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Host Terry Lovelace

is a retired lawyer and former Assistant Attorney General turned author who wrote the book  "Incident at Devils Den, a true story ..."    Terry has been visited by extraterrestrial visitors for much of his life and has compelling proof they are here!

Terry Lovelace was born in East St. Louis, Illinois. After high school he enlisted in the USAF where he served as a Medic for six years. After military service he moved to Michigan to attend law school. He worked in private practice until he entered public service as an Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Territory of American Samoa in the South Pacific. He finished his legal career in 2011 as State’s Attorney for Vermont’s Board of Medical Practice. He and his wife Sheila live in Dallas near their two adult children and grandchildren.
Terry and a friend went on a wilderness camping trip to photograph eagles in 1977. They set-up a campsite in a remote area of an Arkansas State Park known as Devils Den. Late on the evening of their first night in the forest they saw three points of light sitting low on the Western horizon. As they watched the points of light abruptly moved. They were in a triangular configuration and the points stayed equidistant to one another as it climbed into the night sky. It was clear this was a single object and not three independent points of light moving in unison. As it ascended into the night sky the points of light spread apart as it grew larger. What happened that night changed their lives.
The entire story is told in the 2018 Amazon #1 Bestseller, INCIDENT AT DEVILS DEN, A TRUE STORY …” The book includes the X-ray from 2012 that discovered an unexplainable object about the size of a fingernail embedded in muscle tissue. You don’t need a medical degree to see it. The story continues.
Terry’s been featured on Mysterious Universe on YouTube. He’s made guest appearances on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Fade to Black with Jimmy Church, Twin Souls from the United Kingdom with Philip and Ronnie Kinsella and more than a dozen others. He spoke publicly at an event in Houston in 2017 and was a panel member with Travis Walton and Derrel Sims for a group discussion on the topic of alien abduction. Terry attends Roswell’s Annual UFO Convention in New Mexico every July 4th.
Terry’s second book released on Amazon is titled, I WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS … any questions? As a science writer for the “ask-me” website,, Terry answered over 650 questions about the alien abduction phenomena, UFOs, hypotheticals and questions regarding the law and social issues. It’s a compilation of the best questions ever asked.

Terry Lovelace and Travis Walton


 Terry with former American Samoa Territorial Governor Togiola  Talalelei A. Tulafono (left)

For Book Click Here


Special Thanks to Jason Bland host of Paranormal Soup that brings "the weird" every Sunday night as a live webcast on Facebook and radio show on Late Night in the Midlands Radio Network 11pm-2am EST.


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December 18, 2018 Show

Simeon Hein, Ph. D.

Simeon Hein received his Ph. D. in sociology from Washington State University in 1993 and is the author of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance (Mount Baldy Press, Inc., 2002). His dissertation focused on the role of technology in social and economic change, specifically how technology can destroy information and interfere with natural evolutionary processes. A former sociology teacher, he now runs the non-profit Institute for Resonance and the publishing company Mount Baldy Press, Inc. in Boulder, CO. He specializes in instructing people in the art of Resonant Viewing, Hyper Intuition, Human Fusion and also leads people on crop circle tours.

He first learned remote viewing at the Farsight Institute in Atlanta in 1996 and has also studied with government-trained viewers. His blog, which is devoted to the study of subtle-energy sciences, is . Since the publication of Opening Minds, Dr. Hein has participated in more than 300 radio and TV interviews. His most recent works are Planetary Intelligence: 101 Easy Steps to Energy, Well-Being, and Natural Insight and Black Swan Ghosts: A sociologist encounters witnesses to unexplained aerial craft, their occupants, and other elements of the multi-verse.


December 4, 2018 Show


Special Guest: Rozanne Barone

Rozanne grew up in rural New Jersey, the daughter and granddaughter of gifted psychics. So, no one was surprised when Rozanne demonstrated psychic abilities from the age three. Rozanne was fortunate to be raised in a loving family that understood her abilities and encouraged her to develop skills. This was in a less enlightened time. At the age of six Rozanne knew details of the Kennedy assassination she had no way know or even understand. She kept her abilities private and covertly used them to help others on occasion. As an adult she spent a lifetime using her skills to help others.

Rozanne was recently the subject of a documentary film, Psychic Mysteries, demonstrating her ability to illuminate past secrets and predict future events.

Today, Rozanne runs her own businesses as well as providing services to her growing client base. For further information, or to book an interview or speak with her directly, contact her at or 713-254-8652.


November 27, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim

College Professor, Author, Veteran Pilot, Paranormal Researcher and Radio Show Host

Dr. Bruce founded the Veterans Program at Citrus College and co-founded, with Manuel Martinez and Ginger De Villa-Rose, the Boots to Books transition course—the first college course in the United States designed specifically for recently returned veterans. He has published five books and has written seven plays, two of which have been produced.

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