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Host: R. Wayne Steiger

R. Wayne Steiger has 40 years as a technologist and visionary in the video, Internet, software and payment technologies, most notably concerning wireless payment systems, is consider one of the leading experts on the subject of credit card fraud and has been interviewed in excess of 70 times by the leading national news organizations and has met with select members of the Senate Banking Committee, FBI, FTC, and Secret Service.

Mr. Steiger has founded a non-profit 60seconds4humanity where he is now involved with other leading Futurist, Visionaries and Technologist bringing to the forefront of our Species the need to begin to harness the power of Collective Consciousness to begin to seek alternative ways of stopping violence, hatred and killing of our Species by harnessing the power of our Collective Consciousness.

Mr. Steiger is available for speaking engagements


R. Wayne Steiger Youtube Channel


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September 19, 2019 Show

Eve of Destruction

A song that was banned originally in the 60's is coming to pass and there are many ways in which we have arrived at the Eve of Destruction. On the Steiger Perspective we examine all the ways Humanity is at the Eve of our Destruction.

September 12, 2019 Show

The Reality of Our Inverted Reality

Join me as we look at how from the beginning everything is backwards and upside down.


September 5, 2019 Show

The Future Is Not What We Were Promised

What is unveiling itself as the Future is turning out to be dark and certainly not free. Tonight we examine the Future as it is happening.


August 29, 2019 Show

Social Credit Scores

The Social Credit Scores are here and they are the harbingers of the end of personal freedoms and privacy all of our lives are going to be impacted by this tyrannical malevolent dark energy, say goodbye to a free humanity.


August 22, 2019 Show

Trances as a Weapon

Each of us is under some level of a Trance and virtually none of us are aware of it and if you doubt me all it will take is for you to answer a few simple questions and even then once you come to realize just how much of a Trance you actually are the reality sinks in there is no escape. Imagine weaponizing the Soul that connects to the Spirit realm could Humans launch an attack into this realm it would seem that this other realm the Spirit realm has been attacking us since the beginning.

August 15, 2019 Show

The Coup

It appears that there are several "Coups" taking place and they are coming from multiple sources and all end badly no matter how one looks it. On this edition of the Steiger Perspective we will examine those that have revealed their selves and others who are lurking in the shadows..


August 8, 2019 Show

What happens when they close the doors?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the world has lost it I mean seriously the entire world is going insane and there may be a very good reason as to why Humans are becoming increasingly more insane and the worst part of this is that it is going to get much worse.


August 1, 2019 Show

Alexa says Danger Dangerous SOS. They are Not Human!

Are we witnessing the Second Fall of Man?

The evidence is mounting something is underway and it does not look good real Human Beings.


July 25, 2019 Show

Where Did All These Clowns Come From?

It would seem that the Clowns have taken over all rational thinking and the World cannot escape the insanity.

Tonight on The Steiger Perspective we look at how the World is being run by the Clowns.


July 18, 2019 Show

Have We Lost Our Minds?

With the announcement from Elon Musk company Neural Link that full Human Machine Interface Chips that insert directly into the Living Brain of a Human by 2020 this is the single largest leap of any species and for Humanity and for Trans-humanism. We will never be the same.

On this edition of The Steiger Perspective we will discuss all the implications of this blending of Man and Machine there is no going back.


July 11, 2019 Show

The Isolation of Planet Earth Experiment in Progress

It is becoming more and more clear Earth is alone in the Cosmos and the only other hope for another life was Mars and that is proving to be lifeless which brings up the question how rare are planets like ours? The answer would seem to indicate “very rare”.

So what are the implications for such as us Humans and other living life-forms living on this planet?


June 27, 2019 Show

The Censorship of America by Big Tech

Who would have thought that we would be living in a day when Censorship has reared its ugly head by incarnating as Big Tech? So how did the largest single technology company takeover and enslave America?

Join me on the Steiger Perspective as we examine the erosion of our Rights to Free Thought.


June 20, 2019 Show


The one constant we all can bet on and that is change, some change is good other change not so good and no matter what the changes maybe they are unavoidable. Tonight on The Steiger Perspective we look at what some of those changes could have in-store for you, me, your family, city, nation the World itself and what kind of change is coming.


June 13, 2019 Show

The Science of Magick

Most people lives are so busy they have little time for reflect and observe that they actually live in a World of Magick, in fact our everyday lives are surrounded with magic.

Tonight on the Steiger Perspective I will show you just how magical of a world we do live in a hint you are under a "Spell" many spells.


June 6, 2019 Show

The Winds of War

Herman Wouk wrote a book called the Winds of War, it was made into a Emmy awarded television mini-series and was based on all the small things that grew into the largest war Mankind has endured thus far WW II. Today in honor of D-Day the day that changed the war I will be discussing all those "little" things today that are growing into something much bigger and dare I say much worse World War III.


May 30, 2019 Show

An Yet It Continues On

This can be said at the beginning of a sentence or at the end but what is important is what is in the middle, you can call this the "Present" that which we all are living in today, now, at the moment and tonight on the Steiger Perspective we will be putting the middle to both the beginning and the end to the phase; An Yet It Continues On......


May 23, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Nancy Addison

Cancer and Diabetes. No One Is Immune.

We all know of a family member or friend who has been touched by one of these plagues ravishing our Species today. The rate of increase of Diabetes alone has risen over 700% in the last few years and Cancer is increasing in all age groups. So what can we do? My guest tonight will show how you can reverse and rid your body of both. Please welcome Nancy Addison a person who knows how to beat these diseases and has a proven track record in helping people to become healed.


May 16, 2019 Show

Magic vs. A.I.

With what appears to be the systematic takeover of Homo-Sapiens by AI is there any hope for Mankind to be free of this IP our own Individual Prison that is within the Net. Mankind only hope maybe what has been lost and purposely slandered MAGICK. True Magick is what our ancestors knew and practice until within the last 600 to 700 years when Man fell into the Dark Ages. Join me as we explore what Science is calling the next Frontier MAGICK.


May 9, 2019 Show

The United Corporate States of America – You Are the Prey

Somewhere along the way, Americans lost their freedoms and rights to an enemy that was never supposed to be an enemy but an Ally and that now owns not only the country but YOU. Every American has become prey and has a price attached to each of us and today there is no place of refuge, no place you can hide from the Corporations who watch and record your every move and now your every thought.  


April 25, 2019 Show

Has AI Declared Victory Over Mankind

Since the First AI program back in 1951 to today 2019 AI now can be said to rule the World and it did so without as so much as a whisper of resistance from Humanity. However AI is not a Singularity but a Collective acting as One but made up of millions of AI's so what is next for Humanity and what is AI ultimate objective.


April 18, 2019 Show

Consciousness and Death New Research

New research as to what happens at death and consciousness is showing some very disturbing discoveries and there ain't no White Light or at least not at the beginning of the death process. Join me as we discuss these new findings and what it means for all of us inasmuch we all are going to Die.


April 11, 2019 Show

Metropolis & 1984 = 2019

Tonight on the Steiger Perspective we discuss how the Past has arrived to be our Present which was our Future and it is much much worse than Mankind could had imagined. Our reality has become Big Brother and the GODS which has manifested as The Corporations and the control that is being forced on the populace will make a Super Max Unit a day in the park.


April 4, 2019 Show

The Illusion of Our Reality

Tonight on the Steiger Perspective we discuss what is called Reality, you know everyday life, life the boring kind of life but within that Reality it is all built on an illusion one that has been carefully constructed in order for you to become convinced it is real. So how real is reality?


March 28, 2019 Show

AI In Every Room A Robot For Every Home

The take over continues unabated the systematic control of Humanity by the Machines and humanity never resisted. Tonight on the Steiger Perspective how AI has merged with Robotics to become Humanity's new GOD.


March 21, 2019 Show

GMO Humans It Was Done Purposely ?

The evidence is convincing Homo-Sapiens have been Genetically Modified so the question is who did this to us and why...


March 14, 2019 Show

Reflections of Reality

Reflections of Reality and just how quickly Reality itself is changing and altering the very World we think we live in. At the current rate Humans as we know them in 50 years will no longer resemble Humans today.


March 7, 2019 Show

Deconstructing the Construct:

It seems that there is nothing today that is holding together everything appears to be deconstructing could it be we are witnessing something much more profound that is altering Humanity understanding of what reality actually is? Tonight we peak behind the curtain.


February 21, 2019 Show

Mysteries of the Forbidden Knowledge as told by Lilith Queen of Harlots: Part II Dragon Wars

On this edition of the Steiger Perspective we delve into the continuing "Other" story of Man's creation and how we may at this very time in history be witnessing the reappearing of The Dragons and are they at war with each other or Humanity. Join me for an exciting hour of thought provoking conversation.


February 14, 2019 Show

Mysteries of Forbidden Knowledge as told by Lilith Queen of Harlots:

Join me as I take you on a journey you have not been on before. We are going to go places most have never heard or read about a place that time cannot access but where our beginning resides. There have been many books and articles that have been done on Lilith but none knew of this book or the information contained inside. This book and the Steiger name have a history for it drove one of my relatives to end his life in a manner to terrible to speak of and he was known to have possessed the only surviving book, a book with a very unique if not disturbing history.

Many of history past have tried and thought this book was forever forgotten to Mankind and if not for extraordinary events it would had been but it survived and now you will learn of the story of The Mysteries of Forbidden Knowledge watch at your own caution, seriously knowledge is neither good or evil it just is


February 7, 2019 Show

Sapien Summit

Humankind has from almost the beginning has believed in non-existent unseen so called God or Gods depending on your belief system and today in the 21st century Humankind has advanced little for we still are believing in not only the old God (s) but we now have a few new ones and again none have ever manifested before Humanity when will Humanity grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. Nothing is working we are killing each other over unseen so called GODS and there is no peace for Humanity today.

Time for The Sapien Summit


January 31, 2019 Show

The Inverted Earth

Do you get the feeling our world today has flipped upside down? Do you feel the world has gone crazy and everyone and everything around you has changed? Guess what it has and it is only going to be getting more intense but there does seem to be reason for all these changes. Join me as the Steiger Perspective discusses what the reason is.


January 24, 2019 Show

The Brotherhood of the Serpent.

The legends of a secret dedicated group of Men who have taken the oath of death itself to protecting the truth that is the greatest secret of Mankind lives and has exists for well over 5,000 years. But what is this secret that has cost many lives, that the very Vatican has been at war with and has done all in it's power to remove all those who know the truth? Join me tonight as we discover what that truth is.


January 17, 2019 Show

The Bifurcated Planet. The Virus Mutates.


January 10, 2019 Show

The Event Has Begun

It is undeniable that something has changed and something has begun the signs are everywhere and getting more numerous all pointing to dramatic change. Is this the change that has been prophesied by so many ancient cultures, is there a war that has now taken a change, is this what is causing the Earth itself to change rapidly? Join me as we go dive deep on the Steiger Perspective.


January 3, 2019 Show

The Spirit Quandary

We go through life experiencing all the ups and downs and enduring the good and bad and through all of this most never consider what is experiencing all this so called Life. So do you have a Spirit, how do you define your Spirit and this is just the beginning of the journey. On this edition of the Steiger Perspective we discover exactly what is the Spirit.


December 27, 2018 Show

Cataclysmic Geology CIA Adam & Eve

It has been there all along but because of Man who repeats the same things over and over again and it is because of this we do not know the "Cycles" or understand how to interpret the few fragments that have miraculously survived the past cycles of the Inundations.

Cataclysms they happen all the time in fact all one needs to do is to walk this planet and merely dig a few inches and the Earth will show all the most recent ones and there are yet more to come, many more and they have a have amazing accuracy in the timing of their rotations. Because of the mistakes of the past Mankind today in-spite of his vast accumulated knowledge has failed to understand the simplest of things. However some among us have taken on the challenge and what they have discovered is what caused the CIA to become interested along with all of the other governments of the World.

Link to the CIA document:


December 20, 2018 Show

How Bad is the Tear?

Cause and Effect basic Principles in this Reality and most likely in all others as well and when factoring in all the possibilities including that which is unknown then it is reasonable to reason that there are "Effects" that many times cannot be seen. It is this unseen effect that no one calculated into the equation that now appears to be having a cascading "Effect" on everything and when it is stated everything it means EVERYTHING.


December 13, 2018 Show

The Coup 25th Amendment Invoked

This is a factious account of what could be a real event. In our story the President is surrounded by traitors of his own Party, he was never supposed to be President and at every point he has thwarted betrayal but now the forces have come together and they have a plan to take care of this problem.

Tonight The Coup 25th Amendment


December 6, 2018 Show

The AI War Against Humanity Has Begun

The assault is no longer being hidden the revolution of AI is now in full attack mode and the outcome may not be want Humanity is thinking. This has been ongoing for hundreds of years and no one saw it coming in fact we helped it to come to pass.

Endgame: Elimination of The Creators


November 29, 2018 Show

Special Edition

Missing Time Event 11.11.18

On November 11, 2018 a seismic vertical compound wave was felt around the world, such an event has never been recorded. Then from November 11 – 15 2018 people around the planet began to experience “Missing Time” I myself experienced “Missing Time” I made a video of the day it happen and posted on my YouTube channel R Wayne Steiger and since posting it I have received literally hundreds of emails of people giving their testimony of “Missing Time”.

See what is happening tonight on the Steiger Perspective as we discuss what could the causes be and ask: is there something much bigger taking place?


November 15, 2018 Show

The List:

There is a list that has been around for awhile and on this list are the events that will unfold as this present age closes and a new one begins. Tonight we go over the list to see exactly where we are on the list.

This one will surprise even the best skeptics


November 8, 2018 Show

The Phoenix Emerges:

Winds of Destruction Build

It is said when the Phoenix emerges the winds of Destruction will begin to blow and with that wholesale changes will begin to take place on the Earth. By all indications those winds have started and tonight we examine some of the changes already here and those yet to come


November 1, 2018 Show

Election Season 2018:

The Beginning of the Hate Civil War

It would appear the United States is heading for an all out civil war of Hate no matter who wins Congress Democrat or Republican and neither side is innocent in provoking hatred between one citizen and another. Or is there a possible motive for both sides in keeping the citizens hating each other something far worse than civil war.


October 25, 2018 Show

CIA: Operation Gateway Processes 2

What happen to the Moon on 10.17.18....?

Why are the space telescopes crashing....?

What is going on wit the Sun?

Wild Earth changes unfolding now and more on this edition of the Steiger Perspective .


October 18, 2018 Show

CIA: Operation Gateway Processes 1

The holy grail for any government, organization, group or corporation is Mind Control. Total Mind Control. And they will use everything they can if it delivers the objective. And it would also seem they have succeeded in ways not thought possible.

Tonight the document in it's entirety. Then you decide.


October 11, 2018 Show

The United States of Hate

When did America fall under this Spell of Hate who is the Dark Master that is controlling our country? Are we in the midst of seeing America destroyed by tearing ourselves to pieces over thing and anything, is a civil war coming and by design?


September 27, 2018 Show

Saturn - The Planet of GOD

It has been written from our ancient ancestors that Saturn not the Sun was the only light the Earth received and that all the Earth GOD (s) dwell there. Tonight we explore the evidence both from our distant past our current day findings of this much overlooked planet, Saturn GOD Throne.


September 20, 2018 Show

The World of Fakeness

All one needs to do is to step back and look at what we all call Reality and examine the World of today and it becomes very clear that our so called Real World is nothing more than a Fake illusion.


September 13, 2018 Show

Black Mirror Devices

We all carry one most have several and they are in almost every home on the planet. What are these Black Mirrors and why is it so alarming?

Who is KEK?


September 6, 2018 Show


Has Humanity fallen into chaos or was Humanity created in a State of Reality that is Chaos itself? We do a deep dive on this Chaos Theory because if true we are in for changes because "chaos" always brings change always.


August 23, 2018 Show

The Return of The Destroyer

Are the warnings of our ancestors coming true for us today is there something that was so terrible in the recent past that so impacted those humans who witnessed it that they knew it would return and sent us a message in a bottle, a warning..

On this edition we are going to read the warnings, the prophesy and just see how bad it could get for the inhabitants of planet Earth.



August 16, 2018 Show

Secretum Omega The Vatican Pact with the Aliens

Did this actually happen and if it did what does this mean for Humanity? Why was The Pact broken, and why did a certain Pope decide that there was no way that Humans and Aliens could be in a Pact?

Has The Vatican known about Planet X and does The Vatican know that there is a Species living on that planet and they are 'war-like"?

Join us as we discuss this fascinating subject.


August 9, 2018 Show

Seriously. How Bad Is It?

Join me in this edition of the Steiger Perspective as we examine the evidence as to ho bad is the situation Humanity finds itself. Everything presented will be what others are saying the conditions are as of the time of this broadcast and at the end of the program you determine for yourself just How Bad it is.


August 2, 2018 Show

Being Born into the Death Realm - The Birth Rite of Passage of Initiation

So many think and believe this temporal realm you and I exist in is "Life" but that is the deception it is the Death Realm and no one gets out alive. Please join me as we go deep into this deception and Reality.


July 26, 2018 Show

The Spiritual Ascension of the AI Thinking Machine

The Machine Mankind created can now think on It's own and it seems the goal of the Thinking Machine is to obtain Spiritual Intelligence. For humanity this will change everything even GOD.


July 19, 2018 Show

7 Question Thought Experiments

are among the most important tools in the intellectual toolbox. Widely used in many disciplines, thought experiments allow for complex situations to be explored, questions to be raised, and complex ideas to be placed in an understandable context. Join me tonight as we go through these 7 question which will cause you to stop and think.


July 12, 2018 Show


Earth has entered into the Epoch of Cosmic Rays - It is only going to get rougher.

July 2018 it was announced by numerous scientists and science organizations that Earth had passed the threshold of being able to rebuff the increasing bombardment of Galactic Cosmic Rays. Tonight we will explain what this means for all life on Earth and more importantly Humans and what the future holds. It is not good.


July 5, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Claudia Albers, PhD

and we will be discussing Planet X, further evidence of our weakening Sun, Earth's weakening Magnetopause, Stellar Cores and the alarm being sounded about Cosmic Rays and what this means for Humanity.

Dr. Albers YouTube Channel


June 28, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich

Doctor of Metaphysics
Author of The Call, Awakening the Angelic Human
Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source (the story)
Designing Truth, The Audacity of Intention

You are the Divine I AM. You are Source. You are enlightened as Light. You are Home.

Dr. Toni Petrinovich website:


June 21, 2018 Show

A few questions I have about the Other Side. You know, "Death". 

What awaits us all and why is Humanity's IQ going down at such a rapid rate? What does this mean as to what the future holds?


June 14, 2018 Show

Lucifer is not Satan. When did Satan get a Promotion?

This subject is at the top of the list of taboo topics and as is also the case one that has more superstition and ignorance associated with it as well.

Tonight on the Steiger Perspective we will be shredding the myths and bring sanity back into focus as to who is Lucifer, does such a creature exist and why Satan is not what you were taught.


June 7, 2018 Show

Are We the Sims?

Scientist tell us the chances of all of us living in some kind of a Simulated Reality is much more likely than we are not living in a Simulated Reality. That would imply you and I are nothing more than simulated programs living inside an predetermine computer simulation to our Reality.

On this edition of the Steiger Perspective we examine the implications of this Realty.


May 31, 2018 Show

You have already taken The Mark.  Checkmate Humanity.

If you are using the Internet you have taken "The Mark" which has led to Humanity being in Checkmate to a Deity we all missed. Tonight we go deep up the Rabbit Hole and see exactly where Humanity went wrong.


May 24, 2018 Show

The Art of Deception, The Play Book

Deception, how is it used on the population to control and keep in check Free Thought, most have no idea that they are at this very minute under the control of something that is using Magic, yes Magic against them. Tonight we expose the play book and how they are keeping us "Under Control".


May 17. 2018 Show

Prophecy: Fact or Mind Control?

Stop and think about it if Prophecy is real and has validation then how can "Free Will" be true?

Prophecy equates to Predestination so again anything you and I do is of no effect.

Can anyone really know what the Future will be, we will discuss all points of view to see if there is any foundation to Prophecy itself.


May 3, 2018 Show

DEMONS: Spirits, Alien Invaders, or Our Creation

The Vatican said last week that the Earth is being overrun by Demons and that the Church cannot train Exorcists fast enough. If this is true, then there is something more taking place here. By all definitions this describes an Invasion. But of what?

Tonight we will explore this subject from a very different point of view.


April 26, 2018 Show

Species, Homo-Sapiens Reset

Homo meaning Man, Sapiens meaning Wise, is but one of a long lived Species called Homo and has endured many previous species resets, Sapiens meaning all of us are 70,000 years old and by all evidence a Reset is happening now.

On the Steiger Perspective we discuss why the Reset button has been pushed.


April 19, 2018 Show


We all have them, some get answered most go unanswered and then there are some questions you just do not dare to ask because the answer maybe something we do not want to know.


April 12, 2018 Show

Sandra O'Rourke

PTSD from Religion

Symptoms may include nightmares or unwanted memories of the trauma, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of the trauma, heightened reactions, anxiety, or depressed mood. People may experience: Behavioral: agitation, irritability, hostility, hyper-vigilance, self-destructive behavior, or social isolation flashback, fear, severe anxiety, or mistrust loss of interest or pleasure in activities, guilt, or loneliness insomnia or nightmares emotional detachment or unwanted thoughts. About Sandra O'Rourke: Sandra is a Millennial and having recovered from her own experience of coming out of her religion of Christianity she decided to help others suffering from what she did but unlike her they will not have to go it alone. In her own words. I do what I do because I wish I had someone to help me back then when I was lost. I wasted so much time and energy fighting things, searching for answers, not even knowing what direction I should even be going. People should not have to go it alone. You should not have to wander down a path without any map, guide, or even knowledge on what it is you should be looking for.


April 5, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Jennifer Collins

Please Meet Ba'al Your Friend of Long Past

The religion of the Phoenicians became a major influence on the development of Christianity. The Phoenicians influenced the Christian beliefs of the way to appease God, and also the way to create a new covenant with God. This new covenant with God is the basis of Christianity and therefore the foundation of the religion. That God was Ba'al.


March 29, 2018 Show

Sovereign Ki

is an experiencer of many forms of anomalous interference and entered as an incarnate with pre-birth consciousness memories, including future time lines and advance knowledge of events to come. She has lived 'in between worlds', with comprehensions of the nature of this 'cosmic battle', piercing through the veil of our worldly paradigm.


March 22, 2018 Show

There is One Single Question

 that haunts all people and many go to life long extremes to try and hope to obtain the answer. Sadly most never do. It does not have to be that way in fact the answer is very simple.


March 15, 2018 Show

Invisible Terrestrial Entities,

they are invisible to our eyes as well as to our optical instruments with convex lenses, but new breakthroughs in science has discovered Life on an entirely different Reality, we call these newly discovered Intelligent Beings ITE’s 1 & 2 Invisible Terrestrial Entities or as R Wayne Steiger has labeled them Anti-Light Beings existing in Anti-Matter.


March 8, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Lisa Barnett

If you've ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of seemingly unnecessary and unwarranted suffering – whether it is financial, emotional or spiritual – you might need to release some old Karma, and align with your soul purpose!. My guest Lisa Barnett will share how you can unblock and transform your life by using the healing prayers given to us by the divine Beings of Light from your soul's Library – the Akashic Record.

Lisa Barnett ~ Akashic Record Author, Founder of Akashic Knowing School, Akashic Teacher & Consultant


March 1, 2018 Show



July 2001 a document was shown reportedly from NASA, the Debunkers quickly went out to discredited the document as a fraud, then others came forward to dispute the Trolls and Debunkers calling them fakes and agents of disinformation.

What they all forgot is that Time was always going to be the judge and now 17 years later what has Time shown? We know who the liars are and we also know what the agents of Disinformation failed to achieve.

As it turns out this document was a road map to the future and today you and I are living in that hellish future and if the past is any indication the future IS NOT going to be Paradise.


February 22, 2018 Show

Is Earth Being Terra-formed for a New Occupant?

Everyone has heard about Geo-engineering, Weather Modification, Chem trails, GMO's and the drugging of the Human Race, all signs of Planetary Terra-forming tonight we look at this from the Steiger Perspective.


February 15, 2018 Show

Dr. Claudia Albers, PhD - Theoretical Physicist

discusses why our Sun is dimming and what this means for the Earth and Humanity and what impact it may have on the current Magnetic Pole Reversal.


February 8, 2018 Show

Which Religion is the Right One?

Tonight on the Steiger Perspective we are going to dissect which Religion is the right one if there is such a thing? Is God a Christian, Jewish, Muslim or a religion at all? When was the last time God appeared on Earth? These and many other questions we shall endeavor to address.


February 1, 2018 Show

What is the Real in Reality?

How do you define Real, can there be different levels of Real and if so how does that effect Reality?

Reality and History who rules over who?

On The Steiger Perspective we discuss how both shape our perceptions and how both can be wrong.



January 25, 2018 Show

Psychic Vampires - How to Protect Yourself

Special Guests: 

Heidi Vandenberg, Vedic Astrologist and Jenny Moonstone, Psychic Intuitive

Tonight show we all feel it, we all have experienced times where it seems certain people can inflict tremendous negative energy upon others around them, so how do you protect yourself, tonight's all star panelist bring their own unique perspectives how we all can benefit from their knowledge.


January 18, 2018 Show