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Relevant with Renata

R A D I O   S H O W



Who am I? Well there is no need to keep you guessing;     

Renata Morgan is a Woman who thrives in being Brilliant, Busy and Blessed. An Entrepreneur,  Author, Motivational Speaker, Retired Military Veteran and Radio Show Host is an array of professions that happen to be connected with her name. After retiring from the Military with a compelling 20 years under her belt she decided to become an entrepreneur building her brand BooksABrilliant. Renata was determined to share her personal Endurance of War and Combat Birthing the Book Titled "Transitioning From A Weekend To A Warzone", which not only shed light from a soldier standpoint, but also from a Female perspective.

The expressions of raw realities in discussing Mental Flexibility, Durability, Hope, Faith, Resilience and Will to Remain Alive, are Intriguingly Translated throughout the pages of this Fascinating Elaboration of Courage. Since the launch of "Transitioning From A Weekend To A Warzone", Renata has independently signed over 10,000+ copies and counting. Traveling throughout many different states, Renata has had the opportunity to not only give you a brief synopsis of her story, but also has allowed her journey to turn into something greater which has now become her Ministry. Renata also has a new project titled "Think Pink", which is an Anthology collaborated amongst her and nine other Entrepreneurial Women with compelling Success Stories from Women who Launches Businesses and Changed Lives. In this book you will find detailing stories of Diversified Women with many different life obstacles and the strength that was given to surpass defeat.

Always remaining Humble in her walk and grateful for the many supporters along this gracious journey. This Woman is a Child of God, Mother and Queen that will continue to express the importance of being Recognized and Relevant because even when you think you are not; somebody else mindset is thinking the opposite. So now that I have given you a vision of Who I Am, the next question is, Who Are You? 


Transitioning from a Weekend to a Warzone by [Renata Morgan]


Transitioning from a Weekend to a Warzone

Initially, she never intended to exchange the comforts of her routine lifestyle, for days that were spent watching out for random attacks on her life. She never intended to be anything more than the Weekend Warrior that she had ideally signed up to be. She was a Soldier on reserve and somehow, she still ended up in the War Zone.




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April 8, 2026 Show

Larry Gray

This evenings guest will be Mr. Larry Gray. Born in Hampton South Carolina, he is a Sergeant First Class retired Military Veteran, having served 23 years in the United States Army. He now works in the civilian sector in Department of Defense as as a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) for Army Material Command at Redstone Arsenal Alabama. He continues to serve his country with pride and love.



March 11, 2024 Show

Andrea Swink

This evenings guest is Andrea Swink. She is earning a B.A. with Distinction in Organizational Leadership from The University of Oklahoma, as she is the first-generation scholar. Currently in her third year as a full-time Industrial and Organizational Ph.D. student while studying at Keiser University.



February 12, 2024 Show

 Antonio Valentino

Having served 23 years in the Military, he is a retired Veteran. Antonio is also an Author, spoken word poet and creator of art. He has a 3 book series titled Life With Her, where he is currently working on the audio book version of this series.



January 8, 2024 Show

Ceandra Baker

A Sum Cum Laude graduate of Thomas Edison State College and Columbia Southern University earning a Bachelors of Science in the field of Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration degree, while currently pursuing her PhD. A United States Veteran with 20 years of honorable service in the Navy. She is a minister, a leader, founder of several businesses and a pillar to the communities in which she serve. 



November 13, 2023 Show

Corey Baker

A Gentleman born and raised in Sumter, South Carolina. Loosing both parents by the age of 19, Corey found himself facing some tall obstacles which eventually landed him coming face to face with the judicial system. Since being released from prison Corey has turned his life around involving himself heavily in the community. He now focuses on his passion in poetry and writing.



September 11, 2023 Show

Andre Echevarria

 This Gentleman was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Currently residing near Ft. Knox Kentucky. He is married to a wonderful spouse and 6 beautiful children. Andre's desire was to build something that would help uplift, give back, and create something positive in the community. He strives to put God first in all he does; to which his comic store is the only one of its kind displaying a variety of Christian comics and Manga's directly at the front window and entrance to the store. 



August 14, 2023 Show

Henika Carroll

is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., and currently serving in the US Army with 22 years under her belt thus far. She has her Bachelors degree in Human services and a Masters in Psychology and  plans to expand her knowledge as an Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator for the federal government.



July 10, 2023 Show

Mr. Gary DuBose.

He is a seasoned professional who has made it his goal and passion to help organizations and communities navigate through the criminal justice system. He also provides services and resources for non-profit, for profit and board development initiatives. 




June 12, 2023 Show

Jonathon Jenkins

He is a licensed Minister, as he serves as the Minister of the Media Team and assists in the Youth Missionary Department at the  Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church in Winnabow, NC. He is also serving in the Army where he has completed 23 yrs, and is scheduled to retire mid year



May 8, 2023 Show

Rochelle Hemingway

Rochelle is a Veteran who served 30 years in the United States Air Force. She is an Author, and also the CEO and Founder of SLAY To Success, LLC, a leadership and transformational consultant business, where she helps empower women to face their fears and insecurities while stepping into their next phase of life.



April 10, 2023 Show

Dexter Mitchell

A retired Veteran who has served 30 years in the United States Air Force. Currently serving an Air Force Special Operations Community as a Violence prevention program manager with a primary focus on Suicide Prevention.



March 13, 2023 Show

Shantel Nock

Shantel is an Entrepreneur and International Public Speaker. She specializes in helping to ensure our Young Men and Women have the proper tools and preparation for starting their college career.



February 13, 2023 Show

Monique Washington

is an Author and Public Speaker. She has been featured in numerous publications and has founded her own publishing company "The Beginning Publishing Company", which she established to assist new and upcoming authors. The Worthy Academy, was also founded by Monique to spread the "Know Your Worth" message to youth and adults alike.


January 9, 2023 Show

Dr. O

This evening l will be interviewing a Gentleman by the name of Dr. Onuoha, who likes to go by Dr. O. He is a physical therapist who has worked in orthopedic physical therapy for 7 years. Earning a bachelorís degree in Biology with a minor in Exercise Sports Science while playing football. Dr. O founded Total Athlete Sports Medicine in 2020 with the purpose of curing his patients without the use of drugs, injections, or surgery.


December 12, 2022 Show

Special Guest: Eric Fikes

Eric is an Army Veteran who served 20 years in the Military. Eric is also an Author and the co-host on a podcast called, The Tinted Reality Show.


November 14, 2022 Show

Bobby Kilgore, a 23-year Army Veteran and Entrepreneur who owns and operates a Trucking and Freight Brokerage Company.

Ashley Booker-Knight is a 10-year Army Veteran, an Author and Positive Life Influencer. She also has her own bookstore called Words Unite.


October 10, 2022 Show



September 12, 2022 Show

Special Guest: Dr. Markus Whitehead.

Dr. Whitehead is a 35 year Veteran of the Ohio Air National Guard. He has earned his B.S.W. M.S.W. and Ph.D with an emphasis on health disparities research in Social Work.



August 8, 2022 Show

Special Guest: Nadean Barton.

Author and Navy Veteran of 25 years



July 11, 2022 Show

Special Guest:

Teshauna Isaac




June 13, 2022 Show


Renata spends the hour

with the great band





May 9, 2022 Show

Special Guest:

Former NFL Star

Dwight Johnson



April 11, 2022 Show

Special Guest:

Author Andre Jerry



March 14, 2022 Show

Special Guest:

Dekese Phoenix



February 14, 2022 Show

Special Guest: Gisele

Gisele is a writer, educator, activist, radio show host, motivational speaker, and founder of Follow Dreams Productions. Based in Baton Rouge, LA., she received her B.S. in Child Development and M.A. in Sociology from Southern University.

She's the author of two successful books, More Than Just Sex: Itís the Art of the Chase and When Money Meets Seduction, Inspiring Financial Lessons of Women Who Have Connected with Money and Power

Gisele On Air will address issues that affect our society and the community at large with a major focus on women's views in the areas business and politics. Life, equality, and career have been at the core of many debates among women. She will discuss what motivates individuals to do what that they do, as well as their drive to succeed.




January 10, 2022 Inaugural Broadcast

Special Guest: GL Henderson

Award-Winning Author, Producer, Radio Show Host

Tweet GL:



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