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Every Friday at Noon Eastern   ~ Hear All Past Shows Below ~

Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. (John 14:6, NKJV)

Have you ever asked yourself why the world is in the state we see today or is God real? Maybe even as a believer, you have even wondered what God might say about some of the issues we see in our society today! “#TRUTH” is a show inspired by God the Father to take a look at what His Son Jesus says about such things as these by looking from the viewpoint of His biblical truths through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:31-32, NKJV)

Contact Dr. Sonia:

Host: Sonia M. Lott, M.D.
Healer/physician, intercessor, minister & teacher.

My personal mission is to serve others into Unity & Fullness in Christ by becoming one with Him; reflecting His essence, being His bride.

Dr. Sonia, a Family Medicine Physician for over two decades, is the Founder and Lead Minister for Face 2 Face Global, Inc. a faith-based nonprofit organization. The Lord has been using her for many years in ministry, but after her own battle with chronic health issues, the Lord taught her how to hone Holy Spirit’s gifts of healing, teaching, preaching, leading worship, prayer and intercession with a prophetic edge followed by signs and wonders. 

She has a deep burden in her heart to help others struggling with the many issues of life by shining the face of Christ through His love and His light. She now travels extensively teaching people about the love of Jesus as she reflects His image to everyone by leading church worship, speaking at churches, youth groups, and community organizations, as well as leading mission trips anywhere the Lord leads. 

Her ministry is herald by her love for Jesus and others and the desire to see all people walking in complete health and freedom. Her mission is to mentor and disciple people and nations on how to give themselves completely to loving and worshiping the Lord, being a living sacrifice for His Kingdom while also reflecting His image to others!

~  Hear Past Shows Below  ~

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September 17, 2021 Show

Join Jesus and Dr. Sonia as they continue to unpack what it means to have faith as they take a look at Abraham, the father of faith, from Romans chapter four verses sixteen through twenty-two as it relates to the story of Abraham in the book of Genesis.



September 10, 2021 Show

Reshma Allen

is a powerfully anointed woman of God being used to teach and equip believers for end-times work. Reshma, born and raised in Fiji has a powerful testimony of redemption and blessing that has touched women all over the world. Reshma carries a healing anointing and ministers in the power of God wherever they go. She also has a call to teach on discernment and how to walk in it, and teaches this very subject at the School of the Supernatural conducted by Still Water’s Intl. Missions. Reshma and husband Bruce Allen minister worldwide and Reshma also has a popular television program on Angel TV entitled Women for His Glory.



September 3, 2021 Show

Join Jesus and Dr. Sonia as they unpack what it means to have faith as they take a look at what Jesus says to the woman with the issue of blood in the Gospel of Mark chapter five.



August 27, 2021 Show

Tracey Edouard

Tracey was born and raised on Long Island, NY. In 2013, she earned her bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Penn State University. Tracey is also a violinist, who has been playing for more than 20 years and has had the privilege of serving a number of different ministries across the Tri-State area, down South and West Coast through worship. She released her first single called "He Will Return," on July 7, 2021, available now on all streaming platforms.

Music Links:  Apple Music: 




YouTube channel:



August 20, 2021 Show

Ellena Caselli RN

Faithful daughter, teacher, nurse and

lover of Jesus Christ, Father God and Holy Spirit.

Hear her incredible story!



August 13, 2021 Show

Join Jesus, Dr. Sonia and guests Pastor Pamela Bolton author of the new book, “Today’s Glory Stories: Fanning the Flames of Revival,” and New York Congressional Candidate and contributing writer, Liz Joy, as they discuss stories of Jesus moving in their lives!



August 6, 2021 Show

Join Jesus, Dr. Sonia and dear friend and brother in Christ, Aaron Aragon as they continue the conversation on what it means to trust God and the importance of having a heart of authentic faith.


July 30, 2021 Show

Join Jesus, Dr. Sonia and dear friend and sister in Christ Victoria Perez as they discuss what it means to trust God and how pride and un-forgiveness can get in the way of a true relationship with Him.


July 23, 2021 Show

Join Dr. Sonia as she talks about the importance of trusting God through all the trials of life as she speaks from Proverbs 3:5-6.


July 16, 2021 Show

Join Dr. Sonia as she discusses Genesis 3 and the need to remain humble and not allow your heart to be filled with pride.


July 9, 2021 Show

Join Dr. Sonia as she discusses Leviticus 11:44 and Matthew 12:22-32 speaking about remaining pure and holy and not doing anything to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.


July 2, 2021 Show

Join Dr. Sonia and her dear friend and sister in Christ, Julie Ring, as they discuss what it means to be a Bridal Reign Frontliner. For more info please visit


June 25, 2021 Show

Join Dr. Sonia and her dear friend, Victoria Perez, as they discuss Ephesians 6 and John 10:10 about spiritual warfare and tearing down all the alters in your life in order to live an abundant life in Jesus!


June 11, 2021 Show

Dr. Sonia continues to discuss having faith in crisis and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.


June 4, 2021 Show

Dr. Sonia discusses one of her favorite Psalms, Psalm 139,

and how important it is to keep your eyes on Jesus during those trials and crises in life.


May 28, 2021 Show

Suzie Davis

Prophetic Worship Leader whose heart is to intimately worship the Lord in freedom.

Music links:

 Songs from His Presence by Suzie Davis on:
Amazon Music:

Apple Music:

Rest Deep EP

Songs From His Presence:




May 21, 2021 Show

Heather Keeton

Heather Keeton is a special needs nanny of 25 years, and also a minister on staff for the past 5 years at United Pursuit Church in Vallejo, Ca, and also a prayer minister at Mission Church in Vacaville, Ca. Her life was radically changed in 2013 when the Jesus baptized her in the Holy Spirit. Her mission is to share the good news of the gospel and teach transformation through the power of God in Christ”



May 14, 2021 Show

Brett Spears

is an author and an Itinerant Speaker. He is the Founding President of Encounter1078 International. He serves as the Pastor of a local church called “The Encounter” located in Youngstown, OH. He graduated from AMES International School of Ministry and Global University. Brett was born in Pensacola, FL and raised in the church but fell away at the age of 12. After running from God for many years living a life addicted to drugs Brett was radically saved and transformed in 2010 after a life changing encounter with the Presence of God. Brett has a strong passion for repentance; the hope found in the death, burial, resurrection, and immanent return of Jesus Christ; and seeing lives lived out in deep intimacy with Jesus marked by the power of the Holy Spirit. Brett's calling is to preach the Gospel to the lost and train and equip the body of Christ to re-present Him to the world around them. Brett travels throughout the United States and abroad preaching and teaching the word of God with signs following as well as raising up a local body through discipleship and fellowship. Brett has lived a life marked by the supernatural power of God both in the market place and in the church, being healed miraculously himself from a crippling back injury and a terrible skin disease Brett has seen multitudes RECEIVE their own miracle THROUGH the healing power of Jesus.

Website:     Podcast: 
Instagram: _theencounter



May 7, 2021 Show

Julie Ring

Julie Ring is a Licensed Foursquare International Minister, WIML Graduate and President and Founder of Lilies of the Valley. She has been chosen to lead the Bride of Christ into full healing and deliverance from the forces of darkness that have caused sufferance of trauma and sickness of the soul. Lilies of the Valley; established in 2005, is a company of women under the radar sent by God to rescue victims of trauma and gather them together in an atmosphere of hope and longevity for the total and complete renewal of life through the healing Balm of Gilead and restorative power of the God of recovery. The goal is to train up and build an army of trauma survivors to become a “Victory Task Force” of women soldiers, who bear the armor of light with a main directive to cast their nets and gather those who are awaiting their rescue and full deliverance.
For more information:



April 30, 2021 Show

Dr. Sonia speaks from Galatians chapter 5 and Revelation 7:17

how when God wipes away our tears He anoints us with the fruit of His Spirit!


April 23, 2021 Show

Join #Truth for a special show with Dr. Sonia and special guests,

Joyce Feldman and Victoria Perez,

as they pray and encourage others with the Word of God; for today is your day of salvation, your day for healing, deliverance and to be set free in the mighty name of Jesus!



April 16, 2021 Show

Angie Glynn

As a Christian teacher, writer and speaker, Angie is very passionate about empowering women to discover their God ordained purpose. She takes biblical truths and speaks life into women to teach them who they are in Christ. Angie has taught several segments on developing self-worth as an International Radio Host.

Her series of books (Faith in Crisis, Warrior Princess, and Soldier on the Frontlines) depict the life of a woman who faced explosive battles, but rose out of the trenches to become a warrior for Christ.

Angie is very relatable to many people. She also has a creative ability to draw her readers into her life experiences. Angie’s number one goal is to lead people to Jesus through her testimony.



April 2, 2021 Show

Raquel Lara

I'm Raquel Lara. I was born and raised here in Chicago to Christian parents, Judy and Cesar. I have a little sister, Christie. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 12 years old. I met my husband, Joe at our current church, Chicago Tabernacle. We've been married for 12 years and have 3 wonderful children; Sela (9), Cohen (6) and Liam (4). I'm currently almost 9 months pregnant with our fourth child, a girl we will name Emi. I'm so grateful to God for my family and friends. I love our church family as well. Prior to COVID, I was a member of our choir, which brings me so much joy.



March 26, 2021 Show

Dr. Sonia shares her heart and the revelation the Lord has shown her regarding the state of our heart and what flows out of our mouths from Matthew 12:34 “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”



March 19, 2021 Show

Special Guest: Joshua Shadle

Hello My name is Joshua Shadle I'm 26 years old. I'm married to my wife Cystal Shadle together we have one son named Jeremiah. God saved me and delivered me from from a wreck less life style

I've changed by his love Now I share his love and what he has done for me with others.



March 12, 2021 Show

Special Guest: Barbara Karpouzian

Barbara is a maidservant of the Lord, serving Him for over 30 years. She spent 23 years in public education. She is the host of the Everlasting Love TV Program and has pastored for 7 years. She leads women’s groups teaching Biblical truth and the pursuit of intimacy with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Her desire is to see women whole and fulfilling their heavenly destinies here on earth. Barbara considers her husband of 36 years and her daughters and their families precious blessings!

Media info: by Barbara Karpouzian

Everlasting Love Program

Facebook: @ELTVProgram 




March 5, 2021 Show

Special Guest: Teri Maher

Teri Maher is a senior pastor of Hannibal True Church in Hannibal, MO. Teri’s witnessing of how Christ centered living has transformed her life, is continuing to reach others, giving them hope and encouragement to grow through faith in Jesus Christ. Since 2002, when Teri accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, she has experienced God’s powerful calling on her life. Growing up with little more than a casual knowledge of God, Teri searched for meaning and purpose in her life by way of a variety of careers, people and possessions. It wasn’t until she laid on her kitchen floor contemplating suicide when she experienced Christ’s love pouring through her, as she asked, God are you real? He answered with His love. Teri’s message is based on her belief that the word of God, true worship, and genuine faith lead to obedience and abundant living.  Teri owned and operated Christian Ambiance Ministry, a restaurant, and bookstore for ten years, a Church in the marketplace. She has provided a shelter for women coming out of prison and jail, in addition to a Prison and Jail ministry. Teri participated in International ministry, speaking at twelve churches in Peru.  Teri is the author of The Unmerited Favor Series. First book of the series is Saved by Grace Established in Faith. Second book of the series is Loved by God Healed in Truth.  Teri is the Pastor of True Church in Hannibal Missouri. She is on WTJR Pray 16 Tv program live monthly.  She is a daughter of the only true God. An ambassador for God through Jesus Christ and the power of Holy Spirit. A wife, mother of six daughters, grandmother who loves God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and people!



February 26, 2021 Show

Special Guests:

Joyce Feldman
Missions Director of Freedom Church Santa Fe NM

Matthew Timmons
Bound4life Chapter Leader Gainesville FL

Our special guests will discuss with Dr. Sonia how we deal with offenses



February 19, 2021 Show

Special Guests: 

Harv and Kimberly Key

Harv and Kimberly Key: two radical lovers of Jesus brought together by the Lord, Himself, to destroy hell on the daily all for His glory.




February 12, 2021 Show

Eric Gilmour

Eric Gilmour is an author, musician and itinerate speaker who travels domestically and internationally. He and his wife Brooke are the founders of Sonship International, a teaching ministry committed to strengthening the church. Their hearts are to bring the church into a deeper experience of God's presence in their daily lives. Eric believes that experiencing God at all times is the very source of authentic Christian life. He has written multiple dozens of books, released countless songs and shared hundreds of videos on YouTube, with his channel having tens of thousands of subscribers, all to challenge believers to seek and find Jesus through continual rest in His presence.
He, his wife, two daughters, Madison and Lia, and their golden retriever Mia reside in Orlando Florida. When he's home you can find him spending time with his family, reading and/or with a camera in his hand filming or taking pictures namely in the golden hour.



January 5, 2021 Show

Special Guest: Rev. Monique Thomas

Monique’s journey with Jesus began in 1996. Her candidness and obedience unto the Lord has caused many to be set free and delivered.  In 2002 she accepted her calling into the ministry unto the Lord and was licensed and ordained in March of 2014. Her ministry “The Remnant of International Warriors” was birthed through partnering with Jesus as those that were bound were set free. Her purpose is to preach the Gospel through intimacy with Jesus. Her focus is to live holy and acceptable unto God as an anointed virtuous woman, exposing the love of God and to be used by the Holy Spirit to resurrect the spirit of God in all flesh. She’s been equipped by the Holy Spirit to break down demonic barriers, destroy the yokes and release strong holds so that ultimately the body of Christ will be edified, our Lord Jesus will be glorified and Satan will be terrified.

To buy her books:

Intimacy The Making of the Bride  Click here     Scenes of A Warrior  Click here


January  29, 2021 Show

Special Guest: Crystal G.H. Lowery, Esq.

Links to Join 90 Day Love Intensive Challenge:

Facebook Group Link:

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Based On Faith Website:

#Truth Show Page Link:

Face 2 Face Global Website:

Sweet Love Letter To Jesus Book Links:
Englinsh Paperback Copy:

Spanish Paperback Copy:

English eBook Copy on Amazon:


Spanish eBook Copy on Amazon:



January 22, 2021 Show

Special Guests: Kathleen and Ralph Hernandez  

BStronglife, Inc.

BStronglife Campus Clubs

BStronglife, Inc was founded in 2016 by Pastor’s Ralph and Kathleen Hernandez. The purpose of BStronglife is to mentor, inspire, encourage and strengthen students by introducing them to sound leadership principles set forth in the Bible. We do this by interacting with the students in a lunchtime campus club setting (in person or via Zoom) and by adopting the campus by meeting the needs of students, teachers, and administrators. This could look like picking up trash on campus, landscaping improvement projects, or supporting on-campus and off-campus activities or spirit days. We also support anti-drug, anti-bullying and suicide prevention programs. Our goal is to ultimately transform the campus and community through the life-saving power of Jesus. Our motto is “We call out the best in you to transform the World around You.” BStronglife Club is currently on four high school campuses.

Before starting BStronglife full time, Pastor’s Ralph and Kathleen served as Associate Pastors of a Central Coast of California based non-denominational church. Pastor Ralph has more than 30 years experience in youth pastoring and mentoring and both he and his wife have served in church leadership for as many years. They were instrumental in one church plant and in pioneering a second church. They passionately pursue community transformation and have a vision to see young people fulfill God’s destiny for their lives. They have been married for more than 30 years and are blessed with two wonderful children.


Facebook: @BStronglife Community @BStronglife Campus Club

Instagram:  @bstronglifesaints    @bstronglifepanthers    @bstronglifenewtech     @bstronglifetitans



January 15, 2021 Show

Special Guest: Craig Miller

For over forty years Craig has been ministering and counseling in church, medical, and mental health settings. He is a licensed Christian therapist, lay-pastor, and co-founder of Masterpeace Counseling in Tecumseh, MI. Experiencing his own miraculous physical healing has deepened his passion to help people receive healing and restoration through teaching, imparting, and ministering about the love and healing power of Jesus. Craig ministers to the spirit and soul (mind, will, and emotions) for God to identify the root causes that block healing of challenging and long term physical or emotional conditions. He teaches and ministers through television, radio, conferences, healing services, and is the author of many books.

For more info go to the ministry website:



January 8, 2021 Show

Pastor Yong discusses what revival looks like every day with her contribution to the new book, “Igniting Revival Fire Every Day,” a book by Todd Smith. 

Amazon book link:

Church Website Link:



January 1, 2021 Show

Dr Sonia has a new great message to start 2021!



December 11, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Jesus

This show’s special guest is Jesus himself as Dr. Sonia discusses Daniel Chapter 6 and how the story of Daniel in the lions’ den was a precursor to Christ’s life, death and resurrection!



December 4, 2020 Show

Ethan Matson

Has been seeking the Lord all his life. He enjoys the presence of Jesus and longs to make him known. That others would enter into a deeper more intimate relationship with the father and experience freedom through Jesus Christ. Ethan’s desire is to bring heaven to earth in everyday situations from work to the market place. He has been raised in a God fearing home, coming to know the Lord at an early age and has been following Jesus ever since. Praying for people in the area of healing is one of his biggest passions and seeing them restored and made whole in Jesus’ name.



November 28, 2020 Show

James Brown,

Producer and Host of Living and Aging with Pride

James Brown, the Producer and Host of Living and Aging with Pride, is an award-winning broadcast journalist/TV Host and Producer who has worked across several broadcast fronts including both independent and major network outlets. Mr. Brown has had an active role in developing community-based programs for law enforcement, schools and in the business community nationally. Through his economic development platform James has also played a key role in the development and management of Salt Lake City Studios where he served as founder and President. As a host, writer & producer, James has been the driving force behind several innovative and engaging programs featured on TV and Radio. His distinctive ability to create innovative properties will be carried forward through the national launch of Living and Aging with Pride. This unique program will be bolstered by his proven ability to create and manage multimedia-platform content for a diverse and inclusive global audience. James understands what it means to win in the fourth quarter. As a senior himself he speaks to his audience from his heart, from his experiences. Like James states, “it takes one to know one.”



November 20, 2020 Show

Ralph Monroe III

Ralph is a husband, father, author and entrepreneur. His heart is to leave a legacy behind of Biblical principles for the next generation and his vision is to see his generation prosper and have deep roots in Godly morals and values. He has served for 3 years as a college campus missionary with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and after that time he was a part of a church planting team in Chicago. In 2019 he started the Refined and Refreshed Podcast, which is named after his book. He loves spending time with his family, learning and finding ways to be creative.

Find out more:



November 13, 2020 Show

Crystal G.H. Lowery, Esq.

Based On Faith was founded by Crystal G.H. Lowery in 2012. Crystal is also the principle and founding attorney of Law Office Of Crystal G.H. Lowery, LLC, a firm dedicated to estate planning, elder law, Veteran planning, business planning, and entertainment law.  Crystal earned a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Virginia Tech, and earned a M.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Producing and Directing for Film and Television from Regent University School of Communications and the Arts. In addition, she earned a J.D. from Regent University School of Law.  The ministry was formed as a response to what Crystal saw and experienced in her law practice. Crystal enjoyed practicing law in a positive and creative way. However, she consistently experienced a lack of knowledge in the general population, even with those clients she worked with who were professing Christians. The knowledge gap that she recognized was two-fold. One aspect was just relating to factual information relating to law and faith. The second aspect was integration of law and faith.  Crystal has written two books. Her first is a devotional, available in English and Spanish (and currently being translated into Portuguese) called “Sweet Love Letters to Jesus.” This 90 day devotional contains the 90 love letters that Crystal wrote to Jesus in her healing process after her husband passed away. Her second book, “Abraham’s Sandals of Faith: Prophetic Faith Keys to Life and Destiny” will be released in the last quarter of 2020. In addition, Crystal’s articles have been published on worldwide platforms such as The Elijah List.  Crystal is a mother of four children, ages 12, 8, 7, and 5. Crystal believes that a mom is one of the greatest blessings in her life. Crystal was married to her husband, Kevin, for almost 17 years. In 2018, he went to be with Jesus.



Website   Blog Site   Instagram @official_basedonfaith  Parler @crystalghlowery


Facebook Pages 

Based on Faith   Crystal’s Personal Page




Sweet Love Letters to Jesus – English Version


Sweet Love Letters to Jesus – Spanish Version



November 6, 2020 Show

Dr. Mark A. Smith
Dr. Mark A. Smith was a successful Consultant to industry and an Adjunct Professor at multiple colleges and universities in the areas of Science, Quality, Team building, Advanced Manufacturing, and more. But on January 1, 2012 Dr. Mark prayed a prayer that changed his life forever. He found his childhood dream. As a result he wrote the lyrics to "Cover Me" later recorded by Jaci Velasquez. Then the book "Cover Me", which was adapted into a screenplay and became the movie starring Danny Trejo, Jesse Metcalfe, TC Stallings, and Jaci Velasquez. Since then he has Written/Directed/Acted/Produced multiple films and a documentary. "I am not anywhere near being a perfect person," Dr. Mark stated. "But I long to hear my Father's voice, and I try to do whatever He asks, no matter what." Today, he continues in his new career to use various forms of media to spread the message of the kingdom - Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind; and, love your neighbor as yourself.
Promo: 5 Limited Edition CDs for $10 plus S&H Going live at 5PM EST 11-06-2020

YouTube: Cover Me Lyrical Video

Cúbreme Lyrical Video

Amazon: Cover Me Movie Prime Video

Cover Me Book



October 30, 2020 Show

Pastor Pamela Bolton

is an ordained minister with Living Waters Evangelist Ministries, based out of Cambridge, NY. She has done mission work in both Andros and Great Inagua, Bahamas, as well as in West Virginia. For five years, she pastored the Assembly of God Church in Whitehall, NY; and she is currently pastoring the First Baptist Church in this community. Seven years ago, she founded Out of the Box Worship Center, a storefront ministry/church, which is also located in Whitehall. Her primary focuses are to reach unbelievers and bring the people of God together to prepare for full-blown revival and awakening.

Names and Links to Books on Amazon:

 “Ushering In Revival and Awakening“

“God On the Move: Fanning the Flames of Revival”
“Circuit Riders: Fanning the Flames of Revival”

“Lady Preachers: Fanning the Flames of Revival”



October 23, 2020 Show

Dr. Sonia and friends demonstrate

The Power of Prayer


October 16, 2020 Show

Suri & Tammy Devaraj

are the founders of Latter Glory Ministries located in Pittsburgh, PA. They travel around the world preaching, teaching and hosting conferences. They have a children's home in India called Mahima Children's Home. They host weekly Glory Encounter Meetings in Monroeville, PA. Their ministry is marked by a strong healing and prophetic anointing. They have trained up many into their God given destinies. It is their desire to see the Glory of God manifested throughout the world and souls brought into the Kingdom.

Website:  Latter Glory Ministries



October 9, 2020 Show

Julie Ring

Julie Ring is a Licensed Foursquare International Minister, WIML Graduate and President and Founder of Lilies of the Valley. She has been chosen to lead the Bride of Christ into full healing and deliverance from the forces of darkness that have caused sufferance of trauma and sickness of the soul. Lilies of the Valley; established in 2005, is a company of women under the radar sent by God to rescue victims of trauma and gather them together in an atmosphere of hope and longevity for the total and complete renewal of life through the healing Balm of Gilead and restorative power of the God of recovery. The goal is to train up and build an army of trauma survivors to become a “Victory Task Force” of women soldiers, who bear the armor of light with a main directive to cast their nets and gather those who are awaiting their rescue and full deliverance.
For more information:



October 2, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Andres (Andy) Dorronsoro 

Andrés (Andy) Dorronsoro Guzmán, the author of the book, "Freedom Outcry", was born in the Colombian port of Buenaventura and currently lives in Cali, Colombia with his wife and family. Although he graduated from the Universidad del Valle with a degree in accounting, Andy, lured and charmed by the temptations of money and wealth, became entangled in the sinister world of drug trafficking. These temptations broke through the ethical barriers and moral principles he had, as with many other talented young people like him, which led him to a life of crime and eventually to a long jail term in the US. It was while he was in jail that Andy found Jesus Christ.  As Andy came to the feet of Jesus, the Lord gave him the strength and hope he needed to endure the harsh punishment of the US justice system and allowed him to find his spiritual freedom. Today, after recovering his physical freedom as well, Andy is a member of Christian Community of Faith Church and has been committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 20 years through his gift of narration to share his powerful testimony with others. He now travels extensively working with many other Christian Ministers, Churches and Organizations as translator and team coordinator for mission trips in Central and South America to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

To purchase his book send your email to: and  write in your email, “I WANT TO BUY ANDY’S BOOK,” and they will email you all the information.



September 25, 2020 Show

Rev. Dr. Ian Patterson Sharp

Rev. Dr. Ian Patterson Sharpe is a faithful servant of God to the Body of Christ. He was born in Eccles, Manchester, England.  Bishop Ian surrendered his life to Jesus Christ in 1988 whilst listening to the late Rev. Joseph Cornelius (Brooklyn, NY). In 1994 he was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel. In 1995, whilst on a leadership retreat he shared his vision for the Rehoboth Bible School of Ministry (RBSM) that the Lord had birthed in his spirit. The aim and objective for the school, is that it would equip and produce an end-time generation of vanguard church leadership that will impact their local communities, cities and the circle of the earth.  Rehoboth Bible School of Ministry (RBSM) has grown from the local Church, to many other sites Internationally and has produced and continues to produce many Five-fold Ministers and Christian Workers within the Body of Christ in the UK and Overseas. Rehoboth Bible School partners with Global Ministries Bible Institute led by Dr. Leon Van Rooyen, (Tampa, Florida) which provides an accredited International Diploma and Degree Certificates upon successful completion.  He is the Visionary and Senior Pastor of the thriving, diverse and growing ministry, Rehoboth International Christian Centre (RICC), in Croydon, United Kingdom which was officially launched in May 2008.  Bishop Ian has ministered the Gospel on the TV programme Overcomer’s hosted by Bishop Edward Duku (SA), for TBN Africa. He has ministered on Gospel Faith TV (Toronto, Canada) and most recently at TBN Studios - Aurora (Chicago). He has ministered in South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, Netherlands, Canada and the USA. In 2013 he led a pilgrimage of 33 to Israel.  Bishop Ian is an anointed Apostolic Visionary Leader who flows in the gifts of the Spirit. He is a scholarly preacher/teacher and a gifted communicator. Bishop Ian is very passionate about training and developing leaders so that they can be deployed into the Work of the Ministry. He is a lid lifter, helping others to reach their true potential and fulfil their calling.  He graduated in November 2017 having completed his PhD in Theology with Global Theological University (Tampa, FL, USA) under the tutelage of Dr. Leon van Rooyen. He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity in 2016 from St. Thomas Christian University, (Jacksonville, FL, USA). Bishop Ian is married to Sabla the wife of his youth for 28 years at this reading. They have 3 daughters Sabla (24yrs), Abigail (20yrs) and Isabella (6yrs).



September 18, 2020 Show

Special Guest Karen

Karen is wife to wonderful husband David, mother of 2 sons and one beautiful girl and Grandmother to 7, 6 girls and one boy. She is fiercely  proud of each of them for they are incredible gifts sent from God that her quiver shall be full. She works full time in a major pharmacy which is also where she carries her Cross daily. God healed her totally and completely from stage 3+ breast cancer 18 years ago and she shares that testimony and prays over people on her job every day as she shares the incredible goodness of a mighty God who still heals, delivers and sets others free every day. At home, Karen shares a working farm with my husband where she breeds Great Pyrenees dogs and houses several dogs who she calls her guardians as well as taking care of horses, miniature donkeys, goats and sheep. God is good and life is a gift of goodness.


9/11 Anniversary Special

This is a special addition of #truth where we take a look back at 9/11 and pray for people and our country as we move through the current crisis of COVID-19. Join Dr. Sonia and her special guests Rev. Aaron Aragon of Santa Fe, NM and Mother Lynda Fazio of Long Island, NY as they discuss look back 19 years as it relates to the state of the country today and pray!


September 11, 2020 Show

Join us today on #truth for a special prophetic intersession prayer time for the country and it’s people! Join Dr. Sonia and here special guests Rev. Aaron Aragon and Rev. Luke Agee as they pray for the survivors and families of 9/11 as well as the COVID-19 crisis and others suffering from spiritual, emotional and physical illness. They will also pray for the country and it’s leaders and other countries around the world as well as give words of knowledge to those needing healing!




September 4, 2020 Show

Luke Agee

is the husband to his beautiful wife, Erica, and father of three beautiful children! He has been in the prophetic and teaching ministry for a little over four years now and was officially ordained recently into full time ordained ministry by Latter Glory Ministries this year as well. Luke flows in the prophetic as well as signs, miracles, and wonders alongside of healing. Most of his ministry for the first several years was online and for the past few years has been online as well as traveling itinerary events. You can connect with Luke on Facebook by looking up my name Luke Agee.

And if you would like to sow into his ministry, please go to PayPal  or by Cash App at $Luk377



August 28, 2020 Show

Jacqui Pugh

Jacqui Pugh, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Certified Life and Emotional Intelligence Coach with an emphasis in singles, helps people all around the world use their old flame to light their new fire. Through humor, knowledge, and experience, she guides her clients through uncovering blocks and ineffective life patterns that have been holding them back, followed by introducing massive action in order to activate major, desired life changes. Jacqui is a soon-to-be best selling author - sharing her story of how heartbreak lead her to her heart’s purpose, allowing you to discover how to beneficially utilize yours. Keep your eye out for her fun and raw podcast, "Let's Get Unzipped." She is also the Director of Coaching at Attract Great Guys! This fiery ball of energy will not stop pursuing her efforts to make this world a better place and to help make other’s lives healthier and happier!



August 21, 2020 Show

Tabatha Wade

is the founder of P3 Prayer House, a ministry that believes as we pursue Jesus, we will encounter His peace, His presence, and His power. Her foremost desire is to see people experience the fullness and freedom of the Gospel. She authored the book “Sinking Wells” and currently hosts her own broadcast called Fresh Fire on Facebook. She lives in Florida with her husband, Damien and their two sons.



August 14, 2020 Show

Sarah Sepulveda

Sarah is a loving daughter and teacher; she has been dancing since she was 4 years old and teaching since 13. She studied performing arts and uses her knowledge for the kingdom, she is a children/youth leader in her local church, she is very passionate about sharing Jesus and the love of the Father and has a calling in inner healing, she counsels different women in Colombia, helping them to transform their lives through Jesus Christ. She loves languages and has had the opportunity to interpret simultaneously for different preachers that visit her country doing missionary crusades and she also translates books from English to Spanish.




July 24, 2020 Show

Dr. Nikos Linardakis

Dr. Nikos Linardakis is the Co-Founder of THE BÊNE BABY COMPANY. As an innovation specialist, he led product development, scouting strategies, and technical due diligence in new nutritional product development opportunities in the Health & Beauty industries for over 20 years. He is also an accomplished and published medical writer and editor of over a dozen books and several articles. Dr. Nikos has served as the Director of Quality for Nutrativa Global and was Humanitarian Innovation Director for Blossom Health Care Center, as well as the Open Innovation Champion and Research Associate at Nutrilite in Buena Park, CA, the world’s largest supplement manufacturer. Prior to Nutrilite, he was Director of Tharos Laboratories, a privately-held phytochemical company. He was the Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hill Companies in New York and Medical Director of HGM Medical Laser Systems in Salt Lake City. Nikos has a Medical Doctorate and completed a Masters in Science program in Applied Physiology from the University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School, and also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Bênedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. He is the father of three, and is proficient in three languages: Spanish, English and Greek.

• Past Board Member: Children’s Museum of Utah, Univ. of Utah School of Business and State of Utah Governor’s Office Economic Development
• Active Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association and Wisconsin Farm Bureau Member
• Over 30 years of Consumer Health Products Background
- Nutrilite, Open Innovation Champion & Research Associate, California
- Nutrativa Global, Director of Quality, Ingredient Manufacturer, Wisconsin
- McGraw-Hill Co., Editor in Chief, Medical Textbooks, New York
- The Natural Standard, Director and Editor, Boston



July 17, 2020 Show

Theresa Alderson

is a baptized Catholic Christian who is an active member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish and community volunteer in Camden, SC. She also serves as a pediatrician on medical mission trips to Guatemala and hopes to increase her missionary work in the years ahead. Theresa and her husband, Todd, have been married for 23 years and are raising 3 sons.



July 10, 2020 Show

Dr Payson

The most important thing to know about Dr Payson is this: that she is a Christian, who is committed to the daily practice of Christianity. Part of that practice includes motherhood; it also includes the administering of medical care to people as a physician.  She has been in medical practice since the late 1990’s. She spent many years as a traveling doctor, tending to patients in ERs, urgent cares, and general practice offices. She has spent time donating medical services to rural Guatemalans through a Christian medical mission group, and at a Catholic free clinic in the heart of an impoverished area of Columbus Ohio. She has advocated for patients’ rights in a variety of ways. She has been the president of her local Right to Life chapter, and medical director for local EMS stations. The path of her medical career has been a blessing; it has afforded her the opportunity to encounter people from all walks of life, experiencing the many challenges of life and extremes of health and barriers to wellness, in a variety of settings.



July 3, 2020 Show

Victoria Perez

Victoria Perez, a self described Athletic Trainer, Christ Follower, Covert Missionary, is originally from Elkhart, Indiana. She graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a degree in Athletic Training and currently is working for Governors State University as the Head Athletic Trainer. “Tori”, as she is affectionately called, grew up in the church but was turned off by hypocrisy and rebelled with drugs, alcohol, and the occult in her teen years. Her first encounter with Jesus happened when she was 18 and she found herself up watching a televangelist every night while withdrawing from a pain pill addiction. For the first time, God was real to her, personal, and there for her in her darkness. He gave her visions of her future, and a prophetic word which Tori had never experience anything like that in her past. Tori stepped out in faith and begin to evangelize other students, friends, and teammates at college, but after realizing that an atheist friend knew more about atheism than she knew about Jesus, she became steeped in unbelief, and a few months afterwards, she attempted suicide her Freshman year! She did not die that day because God supernaturally protected her and revealed to her His goodness, mercy and love for her. The doctors labeled her as bipolar schizophrenic and told her she would need to take medication the rest of her life and wouldn’t be able to finish school. But God had a different plan for Tori, after prayer and the laying on of hands at her childhood church by her youth pastors, she was healed and delivered from the spirit of fear and demonic assault and she was able to walk in freedom and complete her degree in college and even get married! It took Tori some time to began to truly walk out God’s plan for her life. After spending 10 years running away from God, she began to go back to church again and seek the Lord and press through all the enemy attacks. She sought Jesus’ face directly and He baptized her in a storm and He delivered her in a dream. She has been on fire for God these past two years by seeking Him, obeying Him and walking out her faith as best she can. The demons used to terrorize Tori, but now the Jesus in her terrorizes them!



2020-06-26 Show

Pastor Chad Roberts

Most people are surprised to discover that Pastor Chad Roberts is blind! He lost sight in October 2018, after two failed eye surgeries in June 2017. Understanding that not everyone will enter the doors of the church He pastors, Preaching Christ Church, Pastor Chad developed Awakened to Grace as a preaching ministry that can expand his capacity outside the church walls. Awakened to Grace is designed to take the everyday believer and help him dive into a deeper understanding of God’s Word through sermons, podcasts, articles, radio broadcasts, books, and more. Pastor Chad is overjoyed that to date there have been approximately 100,000 sermon plays. Nothing thrills him more than hearing about spiritual growth from people all over the country. People are listening. People are learning. He is learning. Learning to walk around his house without tripping over toys. Learning to go out to eat with friends without spilling his drink. As well as learning to preach without any notes or a Bible! God is now teaching him what books never could. God is teaching him contentment, an un-hurried pace, and to truly walk by faith and not by sight. While his season of life has changed, God’s faithfulness hasn’t. His story has changed, but God’s still teaching. Pastor Chad is still blind, but God is still The Vision! 



June 19, 2020 Show

Derrick Maurice Snodgrass, Jr.

is a charismatic leader, visionary, innovator, trail-blazer and a spiritual guide who serves as the senior and founding pastor of Spiritual Prosperity Enrichment Center (SPEC). SPEC was founded in the summer of 2015. Derrick has a heart and passion for people, and desires to spread and exemplify the love of God to humanity. Born and raised in the city of Indianapolis believing charity begins at home Derrick desires to make a difference within the city by being the hands and feet of God and shining the light of Jesus Christ. God birthed the vision to launch SPEC in Pastor Snodgrass at the tender age of sixteen as God awoke him at three o’clock in the morning and spoke the acronym (SPEC), the name (Spiritual Prosperity Enrichment Center), and the scripture (3 John 1:2) for which the church would be founded. His desire is to draw the unsaved, and help lead them to a better life by being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, as well as empower believers.



June 12, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Pastor Philip Sandar

Pastor Philip, the Lead Pastor at CJCLife Church, was born in India and traveled to the United States in the role of an Electrical Engineer. As a profession, Philip Sundar worked as an Engineer, Consultant and Computer Programmer through 2012. In 2006, Pastor Philip Sundar was ordained under the Calvary Church in North Carolina. His 3 year ministry training was overseen by Pastor Shawn Bell of Greater Paradise Christian Center in Baltimore, MD during the years 2003-2006. Pastor Philip Sundar married and moved from Baltimore, MD to San Antonio, TX to start a family and ministry. Before opening a church, Pastor Philip Sundar led weekly home-based bible studies and served in the Children's Ministry at a local church. CJCLife, originally Christ Jesus Church, officially became a registered non-profit and approved 501c3 organization in April 2009. The church officially opened its doors to the public in July 2009. The church started with a small group of 30-40 individuals and, now 6 years later, is a thriving organization with approximately 300 family units connected in all levels of the ministry!




June 5, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Evangelist Dean A. Braxton

Dean A. Braxton died for 1 hour and 45 minutes and was miraculously prayed back to life. During his experience in Heaven, he was told by Jesus, “No, it is not your time. Go back!” Dean shares his story, emphasizing how much God loves each and every one of us. His testimony has led thousands to give their hearts to the Lord. Dean is a licensed minister and has been in ministry for over 20 years. He is happily married to his wife, Marilyn, with whom he has shared over 30 years of marriage.   All books are available at



May 29, 2020 Show

Angela Hirdes, RN

Angela is a forgiven daughter of The Most High, lover of Jesus, registered nurse, wife and mother of two girls. Her ministry and calling is in the area of healing through her work in evangelism primarily operating through the power and love of Jesus. She is also passionate about overcoming control and manipulation and teaching others to learn to trust in Jesus.



May 22, 2020 Show

Pastor Yong Brierly

Yong Brierly and her husband, Ray, are founding pastors of River of Destiny Church, Lostant, IL. They have faithfully ministered in prisons for over 30 years and have seen many lives transformed.

Her vision and passion is to help people find their purpose and equip and empower them to fulfill their destiny.

She is passionate about Jesus Christ, and her zeal for God’s presence and fire is contagious. She has a deep desire to lead people into the “secret place” with God. God has given her a dream of revival and she lives and breathes for revival and awakening.



May 15, 2020 Show

Special Guest:  Chaplain Evalyn Roache

Chaplain Evalyn Roache, the only child to parents Jerome and Joy Smith, was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Growing up, she attended school in Chicago with a formal education in parochial school as well as attending Kenwood High School in Hydy Park, IL and the Chicago Conservatory of Music where she studied piano and voice. After graduating from high school, she attended Kennedy King College with studies in court stenography and also Debbie’s Beauty College becoming a licensed cosmetologist.  In 1975 she met who she thought was the love of her life, unfortunately he was not. Her life took a downward spiral with her becoming a victim of domestic violence from which Chaplain Evalyn suffered for 15 years, but God had other plans for her life! On Thursday afternoon March 1, 1990 at 3:30PM she left the situation with four small children in tow. Although she was homeless and had nothing but the clothes on her back at the time, the Lord showed up in a mighty way and placed her in a safe home and provided everything she needed!  Surviving multiple negative situations in her life from an early age such as rape, molestation, drug abuse, and homelessness Chaplain Evalyn never gave up but kept her faith in God. She became a licensed and ordained chaplain and is now an advocate to countless women suffering with similar issues leading her to become the visionary and founder of a women's ministry called "From Misery 2 Ministry Women's Ministry” for the past 8 years, where there is no sister left behind!
She is now happily married to Pastor Roberto V. Roache, who is also an ordained chaplain and an ordained elder at the Covenant Partnership of Churches in Dayton Ohio. The Pastor and Lady Evalyn have a wonderful blended family of 8 now as Lady Evalyn continues on her journey of helping at-risk women and children as long as the Lord would have her to do it!



May 8, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Prophetess Cynthia R. Murray

Cynthia is the founder and President of Divine Women of Destiny Ministries International (DWD), a global non-profit organization that ministers to women from all walks of life, uplifting, empowering and encouraging them to understand and fulfill their God-given destinies in Christ.   Cynthia is a speaker, author, executive coach and leadership strategist and licensed attorney. She travels all over the world speaking and teaching the good news of the gospel of Jesus and training people to become effective leaders in the Kingdom of Christ.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Anthropology from the University of Virginia and her Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law. Cynthia has served her local community as a pubic servant both as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney (which caused her to make history as the first African-American to hold that position in Albemarle County, Virginia) and now as a Substitute Judge in the 16th Judicial District where she presides over both criminal and civil cases.  While she has traveled to over 22 nations and territories, currently Cynthia resides in Charlottesville, Virginia where she continues to minister, teach and learn in the school of life. 
Seasons of Change: Surviving and Thriving During Life's Biggest Challenges (Book and Study Guide)
Rise Up and Get Your Blessing: Hannah's Story
Becoming a Vessel of Honor
The Principles of Prosperity
(Available on Amazon)
The Power of A Plan: Ten Keys to Achieving Your Goals and Winning
All other books are available on our website



May 1, 2020 Show

Passionately pursuing God's presence, power, and peace--through worship.

is a prophetic family worship team made up of wife Donna Brooks, husband Dave Brooks and son Wes Brooks.  Donna Jaree Brooks is a songwriter, prophetic worship leader, psychotherapist (LCPC) and speaker. her songs have been recorded by Legacy 5, Doug Anderson, Grammy-nominated recording artist Karen Peck & New River and many others. She contributed vocally and played keyboards on Altar Fire, a contemplative worship experience recorded with Kevin Zadai, released in January 2020.  For many years, Dave managed WCIC, a Dove Award-winning Christian music radio station serving Central Illinois. A fourth generation ministry leader/speaker, he loves audio production and has more than 20 years of experience as an on-air personality. He enjoys consulting and is trained as a leadership coach. Wes studies media and is pursuing filmmaking and music. He desires to express his awe and wonder for life and the glory of God through art. He loves his friends, family and being a part of the Body of Christ in ministry.  Through worship and speaking in churches, conferences or special gatherings, their passion is leading people into God's presence--to experience His power, and know His peace.




April 24, 2020 Show

Sister Joyce Feldman originally from Kansas, worked for many years in the counseling field and she currently works in the missions department at Freedom Church Santa Fe, New Mexico where she served 2 years as the assistant director and now for the last 3 years as the director of missions. She has traveled extensively to several Latin American Countries with the church’s missions team to help promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She and her team have hands on experience praying for people, helping in orphanages and prisons. In addition to fundraising, Sister Joyce also organizes and promotes missionary trips at Freedom Church. She also works closely with the Pastors, Pastor Harold and Bessie Trujillo, as well as the other leaders of the church to serve their congregation. She also serves her community through outreach to feed the homeless in Santa Fe by handing out food and praying with them. The church missions team also went with another ministry last year to delivered Bibles to Cuba. Sister Joyce is always ready to go when an opportunity arises to serve God’s people!

Rev. Aaron Aragon

is from Santa Fe NM. As Rev. Aaron is an avid lover of Jesus and has a huge heart for the Nations, he graduated from Valor Christian University in Pastoral Studies, as well as from the CFAN (Christ For All Nations) School of Evangelism and is currently an Ordained Minister at Freedom Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico.




April 17, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Andres (Andy) Dorronsoro 

Andrés (Andy) Dorronsoro Guzmán, the author of the book, "Freedom Outcry", was born in the Colombian port of Buenaventura and currently lives in Cali, Colombia with his wife and family. Although he graduated from the Universidad del Valle with a degree in accounting, Andy, lured and charmed by the temptations of money and wealth, became entangled in the sinister world of drug trafficking. These temptations broke through the ethical barriers and moral principles he had, as with many other talented young people like him, which led him to a life of crime and eventually to a long jail term in the US. It was while he was in jail that Andy found Jesus Christ.  As Andy came to the feet of Jesus, the Lord gave him the strength and hope he needed to endure the harsh punishment of the US justice system and allowed him to find his spiritual freedom. Today, after recovering his physical freedom as well, Andy is a member of Christian Community of Faith Church and has been committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 20 years through his gift of narration to share his powerful testimony with others. He now travels extensively working with many other Christian Ministers, Churches and Organizations as translator and team coordinator for mission trips in Central and South America to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

To purchase his book send your email to: and  write in your email, “I WANT TO BUY ANDY’S BOOK,” and they will email you all the information.



April 10, 2020 Show

Pastor Roberto Roache Sr.

a native of Detroit, MI, is the proud pastor of the Open Door Missionary Baptist Church in Dayton, OH. He and his wife, Chaplain Lady Evalyn Roache, have a beautiful blended family of eight! Pastor Roache is dedicated to the Lord in every way and is truly a man after God's own heart! He is a graduate of The McComb County Criminal Justice Center Chaplains Academy. and is a Licensed Ordained Chaplain. He also attended The Southern Baptist Seminary via the Baptist Ministers University of Detroit and Vicinity. A great leader, teacher and preacher, Pastor Roache is also currently the Christian Education Director of The Covenant Partnership of Churches under the leadership of his National Bishop, Richard Windom, and The Jurisdictional Bishop, Christopher L. Heard, and most importantly he loves God! Pastor Roache’s favorite scripture is Psalm 91 and his motto is, “Keep God first and everything will be alright!”


April 3, 2020 Show

Dr. Rachel Michelle Sawyer

affectionately called the Hug Dr., is a native Chicagoan. She holds degrees from Trinity International University, Trinity School of the Bible & Theological Seminary, National Louis University and Richard J Daley College. She is a licensed minister, missionary and educator. Her mandate is to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,“ using Education, Fine Arts and Hug Therapy. There is a deep passion in her heart for the lost, alone, unloved and forgotten. God has gifted her with a unique gift and ministry of hugging, touching and changing lives as individuals encounter the love of Christ. The Coronavirus is posing some real challenges in this area. Listen to her story on today’s show!

You may get her CD- HUGS FROM HEAVEN and her children’s book THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE at the following links.




March 24, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Rev. Aaron Aragon

is from Santa Fe NM. As Rev. Aaron is an avid lover f Jesus, he graduated from Valor Christian University in Pastoral Studies, as well as from the CFAN (Christ For All Nations) School of Evangelism and is currently an Ordained Minister at Freedom Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has a huge heart for the Nations, and was in route to preach the Gospel of Jesus in Colombia when the COVID-19 (coronavirus) restrictions prohibited his travel there. But we know that delay is not a denial as we will learn in today’s show where Rev. Aaron will discuss the "Silence of God" directly from the Scriptures. This will be a message of Hope provoking faith, and endurance during our current and difficult season.

March 20, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Pastor Freddie Cortes

As a passionate student of the sacred Scriptures, Pastor Freddie Cortes diligently studied the Bible while living in Brentwood, Long Island, New York, and in Lebanon and Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. God truly graced him with the opportunity to write the book Behold! The Lamb of God. Without God, this book never would have been written. As a faithful and humble servant of God, he now shares this revelation from God and Scripture with the rest of the world.  Hear Freddie's Weekly Show Here

March 19, 2020 Show

Dr. Sonia discusses having God’s wisdom in these uncertain times of the viral pandemic with COVID-19.

Ephesians 1:16–17 (ESV): “I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him.”

March 9, 2020 Show

Dr. Sonia will give a little more of her personal testimony of being a physician and answering the call of God to go further into ministry. She will also talk about the mission of the show, introduce it a little more and talk about the love of God and His love for us.

John 8:25–26 (NKJV)  “And Jesus said to them, ‘Just what I have been saying to you from the beginning. I have many things to say and to judge concerning you, but He who sent Me is true; and I speak to the world those things which I heard from Him.‘”


February 25, 2020 Show   Inaugural Broadcast 

2 Kings 6:16-17 NKJV  “So he answered, ‘Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’ And Elisha prayed, and said, ‘Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.’ Then the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw. And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”

Dr. Sonia introduces herself in the inaugural show broadcast and her hopes for the show. She also talks about how to fight those battles we may face in life using some of her own personal life experiences