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Hi. Hello. How are ya?  Welcome to "FlashBack with Wes Britton.

FlashBack are lively, surprising interviews with entertainment insiders - from actors to musicians to comedians to writers to comic book creators to experts in all manner of entertainment history!

Wes has talked to George Lazenby, actors Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr, Trina Parks, Walter Koenig, and Michael Learned; Musicians like Geoff Downs (Asia), singer Ron Dante, and singer/organist Felix Cavaliere from The Rascals.

We interview the most engaging celebrities ready, willing, and able to share their inside stories with y'all on ArtistFirst Radio! C'mon board!

About Your Host Dr. Wesley Britton

is the author of four non-fiction books, Spy Television (2003), Beyond Bond: Spies in Fiction and Film (2005), Onscreen and Undercover: The Ultimate Book of Movie Espionage (2006), and The Encyclopedia of TV Spies (2009). Starting in fall 2015, his science fiction/ mystery/ espionage series, The Beta-Earth Chronicles, debuted with the ground-breaking The Blind Alien. Throughout 2016 to 2019, 4 sequels followed, including The Blood of Balnakin, When War Returns, A Throne for an Alien and The Third Earth.

Return to Alpha is Wesley's first stand-alone novel and Alpha Tales 2044 is his first collection of Beta-Earth short stories. Then Behind Alien Lines came, and his latest collection Hammerhead is a spy-fi adventure.

Britton earned his doctorate in American Literature at the University of North Texas in 1990. From 2007 to 2015, he was co-host of online radio's "Dave White Presents" broadcast over Before continuing with his own show, FlashBack, where Wesley interviews authors, musicians, actors, and many entertainment insiders.


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June 22, 2024 Show

Back in 1986, actor Daniel Kash played Private Spunkmeyer in Aliens! He'll tell you all about that film and many other roles on the next "Flashback with Wes Britton" On Sat. June 22 and Sun. June 23 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. Dan will take you behind the scenes of not only Aliens but The Expanse, Robo-Cop, and The Stain with memories of Mike Myers and working with James Cameron! He'll also dive into his appearing at the Horror on Main fan con the last weekend of June in Harrisburg, PA where you can meet him live, in person!

Find out more about the Horror on Main con at the end of June  and how you can meet Daniel Cash in person at:




June 15, 2024 Show

8 Days in the Woods: The Making of The Blair Witch Project by Matthew Blazi

The show is an encyclopedic deep dive into the 1999 horror classic. On this week’s “Flashback with Wes Britton” and at this month’s “Horror on Main” fan con in Harrisburg, Pa, Matt will share the full history of The Blair Witch Project from creation to filming to post-production to marketing to its social impact and the film’s ongoing legacy. Matt will also tell you about how you can join his October tours of BWP film locations in Central PA.



June 8, 2024 Show

Vanilla Fudge. Cactus. Jeff Beck. Rod Stewart.

Few rockers have as many rocking memories to share as drummer, songwriter, producer, singer, bandleader Carmine Appice. He was a founding member of both Vanilla Fudge and Cactus, was part of Beck, Bogart, and Appice and worked with Rod Stewart, writing such hits as "Do You Think I'm Sexy" and "Young Turks."
On June 7, Appice's Cactus is releasing "Temple of Blues-Influences and Friends" with guests including Dee Snider, Joe Bonamassa, Ted Nugent, Pat Travers, Warren Hayes, original Cactus guitarist Jim McCarty, Fudge vocalist Mark Stein and many, many more players who cite Cactus as a major influence on their careers.
This album features re-imagined versions of some of Cactus’s most legendary songs with the current band and guests putting a new spin on these bad-ass tunes that are among the heaviest of heavy blues-rock ever recorded! Yes, we'll play you some generous samples from "Temple of Blues" to accompany Carmine's lengthy interview with Wes Britton.



June 1, 2024 Show

In Memory of Roger Corman: April 5, 1926 - May 9, 2024 (aged 98)

Most of our June shows on FWB will feature a series of guests who will be appearing at this year’s Horror on Main con in Harrisburg, Pa, the weekend of June 28-30! First up will be Canadian horror filmmaker, composer, director, and producer Chris Alexander who’ll not only talk about his own "strange cinema" created in Toronto, but we’ll take a deep dive into his book * Corman/Poe: Interviews and Essays Exploring the Making of Roger Corman's Edgar Allan Poe Films, 1960-1964*! That means a lot of discussion on Poe, Corman, Vincent Price, and Boris Karloff as we look at the nine Roger Corman Poe films including interviews with the recently passed master himself! Plus we frame the hour with new music from supergroup Black Country Communion, Italian progressive group Kirlian Camera, and the experimental Karen Haglof!




May 25, 2024 Show

The Memorial Day edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton” is an hour full of love and family and artistic commitment with two talented ladies!


From her Emmy winning role as Olivia Walton to Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother to starring with the legendary Pat Boone in the forthcoming *Our Crossroads* true-life family drama, actress Michael Learned has lots to talk about on the May 25 “Flashback with Wes Britton”! We start by revisiting the 50th anniversary of *The Waltons* in 2023 and finish by giving you previews of coming attractions, especially *Our Crossroads*!



Then, actress Lee Purcell shares what’s going on with the Hollywood Radio Players and the troupe’s plans for future programs of reworking old radio shows for modern audiences entertained by Zoom and iPads! Then Lee will fascinate you by diving into her new one-woman play, *Crazy Mama* written by Sharon Williams, Anson (Potsie Webber) William’s new wife, about her mother struck with dementia when Sharon was a young girl. In an acting tour de force, Lee plays 16 characters in the hour and a half drama directed by Anson Williams! To top things off, Lee tells you about an upcoming futuristic sci-fi thriller she stars in called *Plight* featuring a cast of autistic actors.

Pat Boone and Michael Learned

Lee Purcell and Anson Williams




May 18, 2024 Show

1000 Different Stories and 1000 Different Failures

Pete Turner

Taking a step out of entertainment history for one week, on May 18 FWB features areal spy who will take you behind the lines in the Middle East, especially Afghanistan, to share what happened there before the fall, what the citizens believed and knew, what we should have done better. He didn’t spy in casinos with leggy women, but met with dirt farmers, agents of the Taliban, shopkeepers and the people who were forced to live with a war they didn’t start. Pete Turner spent years as a counterintelligence spy for the U.S. Army traveling to many countries including Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, Germany, and Iraq. He now uses his extensive knowledge and experience in geopolitics, tactical-espionage, and travel in his current project, a nonprofit organization called International Institute for Nonproliferation Studies IINPS -  “The inception of the IINPS aims to tackle issues identified in US foreign policy, particularly the challenge of connecting day-to-day operations with strategic objectives. Diverging from conventional institutions, the IINPS distinguishes itself as a multidisciplinary organization grounded in practical experience rather than theoretical academia. It brings together a diverse range of seasoned professionals who have firsthand knowledge of the recurring and foreseeable failures of US initiatives abroad. This underscores the notion that the United States, due to its incapacity, inadvertently fosters instability. Paradoxically, despite contributing to this instability, the US often rejects this outcome as implausible. Policymakers and planners dismiss this harsh reality, unwilling to acknowledge their failures, as accepting such a notion seems inconceivable to them.” Founder Pete Turner expressed his motivation, stating, "I initiated this venture out of frustration with the recurring, avoidable mistakes in our approach. My goal is to break the cycle of history repeating itself.”  Hear just some of Pete’s surprising and revealing undercover stories and what is going on with the new IINPS



May 11, 2024 Show

We hope you enjoyed the May 4 dive into the history of the Firesign Theatre with founding member, David Ossman. On this program, we go even deeper with fellow Firesign alum, Phil Proctor.

We promise, Phil’s stories will be full of even more surprises for even the most devoted of Firesign fans, like how the title of his memoir, *Where’s My Fortune Cookie?* Came to be. Stories about current and upcoming projects like *Hindsight* and *Planet Proctor*.

Enjoy this exploration of the “Beatles of Counter-Culture Comedy”



May 4, 2024 Show

“Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers!” “We’re All Bozos on This Bus!” “Nick Danger, Third Eye.”

If those phrases resonate with you, then you likely remember the comedy troupe called The Firesign Theatre. For the next two episodes of “Flashback with Wes Britton,” we celebrate the comic legacy of the Firesigns that began back in the mid-‘60s with founding member David Ossman on the May 4th broadcast, then with fellow survivor Philip Proctor on May 11! Both gents take you on a tour of the 50 years of what the Firesigns performed on nine classic Columbia record albums, many radio shows, stage performances, in books, and what the guys are doing now! Expect a lot of laughs with original comedy material never aired before-



April 27, 2024 Show

Rock 'n roll returns to "Flashback with Wes Britton" on the ArtistFirst radio network!

Back in 1980, The Kings had a massive hit with their "This Beat Goes on/ Switching to Glide" double A-side which topped the charts for 23 weeks in the U.S. and Canada! In 2024, The Kings are back with their *The Longest Story Ever Told* album which they'll tell you all about on FWB with Wes Britton and Karina Kantas! We'll play some generous samples from their new album as original members Dave Diamond (bass, lead vocals) and Mr. Zero (guitar) dive into Kings history, talk about appearing on *American Bandstand* with Dick Clark, and share how Alice Cooper's producer Bob Ezrin contributed to their first recordings after his two years working with Pink Floyd on The Wall.

It's a rock 'n roll party the way rock 'n roll should be played.

The Kings Are Here home page:



April 20, 2024 Show

Paul Robert Coyle

In *Swords, Starships and Superheroes: From Star Trek to Xena to Hercules: a TV Writers Life Scripting the Stories of Heroes*, scriptwriter Paul Robert Coyle takes you behind the scenes of how such action-adventures are made and has many stories he'll share on the April 20 edition of "Flashback with Wes Britton" on the ArtistFirst radio network!

In particular, *Zena* fans everywhere are going to love the surprises and treats we'll offer about coming attractions sure to excite every Zenite out there! *Star Trek* and *Hercules* fans, to be sure, will also get their share of insider stories.



April 13, 2024 Show

Bill Mumy

The April 13 edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton” features a new conversation with Bill Mumy, yep Will Robinson himself, highlighting his new album, *Gulley*, his new memoir, his old radio show, how he became involved in the new *Lost in Space* and his work as producer of the History Channel’s *Ancient Aliens!* We’ll play you a generous sampling of new and old Mumy music along with a sneak peek into an upcoming show featuring the rockin’ band, The Kings!

So what does Will Robinson think about ancient alien theory? 

The official Bill Mumy page:


April 6, 2024 Show


The April 6 edition of Flashback with Wes Britton


is part one of our tribute to the '60s San Francisco psychedelic sound! Our guest will be Big Brother and the Holding Company drummer, Dave Getz,  who'll take you back to the days when he worked with Janis Joplin before we dive into his solo album, *The Dave Getz Breakaway* chockfull of BBHC connections! And we'll play two samples from that bluesy, rockin' disc for ya!


And stay tuned for the debut of Remember Again with Wes Britton,  a special broadcast continuing our tribute to 60's California rock and roll.



March 30, 2024 Show

This edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton” will be a musical special with a touch of class.

A lot of class, actually. The show opens with classy singer Roslyn Kind, Barbara Streisand’s younger sister. As you’ll hear, Roslyn has her own show business legacy to tout that started back in 1969! She’s an actress and singer whose onscreen credits include the *Ed Sullivan Show*, *SNL*, and *Gimme a Break!* Right now, she’s promoting her new version of the classic “Look of Love” from the 1967 film, *Casino Royale* which we’ll play for you along with more samples of what her soul can deliver! And you’ll hear her message of love and heart and we expect this will be one conversation that indeed touches your heart.

Speaking of messages, jazz-fusion guitarist Brian Tarquin wants to share his support for soldiers and veterans with friends like Jean Luc Ponty and Eric Johnson on the new, dazzling Beyond the Warrior’s Eyes album! *Beyond The Warrior’s Eyes*s mission is to support the charity, “Hope For The Warriors,” who provide medical care, mental health counseling, professional training and education, physical conditioning and transition services for wounded, ill, and injured Marines and Navy members.

“Hope for the Warriors” webpage: 



March 23, 2024 Show

James Bond will return--at least, on the March 23 edition of "Flashback with Wes Britton" on the Artistfirst radio network!

Until EON gets around to producing a new 007 film, you can enjoy diving into past Bond projects that never saw the light of day, thanks to Mark Edlitz, author of *The Lost Adventures of James Bond: Timothy Dalton’s Third and Fourth Bond Films, James Bond Jr., and Other Unmade or Forgotten 007 Projects.* Mark's book spins out detailed storylines to two un-produced Timothy Dalton scripts, asks actor Toby Stephens about playing 007 on the radio, and dives into the never produced Raymond Benson *Casino Royale* stageplay. Among other things. Like more than you need to know about the animated James Bond, Jr. series. Since Mark's conversation with Wes Britton is very much a tribute to Timothy Dalton, we thought we'd encore the first interview actress Jeannine Bisignano gave anyone, ever, where she shared Her memories of the 1989 Licence to Kill shooting set and shared Timothy Dalton stories with Wes Britton you haven’t heard before including her scene with a plastic shark, *Ruthless People,* *Brothers,* and her upcoming projects.




March 16, 2024 Show

“The Man Who Murdered Music”

That’s part of the title of Jordan Young’s new biography, Spike Jones Off the Record: The Man Who Murdered Music. On the March 16th edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton,” Jordan shares stories from his book celebrating one of America’s most legendary entertainers, a comic and musical genius popular on radio, recordings, concerts, television, and films through World War II and the ‘50s. Jones murdered music by starting his songs with the excellent “City Slickers” band before every melody disintegrated into seeming chaos and noises like burps, bangs, hiccups, dings, dongs, squeals, and gurgles that kept listeners and viewers laughing and laughing for so many years.
We’ll play three samples of Jones and the City Slickers recorded on V discs during the war years, songs heard only by military forces based around the globe. You’ll be surprised to learn how many of their hits have been part of your life, like “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth.” How about “Der Fuhrer’s Face,” a tune Walt Disney animated in a six minute Donald Duck cartoon?
But that's not all! Topping off this party, we offer a soaring, fiery new track from Italian rockers Kirlian Camera from their hot-new *Radio Signals for the Dying* album. The track is called "Götter, geht weg!" and is one of our favorite songs of 2024, so far.
So it’s musical madness and exciting new rock ‘n roll together.



March 9, 2024 Show

Flashback with Wes Britton is a double-shot of 60s rock 'n roll with organist, songwriter, and vocalist Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals and a deep dive into The Turtles courtesy of co-authors Matt Arnold and Charles Rosenay!

First up, Felix Cavaliere shares the history of The Rascals, shares stories of how the hits were made, and tells you what the guys are doing now!

Then, co-authors Mark Arnold and Charles Rosenay of Not Just Happy Together: The Turtles from A-Z (AM Radio to Zappa) go back to the early folk/rock roots of the California band that evolved into pop hit-makers and then became Flo and Eddie collaborating with their unlikely mentor, Frank Zappa! Lots of rock 'n roll insider stories going far beyond "Happy Together".

Check out *Not Just Happy Together* at:

Charles F. Rosenay

Mark Arnold

Charles Rosenay & Mark Volman



March 2, 2024 Show

Marc Cushman

Go Now.   Nights in White Satin.  Story in Your Eyes.  Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band.

Launching our new series exploring Rock and Roll hit makers from the ‘60s, the next “Flashback with Wes Britton” explores a decades-spanning band called The Moody Blues-Denny Laine, Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Mike Pinder, Ray Thomas, Grahame Edge, Patrick Moraz. Unless you’re one of those gents, no one, and that means absolutely no one, knows more about the history of The Moody Blues than researcher Marc Cushman, author of the long-overdue two volume history of the band, *Long Distance Voyagers.* Marc dives deep into the history of the Moodies on Flashback with Wes Britton”

Learn more about Marc’s *Long Distance Voyagers* at:



February 24, 2024 Show

Ellen Bry

The name Ellen Bry might not be a household name to you, but she’s been part of your life for a long time now.

Back in 1978, she co-starred as photographer Juie Masters on the TV version of *The Amazing Spider-Man* Starting in 1983, she starred for 52 episodes as the nurse-turned-vigilante Shirley Daniels on the highly-influential *St. Elsewhere* Among her numerous TV appearances, as in 3 episodes of *Dallas*, she was Lt. Farallon on the pivotal 1993 *STNG* episode, “Quality of Life.” Starting with fight scenes in *Kojak*, she enjoyed a secondary career as a New York stunt woman including doubling for Margot Kidder in *Superman I and II*

So Ellen has a ton of Hollywood insider stories to tell you on the next episode of “Flashback with Wes Britton” on the ArtistFirst radio network

Oh, as a special added attraction, we frame the conversation with two brand-new songs from Will Robinson, yep, Bill Mumy himself, touting his 2023 album, *Gully*!




   Photo By James Franklin, Courtesy of Loose Gravel Productions

February 17, 2024 Show

Flashback with Wes Britton once again offers two legendary Hollywood stars on the ArtistFirst Radio Network!

First up, Prairie Bitch Nellie Oleson, really actress Alison Arngrim, takes you back to her childhood on the set of *Little House on the Prairie* and wants you to know how you can meet her and the rest of the show’s cast during this year’s 50th Anniversary Tour around the country! The lady has some funny tales for ya-

Read about Alison Arngrim’s comic *Confessions of a Prairie Bitch* at-

Then, we offer Part Two of our in-depth conversation with Oscar-winning singer, actor, and dancer George Chakiris as he shares even more behind the scenes tales of *West Side Story* and working with the likes of Catherine Deneuve and Lana Turner! Hear these star-studded memories.

Check out George Charkiris’s *My West Side Story* memoir at: 



Ron Dante

February 10, 2024 Show

Rod Stewart once sang “Some guys have all the luck.” Well, two such lucky gents highlight the Feb. 10 “Flashback with Wes Britton” on the ArtistFirst radio network!

Singer/ producer Ron Dante topped the charts with the No. 1 hit of 1967 when he sang lead for The Archies. He also sang hits for the Cuff-Links before becoming Barry Manilow’s producer. Since 2018, he’s been the new lead singer for The Turtles on their annual Happy Together tours and he’ll tell you all about the 2024 version on the next FWB with tales of how he became a Turtle and the other groups you can see this year-The Association, The Cowsills, Jay and the Americans, The Vogues and Joey Molland from Badfinger. Learn more about this year’s Happy Together tour at-

Then, The man who won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1961, George Charkeris, takes you inside *West Side Story* and shares anecdotes of Marilyn Monroe, *White Christmas* and Judy Garland. He has so much to talk about this is just part one of his conversation with Wes Britton, we’ll broadcast part two on next week’s show!

Till then, check out Flo and Dante (my term) and a deep dive into West Side Story

Check out George Charkeris’s *My West Side Story* at: 


George Charkeris



February 3, 2024 Show

Two Comedy Giants on the next “Flashback with Wes Britton” on the ArtistFirst radio network!

First up, Cathy Fuller-Seeley, author of Jack Benny and the Golden Age of American Radio Comedy and editor of three collections of Jack Benny radio scripts, takes you back to a legendary comedian who starred in vaudeville, radio, and television for decades! By the way, you can download a free copy of Cathy’s Golden Age audiobook at

Continuing the theme of old-time comedy masters, we reprise our 2022 conversation with author Carol Shaw who spent 13 months laughing at the daily jokes that she typed up in Bob Hope’s Bungalow! She published a ton of funny anecdotes about those 13 months in her book, Bob Hope’s Bungalow: Tales from the Typing Trenches and shares many of them with you on “Flashback with Wes Britton.

Join us at our FWB Facebook page at:



January 27, 2024 Show

Retro Rock and Retro TV on the Jan. 27, 28 edition of “Flashback with Dr. Wes Britton!”

A few weeks back, we played you a 2011 interview Wes conducted with r&b hit-maker Ben E. King. Well, shortly after Ben’s death in 2015, Wes sat down with one of Ben’s buddies, fellow hit-maker Gary U.S. Bonds, to reminisce about his times with King.

We reprise that tribute to King including a sampling of one song King and Bonds performed together, their version of the Coasters’ “Youngblood!”

That’s just for starters! Recently, Wes sat down with former child star Barry Livingston to talk about My Three Sons, Jersey Boys, Argo, and Notorious Nick.

Barry Livingston



January 21, 2024 Show

You can’t find a more vivacious and engaging personality than actress Charlotte Stuart who will entertain you and keep you laughing.

In an in-depth conversation with Wes Britton, Charlotte shares many of the stories she told in her memoir, *Little House in the Hollywood Hills: A Bad Girl’s Guide to becoming Miss Beadle, Mary X, and Me.* As 2024 is the 50th anniversary of *Little House*, Charlotte has a ton of new stories about playing schoolteacher Miss Beadle and what all the surviving cast members are doing together throughout 2024. Speaking of, Charlotte wants you to know how you can order her autographed, hand-made, collectible Beadle-bags and pillows which you can find out about by writing her at:

But that’s not all! Charlotte also worked with David Lynch in *Eraserhead* and *Twin Peaks.* She also has a lot to say regarding Elvis, Jim Morrison, Neil Young and a ton of Hollywood elite.

On top of all that, we have some new short features for you including a powerful musical preview for an upcoming interview with musician Brian Tarquin you won’t want to miss.

A Beadle-bag as created by Charlotte Stuart


January 13, 2024 Show

Comedy Classics and Classic Chart Toppers.

We honor two past guests who have left us in the past decade in these encore conversations.

Best known for playing Corporal Randall Agarn on the TV hit, F-Troop, impressionist Larry Storch had a long career before he left us in 2022, including cartoon voice work, like playing Mr. Whoopee on Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales, guest roles on series like Get Smart with his friend, Don Adams, and movie roles like the six films where his friend Tony Curtis invited him to appear! Larry chatted with Wes on Nov. 9, 2010 and we reprise all those very funny stories one more time on FWB!

Then, in one of his last interviews before he passed on April 30, 2015, singer Ben E. King (“Stand by Me,” “Spanish Harlem,” “Save the Last Dance
for me”) sat down with Wes Britton in October 2014 to reminisce about his stellar career that kept him at the top of the charts for more than one decade, both in the Drifters and then as a solo artist! Oh yes, he has stories to tell and you can hear them once again


January 5, 2024 Show

In Loving Memory of Patty Duke a.k.a. Anna Pierce      December 14, 1946 - March 29, 2016

Beginning our series of vintage interviews Wes Britton conducted with stars who have since left us, we bring back a lively Sept. 13, 2011 conversation where Anna Pierce/ Patty Duke opened up with Wes and shared her own story in an in-depth audio interview. If you know anything about her life and career, you know to expect some heartfelt revelations from a lady who triumphed over a lifetime of adversity.

No one could be a more fitting follow-up for Anna/ Patty on FWB then singer/ songwriter Tabi Haly. On our Dec. 22 show, we played her new song for the disable, “Hello World, We are here, We are strong, And we are more than what we probably let on.” Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Tabi knows of what she sings and has much to talk about on the first “Flashback with Wes Britton” for 2024.   Learn more about the work of Tabi Haly at


December 29, 2023 Show

Kingsley Amis. John Gardner. Raymond Benson. Charlie Higson. Anthony Horowitz.

These names are but a partial list of all the authors who’ve contributed to an over 50 year legacy of James Bond continuation novels and film adaptations. At long last, 007 expert Mark Edlitz is giving us a long overdue exploration of all these books we’ve been enjoying all these decades. From Colonel Sun to the Moneypenny Diaries, Mark covers them all in his new in-depth James Bond After Fleming: The Continuation Novels. Simply stated, no 007 fan should be without a copy.  And no 007 fan should miss Meeting Mark Edlitz and dive into the James Bond literary panorama and discover secret agent adventures you might not have known existed. As a special bonus, we add two guitar tracks from Vic Flick, the original 007 film guitarist including his collaboration with surf-rock band, Spy Fi. So this hour is a treat, start to finish, for all 007 fans-

Find out more about the books of Mark Edlitz at:

Learn more about the music of Vic Flick and all things 007 at:


December 22, 2023 Show

“You’re way ahead of your time,” producer Norman Lear once told comic actress Geri Jewell before casting her as the first visibly disabled character in network TV, as Geri on The Facts of Life.

Born with cerebral palsy, Geri has a lifetime of funny and poignant stories she tells in her stage performances and her books like 2011’s I’m Walking as Straight as I can: Transcending Disability in Hollywood and Beyond.”

 Geri tells many of these stories including her time with Lear and Facts of Life, her work on HBO’s Deadwood, and the day she decapitated Big Bird on Sesame Street! Plus her lifelong activism for the handicapped and gay populations. Plus her upcoming projects including a new coffee-table book of her magazine columns with an introduction written by Norman Lear.

Leading us all into the world of Geri Jewell is singer/ songwriter Tabi Haly’s new song for the disable, “Hello World, We are here, We are strong, And we are more than what we probably let on.” Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Tabi knows of what she sings so she sets the stage perfectly for Geri’s interview.

Find out more about
Geri Jewell at her website:

Learn more about the work of
Tabi Haly at:


December 15, 2023 Show

“I am the God of Hell-Fire and I bring you-Fire!”

Thus spake Arthur Brown in his Number One 1968 hit single, “Fire.” Arthur, in case you don’t remember, was the pioneer of theatric rock before Alice Cooper, Kiss, and David Bowie. Remember---- he jumped around stage with a flaming helmet on top of his skull. Now he’s 81, and has new blues for you on his new album, Long Long Road. We’ll play a few samples for ya, and blues lovers will get a real treat for 2023—

Then we shift gears and join Peter Martin and Generation S for some pioneer work with old-school jazz, the kind that will remind you of Dave Brubeck, Gerry Mulligan, Trane, Miles, and the cool jazz once so popular all around the world. Yep, we play you a few samples of their work as well.

Learn more about Arthur Brown and Long Long Road at 

Learn more about Peter Martin and Generation S at


December 8, 2023 Show

The festive Dec. 8 edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton” offers comedy from British TV writer and novelist Richard Sparks and then a deep dive into the meaning of an often overlooked holiday celebration, Kwanzaa.


           First up, we dive into The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, Black Adder, and working with John Cleese when writer Richard Sparks remembers his days as a British TV comedy writer before switching gears to create his new sci-fi adventure, New Rock, New Roll. A new page-turner of a stocking stuffer, especially for gamers. Then, two guests come on board to discuss a new holiday song, “Kwanzaa’s Pure Light.” Lyricist Eileen  Sherman and singer Yocontalie Jackson tell you about the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa and why the celebration is meant for everyone, not limited to a cultural heritage or religion. Welcome to a new window of Unity and hear a new seasonal musical classic!


Learn more about Richard Sparks and New Rock, New Roll at-


See the new video for “Kwanzaa’s Pure Light” at:



December 1, 2027 Show

The Dec. 1 edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton” is a double-barreled sci-fi blockbuster!


First up, Star Trek novelist Michael Jan Friedman introduces you to the dimension of the “Phenomenons” superheroes created by 16 top writers in the sci-fi biz. He tells you about how you can become part of that alternate universe with your name used as a character, among other perks, by joining the group’s Kickstarter campaign before Dec. 2.

Then we talk about his Star Trek and X-Men novels before we jump back in time with our second guest, historian Richard Irvin who wrote a detailed analysis of “Tales of Tomorrow,” a TV anthology series that ran from 1951-1953. “TOT” was the very first TV sci-fi program created for adults, a clear predecessor to shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Never heard of it? Enjoy this surprising nugget of entertainment history including a clip from the 1953 radio spin-off.



November 24, 2023 Show

The irrepressible Leeza Gibbons opens the Fri. Nov. 24 edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton!”

 She’ll introduce you to the Hollywood Radio Players and the Motion Pictures and Television Fund the Players help support.

Then, actress, director, producer Lee Purcell joins Wes for a deep dive into “Radio You Can See,” that is, the old-time radio shows re-imagined by the Players and re-created via Zoom to give the audience the actors, costumes, props, special effects, and sound effects giving old scripts new life using new technology. You can see anew the radio versions of War of The Worlds, Gunsmoke, Dragnet, The Life of Riley, and their latest adaptation, Baby Snooks.

Both Leeza and Lee encourage you to support the Motion Pictures and Television Fund (MPTF), especially in these times following Covid and the entertainment strikes impacting so many creators in the business. Below we’ll give you the link to find out more about both the Players and the Fund. But that’s not all-to wrap things up, we offer some snazzy Christmas guitar music from guitar master, Tom Principato!

Learn about the Hollywood Radio Players and the Motion Picture Television Fund at:


November 17, 2023 Show

Destination Moon. When Worlds Collide. War of the Worlds. The Time Machine. Houdini. The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao

These were a few of the highly influential movies of visionary George Pal which are analyzed in wonderful detail in film historian Justin Humphreys’ new, George Pal: Man of Tomorrow. Pal went places where no producer had gone before from his early animated Puppetoons to a number of projects studio heads ensured never saw the light of day. No book before this one has looked at Pal’s legacy so exhaustively and you’ll learn a lot about influential, immortal sci-fi movies and imaginative Hollywood thinking when Justin talks with Wes Britton on the Nov. 17 edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton.”

But that’s not all! We frame the interview with two brand-new (unreleased) rockers from musician/ songwriter Pete Thompson, former drummer for Robert Plant and Robin Trower! Learn more about Pete’s hard-driving music at:

Check out Justin Humphrey’s exploration of George Pal at:



November 10, 2023 Show

The Beatles. Bowie. Jeff Beck. Elton. Lou Reed. Duran Duran. Supertramp.

While the Nov. 10 edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton” opens with brand new music from Yardbirds drummer and songwriter Jim McCarty, the star of the show is music engineer and producer Ken Scott. It’s an encore interview of his 2012 conversation with Wes Britton touting his then new book, From Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust: Off the Record with the Beatles, Bowie, Elton & So Much More.

If any of the names listed above strike your fancy, Ken takes you into the studio to share how their hits were made. He has surprising revelations about the white album, producing “A Perfect Day” for both Lou Reed and Duran Duran, and the poignant moment when he walked with George Harrison while the former Beatle looked over his home knowing he would never return. Did Ringo play on All Things Must Pass? Ringo didn’t remember.
Many of Ken’s stories will debut this Friday.

Learn more about Ken’s rock ‘n roll autobiography at:


November 3, 2023 Show

Wow, we touch a number of bases on the double-barreled Nov. 3 edition of “Flashback with Wes Britton”—Beatles, Dracula, Liverpool, Horror Movies, Star Trek, Happy Days-

First, author, editor, and tour meister Charles Rosenay takes you behind the scenes of his Top 10 Beatle list book and all the celebs that helped shape it! Then, he tells you all about his annual tours of Liverpool and all the Beatle sites you can visit with him! Then, he digs into his book of Top 10 Lists of Horror Films and his tours of Transylvania and all things Dracula!

Hey Star Trek fans-do you know who Captain Salino is? Voice actor Jim Meskimen knows and tells you all about the game, Star Trek: Resurgence and his role as captain of a Federation starship. That’s after he shares a ton of tales of being on the Happy Days set visiting his Mom-Marion Ross-and the rest of the cast of the TV hit! Then he dives into the art of being an impressionist-we play you some samples-and he shares the news of his next hilarious Podcast streaming on Nov. 12!


October 27, 2023 Show

Have a rockin’, spooky dance party with “Skeleton Sam” and a band called Lvcrft on the Halloween special of “Flashback with Wes Britton”

No, I didn’t misspell Lovecraft above-the multi-talented Mndr

our special guest this week-likes the graphic look of vowel-less names and wants you to “Scream for Halloween” pretty much every day of the year cause, as you’ll learn, “Every Day is Halloween” when the spirit(s) move you-


October 20, 2023 Show

Blockbuster radio listening comes your way this Friday over ArtistFirst’s “Flashback With Wes Britton!”

Lost in Space fans, in particular, won’t want to miss the tri-fecta of June Lockhart, Bill Mumy, and the recently departed Mark Goddard in interviews conducted before the SAG strike!  June Lockhart’s acting career reaches back to the 1930s including her years starring on Lassie, Lost in Space, and Petticoat junction. Wait until you hear June describe her nearly 90 years in entertainment! She also has lots to say about her involvement with NASA!  The multi-talented Bill Mumy is the quintessential Renaissance Man with a long, distinguished acting career as well as his wide-ranging musical recordings. Remember, he was Will Robinson in Lost in Space, Lennier on Babylon 5, and had memorable performances on The Twilight Zone and on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Expect some big-time surprises when he shares his childhood ambitions in this vintage interview with Wes Britton! We add some Mumy music as well from his great album, Carnival Sky! On October 10, 2023, actor and teacher Mark Goddard left us at the age of 87. He’s best known for playing Major Don West on Lost in Space, but has a lifetime of stories he shared in his memoir, To Space and Back. He’ll share some of these memories with us..


October 13, 2023 Show

Reclaim the wonder of your life with the wisdom of Dee Wallace on this Friday’s Flashback With Wes Britton!

Ssh, she can’t talk about it just now, but Dee Wallace starred in, among other things, E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, The Howling, Critters, and about 300 total roles in films and television. Dee is also the author of 7 books and is a teacher on how to recreate yourself, love yourself, and transform your life-and she shares how you can do all that in an insightful conversation on “Flashback with Wes Britton!”

Then we switch gears and talk with Michael Rubin, a main motor of the new alternative indie band, King Falcon. King Falcon’s fresh, rockin’ debut album is coming out Oct. 29 which means our Friday Oct. 13 show will be a sneak peek for you into new music you’ll want to be sharing this holiday season!


October 6, 2023 Show

“For Your Love.” “Shapes of Things.” “Over under Sideways down.” “Heart Full of Soul.”

All these hits came out in the ‘60s from the blues turned experimental band, The Yardbirds. The band that launched the careers of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. The band that featured Liverpool native Jim McCarty on drums! He has a ton of stories to tell ya on this week’s “Flashback with Wes Britton!” Plus, we play three samples of his recent solo work for you.


September 29, 2023 Show

Do you feel like you have a handle on the perils and possibilities of AI?

Do you understand the risks to us all in terms of international relations, employment, the environment, intellectual property, and “Zero Day” algorithms that could end the human race?  Authors Paul Zane Pilzer and Stephen Jarchow offer clarity to many of these issues in their new book, The New Roaring Twenties: AI in America. Steve shares many of the most important points from his book on “Flashback With Wes Britton” on the ArtistFirst Radio Network.  For example, Steve will caution you that we all need to educate ourselves about the inevitable changes AI is bringing into all our lives nearly every day, why we need do due diligence in accepting the news we receive over Social Media, and urges us all to be more human to each other in the “New Roaring Twenties.”


September 22, 2023 Show

The Blues is Alive and Well,

Kickin’ and Cook The Blues is Alive and Well, Kickin’ and Cookin’ on this week’s “Flashback with Wes Britton”

First up is piano player Mitch Woods touting his new Friends Along the Way, a two-disc collection of duets and trios with friends like Van Morrison, TajMahal, Elvin Bishop, Charles Musselwhite, Ruthie Foster, Marsha Ball, John Lee Hooker, Cyril Neville, James Cotton, John Hammond, Maria Muldar . . . and more. Need I say anything else to whet your appetite? 

Then, the Queen of Blues Guitar, Joanna Conner, tells you all about her hot new Best of Me disc with stories to tell about her years in Chicago, on the road, in the studio, and yes, we play you a few samples.


September 15, 2023 Show

Billy J. Cramer concludes our deep dive into "The British Invasion" this Friday on online radio's "Flashback with Wes Britton!"

If you're a Baby Boomer and dug the rock of 1964, then Billy J. Cramer isn't a new name to you. He had huge hits like "Do You Want to Know A secret," "Bad to Me" and "Little Children," many given to him by Liverpool buds John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It was Beatle John who suggested Billy add the J. to his name-in honor of his new son, Julian. Billy worked with George Martin and championed his late manager, Brian Epstein, until Brian was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was then Billy's seriously cool album, "I Won the Fight" was released. Hear all sorts of first-hand British Invasion stories.


September 8, 2023 Show

Part 2 of Flashback with Wes Britton’s tribute to the British Invasion

continues with two gents who were there-Peter Asher and drummer Andy White!  Peter is best known for being half of the hit-makers, Peter and Gordon, who were given chart-toppers by Liverpool buds John and Paul (McCartney lived with Peter’s sister in the Asher home), being managed by Brian Epstein, produced by George Martin, and then a manager/ producer himself for folks like James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt. Hear more Beatle connections when you learn George Martin called on drummer Andy White for the Beatles first recording session. Martin wasn’t yet convinced Ringo could do the trick. So it’s Andy you hear on the first versions of “Love Me Do” and “P.S. I Love you.” Andy has lots of other stories to tell like touring with Marlana Dietrich, recording for Herman and the Hermits, and especially his career in Scottish bagpipe bands.

September 1, 2023 Show

September is British Invasion Month on “Flashback With Wes Britton!”

First up, this Fri. Sept. 1, author Gene Popa joins Wes Britton to discuss his new book, British Invasion '64 - The Year That Changed Rock & Roll Forever! In the conversation, Gene and Wes remember The Beatles, Dave Clark 5, Animals, Stones, Cilla Black—a book you don’t want to miss if you love all that truly Classic Rock!

Then, our later September shows will feature vintage interviews with folks like Peter Asher (Peter and Gordon,” Billy J. Kramer (The Dakotas), Jackie De Shannon, and Andy White, the drummer who played “Love Me Do, and “P.S. I Love You” when George Martin wasn’t sure Ringo Starr was a good studio drummer.



 August 26, 2023 Show

Special Guest: Alan Paul

Take a deep dive into Southern blues/ rock with the Allman Brothers and Robert Jon and the Wreck on this Friday’s “Flashback with Wes Britton!”

What made the Allman Brothers 1973 album, Brothers and Sisters, so special?
That’s what rock journalist Alan Paul set out to answer in his new Brothers and Sisters: The Allman Brothers Band and the Inside Story of the Album That Defined the '70s. Based on many participant interviews in the Allman saga, Paul gives us a generous ride into what made that period so influential and so much more than “Rambling Man.” Fun for Deadheads too. Then, Robert Jon demonstrates what a new generation of Southern rockers are doing. In particular, he’s the front man for a group called Robert Jon and the Wreck who have a new rockin,’ affirming, energizing CD to share with you, Ride Into the Light. We’ll play two upbeat tracks from the album for ya.



August 18, 2023 Show

Return to the 4077th on this Friday's "Flashback with Wes Britton" featuring our M*A*S*H Trifecta with—

Loretta Swit - Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan

Jamie Farr - Corporal Maxwell Q Klinger

Gary Burghoff - Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly

In this very special hour and a half tribute to M*A*S*H, the stars will take you behind the scenes of the making of a TV classic, talk about their cast mates, and offer a ton of surprises. We even get Gary to read a passage from his memoir you won't hear anywhere else!




August 11, 2023 Show

Dulcie Taylor

Rekindle your '60s folk-music vibes with singer/ songwriter Dulcie Taylor as she introduces you to her newest release, Edges of Silver this coming Friday on "Flashback with Wes Britton" over the ArtistFirst radio network. Dulci not only channels a wide well of Americana influences, but her lyrics are honed by a poet who's been around and felt deeply. She shares lots of insightful stories and we play two popular samples from Edges. On, this week's "Extra" is another short reading from Wes Britton's futurist sci-fi novel, Return to Alpha. It dovetails nicely with Dulcie's "Halfway to Jesus," a comment on global warming. After the initial broadcast, the show will be archived at the ArtistFirst website for streaming and downloading any ole time you like.




The Nighthawks

Photo by Linda Parker

August 4, 2023 Show

Mark Wenner from The Nighthawks

For over 50 years, Mark Wenner has sang and played the harmonica as leader of the legendary and award-winning Nighthawks blues and roots rock band. On Friday’s “Flashback with Wes Britton,” Mark shares his memories about blowing harp on the road in the days before the blues got big in the late ‘70s, tells stories about the many greats he knew and worked with, and gets into the Nighthawks latest releases. That’s 50 years of the blues and old-time rock ‘n roll.



July 28, 2023 Show

Anson “Potsie Webber” Williams

While the SAG actor’s strike is ongoing, Anson can’t share any stories about his Happy Days days. But a man of Anson’s wide-ranging talents and interests has lots he can talk about from his marriage this year at the age of 72 to his directorial work to telling you all about his favorite charity, The Doors of Change benefiting homeless youth and the Concert of Hope supporting that organization this year.


Jeannine Bisignano

Her first interview, ever, since appearing as a stripper in 1989’s Licence to Kill!Recorded before the SAG strike commenced, Jeannine Bisignano’s historic interview Shares her memories of the Licence to Kill shooting set and tells Timothy Dalton stories you haven’t heard before! Who should be the next film 007? Jeannine Bisignano thinks she knows and is starting her campaign here at ArtistFirst radio!




July 21, 2023 Show

Tony Romero

First up, meet keyboardist Tony Romero of Red32, "The Space-Age Steely Dan" crossover prog-rock Band. They're gaining major critical and popular respect as their music touches on mankind's future in their dynamic debut album. What does Red32 mean? We'll tell you. What does the group predict for us all? We'll share that with you too.

Get the CD here:

Monster Mike Welch

a kick-ass blues guitarist and vocalist who got his nickname from a gent named Dan Aykroyd some 30 years ago. Since then, Boston based Monster Mike has been playing blistering leads and pumping out powerful blues vocals which we'll talk about in between to knock-out samples of his recent work!




July 14, 2023 Show

Ruta Lee

CONSIDER YOUR ASS KISSED by legendary entertainer Ruta Lee is a glittering ride through classic Hollywood history!

Ruta Lee shares many of her memories On "Flashback with Wes Britton" on ArtistFirst radio network! Ruta talks about her debut in SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS and WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION. Ruta has over 2,250 TV appearances . She acted with, danced with, joked with, or sang with Frank, Dean, Sammy. And Gene Kelley. Fred Astaire. Jerry Lewis. Her longtime partner, Debbie Reynolds. For over 50 years, Ruta has been a leading light of the Thalians, an organization supporting troubled youth. On "Flashback," Ruta talks about this endeavor and you will be stirred by her tale of persuading former Soviet premier Nikita Kruschev to free her imprisoned grandmother in Lithuania.




Inaugural Broadcast:

July 7, 2023

This is a sci-fi special with two actors on two different ships.

Peter Macon

For three seasons (so far), Peter Macon played Moclan Lt. Commander Bortus on Seth MacFarlane's comedy-drama, The Orville. For "Flashback," Peter takes you behind the scenes, shares some alien makeup secrets (including an invasion of ants in his mask!), and offers some thoughts about a hoped fourth season. Plus, get some sneak peeks into next year's "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes" and hear how you can meet Peter this weekend at the Shore Leave Star Trek con in Hunt Valley, Maryland!


John Billingsley

For five seasons, John Billingsley played Denobulan chief medical officer Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise. For "Flashback," John will entertain you with his engaging memories of Enterprise, his favorite episodes, his love of fans and his hope that someday he'll star in an unlikely new series, "Old Fat Phlox." (That should give you a taste of his personality.)