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Tuesdays 1:30pm EST  / 12:30pm CT

Featuring Any Potential City Big or Small, And What's Actually Going On In Town, Who's Who, Political Positives, Or What Has Happened, & Where Are They Now?


Hosted by Rickey Jemison

Rickey Jemison was born In Earle, Arkansas; Graduate of Arkansas State University, College Football All-Conference Fullback; All-State Red Wolves Football Hall of Fame; Former NFL Washington Redskins Running Back & 1987 Super Bowl Champs; Now Owner of J43 Music Group Entertainment Memphis, Tennessee.

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May 10, 2022 Show - Robert (Gridiron) Williams speaking concerning the City of Earle, Arkansas. We're wanting to call people, former graduates into action toward cleaning up our city to make it more beautiful
May 3, 2022 Show - "GRIDIRON" Robert Williams. Earl, AK

April 12, 2022 Show - Special Guest: Yeves Black, Earl, AK

March 29, 2022 Show
Inaugural Broadcast 2022-03-08 - Apostle A. Nathan Heath. Rickey's childhood friend from Earle, AK.







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