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G.L. Henderson

The King of Relationship Drama


2nd Wednesdays    9 pm EST / 6 pm PST


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G.L.  Henderson is an award-winning author and in his acclaimed work, "The Fantasy Master" he asks the question, "At what price are you willing to pay to have a Fantasy? Are you willing to give up the love in your life for a temporary moment of pleasure?"

G.L. covers a wide range of situations dealing with the human experience. From the mentality of an emotionally battered woman to the sensuous depths she experiences in her imagination and physical being.

G.L. was nominated for top new non-fiction author by the Charlotte’s Literary and Arts Awards. G.L. is coming off a self-titled national book tour, sponsored by the Oakley Corp. As a finalist for the Ebony Magazine’s Top-Rated Eligible Bachelor of 2006. G.L. has a lot to say on the topic of romance and relationships. Covering both the bachelor standpoint, and the feminine perspective, he gives us the privilege of others' experiences... who dare to share. The emotional depth in his work personifies the accuracy and mystery required of such themes. The experiences of the human spirit are explained so eloquently and tastefully through his mind.

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You May Not Be Who You Think You Are!

by John L. Payner, Jr.


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January 11, 2023 Show

Dr. Donovan Wells

Dr. Donovan Wells is the Director of Bands at Bethune Cookman University. Dr. Wells holds the distinction of impacting the HBCU band culture throughout the country. NETFLIX filmed and produced a ten-part series on the band, which has been often referred to as "the number one band" in the land.



December 14, 2022 Show

Lynn Thompson

Strategic Advisor to the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. Former NFL star and the youngest and longest serving Athletic Director in Division 1 history.




November 9, 2022 Show

Mrs. LaShakia Moore

is an Educational Expert with the Flagler County Schools. We will be addressing the book banning issues that are being required to be implemented by the State of Florida and how it is being done in a manner to minimize disruption and chaos, while maintaining academic standards.



October 12, 2022 Show

Special Guest:

Yolanda Cash Jackson, Esq.



September 14, 2022 Show

Special Guest: Nancy Lohman



August 10, 2022 Show

Judge Grimes welcomes: Dr. Johnson Akaleye

Dr. Johnson Akaleye, is the Chancellor of North Carolina Central University. We discuss issues pertaining to education in general and with HBCUs in particular. Dr. Akaleye is an international scholar who was born in Nigeria and educated in the United States.


July 13, 2022 Show

Judge Grimes welcomes:

Dr. Dwan Warmack,

President of Calfin University in South Carolina.




June 8, 2022 Show

Barb Girtman, MBA





May 10, 2022 Show

May 11, 2022 Show

Guest Host: Judge and Author Hubert L. Grimes

Special Guest: Dr. Stephanie Henry

Dr. Henry is the creator of the Math Party and the Reading Party---tools that combine music and learning to help elementary, middle, and high school students to improve their knowledge and performance in these areas of study. 

She is a former college beauty queen, Dean of Education at Bethune Cookman University, the wife of the Mayor of Daytona Beach, and the mother of two gifted children; both of whom regularly astonish crowds for their brilliance.



April 13, 2022 Show

Guest Host: Judge and Author Hubert L. Grimes


Special Guests:

Dr. Randy Nelson,

the Director of the Center for Law and Social Justice at Bethune Cookman University.

Dr. Kideste Yusef,

Department Chair, Justice and Political Studies at Bethune Cookman University.







August 17, 2021 Show

Madeline C. Kirksey

Motivational, inspiring, powerful, and elegant are only a few words to describe Madeline Carla Kirksey; speaker and published author. With the winning combination of wisdom, experience, and dynamic oratory skills. Madeline delivers a message of Hope & Empowerment that changes lives.

This entrepreneur is highly regarded for her graceful command and stance for Religious Liberty after her story made headlines all across the world including the United Kingdom and Finland.


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November 18, 2020 Show

Special Guest: 

Mistress Schari

Lifestyle Educator



November 11, 2020 Show

Christie Hartman, PhD

"Dealing With a Difficult Ex"

Author, Behavioral Scientist, and Dating Expert 



October 14, 2020 Show

LuSundra Everett

"The Home Biz Tax Lady"



September 9, 2020 Show

Special Guests:





August 12, 2020 Show

Special Guest:

The Legendary Entertainer

Ben Vereen



 April 8, 2020 Show

Melba Moore

Legendary R&B Recording Artist



February 19, 2020 Show

Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed. ,

author of “Getting Past Your Breakup:

How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You”



February 12, 2020 Show

Kimberly Locke 

American Idol Star


January 15, 2020 Show


Grammy-Winning 69 Boyz

Van "Thrill Da Playa" Bryant

U.S. Army Veteran


December 18, 2019 Show





Ed Roshitsh CEO of Dude Solutions


December 11, 2019

Harvey Walden

"Celebrity Fit Club"


November 20, 2019 Show

Tom Rahill

Founder of The Swamp Apes


(Python Hunting w/ Veterans)


November 13, 2019 Show

CeCe Peniston

 Diva of Dance Music


October 9, 2019 Show

Special Guest:

Angie Stone

American Singer-Songwriter


September 24, 2019 Show


September 11, 2019 Show

Special Guest:




August 21, 2019  Special Broadcast


8th & I Marine Barracks

A Company Reunion


August 14, 2019 Show


Acclaimed Author & Filmmaker


John Potash



July 10, 2019 Show


Special Guest: Bunny Debarge


June 12, 2019 Show

Special Guest: James Smith

Keto Coach




April 10, 2019 Show


Special Guest:

R & B Sensation, Lil Mo'


February 13, 2019 Show


Special Guest:

R & B Recording Artist, Shanice


August 8, 2018 Show


Hip-Hop Legend,  Dana Dane


March 18, 2018 Show


T. Renee Garner




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December 13, 2017 Show

Authors Block Part 1 - Authors from the 2017 National Black Book Festival





November 8, 2017 Show had 2 guests. Each one can be listened to individually.

SFC Maurice Riggins

Thou Art, LLC


Click to Hear


Cpt. Alisha Guffey

Ask and Tell Project

Click to Hear


August 9, 2017 Show

Special Rebroadcast in Remembrance of

Dr. Robert Dunlap

Clinical Sexologist

June 14, 2017 Show


Special Guests:




May 10, 2017 Show

Special Guest:

d. e. Rogers


April 12, 2017 Show

Special Guest:

Brenda A. White


February 8, 2017 Show

Special Guest:

Otis Williams

of the Temptations

January 11, 2017 Show

Special Guest:

Stacy Lattisaw

R & B Legend

December 14, 2016 Show

Special Guest:


R & B Recording Artist


November 9, 2016 Show


Special Guest:

Shirley Murdock

 Legendary Recording Artist



September 14, 2016 Show

Special Guest:

Heather Hunter

Adult Film Star

August 10, 2016 Show

Special Guest:

Lisa Lisa


July 13, 2016 Show

Special Guest:

The Legendary Entertainer

Ben Vereen

June 2016 Show


Special Guest:

Frank Kermit

Relationship and Dating Expert.

 Topic: Infidelity: The Root of Marital Evil


4-13-2016 Show

Special Guest:

Frank Kermit

Relationship and Dating Expert.

 Topic: Sexless Marriage. The Drama it Brings.


3-9-2016 Show



Special Guest:

Dani Cook

"Why Men Don't Get Enough Sex and Why Women Don't Get Enough Love"


2-10-16 Show

Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed.


author of Getting Past Your Breakup:

How To Turn A Devastating Loss

Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

1-13-16 Show


Dylan Thrasher


Dysfunctional Dating



1-29-14 Show

Lindsay Chrisler

Dating and Relationship Coach

10-31-13 Show

Dr. Quinn Gentry

"Unhealthy Relationships"

10-24-13 Show

Author, LCSW

Judy Tatelbaum


9-05-13 Show

Dr. Robert Dunlap

Clinical Sexologist

8-15-13 Show

Stephan Labossiere

 Relationship Expert

Discussing "Double Standards in Relationships

8-08-13 Show

Relationship Experts

8-01-13 Show

Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed. ,

author of “Getting Past Your Breakup: How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You”

7-18-13 Show

Brian Tannebaum

Florida State & Federal Criminal Defense

6-13-13 Show

Anjali Forber-Pratt

U.S. Paralympic Wheelchair Racer

5-30-13 Show

Winzell Kelly

of the Dramatics

5-16-13 Show

Charlene Slaughter

Florence Crittenton Services of NC

4-25-13 Show

Katie Becker

Advocate for the Youth

4-18-13 Show

Tarsha "PENNIE" Hamilton

2-21-13 Show

NaturoTherapist /Relationship Expert

 Frank Kermit, ND
Tonight's topic "Sexual Health in This Sex Crazed World"

2-07-13 Show

Christie Hartman, PhD

"Dealing With a Difficult Ex"

Author, Behavioral Scientist, and Dating Expert 

1-31-13 Show

Sherrie Schneider

"Dating In Today's Society

1-24-13 Show

Dr. Judith Ruskay Rabinor

"Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?"

1-10-13 Show

Director/Producer Billy Corben

of ESPN's 30 for 30: Broke

1-03-13 Show

Former 1996 NBA 3rd Overall Draft Pick

Chris Washburn

12-27-12 Show

Author/Radio Personality

Sheila S. Lee

12-20-12 Show

Sex Life Coach

Eric Aramanth

12-13-12 Show

Dr. Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman, M.A.

 Sex and Relationship Therapists 

12-06-12 Show

Beverly Engel

World Renown Author/Psychotherapist

11-29-12 Show

Dr. Paul R. Lehman,

author of America's Race Problem