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KittsKidsRadioRomp is an entire hour first-Wednesdays of each month from 7 to 8pm EST

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Targeted at kids aged 10 and under and their parents, grandparents, teachers, cousins

...heck even the pets are welcome! All family content with music, guests, mostly FUN with a twist of educational woven into the mix. Each show pokes into creative ideas for kids, parental interests, music by Kitt Chapman & others, live interviews with kids, teachers, characters, storytelling, etc All original, outa the box kind of show. Wrangle your kids and join us for some CHILLAX'n, LISTEN'n & SMILE'n.

~ Kitt ~

Host Kitt Chapman

is an all original songwriter and recording artist.  Trained as an Early Childhood Educator, Kitt thrived on teaching ages 2-5. As a mom and raising her own 3 children, she found song writing to be a most creative and rewarding outlet, and became prolific as a songwriter and recording artist.

Kitt was trained classically through the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus on the piano, starting at 6 years of age. She also plays the guitar, ukulele, harmonica & fiddle.

Asked what inspired her to pursue song writing, she commented: "I thrive on creating music and lyrics, to ultimately enhance storytelling. Pre-schoolers have such a vivid imagination and to be able to tap into that space, brings me much happiness. If i can brighten & intrigue their musicality, even briefly...I've succeeded in my quest'!

Parents & teachers agree that once they've heard Kitt's songs, once or twice, the melody and lyrics are indelibly planted. A balance of educational and FUN!


If you or your children would be interested in being on Kitts Kids. Radio Romp please reach out to Kitt via Skype: kitt.chapman1


To contact Kitt, please go to website and send a note via CONTACT:  (website)  (Public Facebook Page re: Kitt Chapman)  (My music publisher/distributor and overview of music and iTunes links)  (place to listen to my music and videos)

 ~~~ Kid's CDs by Kitt Chapman ~~~

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November 1, 2017 Show


In this episode we are focusing on toddlers aged two and under.

 Kitt’s Guests:

:Baby Thomas.jpg

Preemie Baby Thomas family

Mom, Dad with baby Thomas join us and talk about life now with a new baby.

:::Baby Teasdale with Mom and Dad.jpg

Baby Teasdale family

Mom, Dad with baby Emelia discuss various parenting issues around their newborn.



Balsillie Family Peterborough YMCA

Supervisor swim instructor Shannon in a live interview on swim deck as toddlers are enjoying their ‘BUBBLERS’ class with mom or dad.

Cornerstone Family Dentistry

on location with dental hygienist Jenna speaking on the importance of starting early in looking after babies/toddlers gums and teeth.


"May All Children"

Composed by Kenneth K. Guilmartin

and recorded by Laurie Berkner

The International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21. In recognition, this year we are honored to present a new version of “May All Children” recorded by best-selling, award-winning children’s musician, Laurie Berkner.

Laurie Berkner- MAY ALL CHILDREN


BOOK Recommendations:

Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering!
Big, brainy science for the littlest listeners!
Accurate enough to satisfy an expert, yet simple enough for baby, this colorful board book about a little girl and a bird explores the basics of flight – from birds, to planes and rockets – and ties it all to baby’s world. Beautiful, visually stimulating illustrations complement age-appropriate language to encourage baby’s sense of wonder. Parents and caregivers may learn a thing or two, as well! of

Bibliographic information 


9 Things: A Back-to-basics Guide to Calm, Common-sense, Connected Parenting Birth-8


Maggie Dent


Carmen Myler




Pennington Publications, 2014


0975125877, 9780975125878


348 pages


Maggie Dent

Pennington Publications, Feb 5, 2016 - Picture book for children - 28 pages Reviews

Kitchen cupboards are places of wonder and delight. Imagine, then, being a little one and having your very own plastics cupboard, full of things to bang and bake and sort and stack. How cool would that be? For one lucky kid, it is like a new adventure every day. My Cool Plastics Cupboard is parenting author Maggie Dent's first picture book and is ......

Bibliographic information 


My Cool Plastics Cupboard


Maggie Dent

Illustrated by

Linda True-Arrow


Pennington Publications, 2016


0975845683, 9780975845684


28 pages



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9 Things by Maggie Dent

Pennington Publications, 2014 - Child care - 348 pages  Reviews

It is easy in our fast-paced, competitive, consumer-driven world to forget that children are not miniadults, projects to be managed or problems to be solved. This common-sense guide to parenting and caring for children under eight, reminds us that a child's development cannot be rushed, or crudely measured again milestones. It takes an entire childhood to grow and there is no perfect when it comes to parenting. In her informed, heartfelt way, popular Australian parenting author Maggie Dent takes a comprehensive look at the 9 Things that truly matter in raising children, and why they matter so much. She uses the metaphor of a wise aunty, Wilma - a voice of ancient wisdom that seems to be disappearing amidst the chaos. With passion, warmth and humour, Maggie draws on current research and her extensive experience as an educator, counselor and mother of four to guide parents and caregivers in their endless decision-making.

::Downloads:Hugabees under 2.png

Kitt Chapman songs in order of play:

Twinkle Toes (intro),  

Charlies’hymn,   ButtonUp Sleeper,  

Baby Rockabye,  Music Box, Wayward,

  Awakening Sweet Pea, 

Happy Feet,  Puck the Duck,  Fluffy Cloud,

  Wiggly Piggly.




October 4, 2017 Show



Fairytales and Superheros

Recollecting Fairytales and SUPERHEROS

whether imaginary or not.

Introducing a new ipad educational product: SCENE App.

Grab a cape, sword, or any other costume you may have and hope you’ll take an hour and join us.


Kitt’s Guests:


Now having a hoot in grade 2,

with a wee blip on the TOOTH FAIRY after losing her tooth.





6 year old joining us dressed in his Batman cape, for his first experience in a sound booth!

(Mommy helped wrangle this little superhero)

Alex - 10 year old joins us again briefly on this episode to discuss her overview on FAIRYTALES with her favorite being Cinderella.

Janice Clark (A tooth fairy)- All the way from London England speaking on her FAIRYTALE memories.

Kalen Lister

Catherine de Montille

 Founders of new educational iPad App.  SCENE App


:KK.RR:Fairytales and SuperHeroes:SCENE App for Kids.png

:KK.RR:Fairytales and SuperHeroes:Launch Screen 1.psd



Father recollecting reading Fairytales to his kids when they were younger. 

And how Superheros played a role in their world.






KittsKids.RadioRomp is so grateful to have Chris share his OUTSTANDING kids music with us.

On this episode we get to bounce along and sing to….


:KK.RR:KK.RR March 1st 2017:mckhool-and-sunshiney-kids-small.jpg

:Superhero Art TuneCore.png

Kitt Chapman songs in order of play:

 Jolly Squirrels intro,  SUPERHEROS,  Knight in Armour, 

Bump in the Night,  Zorro & Zorra,  SeaHorse,   Skeleton Shake,  

Slim,  Dream,  Twiddling Thumbs


::iCloud Drive (Archive):Desktop:ADULT:SeaHorse F.jpg




September 6, 2017 Show

Backpacks & Bullies

We touch on bullying both from kids to adults perspectives, interleaved with music which supports our theme. Kitt suggests tucking a little note inside knapsacks, the reads…I LOVE ME to remind children how special they are when times are pulling them down.

Great Resource for kids, parents or teachers:

Kitt’s Kid Guests:   Alex - 10 year old joins us again briefly on this episode to discuss her take on bullying.

Elyse - Entering Grade 2 and sharing some of herself in an interview with Kitt.

Author/Illustrator Connie Colon reads an excerpt from her new book  Principle Kidd. (We are introduced to most of the characters, and even one who is a bully.)



                                     YouTube Channel:   

 Watch the book trailer here:

Interview with Laurie Berkner, our highlighted musician, and two FANTABULOUS songs from her new album Laurie Berkner: The Dance Remixes.

Laurie Berkner: The Dance Remixes will be available for download at all digital retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more. Physical CDs will be available at all Laurie Berkner concerts and at 

BOOKS on Bullying:

:Unknown.jpegThe Invisible Boy,

Author: Trudy Ludwig

Illustrator: Patrice Barton


Stand Tall,

Author Patty Lovell

Illustrator: David Catrow

Molly Lou Melon is short and clumsy, has buckteeth and a voice that sound like a bullfrog being squeezed by a boa constrictor. Her grandmother has always told her to walk proud, smile big and sing loud. 

Kitt Chapman songs in order of play:

(KK.RR intro), 


Silly Silly Silly Squirrels (found in albums Potterville or Backyard Frog), 

The Bad Guys, 

Do Right, 

Not About to Fall,



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