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The Del Sutton Show debuts songs written by Del Sutton, hosted by Del himself, talking about stories behind the songs he created. Del has written well over 400 songs with many interesting topics that will surface from discussing how they came to be written. Del is a retired music educator and director and talks about music and songwriting as an art form and how to improve the craft that can enhance the listenerís enjoyment of the music they hear.

About Your Host:

My name is Del Sutton.  I am from Kansas City, Missouri. My father loved traditional country music and my mother Broadway musicals and opera. Because of this gamut of musical tastes I listened to all types of music. My Dad would take me to country shows in Kansas City, Kansas. I was raised and loved to sing along with Marty Robbins, Eddie Arnold, Jim Reeves, and loved the country music of the 80s particularly the Gatlin Brothers, Alabama, Clint Black, George Strait, Tim McGraw, Bob Dylan, Dan Fogelberg, John Denver and the like. I have sung and performed all of my life and have written songs since I was 15 years old. I have over 400 songs all properly copyrighted and I am the sole writer. I have taught choral music for over 29 years in both public schools and churches. I graduated from Ottawa University in music and I love a good, singable melody. What makes my songs unique is the way I always have singable melodies that I believe artists and audiences will like. I have songs from all genres from country, worship, and praise, patriotic, seasonal, especially Christmas, and inspirational. My desire is to pitch songs that a company like yours could use for new and upcoming artists to perform.

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December 6, 2022 Show

Del is thankful for each of you listening to The Del Sutton Show and he welcomes and looks forward to faithful and new listeners to tune in to December 6thís show and all of his shows on the first Tuesday of each month, 8 pm est., 7 pm cst. Del will debut all new and original Christmas and Holiday music honoring our Holiday and Christmas season. The show will be entertaining and inspirational broadcasted on the ArtistFirst Radio Network, the best new music you have never heard.



November 1, 2022 Show

The Del Sutton Show with singer/songwriter and host Del is looking forward to Novemberís show where he will debut some of his music that gives thanks honoring Thanksgiving and the privilege we share living in America. Del will discuss who do you believe in when life gets tough and throws curves your way? And as he always will do discuss topics that surface from the original songs he writes. The show airs on Tuesday evening, November 1, always the first Tuesday of each month at 8 pm eastern time 7 pm central on the ArtistFirst Radio Network, the best new music you have never heard.

Featured Songs:

Give Thanks

Lonely Teardrops

The Girl Who Means the World to Me

I Canít Go Home

Your Love Is Kind to Me

Who Do You Believe In?

Who Are the Worthless?

You Always Knew

God Is the Catcher

A Songís Benediction


October 4, 2022 Show

On Delís October 4th broadcast a discussion surrounding the importance of giving thanks and acknowledging the many blessings that we truly enjoy will be reviewed. Have you every felt like no one understands you? Del will discuss from a song he wrote, one who truly does understand. Betrayal and the effect it has on the one betrayed will be a topic of discussion that surfaces from a wonderful song Del wrote and sings. As always Del will close his show with songs of hope and inspiration. Tune-in and tell your friends about The Del Sutton Show, the first Tuesday of every month on the ArtistFirst Radio Network, the best new music you have never heard.

Featured Songs:

Canít Wait to See You Again

Hear With You

Give Us A Country Song to Sing

Life Is For Lovers

Itís Moonlight and Roses

More of You

Jesus Understands

Give Thanks

Lonely Teardrops

A Song's Benediction



September 6, 2022

On September 6thís broadcast of the Del Sutton Show, Del will be discussing the hope that a new day can bring and how that can help of a new tomorrow can get one through tough times. Del will be talking about a segment of women coined by the term The Desperate Housewife and what that means. And of course Del will discuss other topics that seem to surface from the lyrics of his songs that he has written along with songs of inspiration and hope.

Featured Songs:

Nobody Knows

Our Lover's Special Song

Beautiful Lady

Come Tomorrow

The Desperate Housewife

Empty Rooms

Close To My Heart

Do This In Remembrance Of Me

A Song's Benediction




August 2, 2022 Show

During the August 2nd Del Sutton show Del will be talking about valuing getting to really like yourself, the best friend you have ever met. Del will be discussing the use of the metaphor in lyrics and how a song can become a metaphor in itself. He will also talk about how important Christians are in introducing others to Christ, not so much by words but by their own deeds and actions. Of course other topics of discussions will surface from his wonderful songs that he writes. Enjoy the music and the conversation by tuning in to the Del Sutton Show.

Featured Songs:

Itís Just A Matter of Time

Itís So Easy

Dancing Sally

Be Your Own Best Friend

It Must Be True

Along The Highway of My Mind

I Didnít Stay There

Jesus Is There

A Songís Benediction



July 5, 2022 Show

During Delís broadcast on July the 5th, Del will be talking about America our freedom and what we can be thankful for on this her 246th birthday. Del will continue to talk about songwriting and how he went about writing his original songs and chat about the topics that surface from them.

Featured Songs:













June 7, 2022 Show

On Juneís broadcast of the Del Sutton Show Del will be talking about Fathers as June brings with it Fatherís Day. Del will continue to talk about songwriting and how he goes about writing his original songs and will chat about topics that surface from them. Del always loves to close his show with some songs of inspiration and hope and talk about what inspired him to write them. Del hopes you tune in and that you tell your friends.

Featured Songs:

You Are My Music

By My Side

Dance, Dance, Dance

When's Daddy Coming Home?

Why Do I Write Sad Love Songs?

Ill Be Here For You

Dare To Trust In Jesus

The Gospel of Peace

Do You Want To Know Jesus?

A Song's Benediction



May 3, 2022 Show

Tuesday, May 3rd will be a special Del Sutton Show.  On this broadcast I will be honoring our mothers on Motherís Day and even our grandparents.  I also have a special Memorial Day tribute to our military men and women who have died serving our nation.  I will continue to address topics that surface from the songs and music I write.  All of the music you hear on The Del Sutton Show are originals and Iím so grateful to share them with you and discuss how I was inspired to write them. 



April 5, 2022 Show

I look forward to Aprilís show where I will debut some of my April and spring music.  All of my songs are originals and a enjoy sharing them with you talking about how and why I wrote them.  I will celebrate spring by previewing a song I wrote titled ďAprilís SongĒ and others that will spark variety and different topics of discussion including on this broadcast successful marriages and divorce

Songs in Order

By My Side
O Bless the Lord My Soul
Aprilís Song
Your Love Is Kind to Me
Weíll Be Walking in the Rain
We Must Be Doing Something Alright
Be Still
Awake My Soul
A Songís Benediction



March 1, 2022 Show

Special Guest: Garry Leonard

You will be in for a special treat tuning in to my March broadcast of the Del Sutton Show. I will be interviewing Garry Leonard a professional percussionist and instrumental/band director who has produced six outstanding CDs with some of the finest jazz musicians in Kansas City playing standard hits. He has sold thousands of CDs out of his home in Kansas City bypassing the big music gurus. Garryís philosophy and how he went about hiring the musicians, and producing the CDs and marketing them is in line with the philosophy of this radio station The ArtistFirst Radio Network, the best music you have never heard. You will find Garry very knowledgeable, interesting, and entertaining. The music is outstanding!



February 1, 2022 Show

On this broadcast Del celebrates Valentineís Day and love, not just the love for our spouse or significant other, but also the love for our children, family, friends, and God. You will enjoy his love songs and beautiful music.

Featured Songs:

Iím Walkiní In Sunshine

God Simply Comes

If You Could Look Into My Heart

And There Is Love

Every Day Is Valentine's Day

By My Side

Peace Be With You

Only From My Heart

A Song's Benediction



January 4, 2022 Show

On this show Del explains what pitching songs means for songwriters and what his intent is. Del also talks about his own father and Dadís in general surfacing from one of his featured songs. Del debuts his song FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW that he dedicates to those people in our lives who have passed on but have left us, by their example, the drive and the tools to carry on what they started.

Featured Songs:

Broken Wings  (Listener Request)

My Favorite Time of the Year  (Listener Request)

Can't Wait To See You Again

Thanks For Listening

Give Us A Country Song To Sing

Our Lover's Special Song

Footprints In The Snow

O Bless The Lord My Soul



December 7, 2021 Show

Delís December show celebrates Christmas with his original holiday and Christmas songs. From the songs he talks about the miracle of the Christmas truce of 1914. Delís broadcast is filled with joy, love, and hope, derived from his wonderful Christmas songs.

Featured Songs:

Nobody Knows  (Listener Request)

 I Can See In You

Put Christmas In Your Heart

Come and Rejoice

My Favorite Time of Year

Itís Christmas Time Again

My Christmas Wish

New Beginnings



November 2, 2021 Show

Delís show is filled with wonderful songs and discussion surrounding Thanksgiving and tuning us in on the many things we truly can be thankful for.  Del introduces us to his youngest son and a song he wrote for him, LET GO.  Del describes his three sons from the Wizard of Oz and his youngest he believes is his Tin Man because of his heart and how his son reaches out to others with his unbending determination.  His son was a  basketball walk-on at the University of Missouri and is now an NBA scout.  You will find his story interesting and uplifting.

Featured Songs:

You Are My Music (Listener Request)

The Girl Who Means The World To Me

I Can See In You

Let Go

Let's Pretend

Thank You Lord

Sing To God



October 5, 2021 Show

On this broadcast Del talks about the power of protest songs and their messaging. Del features his song, A BETTER WORLD, that talks about how it is up to us to leave this world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Del introduces us to his middle song who he identifies as the Scarecrow and his quest for a brain from the Wizard of Oz. Del admires the rational thinking ability and intellectual skills his middle son has and a song he wrote for his graduation ITíS UP TO YOU NOW. You will enjoy this uplifting podcast and of course Delís music

Featured Songs:

A Better World

Two Lonely People

Itís Up to You Now

Here With You

The Face of An Angel

Dare to Trust in Jesus



September 7, 2021 Show

Del introduce us to his oldest son using the image of the Lion from the Wizard of Oz because of his courage and the courage his oldest son has for staring his own business, trying new things, and seeking out new opportunities. You will enjoy the positive message in the broadcast. Del also talks about the homeless and how we can devalue people our own selves that he messages in his lyrics to his song WHO ARE THE WORTHLESS? You will enjoy this podcast.

Featured Songs:

You Are My Music

Come Lay Down Beside Me

Ryanís Song

Youíre Breaking My Heart Again

Who Are the Worthless?

With Your Hand In Mine




August 17, 2021 Show

Inaugural Broadcast

Featured Songs:


Because of You

Summer Song

Song For The Lonely

God Simply Comes

The Way



July 28. 2021 Show

Hear Del as the Featured Guest on an ArtistFirst Music Special.

Featured Songs:

Nobody Knows

Beautiful Lady

Broken Wings

Iím Walking in Sunshine

I Am Saved

Jesus Christ King of Kings