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ArtistFirst Radio Welcomes our newest Show and Host!

The Judge Hubert Radio Hour


Retired Judge Hubert Grimes


Live Shows first Wednesdays 9pm Eastern

All past shows available below.

The program focuses on Law, Justice, and Education Issues. 

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About Host Judge Hubert L. Grimes (Ret.)

The Judge Hubert Radio Hour

-Retired Florida-based judge with over 25 years of service
-College President
-Law Professor
-Author of 2 books with one in progress:
    How to Keep Your Child From Going to Jail
    Perspectives: No One Can Take What YOu Have Between Your Ears
-Certified Mediator and Pastor
-Prior Guest host for G. L. Henderson Radio Hour(2022-23)
-Over 100 awards and honors


Judge Hubert L. Grimes books:

How to Keep Your Child from Going to Jail

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Perspectives: A Devotional Book

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September 6, 2023 Show

Genesis Robinson

is a political strategist and community organizer with over a decade of experience delivering results at the local, state, and federal level of government. Currently, he serves as the Political Director for Equal Ground Action Fund. He is an alumnus of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) where he studied Political Science and Public Administration. He began his professional career in the United States House of Representatives, where he served as Legislative Assistant during the 113th and 114th Congress. Since then, he has held various positions throughout Volusia County and the state of Florida. In 2018, while working in the Florida Legislature, Genesis assisted in the successful passage of legislation to select Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune as one of two people to represent the state of Florida in the National Statuary Hall Collection in the United States Capitol- a distinct honor which made her the first African American to represent any state in the country. Genesis is the Chief Executive Officer of GROW Strategies LLC, a consulting firm that enables him to use his extensive experience to deliver results for his clients and effectuate positive change in his community. He is married to Charlise Robinson, a Volusia County educator and they reside in Daytona Beach with their two children.



August 2, 2023 Show

Dr. Chester L. Wilson, Jr.

Chester Wilson, Ed.D, is a business owner, motivational speaker, educator, trainer, mentor/volunteer, and community resource.  Dr. Wilsonís professional pursuits includes currently serving as the CEO of the CW Consulting Firm and Outreach Community Care Network. Dr. Wilson has 22 years of experience in healthcare, 14 years in higher education, and nine years as a business consultant and owner.  Dr. Wilsonís educational achievements include having earned a Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership and Human Services Administration, and a Masterís in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice.  Dr. Wilson possesses a plethora of professional certifications, which includes being certified in Addictions, Mental Health, HIV, CPR and First Aid Instructor Trainer, Quality Assurance Reviewer, Healthcare Risk Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Trauma Informed Care in Criminal Justice, Private Security, Private Investigation, Circuit Civil, County, and Family Mediation, and a Notary.  Dr. Wilsonís volunteerism activities include serving as a board member, church administrator, and community consultant. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  Dr. Wilson has been highlighted and has received a bevy of community awards and accolades for his service, dedication, and volunteerism. He has been acknowledged for freely sharing his talents and gifts with others. He has acquired a wealth of information and serves as a community resource.  Dr. Wilsonís lifeís goal and mission is to utilize his acquired skills to assist individuals, families, and communities in need. It is also his desire as a life learner to acquire skills that will afford him the opportunity to assist others in developing professionally and growing personally.



July 5, 2023 Show

 Dr. Aaron Taylor

Senior Vice-President and Executive Director of the Access Lex Institute Center for Legal Education Excellence.




June 7, 2023 Show

 Special Guests: Kenny Watkins and Lorene Brown-Watkins

National Vice-Presidents of Ameri-Plan USA.




May 3, 2023 Show

Special Guests: James and LaToya Carey

James and LaToya Carey are the Co-Founders of a project known as Cultuvue. Their office is based in Daytona Beach and they have earned numerous awards for their photography and efforts to improve the lives of people in this community. A young couple, I have enjoyed working with them and am looking forward to their interview.



April 5, 2023 Show

Special Guest: Attorney Janice Mathis

Former Executive Director and now General Counsel of  the National Council of Negro Women in Washington, D.C.



March 1, 2023 Show  ~ Inaugural Broadcast ~

Special Guest: Peggy A. Quince

Retired Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice


From April 2022 thru February 2023 Judge Hubert Guest Hosted the GL Henderson Show.

Those shows are available below.


February 8, 2023 Show

Donna M. Gray-Banks

Founder/Director F.R.E.S.H. Book Festival, 2011-Present

Ilaís Diamonds, LLC dba F.R.E.S.H. Book Festival

Zoom In On A F.R.E.S.H. Conversation

Zoom In On A F.R.E.S.H. Conversation After Dark



January 11, 2023 Show

Dr. Donovan Wells

Dr. Donovan Wells is the Director of Bands at Bethune Cookman University. Dr. Wells holds the distinction of impacting the HBCU band culture throughout the country. NETFLIX filmed and produced a ten-part series on the band, which has been often referred to as "the number one band" in the land.



December 14, 2022 Show

Lynn Thompson

Strategic Advisor to the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. Former NFL star and the youngest and longest serving Athletic Director in Division 1 history.



November 9, 2022 Show

Mrs. LaShakia Moore

is an Educational Expert with the Flagler County Schools. We will be addressing the book banning issues that are being required to be implemented by the State of Florida and how it is being done in a manner to minimize disruption and chaos, while maintaining academic standards.



October 12, 2022 Show

Special Guest:

Yolanda Cash Jackson, Esq.



September 14, 2022 Show

Special Guest: Nancy Lohman



August 10, 2022 Show

Judge Grimes welcomes: Dr. Johnson Akaleye

Dr. Johnson Akaleye, is the Chancellor of North Carolina Central University. We discuss issues pertaining to education in general and with HBCUs in particular. Dr. Akaleye is an international scholar who was born in Nigeria and educated in the United States.



July 13, 2022 Show

Judge Grimes welcomes:

Dr. Dwan Warmack,

President of Calfin University in South Carolina.



June 8, 2022 Show

Barb Girtman, MBA




May 10, 2022 Show

Guest Host: Judge and Author Hubert L. Grimes

Special Guest: Dr. Stephanie Henry

Dr. Henry is the creator of the Math Party and the Reading Party---tools that combine music and learning to help elementary, middle, and high school students to improve their knowledge and performance in these areas of study. 

She is a former college beauty queen, Dean of Education at Bethune Cookman University, the wife of the Mayor of Daytona Beach, and the mother of two gifted children; both of whom regularly astonish crowds for their brilliance.



April 13, 2022 Show

Guest Host: Judge and Author Hubert L. Grimes


Special Guests:

Dr. Randy Nelson,

the Director of the Center for Law and Social Justice at Bethune Cookman University.

Dr. Kideste Yusef,

Department Chair, Justice and Political Studies at Bethune Cookman University.


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