.10 UFO Expert Paul Rozich joins Michael & Zman
Show #66  08.03.10 Civilizations 50,000 years ago.  Will crazy people try to kill millions of fellow humans they see as "useless eaters"?
Show #65  07.27.10 Have celestials ever "stepped-in" to our path of human history?
Show #64  07.20.10 Celestials are photographed in skies over China.
Show #63  07.13.10 Michael talks about the Oracle of Delphi and his recent trip to Greece.
Show #62  06.15.10 How bad is the BP Disaster and what might happen down the road?
Show #61  06.08.10 Michael has more information from the Celestials
Show #60  06.01.10 More questions are answered by the celestials.
Show #59  05.18.10 Is it possible to go faster than the speed of light?
Show #58  05.11.10 Does the Book of Revelation 21 speak about the celestial's mother ship?
Show #57  05.04.10 Was Zman contacted by the celestials!?  Visions & Telepathy.
Show #56  04.27.10 Lucifer's Minions have ruled on Earth!
Show #55  04.20.10 Satania is a capitol in our galaxy.
Show #54  04.13.10 Michael interprets another vision
Show #53  04.06.10 More news from the celestials
Show #52  03.30.10 Michael returns from his latest adventure with news.
Show #51  03.09.10 Michael talks about new UFO sightings in China, and also about the Bible basically getting it right.
Show #50  02.23.10 The Shroud of Turin and Michael's latest contact.
Show #49  02.16.10 Did we just get hints about what's going to happen?
Show #48  02.09.10 What happens when we die? What about "Near Death Experiences"?
Show #47  02.02.10 Veteran UFO Researcher Paul Rozich joins Michael and The Celestials
Show #46  01.26.10 In December 2009 the Celestials said on-air that they are monitoring activity on the Sun.  On January 18, 2010 NASA took these images......


Show #45  01.19.10 Celestials revisit show and answer questions
Show #44  01.12.10 Michael discusses the secret US Government device know as HAARP
Show #43  01.05.10 First show of new year. Michael's vision and Coronal Mass Ejections
Show #42 12.22.09 Listener questions for the Celestials and Michael

Show #41  12.15.09

Several "Celestials" appear on show and answer your questions!

Show #40  12.08.09

Michael answers your questions.

Show #39 12.01.09

A "Celestial" appears on the show!

"The Gateway ArtistFirst Has Been Approved"

Show #38 11.24.09

More views from the Celestials

Show #37 11.17.09

Religion and the Aliens

Show #36 11.03.09

Aliens Stole This Show
Show #35 10.27.09

Nancy Lieder aka Emissary of the Zetas Was this the woman both Riley and Michael saw on the mothership?

Show #34 10.20.09

Michaels views on the Future

Show #33 10.13.09

Aliens can change themselves to look like us!
Show #32  10.06.09 There are aliens who will do us harm!

Show #31  9.8.09


Show #30  9.1.09

Religion, the Universe and the Aliens

Show #29  8.25.09

Guest Paul Rozich chats with Michael

Show #28  8.18.09

We are all going to die (just kidding)

Show #27  8.11.09

Did the Celestials pre-select certain people?

Show #26  8.4.09

Michaels back.  Did we go to the moon?

Show #25  6.30.09

Michaels conversations with Buddhist Monks in Thailand

Show #24  6.23.09

Michael speaks of his adventures in Cambodia

Show #23  5.26.09

Religious concepts and aliens.

Show #22  5.19.09

How will we evolve, and how long will it take?

Show #21  5.12.09

Is December 21, 2012 an exact date that things may change?

Show #20  5.5.09

Why was Jesus sent to Earth?

Show #19  4.28.09

More on possible future events.

Show #18 4.21.2009

Michael's visions are not encouraging.

Show #17  4.14.2009

Who should we really be afraid of? (Right Now!)

Show #16  3.24.2009


Show #15   3.17.2009

Matter, dark matter, and the expanding universe

Show #14   3.10.2009

Secret Societies & Knowledge

Show #13  3.3.2009

Earth/Sun Alignments in2012

Show #12  2.17.09

How the Celestials handle crime

Show #11  2.10.09

Crop Circles & Bad Aliens

Show #10  2.3.09

2012? End of an Age

Show #9  1.27.09

How do Aliens see Religion?

Show #8  1.20.09

America's future, open forum

Show #7  1.13.2009

Listener e-mails, open forum.

Show #6  1.6.2009

The "Amero". Will the "dollar" be demonetized soon?

Show #5  12.30.08

How do the Celestials perceive Man?

Show #4  12.23.08

Michael discusses the topic of reincarnation and your e-mails.

Show #3  12.16.08

Michael discusses the 3 reasons why the year 2012 could be very bad and your e-mails.

Show #2  12.9.08

Michael talks about why the Celestials are doing what they are doing and your e-mails.

Show #1


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