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My name is Marlee Boone. I'm 53 years young, and born & raised in Waterloo Ontario Canada. I consider myself a Humanitarian, an advocate for animal rights, justice, equality, and am an avid part of the truther movement. I enjoying singing, and writing, and was a personal trainer for a number of years. I also provided end of life care for numerous people to help them transition from this realm to the next.  I do Quantum light Healing, Reiki, Spiritual healing, and other forms of energy work. I'm an empath, which can be difficult with energies at times, and i love to provide love. My abilities range from being a Seer, to Clairvoyance, Clairalience (smell), Claircognizance (knowing), psychic, telepathic translation( for beings and animals, and was nicknamed Dr. Marlee Doolittle (by an ET by the name of Radar), remote viewing, and multidimensional travel. I realized at a very young age that I was unlike everyone else I knew. Questioning everyone & everything, always thinking I wasn't from this Earth, and that someone made a mistake dropping me off here. I have been fascinated by the sky my entire life, and knew that I was from the stars. I never felt understood, and many thought I was a bit crazy, because most could not comprehend my thought process. For the most part I kept everything to myself, for most of my life so that i wouldn't be institutionalized. A number of years ago I decided that I kept things to myself long enough, as I was bursting to be me. My experiences started as far back as I remember, which was 3 years of age. I started witnessing ships in the sky, & having conversations with them. I also started receiving translations through telepathy , and hearing voices at that time. It wasn't long before i started seeing spirits, ghosts, and multidimensional beings. I have had very close relationships with Sananda, Higher Self, Source, numerous Angels, Guides, Fairies, and many Star Family Beings of many Races. I came into this life, with memories of past lives, not just on this planet, but on many. I am an HD Liason and translator to help people assimilate the new blue prints needed on this planet for the shifts in consciousness that have been now taking place.  I've been helping to council people for a number of years now with their ascension/awakening symptoms and energy shifts, as well as help separate Spirituality from Religion for them. I currently operate a few meditation groups on Twitter, and WhatsApp, as well as a Skype group, where I provide individual sessions as well as group sessions. Also, I have been working directly with numerous ET Beings on certain missions for the betterment of this planet, and in other multi dimensional realms.

Look closely at this photo I took. It clearly shows a being blowing a horn into my ear! 


My email is 

My Twitter handle is: @Sati13167 & @MoonMeditations


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September 8, 2020 Show

Special Guest: Trizz (Trav Tolbert)

My name is Trav, but prefer to use the name Trizz. Iím 45 years young, and am currently living and working in Boston Mass. I have also resided in South Carolina and Quebec Canada.  Iím an introverted music artist, yet have sought out truth and justice passionately, as well as promoted peace, love, equality, and understanding of one another, while providing a voice for those who have been marginalized. Iím a spiritual person who has been sent here to observe, experiment and perform works in this physical realm, to help aid and enlighten people.  I am a college graduate, with legal and social consciousness experience. However, I feel uncomfortable writing this bio, as iím not about image or appeal.  I came into this world raw, beneath the surface, and real.  None of my accomplishments in life, whether it be schooling, job or social status, define me, nor will it ever. Iíve spent most of my life as a non-conformist, challenging and questioning these systems put in place that dictate who we are or what we should be doing in life. Itís been a daily operation to unshackle these chains, and break down these boxes, and just allow my spirit and soul to float and soar. If anyone wants to reach out, my contact info is below. #OneLuv, Thank you. Namaste.   Twitter: @just_trizz  Soundcloud:



August 25, 2020 Show

A preview of upcoming topics and the cause of the raging California infernos.



August 11, 2020 Show

Special Broadcast: Who is Dr. Marlee Doolittle?

Station Founder Zman interrogates Marlee



June 2, 2020 Show

Marlee was a guest on Pyramids On Mars UFO Radio with host Kevin Estrella


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