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Kitt wants to give your kids free songs!

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~ Kitt ~

Host Kitt Chapman

is an all original songwriter and recording artist.  Trained as an Early Childhood Educator, Kitt thrived on teaching ages 2-5. As a mom and raising her own 3 children, she found song writing to be a most creative and rewarding outlet, and became prolific as a songwriter and recording artist.

Kitt was trained classically through the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus on the piano, starting at 6 years of age. She also plays the guitar, ukulele, harmonica & fiddle.

Asked what inspired her to pursue song writing, she commented: "I thrive on creating music and lyrics, to ultimately enhance storytelling. Pre-schoolers have such a vivid imagination and to be able to tap into that space, brings me much happiness. If i can brighten & intrigue their musicality, even briefly...I've succeeded in my quest'!

Parents & teachers agree that once they've heard Kitt's songs, once or twice, the melody and lyrics are indelibly planted. A balance of educational and FUN!


To contact Kitt, please go to website and send a note via CONTACT:  (website)  (My music publisher/distributor and overview of music and iTunes links)  (place to listen to my music and videos)

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