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KittsKids.RadioRomp is an entire hour first-Wednesdays of each month from 7 to 8pm EST

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Targeted at kids aged 10 and under and their parents, grandparents, teachers, cousins

...heck even the pets are welcome! All family content with music, guests, mostly FUN with a twist of educational woven into the mix. Each show pokes into creative ideas for kids, parental interests, music by Kitt Chapman & others, live interviews with kids, teachers, characters, storytelling, etc All original, outa the box kind of show. Wrangle your kids and join us for some CHILLAX'n, LISTEN'n & SMILE'n.

~ Kitt ~

Host Kitt Chapman

is an all original songwriter and recording artist.  Trained as an Early Childhood Educator, Kitt thrived on teaching ages 2-5. As a mom and raising her own 3 children, she found song writing to be a most creative and rewarding outlet, and became prolific as a songwriter and recording artist.

Kitt was trained classically through the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus on the piano, starting at 6 years of age. She also plays the guitar, ukulele, harmonica & fiddle.

Asked what inspired her to pursue song writing, she commented: "I thrive on creating music and lyrics, to ultimately enhance storytelling. Pre-schoolers have such a vivid imagination and to be able to tap into that space, brings me much happiness. If i can brighten & intrigue their musicality, even briefly...I've succeeded in my quest'!

Parents & teachers agree that once they've heard Kitt's songs, once or twice, the melody and lyrics are indelibly planted. A balance of educational and FUN!


If you or your children would be interested in being on Kitts Kids. Radio Romp please reach out to Kitt via Skype: kitt.chapman1


To contact Kitt, please go to website and send a note via CONTACT:  (website)  (Public Facebook Page re: Kitt Chapman)  (My music publisher/distributor and overview of music and iTunes links)  (place to listen to my music and videos)

 ~~~ Kid's CDs by Kitt Chapman ~~~

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April 5th, 2017 Show

Furry Friends Episode

Working with pets, having a pet, rescuing a pet, and songs about pets.

Kitt Chapman songs in order of play: Bingo (duet with Chris MacLean), In the Window, Go Go Bunny Hop, Calico Cat, Razz-Ma-Tazz, Perfectly Purrfect, Little Square House, Rabbit Ears (featuring Marty Jabara), & Noah’s Ark.

Kitt's Guests:


Izzy and Max

talking about their new puppy!

Chris MacLean,

MUSICIAN, featured song, ‘A Dog Named Money’
Chris is a poetic storyteller whose songs explore both interior and exterior landscapes. Inspired by folk, jazz, world and acoustic blues, her songwriting awards include: Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee, English Songwriter of the Year 2010; Ontario Arts Council Colleen Peterson Award for Songwriting 2008; Folk Music Ontario Songs from the Heart Award for Historical Song of the Year 2008. Chris is a Voice Movement Therapy practitioner, Vocal coach and Community Choir leader in Ottawa, ON and Wakefield QC, Canada.


Christine Clark

Can't fly your pet?  Don't want to fly your pet?  Are you a Snowbird heading south?
Are you relocating an employee? 

We (Captain, Guinness & I) specialize in transporting family pets long distance, coast-to-coast in North America (Canada & USA).

Some Rescue Groups:
A.M.A.L. (Alaskan Malamute Assistance League - U.S.A.)

A.M.H.L. (Alaskan Malamute Help League - Canada)

Animal Rescue Krew (cats & kittens)        Best Friends (Utah)

Haliburton Wolf Centre     L.A.W.S. (Lakefield Animal Welfare Society)

Shades of Hope (wildlife refuge)

Dr. Kristy Hiltz


Dr. Kristy Hiltz (vet and owner) and

Jennifer Tucker (vet tech/hospital manager)

Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital
Veterinary Services in Peterborough, Ontario

Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital provides a variety of veterinary services for dogs, cats and other small mammals, including: medical treatments, surgical procedures, alternative medicine and nutritional counseling.


Jennifer Tucker



March 1, 2017 Show

Leaping Leprechauns Episode

Leprechaun Shenanigans & Leaping (coping with growing) Kids

Featured Guests:

Adam Wallace,

Author of ‘How to Catch a Leprechaun’

with a Live Reading all the way from Australia!


Maggie Dent,

Parenting Author, Educator & Resilience Specialist

Live interview with Maggie (The Solution Finder)

with topics covering pre-schoolers through adolescents.


NOTE TO ALL Parents, Teachers or Kids…you must check out Maggie’s website its overflowing with help.


Chris McKhool,

Musician. Featured Song ‘High Wire’

Hailed as a “Children’s musical star” (National Post) and “Canada’s greatest eco-troubadour for young people” (Mississauga Living Arts Centre), 2009 JUNO Award nominee.

 Chris McKhool is one of Canada’s hottest musicians for young people. Chris has been touring across Canada with his children’s concerts for two decades, reaching 1 million children, and has appeared on Mr. Dressup, YTV’s, Treehouse, TVOntario’s Crawlspace and the CBC.`




February 1, 2017 Show

Special Kids Episode

Special Kids with special needs & understanding ‘uniqueness’.

Created, produced & music by Kitt Chapman

Kitt’s Guests:

JACK reading his open letter after suffering a concussion, with Mom and friend Kayden.

JOSH and parents discussing their challenges and strengths in embracing ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome.

GINNY, retired special needs primary teacher reminiscing her students and the school that brought her such day to day joy.

Josh with parents.



Jack on a walk.





January 4, 2017 Show


Music and hosted by Kitt Chapman.

Focusing on theatre arts, music, dance, voice over and allowing 'kids' to find their mark.

Special Guests:

Alex, Theatrical Actor & Mom,

Marc Cashman,  President and creative director of Cashman Commercials

Ashlie Nolen, Assistant Director for RML Films based in Ireland, singing SOMEPLACE

December 7, 2016 Show

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