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Host Doug Dahlgren

Georgia author, Doug Dahlgren, is an experienced interviewer with his own unique style. Having nine novels to his credit gives him credibility with other writers and his manner offers them a chance to relax and tell you, the reader, about their work. Doug’s books, six of which are a popular series known as The SON Series, are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle version as well as through most places where books are sold. You can also learn more about his books through his web page: Join Doug Fridays at 11am to meet authors, artists, and other interesting people you may not know yet. Interested in being a guest?

Contact Doug at for details.

The Son Rising

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The Traveler


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November 22, 2019 Show

Voice Actor – Ed Waldorph

Ed returns to our show after being introduced some six months ago as the narrator for Doug’s series, The SON.

We are now four books completed of the six book series and working on number five.

Much has been learned by your author/host in that time. I wanted to bring Ed back on to discuss the project thus far.

The good, the bad, and the now what do we do?

The experience has been great from this end and there are things I want to share with those considering having their book done as an audible, and those readers who haven’t yet tried this format as a new way to enjoy the written word.

This should be fun and enlightening for all. 


November 15, 2019 Show

Author Dan Baxter

Dan Baxter is a retired obstetrician-gynecologist who grew up in northwest Oklahoma. His first novel, PIANO MAN, is a fact-based fictional account of a man who attended Baxter's church and played piano. Dick Gill was marooned by a big band in the 1940's because of his drinking and difficulty waking up for the bus departures. He became night manager of the hotel where he was stranded and he integrated himself into the community. What he did not tell his fellow residents was the secret of his heritage and culture growing up in New York City. Readers have said that Baxter's hometown is a major character in this heart-warming story.

He brings PIANO MAN to the discussion with Linda Hughes.

Guest Host Linda Hughes


November 8, 2019 Show

Author Randi D. Ward

Retired language arts teacher from Georgia loves to travel. Thus far, she’s covered forty-nine countries.

Eight years ago, she planned a trip to Cairo, Egypt to teach English to adults.

The three month trip changed her life and her outlook.

“Because I Believed in Me” is her book about the journey and the adventure.

Randi D. Ward joins us to discuss her great Egyptian teaching lesson.



November 1, 2019 Show

Doug’s Gift List Suggestions for 2019


A discussion about great writers we’ve met along the way. These books would make great gifts for the readers on your list this year.

Santa will be very appreciative of you help !!




October 25, 2019 Show

Author Michael E. Owens

Mike is also a playwright and director at the Roswell Adult Recreation Center and the Bethesda Senior Center. He has written and published 4 books through his affiliation with the Scribblers Christian Writers' club since 2016. Two are young adult historical fiction books written primarily for middle school boys, each has short chapters, with fast moving action which includes interesting and true historical characters. His third book is called "The I Hate Vegetables Book of Poetry for Kids" - a whimsical look at the veggies kids lover to hate. The fourth book is geared to Christian drama titled, "Ordinary People - Extraordinary God".

During the Christmas season, Mike and his wife Leda, who beautifully illustrates his books, serve as Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Southeastern Railway Museum.

Michael joins us to discuss, "Ordinary People - Extraordinary God" and his other works.



October 18, 2019 Show

Author Sue Langford

Prolific author, Sue Langford has been writing since she was a teen. A love of country music and the city of Nashville inspired her.

Her stories are about strong women, and strong men and that city she loves, Nashville, Tennessee.

The ideas didn’t stop and neither did Sue’s writing.

She bring a tale of an aspiring singer to our show. “Shooting Stars and Fireflies,” will be our main subject as I introduce to you, Sue Langford.

Join us on October 18th at 11 am eastern time.


October 11, 2019 Show

Author Phillip Vega

A New Yorker who drew heavily on memories of his past summers in Long Island to craft his book, Last Exit to Montauk, now can’t stop from working through new ideas for future stories. Phillip now lives in Florida, but it’s his New York, Hispanic roots that inspired the book, Last Exit to Montauk.

With his writing, he has discovered what he defines as his true calling, his passion. He is now fully and happily immersed in the whirlwind that is the publishing industry, even as he diligently continues his work in software sales.

Phillip joins us to discuss Last Exit to Montauk and his latest, The Captain and The Queen. 


October 4, 2019 Show

Myra Lewis Williams

Myra Lewis was the “child-bride” of Jerry Lee Lewis, marrying him at the age of thirteen.

Myra wrote about that marriage in her 1983 book, Great Balls of Fire.

Her second book, from 2014, is a memoir titled, The Spark that Survived.

Join Linda as she and Myra discuss those and what might be possible from Myra in the future! 

Sitting in for Doug this week is Guest Host:

 Author Linda Hughes


September 27, 2019 Show

Author Claire Hertzler

Please enjoy this encore of Claire’s appearance on the show last year.

With degrees from Mercer University, Southwestern Seminary, and Georgia State University, Claire has worked in education, both public and Christian, and worked in volunteer services administration. She was one of the first activists fighting human trafficking in Atlanta, Georgia, and remains involved with stopping this heinous activity.

Growing up in Greene County, Georgia, she was very familiar with Wyatt, The Sheriff of that area who was and is a true legend. Claire wrote her story about Wyatt after over 30 oral interviews and reading many newspaper accounts of the sheriff.

Honing her craft by writing a blog, her articles have been published in many magazines through the Southeast.

She brings her book, “The High Sheriff of Greene,” to our discussion of her work.


September 20, 2019 Show

Charles de Andrade

Our guest is an author, a founding member of Scribblers, a Christian writing club, and a businessman.

He is the President of Bee Natural Products, a company that works with bee keepers and helps market their products.

Charles is a board member of Northampton Press / Don Kistler Ministries, a publisher of Puritan works.

Writing has long been one of his passions.

He brings the first of his “The Steward Series” books, “Chosen,” to our discussion. 


September 13, 2019 Show

Author Fran Stewart

Award winning author Fran Stewart, fresh from her short break in writing, has returned with an entertaining collection of work born from her newest hobby.

BeesKnees #1 A Beekeeping Memoir is the start of a new series that will keep her fans and new readers in stitches.

Fran is best known for her award winning series, The ScottShop Mysteries and The Biscuit McKee Series, Fran has written and instructed writers for years.

Her classes on Memoir Writing have been a hit in the North Georgia area.

Join us as Fran bring book #1 of this new series to our show.

BeesKnees #1 : A Beekeeping Memoir


September 6, 2019 Show

Author Tim F. Miller

Kentucky born Tim F. Miller received his BA in Political Science and History from The University of Kentucky and his Masters at The University of West Georgia.

He has over 28 years in the teaching profession and a heavy appetite for reading.

His novels, “The Coward”, and “The Courageous” are popular suspense thrillers about brothers, though raised in the same home and environment, react differently to life-threatening crises.

Tim’s latest release is a different tale. One of enduring love that takes place over 40 years from the 1870's through World War I. A sweeping epic of enduring love that will grab the reader early and hold their interest to the end.

Tim brings that novel, “The Blighted Leaves of Shamrock” to our program.



August 30, 2019 Show

Donna Dahlgren

Producer – The Doug Dahlgren Show


Avid reader and excellent judge of material, Donna Dahlgren will share her love of reading and it’s beginnings.

We’ll talk about her role as “the Producer” of The Doug Dahlgren Show on ArtistFirst Radio, and the writers we have met through the years.

Maybe no favorites mentioned, we’ll see, but we’ll discuss how she stays ahead of the show’s schedule, supplying me with critical information about the every book I discuss on the show.

It’s no easy task, but Donna handles it, and me, expertly.

She even has an opinion about self-published versus major house publishing errors!

Join us won’t you…


August 23, 2019 Show

Author Jaclyn Weldon White.

Jackie is a former police officer, detective and administrator for a large metro Atlanta juvenile court. She has eight books and numerous articles, which have appeared in local and regional magazines, to her credit. Two of her books have become Mercer Press bestsellers.

She brings her latest novel, “The Witch of Ben Hill County,” a tale of life and crime, in gated, active-adult senior community. It’s a fast-moving mix of suspense, humor and romance that proves over 55 doesn't mean over the hill!


August 16, 2019 Show

Author, journalist Chuck Holmes

Returning to our show with his collection of “blogs” on subjects from memories to politics, is Atlanta writer, Chuck Holmes. Be he right or wrong, his musings capture the feeling of a true southern gentleman. Chuck first brought his novel, “Sing” to our air back in April. We’re delighted to have him back to share his insights on Mother’s Day, The War on Christianity, Old People, His brush with Homogeneity, Slogan Substitution, and well…it goes on and on and you’ll love it. After all, it’s “More than just Cellular.”


August 9, 2019 Show

Retired FBI SSA James Furry

After a short stint as a teacher, Jim Furry joined the FBI. Thirty-two years later, he retired having served in a clerical capacity and up to a supervisor in CounterIntelligence surveillance.

The target, Russian ships in the port of New Orleans. He has also served in Washington, DC, Springfield, Ill, Newark, NJ. The Newark assignment was as a supervisor in the investigation of the Sept 11, 2001 attack on New York. After his retirement in 2005, Jim became a consultant to banks, both international and domestic, watching for signs of money laundering.

In 2016, James Furry retired again and began work on his book, "Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity, My Story.” It was published last year.

Jim brings his book to our show for discussion.


August 2, 2019 Show

April Love-Fordham

Atlanta author, April Love-Fordham holds two degrees from Georgia Tech. With that she spent twenty very fun years in the corporate world, including several in Washington DC.

Serving as a technology adviser to both the George H. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations, her resume once claimed that she helped Al Gore invent the internet.

Other clients through these years included NASA, NATO, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Upon her return to Atlanta, more success drove her to consider what she might do to make the world a better place. So she left the corporate world and went to seminary to search for answers and become a pastor. Those studies brought her to writing. Her first collection of books is a series of Disorderly Parable Bible Studies. They include James in the Suburbs on e Epistle of James (2014), Dismantling Injustice on the Song of Solomon (2016), and St. Francis and the Christian Life on Galatians (2018).

She brings the third, St. Francis and the Christian Life, to our show.


July 26, 2019 Show

Doug Dahlgren

Author & Public Speaker

Due to a scheduling situation, today's guest was forced to reschedule at the last minute.  In light of that, host Doug decided switch seats and become the "guest", and let Zman lead today's interrogation.

Doug is the author of 9 books out now with a 10th on-the-way.


July 19, 2019 Show

Author Linda Hughes

Summer Rose Krause brings us book three of the historic, romantic, suspense trilogy by fan favorite author, Linda Hughes.

Linda sets this series in her beloved home state of Michigan and readers enjoy a trip there with her, in every book.

This time it’s 1965 and Summer Rose is in trouble with the law.

Her sentence of community service steers her straight into a murder case and a love that clearly wasn’t meant for her.

Enjoy “Secrets of the Summer” and join Linda and I as we hint at a few of the secrets you are in for with this one !!


July 12, 2019 Show

Dean Lawrence Edward Carter Sr.

Dean Carter is the founding Dean of The Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

This was no accident. In 1958, Dr. King himself, recruited Carter, who was a tenth grader at that time, to come to Morehouse College.

Born in south Georgia and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Dean Carter was educated at Virginia University and Boston University, where he earned his PhD in pastoral psychology and counseling. He is a professor of religion at Morehouse and a Baptist minister.

He brings his book, “A Baptist Preacher’s Buddhist Teacher,” to our program. 


July 5, 2019 Show

Doug’s Address to a Writers Conference

Had the honor and pleasure to be invited to attend and speak to The Southeastern Writers Association at their annual conference in early June.

Great group, very attentive and fortunately, they all had bad aim. Everything they threw at me missed !

Naw…we had a good time and if your group would like to hear me speak, in person, email me at: .



June 28, 2019 Show

Award Winning Author and Journalist, Jedwin Smith

Twice nominated for the Pulitzer prize for work as a correspondent during the Vietnam War, Jedwin takes on an even older conflict.

In 2017, Jedwin took a trip to The Holy land to seek answers. He met Philip Haney, the first of many knowledgeable authorities on the region.

He learned much about this small strip of land, prophesized in the Bible and finally founded in 1948. A land that comes with a promise from God that many are bound to undo.

Jedwin brings his lastest work, based on that trip, “I AM ISRAEL – Lions and Lambs of the Land,” to our program.

Jedwin will be here to discuss this important book and hopefully help us understand what’s going on over there, and why.


June 21, 2019 Show

Cheryl Clarke

Award winning writer, Cheryl Clarke was born in England to Caribbean parents from Barbados and Jamaica. After first losing her Dad to cancer and then her Mom to a sudden illness, Cheryl set out to rebuild her life and manifest a life-long dream of being a writer. A former ballroom dance competitor and Zumba instructor, Cheryl writes about loss, love and spicy relationships. Kaysha and Grandma Omi’s Golden Crown of Jewels, is an upcoming children’s book. In honor of what her parents went through she has written, “Losing Your Parents On Hospice ( Without Losing Your Mind ).”

Cheryl comes to our show to discuss this book.


June 14, 2019 Show

Alexandra Christle

A Virginia author who has lived and experienced most of the east coast, Alexandra decided to be a writer early in life, starting her first book at the age of seven.

Research is her strong suit, having spent a day on a commercial shrimp boat, jumping from an airplane, and spending a weekend with a houseful of Navy SEALs, all for the sake of stories she was working on, and she also hitchhiked across three states (just don’t tell her mother that.)

With two children and three grandchildren, she’s sold newspaper advertising, taught high school English, and finally became a graphic designer.

The human condition and people “fascinate” her, especially men. In her words, “They are pretty cool creatures.”

She brings her first novel, “Between Nowhere and Lost” to our program for discussion.


June 7, 2019 Show

Columnist and author Katie Hart Smith

Katie is a prolific writer with a huge fan base that urges her on. Thus, she is the most frequently heard guest on this program, a fact which we are very proud to proclaim.

From “Couch Time With Carolyn” and the first two novels of her Scared Heart Series, “Aspirations of the Heart” and “Hope Never Rests”, Katie is always terrific guest and a delight to have on the air.

This time brings a bit of melancholy, for as they, “all good things must come to an end.” Thus is the case for fans of Addie Engel.

Katie offers the closing chapters of her heroine’s series with, “High Cotton and Magnolias.”

Join us for another great conversation with Katie Hart Smith as she celebrates the release of this latest hit.


May 31, 2019 Show

Author Donna Faulkner Barron

Roy Faulkner was the Chief Carver of the Confederate Memorial Carving at Stone Mountain Park in DeKalb County, Georgia. Our guest today is his oldest daughter.

In the mid 1980’s Roy became the Curator of the Stone Mountain Carving Museum which was open a for little over two years.

That same daughter, Donna, had earned her degree in Secretarial Science and had worked as a Stenographer for the Georgia State Labor Department.

It was that same time, the mid 1980’s that Donna Faulkner Barron moved back to St. Mountain to become her father’s secretary and help run the museum.

With closing of the museum, Roy moved to McDonough, Georgia and Donna and her family stayed in St. Mountain.

Some 30 years later, Donna was motivated to gather and write the story of her father’s work on the carving. With her Dad and fellow author, Kay Stowe Jones, they wrote, “The Man Who Carved Stone Mountain.” 


May 24, 2019 Show

Nanette Littlestone

Publisher, Award winning Author, and Editor

Her writing explores relationships, love and forgiveness. Nanette believes authentic writing comes from the heart, not just the head. This carries over into her editing work and the direction she leads the authors, she helps to publish. Words of Passion is her publishing company and Nanette is with us to complete the four legs of the publishing stool we started in January, on stage.

We’ll discuss the business, the how to’s and what not to do’s of this fast growing industry.


May 17, 2019 Show

Troy W. Hudson – “Voiceover with Personality!”

With over 30 years professional experience in the voice over and video production industry, Troy brings his warm, friendly, genuine, conversational style to your voiceover needs with an authoritative and confident delivery.

Starting as a radio/tv broadcast journalist in the US Army, Troy worked in corporate multimedia production and from 2000-2012 did a 12 year stint as a video editor and media designer in a commercial production house.

During that time, he cut his teeth on voiceover work and knew it was a career path he would follow.

In private business since October 2012, he produces audiobooks, TV and radio ads, character voices, commercial training materials and e-learning content for learning institutions.

Troy joins us from his studio in South Carolina.


May 10, 2019 Show

Ed Waldorph - Voice Actor and Narrator

Born and educated in Michigan, this former Marine has worked in radio, Television and the print press.

He spent time in Law Enforcement; Military Police, Municipal Police, County/Regional Police; Department of Defense and Veteran’s Administration.

Moved to San Francisco in the 80’s and worked in Law Enforcement there until becoming an IT Tech or the city.

Upon retirement moved to Mobile, Al and started Voice Acting career in 2009.

Does radio and TV commercial work as well as narration for Audio Books.


May 3, 2019 Show

Publisher Lee Clevenger of ThomasMax Publishing

For the third leg of our publishing tour, I bring you a transplant from the Indiana corn fields who moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1979. Lee quickly determined that the South was his home.

A best-selling paperback he’d purchased in 1992, was so bad, it convinced him there must be a need for writers, so he took a shot.

His third writing attempt was picked-up by a small publisher out of Ohio, who went out of business three years later.

At the urging of another publisher, ThomasMax was born in 2004.

In business since then, ThomasMax is a hybrid publisher and Lee will continue our discussion of that business.


April 26, 2019 Show

Author, Rev. Jimmy Deas

A Pastor himself for over forty years, Rev. Deas draws on that to tell the tale of his character, Rev. Mark Thomas, who is dealing with a tragedy.

Also the author of, "A Teacher's Gift and other Stories," Rev. Deas brings his first novel to our show, "Ran Like Joseph."

He holds degree from North Florida Community College and Luther Rice Seminary.

Pastor Jimmy Deas comes to our show to discuss his novel.


April 19, 2019 Show

Author Chuck Holmes

North Carolina native son, Chuck came to the Atlanta are some 50 years ago to work at the CDC. His degree in English, from Western Carolina College, with a concentration on Professional Writing lead to his career in advertising, television scripts, industrial programs and videos. He has won regional and national awards in advertising, training, and TV. He is also a public speaker.

Chuck has been published many times through his short stories and essays. His first novel, “The Sing”, is set in North Carolina in 1956. An AME Choir decides they wish to participate in the town’s, “open to all”, yet traditionally “all-white” Singing. Segregation is tested by this group of singers. A story rich with characters who will keep you turning pages.

Chuck bring his novel and a discussion of his life, and his love of writing, to our program. 


April 12, 2019 Show

Bob Babcock

Founder and CEO of DEEDS Publishing

Continuing my series of information on the publishing business, I am proud to welcome Bob Babcock to our show. In 2005, Bob Babcock founded DEEDS Publishing. The business has established a history of publishing, designing, and promoting top-of-the-line books. Using the business model of a hybrid publisher, DEEDS has a variety of contracts to offer our authors. A fan of the military since he was a youngster, Bob served in Vietnam and has been active in service related organization most of his adult life.  A self-published author himself, Bob started DEEDS with the person philosophy of “DEEDS NOT WORDS”.  Books written by Bob include, “What Now, Lieutenant?” and a business success story book, “You Don’t Know Jack…” Join us for an informative hour with Bob’s take on writing and publishing in today’s market.


April 5, 2019 Show

Poet Charles Clifford Brooks III

Athens, Georgia, born Cliff Brooks is a poet and entrepreneur. His first poetry collection, The Draw of Broken Eyes & Whirling Metaphysics, was re-issued last year by Kudzu Leaf Press. Athena Departs: Gospel of a Man Apart, as well as a limited-edition poetry chapbook, Exiles of Eden, were published by Kudzu Leaf Press in 2017. Clifford is the founder of The Southern Collective Experience, a cooperative of writers, musicians and visual artists. That group publishes The Blue Mountain Review ( see and listen to our March 8th program ) and hosts the NPR show Dante’s Old South. Cliff joins us to discuss his work and the impact he is making on the North Georgia cultural scene. 


March 29, 2018 Show

Anne Boudreau

What is your “self-worth?” What does it mean to you and your quality of life? Anne Boudreau has spent a career studying and determining why what we think of ourselves is so important. Not just a student and author on the subject, our guest is a coach and an executive devoted to working with people. Teaching them to lean inward for strength and courage.

Currently a full-time writer, Anne has served as a marketing director and communications specialist for global corporations and has counseled corporate executives on how to re-brand themselves and their business.

Her book, A Human Mosaic, is recognized as in a category by itself and offers hope to numbers of people who suffer from feelings of worthlessness and anger.

We bring Anne to our show to discuss her book and how it might help someone you know.


March 22, 2019 Show

Angela DeCaires

CEO of BookLogix Publishers

We introduce you each week to interesting people you may not know. Mostly, they are writers. Writers looking for people to read their work. The ultimate goal for many of these authors is to be published.

This week begins a series we will complete over the next couple of months.

We will bring you a publisher to discuss what they look for in a book they will spend money and time on, to publish.

This week, our guest is the CEO of Atlanta based BookLogix Publishers, Angela Decaires.

Great information for writers and interested readers.


March 15, 2019 Show

Author J. Reese Lasley

If you wanted to write a book to help people, what would write about? Would it be hope, or perhaps support? Maybe a book of education, and of course it would have to be a book of truth.

Where to begin such a task? You look within yourself. What do you want? Where do you want to end up? What abilities do you need to achieve success? What is success? Is it really just getting what you want? They say successful people use their abilities to get what they want.

So…What are your abilities? Those incredible gifts that make you stand out, and be you.

The problem is, that not all of us realize or understand our unique abilities. Our guest author has written a book that helps reveal the secrets to your abilities. With step-by-step instructions, lessons and best-practices, to help you throughout your personal journey of success.

The book is “The Abilities, Realize the Power Within You” and author, J.Reese Lasley will be with us to discuss it. 


March 8, 2019 Show

Cliff Brooks of The Southern Collective Experience

In 2010, a young poet in the North Georgia mountains decided to put his thoughts and words into action. He organized The Southern Collective Experience.

The purpose of this group is to recognize men and women who have achieved a certain level of mastery and accomplishment in their work and who see a need for ongoing professional support among creative peers.

Encouraging mutual inspiration, and professional growth across the mediums of visual art, music, poetry, and prose, these artists have developed a family-like environment. As the group has grown, the arts journal, The Blue Mountain Review and a radio show, Dante’s Old South, have been produced under the Collective’s auspices.

Founder, Clifford Brooks, comes to our program to discuss his group and its potential to advance the arts through the gifts and talents of its ever growing list of members. 


March 1, 2019 Show

Award-Winning Author Kathryn Lane

Returning to our show to talk about her plans for 2019 is multiple award winning author, for not one, but two great action novels, is Texas’ pride, Kathryn Lane.

She been with us before, discussing her novels, “Waking Up in Medellin” and “Coyote Zone”, both winners at Killer Nashville in successive years.

Kathryn, and her husband, Bob, travel extensively to promote her books and meet her fans.

Join us as we catch up and learn what she’s been up to and where they are headed this year.

We’ll also ask her about “Backyard Volcano And Other Mysteries of the Heart”, her short stories collection that also won at Killer Nashville. 


February 22, 2019 Show

Paige M. Cummings

A native of Coastal Georgia and retired Navy nurse, our guest has always written although she admits to one long break. A high school instructor was insistent that she write sci-fi. So she quit. Her love was mystery, murder, and certain adventure.

Some time later, while working in Atlanta, she and a friend would compare stories of growing up in the south, and their lunch companions would laugh and suggested they should write a book. At a University adult writing program, she walked in to Harriette Austin's Murder and Mayhem for Money.

She was home in her writing, but this happen around the time of that Mrs. Coretta Scott King had passed. The news was full of the Civil Rights movement and Paige’s path was reset. “Under the Liberty Oak” came to be.

Paige brings her novel to our show for discussion. 


February 15, 2019 Show

Sali Gear

Born into a Navy family. She lost her test pilot father at the age of one. He was one of the first Navy Test Pilots and was a combat fighter pilot who served in the Pacific Theater. Sali was of six children. After college Sali received her commission and attended flight school. She took the jet pipeline. At that time, women were not allowed in combat positions, but she was not deterred from her dream. One of three women in her flight class to make it through training, Sali became a navy pilot. Through her service she met husband Bill Hellman, a Navy SEAL. The book Sali brings us for discussion, Fly Girl, was born from her experience and imagination.

Today Sali is a commercial airline pilot and avid dog rescuer.


February 8, 2019 Show

Author and Talk Show Host

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos

Three-time breast cancer survivor, Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos has lived to become an international best seller and multi-award winning author, producer and host of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod radio and television programs, and an international speaker and intuitive dream coach. She used precognitive dreams to diagnosed her illness and guided her through treatments and surgeries. These achievements were reached with one goal in mind: save even one life by educating others on the power of our dreams to diagnose and heal our health, wealth and relationships.

In “Dreams that Can Save Your Life,” Dr. Larry Burk and Kat chronicle the stories of participants in Dr. Burk's groundbreaking Breast Cancer Dreams Project, which included Kat. As co-author, Kathleen brings the book to our program. 


February 1, 2019 Show

Author Angie Gallion     An Encore Presentation

Angie’s writings often deal with personal growth through tragedy or trauma. She enjoys exploring complex relationships. Many of those set against the backdrop of addiction or mental illness. She began writing her story of Alison Hayes. A girl who walked into her storm darkened trailer the evening of her fifteenth birthday to find her alcoholic mother is passed out, having been fired from yet another job. The most stable, of the revolving-door men that they've ever had, is looking for a way out, and Alison just wants to be clean. She can't remember the last time anything good had happened to her. If the train still passed through her town, she would definitely be on the wrong side of the tracks.

“Intoxic” the first of Angie’s series centered on Alison Hayes, and she bring her award winning book to our discussion. 


January 25, 2019 Show

Author & Poet, Ken Vance

He called it “piddlin,’” back in the late 60’s in high school. Then, as a senior at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School, he began to read poets like Keats and James Dickey, Milton, Shakespeare, and Allen Ginsburg, and the whole idea of poetry and the economy of words went from that earlier sprout to a deep root. He tried to write everyday but between milking cows every morning, school, and basketball, Ken didn’t feel all that prolific. Still, it was his way of coming to terms with social issues, the Vietnam War, and draft dodgers, hormones, and Jesus.

At Young Harris College, he met Dr. Betty Sellers, a poet herself, who would become the Poet Laurate of Georgia under Governor Zell Miller. She made Ken write. She made him learn the names of mountain flora and why the mountain peaks and streams had names like Hightower Bald and Bearmeat Creek. She instilled in him the appreciation for the music of words and phrases and the idea of “making it new.” Ken published a few poems in the college literary magazine, The Corn Creek Review, with titles like “Can Kickin’ Kids” and “Woodstove Lament.” After college he went to the University of Georgia and became a certified Law Enforcement Officer. Now in his 44th year as a lawman, having worked in Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas as either a state or local officer. Once referred to in a newspaper article as “poet with a gun”, well, that he was. Continuing to piddle in another one of his black and white speckled notebooks, Ken brings a collection for our discussion…titled, “Wearing Johnny’s Shirt.”


January 18, 2019 Show

Author, Dr. John House

A native Georgian, House received his BS from North Georgia College and his MD from the Medical College of Georgia. He completed further training at Memorial Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia.

John House served four years in the US Army, including a tour in Vietnam with the First Cavalry Division, which gives his novels, Rancor and Uncommon Bond (Argus Publishing) much authenticity and realism. Dr. House creates his novels from his vast personal experiences. He is actively involved in family medicine and previously spent time in sports, prison, and urgent care medicine. He has traveled extensively, including mission trips to Belize, and has sailed and scuba dived in the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Belize. He spends many weekends hiking in the Appalachian Mountains with ‘Tall Guy’, a companion well versed in nature.

His early writing included published poetry and he also won prizes for short fiction. His first two novels So Shall You Reap and Choices were written with locations based in Northern and Coastal Georgia. Trail of Deceit (Limitless Publishing) is his third novel and is based on his knowledge and love of nature, set on the Appalachian Trail. Dr. House brings Uncommon Bond for our discussion of his work. 


January 11, 2019 Show

Dianne Dent Wilcox

Award winning writer, historian, and professor Dianne Dent Wilcox wrote her way up in the Georgia Patchwork Magazine from simple stories to a photographic history in 2013.

Growing up in Macon, she live there while launching a 159 county odyssey to capture her state in pictures.

Currently the Chair of Humanities Division at Georgia Military College, she talks with us about her work and her book, Georgia Patchwork.

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January 4, 2019 Show

 “Looking Forward” with Doug

What’s passed is past and what’s coming ain’t here yet….it’s all what we make of it ! A big ‘ole shiny New Year is ours for the taking, or “how to survive two years of Pelosi.”

2019 and all it can mean for writers, readers, and those in between !

Please wear your hard-hat to this one…observations will be made and opinions expressed !


December 28, 2018 Show

Author Jaclyn Weldon White

Jackie is a former police officer, detective and administrator for a large metro Atlanta juvenile court. She has eight books and numerous articles, which have appeared in local and regional magazines, to her credit. Two of her books have become Mercer Press bestsellers.

She brings her latest novel, “The Witch of Ben Hill County,” a tale of life and crime, in gated, active-adult senior community. It’s a fast-moving mix of suspense, humor and romance that proves over 55 doesn't mean over the hill!


December 21, 2018 Show

Author Terry Barr

Professor of English and Creative Writing at Presbyterian College in Clinton, S.C., Dr. Barr is from Bessemer, Alabama. He wrote his first book, “Don’t Date Baptists and Other Warnings from my Alabama Mother”, from a collection of essays centered on growing up there.

He has been published in such journals as The Museum of Americana, Blue Lyra Review, Steel Toe Review, Belle Reve Literary Journal, and South Writ Large, amongst many others. In 2015 he was nominated by Red Truck Review for the Best of the Net Award.

Receiving his B.A. from the University of Montevallo in central Alabama, Barr went on to pursue an M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee where he focused on Modern Literature and Film Studies. He first began writing nonfiction because his imagination kept being interrupted by memories.

His second book, “We Might As Well Eat: How to Survive Tornadoes, Alabama Football, and Your Southern Family,” Nonfiction essays about the author's life growing up in Bessemer, Alabama, are blended with his love of good food, family, and Alabama football. The essays reflect on questions of identity and survival amidst family drama, natural disasters, and divided loyalties. As the title tells us, when all else fails, eating is the way to bring everyone together.

Dr. Barr brings his latest book for our discussion. 


December 14, 2018 Show

Author Marlene Ratledge Buchanan

Former teacher and risk student counselor in Gwinnett County Schools, Marlene came to the realization that “life is hard.” Even our best days it can be cluttered with unpleasant decisions or things one must do.

She began to write essays that were an off-beat and off-tilt look at life. At a book launch party, she happened to meet a local newspaper publisher who asked her about writing a column. “Hey Y’all” was born and lead to her considering a book.

That book, “Life is Hard. Soften It With Laughter” is the result and we’re getting a early peek at this next Friday.

Marlene bring her book to the show for our discussion and information on how we can get this soon to be best-seller.



December 7, 2018 Show

Author Jim McGraw

Georgia born and educated through his BS degree from Georgia State, Jim McGraw added to his education with a Masters of History from California State University in 1997.

He served in the U.S. Navy Fleet Marine Force, Viet-Nam and was a combat wounded and decorated Marine Corpsman.

Jim was Producer of Technology Video for Georgia Institute of Technology video, "The R.O.A.D" aka Reach out and Development for broadband data services to rural Georgia. He also served as Technology Consultant for Delta Airlines, World Span, and Genuine Parts among others.

He began writing in 1968: song lyrics, poems, and prayers. In 2015 published his first book "Sky Diamonds", a autobiographical trilogy of my life (1945 to present). "Sky Diamonds" is a historical time machine into the 1940s, 50s,60s,70s till today; the age of "free love" and "hippies.”

He brings “Sky Diamond” for our discussion on the air.


November 30, 2018 Show

Author Kathy Wilson Florence

A freshman English teacher took note of Kathy Florence and bestowed the Creative Writing Award to her at Honor’s Day. She claims it was her first and only academic award, but the tone-setting validation, was not taken lightly. Her career path took her to Feature Writing, Brochure Copy, Speech Writing, Magazine and Newspaper Features, and pitch-perfect sales copy for the real estate world she shares with husband. Creatively, she honed her craft with the “Johnny Journal,” a tongue-in-cheek, oddly humorous newsletter distributed via the bathrooms in Midtown Atlanta’s Colony Square —long before Midtown was hipster cool. She also has, to her credit, a 16-year stint as a weekly columnist for Dunwoody, Georgia’s Crier Newspapers.

Author of three books. Novels, “Jaybird’s Song,” and “Three of Cups,” along with, “You’ve Got a Wedgie Cha Cha Cha,” some of her favorite columns from “Over the Picket Fence.”

Her second novel, "Three of Cups,” is drawing rave reviews from readers. Kathy brings that novel for our discussion.


November 23, 2018 Show

Your Host Doug Dahlgren

It’s gift giving time again and through all the great writers I’ve met over the years I have some great gift ideas for you.

Books, of course. Oh, I might throw in a comment or two along the way. But the season is the reason and I’m thankful you guys are listeners.

Join me for an hour of fun and suggestions for great reading through-out 2019.


November 16, 2018 Show

Author Eliot Parker

The author of five novels, Eliot currently teaches writing and literature at Mountwest Community and Technical College in Huntington, West Virginia. Winner of the West Virginia Literary Merit Award, he was the 2016 Finalist for the Southern Book Prize in Thrillers for “Fragile Brilliance.” He also received the Bronze Award from the National Literary Habitat organization for mystery/thriller writing. Eliot hosts the television program, “Chapters,” across the Armstrong Television Network, which profiles authors, editors, and publishers in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

He brings his fifth novel, “A Knife's Edge” to our show for discussion.


November 9, 2018 Show

Author Claire Hertzler

With degrees from Mercer University, Southwestern Seminary, and Georgia State University, Claire has worked in education, both public and Christian, and worked in volunteer services administration. She was one of the first activists fighting human trafficking in Atlanta, Georgia, and remains involved with stopping this heinous activity.

Growing up in Greene County, Georgia, she was very familiar with Wyatt, The Sheriff of that area who was and is a true legend. Claire wrote her story about Wyatt after over 30 oral interviews and reading many newspaper accounts of the sheriff.

Honing her craft by writing a blog, her articles have been published in many magazines through the Southeast.

She brings her book, “The High Sheriff of Greene,” to our discussion of her work.


November 2, 2018 Show

Jay Beck

Author and Political Consultant

Getting his start in politics by stuffing envelopes for John F. Kennedy with Hamilton Jordon. Jay also owned a advertising company that did media and public relations for over 20 house and senate races in Georgia. He later worked on the campaigns of George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Richard Gephardt, and Ross Perot. Internationally, he was a consultant in Panama and Greece, experience that generated two books, novels about his time and the political activities in those countries. An Air Force veteran with a Bronze Star, he retired as a Captain in 1970. Since then, Jay has been a TV producer, Deputy Assistant to the President, a campaign manager for several notable campaigns. He currently heads Beck Communications Group, a marketing and communications firm working with The Carter Center, The PGA Tour, Georgia Cancer Coalition, and Whittle Communications. He has worked with folks like James Carville, David Axelrod, Jim Messina, and Paul Begala on the democratic side, and Paul Manafort, Frank Luntz, and Sal Russo among others.

Jay and I will discuss his book, Panama’s Rusty Lock, A Story of the 1984 Presidential Election. Have a cup of coffee ready, sit back, and enjoy this one !


October 26, 2918 Show

Jeannine Bernardi

Growing up in upstate New York, Jeannine loved to write. She wrote poems, stories and plays. Her love of poetry carried into college as she studied to be a nurse. Her job as a traveling nurse brought her to Colorado where she met her husband and they began their family. Jeannine says those three children continue to teach her life’s true lesson each and every day. In 2014, tragedy struck in the form of the loss of a close neighbor’s six year old child. Her own children were seven, six, and three at the time. “They were confused, sad and at times felt guilt.”

Her picture book, A Friendship Forever, takes children through the feelings often associated with grief, without the mention of death. It’s about loss, and loss can come wearing many disguises. Divorce, military deployment, a friend moving, even the unthinkable, a parent going to jail. Beautifully illustrate by neighbor, artist, Rob Hay, this book concentrates on dealing with loss of all types.

Jeannine joins me to discuss this unique children’s picture book and the many ways it helps explain the unexplainable through story and paintings.


October 19, 2018 Show

Ann J. Temkin

Ordained Protestant Minister, Ann J. Temkin was born half Jewish and half Gentile. Her personal spiritual journey lead her to the convent where she became a Catholic nun. That journey, from childhood on, was marked with hard questions and dissatisfying answers. Still, she sought the Living God. Working with the oppressed, the marginalized, and the “invisible,” she fought for social justice in the Civil Rights Movement. Her career found itself in psychotherapy and to the robes of the ministry.

Her book, The Smoking Nun is a memoir of her journey and those she encountered along the way. A story that could be taken from today’s headlines, this book will enlighten and mesmerize the reader.

Ann joins me for a discussion of her book and the life that led to it. 


October 12, 2018 Show

Author Nicole Banks

Nicole loves the summer, coffee and music. She enjoys being goofing and find Sarcasm is her form of communication. Lacking any semblance of tact, she chooses to tell it how it is, especially in her writing.

Born and raised in Queens, NY. She’s always loved reading and is known as a great story teller with an over active imagination. She could be found with a book or journal in her hand at all times.
She goes around with her headphones on because, “everything that happens in my life should have a soundtrack to it.”

She published her first book Shattered in 2013. Nicole brings her novel Tesoro for our discussion. 


October 5, 2018 Show

Julius Thompson

Born in Statham, Georgia, Julius grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York. He attended Bushwick High School and City College of New York where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. Thompson became a full-time sportswriter with The Philadelphia Bulletin from 1971 to 1982.

After moving back to Metro Atlanta, where he currently resides, Julius teaches British Literature, American Literature, and Creative Writing courses at Redan High School as well as more Writing courses at Emory University during the evening.

His first book, A Brownstone in Brooklyn, was published in 2001. Philly Style and Philly Profile followed in 2007 and the third of his trilogy, The Ghost of Atlanta came out in 2009.

That third novel, Ghost of Atlanta, won the 2011 National Gold Medal for General Fiction from Readers Favorite. 


September 28, 2018 Show

Author Chris Manion

Pittsburgh, PA native, Chris Manion refers to herself as a perennial student. In music for one thing. After retiring from her direct selling business, three years ago, she took up the cello. It’s her fourth instrument, she preceded the cello with Piano, guitar, and violin.

Besides music, she writes stories, poetry, and blogs that have been featured in newspapers and magazines.

She says her words are her paint, clay and even cloth for weaving and songs for singing.

In her first book, God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul, she uses similes and metaphors to look for Jesus in the everyday.

Join us as we discuss her life and her award winning book. 


September 21, 2018 Show

Author Angie Gallion

Angie’s writings often deal with personal growth through tragedy or trauma. She enjoys exploring complex relationships. Many of those set against the backdrop of addiction or mental illness. She began writing her story of Alison Hayes. A girl who walked into her storm darkened trailer the evening of her fifteenth birthday to find her alcoholic mother is passed out, having been fired from yet another job. The most stable, of the revolving-door men that they've ever had, is looking for a way out, and Alison just wants to be clean. She can't remember the last time anything good had happened to her. If the train still passed through her town, she would definitely be on the wrong side of the tracks.

“Intoxic” the first of Angie’s series centered on Alison Hayes, and she bring her award winning book to our discussion. 


September 14, 2018 Show

Author Alex Walker

An experienced author and historian, with the 28 chapter historical documentary, “From Our Past”, and other magazine articles as tune ups, Alex started his hugely successful series, “Toltec”, with the book of that same name.

Mixing history with science fiction, fact with speculation, these novels are exciting page turners.

The series began with “Toltec”, followed by “Cuzco”, “Zenox”, and now “Runes.”

Alex comes back to our program to talk about the latest of the series and the books in between.

Join us for a great conversation.


September 7, 2018 Show

Author Kathryn Lane


Just returned from another successful weekend at Killer Nashville with other great writers, Kathryn is back to talk about he first novel, “Waking Up in Medellin.” Kathryn Lane spent two decades as an international finance executive and represented a multinational corporation, traveling to over 90 countries.  Having an original love for the arts, she was an oil painter before studying finance, Kathryn turned to writing fiction. Her first visit with us was to discuss her then, latest release, “Coyote Zone.” She returns to talk with us about the book that started it all. Join us for a fun hour with this terrific writer.


August 31, 2018 Show

Author and Playwright Emory Jones

Emory has served in the Air Force and as publications manager for Gold Kist near his home in the North Georgia Mountains. In his time as the Southeastern editor for Farm Journal Magazine, Emory interviewed, and photographed farmers in over 50 states. He has been published in nearly every U.S. farm publication. He has written five other books, including Distant Voices: The Story of the Nacoochee Valley Indian Mound; a humorous history book, featuring local radio legend, Ludlow Porch, called Zipping Through Georgia on a Goat Powered Time Machine; White County 101 and Heart of a Co-op--The Habersham EMC story, and his highly praised novel, The Valley Where they Danced. “The Valley” was also writing as a very successful stage play last year. That prompted Emory to write both a new play and his new book, “Memories Etched in Pott’ry”, the story of Cheever Meaders. Enjoy us for a discussion of both the new book and this terrific new play.


August 24, 2018 Show

“Please enjoy this encore playing of my conversation with:

Author Jaclyn Weldon White.

Jackie is a former police officer, detective and administrator for a large metro Atlanta juvenile court. She has eight books and numerous articles, which have appeared in local and regional magazines, to her credit. Two of her books have become Mercer Press bestsellers.

She brings her latest novel, “The Witch of Ben Hill County,” a tale of life and crime, in gated, active-adult senior community. It’s a fast-moving mix of suspense, humor and romance that proves over 55 doesn't mean over the hill!


August 17, 2018 Show

Lisa Reinicke

Author and businesswoman,

Gifted storyteller, speaker, and philanthropist, Lisa Reinicke, author of four published children’s books, opened an old Air Force footlocker that had belonged to her father. Inside were letters. Letters he had written from his time in the service, to his wife back in Oklahoma. These letters told of a man his daughter didn’t know, not really. Nothing bad or anything to be ashamed of. Quite the opposite. Just details of the personal relationship between her parents. One that a child rarely sees or thinks about. This book was born from a question she asked herself. “Does a good man’s life end at his death?” The answer is not only for the author, but all who enjoy the book. “Football Flyboy” is about a good man with a good life who made a difference. Lisa Reinicke brings her story to our discussion.


August 10, 2018 Show

Tom Cosgrove

Photojournalist and author.

Over four decades in the news business has placed our guest in places from Major League Baseball’s spring training camps, to Bloody Sunday in Selma, ala. With Mel Fisher when he discovered the Atocha, and in Memphis on that day in 1968. He has covered funerals of Bobby Kennedy, Carl Sandburg and been on the campaign trail with George Wallace. He was “On the Road” with Charles Kuralt and covered every manner of freak show up to the Attica Prison riot.

After his long career, Tom stepped back to look at where he been taken and decided to write it down.

The results are a book for that we can all enjoy. Reliving history from the perspective of one who was there.

“It’s News to Me – A View Through the Lens of a Camera” will offer a new look at events you remembered hearing and watching on TV.


August 3, 2018 Show

Author Susan Lindsley

Soon after receiving her B.A. degree, summa cum laude, from Mercer University, Susan began her writing career as a reporter for the Macon News. She wrote feature articles as well as news items. Her interest in writing had begun well before then, back in grammar school where she also loved her study of biology.

She wrote professionally at the Macon News (a daily), the Raytheon Manufacturing Co., the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Research Laboratory of Electronics), and at the Centers for Disease Control. At MIT, she wrote and edited the first paper on laser beams and the first on telemetry. She an article published in The Georgia Journal about a famed Atlanta writer, "Margaret Mitchell: A Portrait" (February/March 1983). Her interests run from Wildlife to Politics and she has written about all.

Her novel, “When Darkness Fell” won a Next Generation Book Award in 2016. Susan brings that book to our discussion of her work.


July 27, 2018 Show

Author Paul Sinor

Paul Sinor is a published novelist and a produced screenwriter. He has written scripts for eight feature length films. He is also the author of the Johnny Morocco Mystery Series set in Atlanta, GA. in the early 1950's. His main character is a P.I. who works out of a pool room. Paul also writes a contemporary, mystery series featuring his character, Max Maxwell. The series is set in a small town north of Seattle, WA. He brings to our discussion a Johnny Morocco mystery, “The Wrath of the Dixie Mafia.” A dead man is found lying on a pool table, with only the rack boy in the building. Thomas, that unfortunate rack boy, would be the prime suspect. Deciding to help Thomas, Johnny finds himself caught between emerging crime syndicates in Atlanta, Miami, and the casinos controlled by Myer Lansky in Havana. Detective Sergeant Jack Brewer is also looking for both the killer, and a pot load of money the dead man was supposed to be carrying. Morocco must use all his training and instincts to protect not only himself but Thomas as well. If he fails, they both will suffer the Wrath of The Dixie Mafia.


July 20, 2018 Show

Author Chad Boles

Atlanta Financial Advisor, Chad Boles, has written an exciting novel with a warning signal for metropolitan areas across the country. In this world, Mass Transit Taxes, Sports Stadiums, and unfunded pensions are steered toward a collision with default by corrupt politicians.

This novel uncovers the “Blinded Authority” that can lead to a Great Financial Recession. Characters you may not know, but certainly know of, are exposed by their double dealing ways and a societal meltdown that nobody saw coming. The loss of control takes the reader on a wild thrill ride of mistakes, corruption and financial chaos.

Chad Boles comes from the world of confusing headlines and challenging markets. His understanding of the financial marketplace offers his readers insight into that dangerous territory through an exciting novel. A subject you thought you weren’t interested in…until you start learning about “Blinded Authority.”


July 13, 2018 Show

Author Debra Bowling

This University of Alabama Graduate has degrees in Social Work and Criminal Justice. This naturally led to work in the community with issues such as domestic violence, runway teens, child abuse, and other areas. Debra also found time to write articles and stories, take photographs, and produce video documentaries. One such work, the documentary, “Walking Without Music: Raymond Andrews and the Storyteller’s Tradition,” was purchased by Emory University to include with Andrew's papers and books in a special collection. She was awarded a grant in 1991 to complete “Three Southern Writers,” video documentaries of authors Tina McElroy Ansa, Terry Kay, and Sara Flannigan.

Her first novel tells a story of escape and survival. A child with unstable parents seeks comfort with her grandmother and an old Brownie camera. This award winning book will draw you in and hold your attention to the end.

The title is “The Memory of Flight,” and Debra brings it and her other work for our discussion.


July 6, 2018 Show


Author Linda Hughes

One of our favorites returns with another in her series of terrific mysteries. Award winning writer, Linda Hughes is a native of Michigan and has visited Mackinac Island since she was a youngster. She now writes about her beloved Island in the second book of her “Secrets Trilogy,” “Secrets of the Island.”

Set during WWII, the story bring us a family with generations of secrets. Dark secrets in the Sullivan family’s case. A Red Cross nurse comes to the Island seeking solace from a tragedy and a lost.

A book readers hated to see end. “Secrets of the Island,” is one you don’t want to miss. 



June 29, 2018 Show

Author Mary Anne Edwards

Texas born and Georgia raised, Mary Anne is life-long fan of great mystery writers like Agatha Christie, Anne Perry, Caroline Graham, and Elizabeth Peters. According to her, their voices rang in her head with ideas for mysteries of her own. Her mama instilled in her the love of books and writing. She grew up thinking it was normal to have your nose in a book and a pen in your hand. A few years ago she gave in to those voices and tackled the task of bringing a new character to the pages of a novel. Detective Charlie McClung sprang forth and in four years has entertained Mary Anne’s readers in five novels. A great, if somewhat shy, community volunteer, Mary Anne offers this one admonition to those around her. “ It’s best that you don’t annoy me. I may put you in one of my books and kill you.”

She brings her third Charlie McClung novel, “Criminal Kind”, to our show for discussion. 


June 22, 2018 Show

Author Wendy Weiss

Originally from around Boston, Wendy and her husband relocated to Southwest Florida after her three sons were raised. A Masters prepared Registered Nurse with many years of experience in caring for patients, Wendy has worked with chronic conditions, including mental illness and addiction.

She is the author of thrillers and medical mysteries, and is pleased to bring us her debut thriller novel DETACHED. The story of a young girl diagnosed with Leukemia at age six, and was in and out of remission four times by age thirteen. Her father, a medical director who is plagued with severe panic attacks, learns about a new medication that has a high remission rate in adults with the same diagnosis. But the medication is not FDA approved for children. His desires to find a cure for his daughter's illness takes him on a unexpected, violent criminal path. One that tests the boundaries of his sanity.


June 15, 2018 Show

Author, editor, and teacher, Fran Stewart

Fran has written thirteen books, with four more on the way. 

Her includes the popular Scott Shop Mysteries and The Biscuit McKee Series.

Fran has also offered her talent to other writers, as an editor for their work. A good editor is the best help an author can get, helping to polish their books for added appeal to the readers.

Finding a good editor, and then the right one for you, is critical and we’ll discuss how you do that.

Our guest is currently teaching a class on writing memoirs, something that is becoming a “lost art” in our society. You won’t want to miss that discussion either.


June 8, 2018 Show

Richard Judy

Author and outdoorsman.

The Appalachian Trial is a 2,184 mile footpath Georgia to Maine. Many have hiked the total length or parts of it. Some started and lost to the elements or the rigors of the trail.

Those who complete the journey make up a brotherhood who love every step it took to make it THRU.

Richard Judy first hiked southbound, in 1973. A journey that inspired a dream he held for years. To capture in words, the essence of this great American adventure for others.

He completed that dream in 2014 with the publication of his novel, “THRU An Appalachian Trail Love Story.” That book was recognized with his nomination as Georgia Author of the Year in 2015.

Still a hiker and trail advocate, Richard and his children hike portions on his beloved pathway when they can. He bring his novel to our program for discussion.


June 1, 2018 Show

Bobby Nash.

Award winning Writer of novels, comic books, short stories, novellas, graphic novels, and the occasional screenplay for a variety of publishers, Bobby is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers and International Thriller Writers.

He has, on occasion appeared in movies and on T.V. Named Best Author in the 2013 Pulp Ark Awards he has been nominated for Best Novel in the 2018 Pulp Factory Awards.

He bring us “Snow Falls,” the first in his new series about an undercover operative, Abraham Snow.


May 25, 2018 Show

Author Grace Hawthorne

Award winning author, Grace Hawthorne, returns to our program with her newest historical fiction novel, “Thunder and White Lighting.”

Always rich with historical details, Grace brings us another period of time from the south’s past. The morphing of moonshine running into one of today’s most popular sporting events. Grand National Stock Car racing. Known nation-wide as NASCAR.

Join us when Grace is here live to talk about this latest novel.


May 18, 2018 Show

Author and Advocate Susie TenEyck

The author of numerous published books, Susie is a second-time contender for the Georgia Author of the Year Award. Her internationally acclaimed award-winning children's book, HERE I AM, was nominated BEST in CHILDREN'S CATEGORY and received the Mom’s Choice Award®. In addition, she won The Rise Award for Impeccable Advocacy for her support of people who have Down syndrome. She brings her current title, ABANDONED, which has been nominated BEST MEMOIR for the 2018 Georgia Author of the Year Awards. The story of her campaign against institutional abuse, family violence, and bullying reach millions. 


May 11, 2018 Show

Author/Journalist Jedwin Smith

Twice, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. His 36 year career in writing brought 57 awards, including Finalists for the Pulitzer Prize not once, but twice, in 1984 and 1986. Jedwin’s best-known work is his memoir, “My Brother’s Keeper.” The story of his search to bring justice, for a brother killed in action in the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. A memory that he suppressed for some thirty years before running into men from his brother’s company. He set out to find, and kill, the man who had killed his brother.

Jedwin’s writing is as solid as his determination, and his career in journalism is respected by readers and fellow writers alike. He has had numerous TV guest appearances on The History Channel, National Geographic Explorer, The Travel Channel, and The Discovery Channel.


May 4, 2018 Show

Author Amanda A. Brooks

The desert of Southern California has inspired author Amanda A. Brooks to write about her two favorite subjects, the old west and current event.

She does so in a combined way through her Brides of Diablo and Thunder Mountain Brides series. Now working on book number 22, with 23 and 24 not far behind, Amanda grew up an avid reader of romance and true crime novels. Writing since the age of fourteen, she first published herself in 2009.

We’ll discuss her work and her Southern California life. 


April 27, 2018 Show

Author and Talk Show Host, Pat Rullo

Nationally known speaker and coach in the banking and insurance industry, Pat has written books and magazine articles on business. She has authored a book about the hazards of hospital stays and how to avoid becoming an infection statistic. “Speak Up and Stay Alive” is The Patient Advocate, Hospital Survival Guide.

A national Radio talk Show Host since 2012, Pat talks with healthcare workers, authors, musicians and other persons of interest in a format she calls strictly “on demand.” We’ll talk with Pat about her book, her tips for surviving that hospital visit, and her talk show. 


April 20, 2018 Show

Author Barbara Duffey

Barbara was born in Maryland and grew up in Baltimore, where she obtained an RN degree from the Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1965. In 1979 she graduated from the University of Baltimore with a Bachelors of Arts in English and Creative Writing, cum laude. Her first hope was to write about her experiences raising a handicapped child who died at an early age. A move to Milledgeville, Georgia, where historic homes lined every block, she felt compelled to write about the local folklore and ghost tales of the town's historic figures. In 2015 she retired from a fifty year nursing career. After working in many medical facilities including Veterans Hospitals, she felt compelled to write Of Grace And Courage: Thornhill Veterans Hospital, 2017, a novel about the struggle between the dying veterans, angry overworked nurses, and the apathetic administration. She brings that novel to the table for discussion.  


April 13, 2018 Show

Author Doug Godsman

This native of Scotland was born on a sheep farm during World War II. He came to the U.S. by way of Canada. Doug has lived in California, Northern Arkansas and therefore refers to himself as a proper, “ScoCan-CalArkie”, or Scottish Canadian California Arkansan.

He began writing late in life but after a memoir has tackled the world of fiction and brings us, “Highland Justice,” the story of immigrants from Scotland at the turn of the twentieth century. 1904 to be exact.

Immigration was no easier back then than it is today. This story of men in positions of power + vulnerable women = rampant harassment and a great page turner.

We’ll speak to Doug from his home in NW Arkansas. 


April 6, 2018 Show

Author/Journalist Jedwin Smith

Twice, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. His 36 year career in writing brought 57 awards, including Finalists for the Pulitzer Prize not once, but twice, in 1984 and 1986. Jedwin’s best-known work is his memoir, “My Brother’s Keeper.” The story of his search to bring justice, for a brother killed in action in the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. A memory that he suppressed for some thirty years before running into men from his brother’s company. He set out to find, and kill, the man who had killed his brother.

Jedwin’s writing is as solid as his determination, and his career in journalism is respected by readers and fellow writers alike. He has had numerous TV guest appearances on The History Channel, National Geographic Explorer, The Travel Channel, and The Discovery Channel.


March 30, 2018 Show

Curtis Jordan

Author, retired Army veteran and licensed Respiratory Therapist, Curtis Jordan holds degrees in Network System’s Administration and Information Systems and Cyber Security.

The pressures of today’s society cause people to react to adversity, in what Curtis finds are two different ways. One is to go forward without excuses, resisting complaints and do the work required to move forward.

The other expects little, does even less, and constantly complains about everything.

He discusses his findings, and how to deal with them in his book, “This is How I Roll – Overcoming Cry Baby Habits to Conquer Frustrations at Work and in Life.”

Join to find out if you’re a Cry Baby or a Big Baby. It can make all the difference in your life.

On Facebook at authorcurtisjordan.


March 23, 2018 Show

Cal Duke

is a Publisher, Song Writer, and Author. Starting life looking straight up, Cal followed his dreams of music and promotion while developing his idea for a new class of publishing. Over four award winning decades he became the publisher of 541 full-color magazines for 68 diverse communities, primarily in Georgia and Alabama. This effort took up to 80 hours a week for years on end, logging over two million road miles, collecting long lists of friends, and years of memories.

What was left to do except write a memoir? And that, he did.

“Keep on Smilin’” could be described as American Graffiti with a side of grits. Where were you, in 62’. Or 72’ or 82’. This book will stir your memories as Cal talks about his. Join us on March 23rd and we’ll let Cal explain it all to us. 


March 16, 2018 Show

Author Dana Ridenour

Dana is a former undercover agent for the FBI. She earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in 1992 from Chase College of Law.

In 1995 she entered service with the FBI and served over twenty years, including a stint as an undercover, deep cover, agent focused on terrorism.

She writes what she knows and has been cleared by her former bosses. Inside knowledge must be screened because of her sensitive experience, but the stories are told with the vigor of one who lived in that world.

She bring us her second novel, “Beyond the Cabin,” a story where her main character, Lexie Montgomery, works to infiltrate a domestic terrorism group operating in the South Carolina Lowcountry. As Lexie struggles to gain acceptance, she soon realizes everything may not be as it seems in the Lowcountry.

Join us for a great discussion of inside the world of terrorism with one who has been there.


March 9, 2018 Show

Author and Natural Health Expert Gedalia Genin

Gedalia is a holistic healer using natural modalities such as energy healing , Ayurveda, essential oils , to help women reconnect with themselves on all levels - Body , Mind and Spirit. Her expertise lies in relieving stress, anxiety, depression , grief and loss- allowing women to feel unburdened , focused and empowered.

Her education includes a Ph.D. in Traditional Naturopathy- Natural Health and over 15 years’ experience in offering energy healing as well as teaching and consulting on women’s health.

Her book, “Enough Drugs I am a Woman and Can Heal Naturally” is a practical guide to feeling your best. Join us Friday, March 9th as we discuss her book and her method.


March 2, 2018 Show

Author Angela Kay

After studying writing at Augusta State University, Angela applied her new found craft to a playwriting contest. In 2009 she became one of a few winners across the country with her one-act play, “Digging Deeper.” She turned her talents to novels and bring us her first novel, “The Murder of Manny Grimes.” The tale of a police officer who hears about a dead body from three young, school boys. His investigation finds no body, no evidence and no crime. Twist and turns lead the reader through this page-turning mystery. Published by ThomasMax Publishing.


February 23, 2018 Show

Author Susan Crawford

Having grown-up in the Miami area, Susan read mysteries in a hammock and kindled her love for English. She studied at the University of Miami, receiving her B.A. in English before life led her to New York, Boston, and eventually Atlanta. She and her husband raised three daughters there while she taught adult classes in the area. Susan’s first book was picked-up by Harper Collins Publishers and has taken the literary world by storm.

The Pocket Wife tells of a neurotic, bi-polar, woman who learns her neighbor is dead and she was possible the last one to see her alive. This gripping tale of suspense will keep you on your toes and turning pages.


February 16, 2018 Show

Author Kathryn Lane

Former international finance executive, Kathryn Lane, spent two decades and traveled to over 90 countries working with a multinational corporation. Having an original love for the arts, she was an oil painter before studying finance, Kathryn turned to writing fiction.

Her first novel, Waking Up in Medellin, won awards at Killer Nashville in both Adult Suspense and Mystery category in 2017.

She brings her second of this new series, Coyote Zone to our show for discussion.


February 9, 2018 Show

Author Lindsey P. Brackett

Lindsey loves words, always has. She has romantic, pithy words hung up all around her house. She likes to string some of them together to tell stories. She is quite good at that. Lindsey makes memories from her words, and images that people see in their minds. A devote Christian, Lindsey believes The Lord told her to “just write life.” So that she does.

Besides her newsletters and blog post, she has written a novel titled “Still Waters.” It’s the story of a girl asked to spend time at a place filled with bad memories. The request, from her grandmother, is one she cannot turn down. What happens is great storytelling.

Lindsey joins us to discuss this, her first novel and why you should have a copy in your library.

And, according to my wife, everyone should.


February 2, 2018 Show

Author David Butler.

A thirty year career in the Florida Justice System gave this folksy writer plenty to write about. His first book was a collection of his blogged stories and the second novel, “Ellaville”, investigated 60 year old bones found in a shallow grave. His newest novel, “Signal Six”, follows the day to day efforts of the men and women who work inside the correctional facilities and what can, and too often does, go wrong. When that happens, the call goes out. One that sends chills through every employee of the department, “Signal Six.” David joins me at 11am to discuss this new book. Be there ! 


January 26, 2018 Show

Author Lynn Hesse.

2016 Georgia Author of the Year nominee and first place winner, 2015 Oak Tree Press Contest, Cop Tales, for “Well of Rage,” Lynn brings her latest novel, “Another Kind of Hero” for discussion.

Her career in law enforcement gives her a solid background for writing crime novels. Her books and short plays focus on forgiveness after traumatic events.

In “Another Kind of Hero,” the Kendall sisters have a plan, but as in life, not all goes as planned. Drugs, money laundering, family loyalty, and working at the Pic-N-Pay make for an exciting story that will keep the pages turning.

Join us for a great discussion of this new novel from Lynn Hesse.


January 19, 2018 Show

Author Jaclyn Weldon White.

Jackie is a former police officer, detective and administrator for a large metro Atlanta juvenile court. She has eight books and numerous articles, which have appeared in local and regional magazines, to her credit. Two of her books have become Mercer Press bestsellers.

She brings her latest novel, “The Witch of Ben Hill County,” a tale of life and crime, in gated, active-adult senior community. It’s a fast-moving mix of suspense, humor and romance that proves over 55 doesn't mean over the hill!


January 12, 2018 Show

Author and renowned musician, Bob Fraumann.

Bob has performed in Carnegie Hall with Leonard Bernstein, been the featured Performer for the 2010 National Day of Prayer Breakfast for the President of the United States and Cabinet, members of Congress, and Published a book about his life of 57 years with his wife Jan, her message of hope and influence.

He brings that book, God’s Blessed Angel, and news of his current work to our show.


January 5, 2018 Show

Doug Dahlgren

begins this new year with a look back and a look forward. He talks about the beginning, his books and where we’re headed.

Guests include the Founder and CEO of ArtistFirst Radio, Scott Zelasko,

author of the Longmire series, Craig Johnson,

and front man for the musical group, The Ohio Weather Band ( and Doug’s original show engineer ), Mr. Corey King.

Join us for a fun hour !

Back to regular programming, next week !!


December 29, 2017 Show

Lynne Barfield Byrd.

Lynne is the author of three books. She has a B.A. in Anthropology, a Masters in Historic Preservation, and two other Associate Degrees.

Her passion is senior education and she brings her newest book, “It’s Never Too Late To Graduate,” for our discussion. r



December 22, 2017 Show

Where is Santa? Stay tuned for The Doug Dahlgren Christmas Special


December 15, 2017 Show

Author T. K. Calhoun.

A native Atlantan, T.K. learned to love poetry in elementary school. A football player in both high school and college, The University of Virginia, he had to give that up after his third concussion. Turning his attention to “doors off the hinges parties,” he somehow managed degrees from University of Georgia, Western and Trinity. A professor and football coach at Atlanta’s Westminster High School, he began to think about what all he had seen in the 1950. Even considering a book based on the events. After surviving life’s wild ride, he finally took on the book project and he brings us, “Atlanta Jeb.”


December 8, 2017 Show

Christy Breedlove.

is a Texas native who moved to Georgia to start her family. Working in a middle school is a fertile ground for novel ideas.

Christy began writing with two blogs, one about pets, titled HissyKnits, and the other on Catholic Parenting Now. A contributing writer to the Walton Living Magazine and Catholic 365, she began writing short stories that have appeared in various anthologies.

She writes with snarky wit and humor and brings us her new novel, When Lightning Strikes. Join us for a fun conversation with this talented and gifted writer.


December 1, 2017 Show

Author J. L. Robb

brings his conclusion to his great series, The End The Book. A one-time non-believer, J.L. has not only changed his outlook on the teachings of the Bible, he’s written an exciting tale of what-well-could-be. After six years and six books covering the exploits of Jeffrey Ross, the stories are brought to a Biblical end. Fans of this series will be interested in where J.L. goes from here. Join us for a discussion of the new book, Part Six, and the entire series as J.L. sits down with us for the hour.


November 24, 2017 Show

Alan J. Sanders

Writer, actor, producer, radio personality, and entrepreneur, Alan J. Sanders is becoming a nationally know entity, having sub's for Herman Cain on his syndicated radio show through Atlanta's WSB Radio and his own program on Cartersville's WBHF Radio 1450. Alan is active in the acting community and runs AJS Productions, a web design and logo firm serving the southeastern United States. His blog, Freedom Cocktail, written with blog partner, Eric Wojciechowsk, is a popular and often referenced on-line information site.



November 17, 2017 Show

Author Rosemarie Perry

who retired from school guidance counseling to write.

She bring us her children’s book, “My Dog, Me,” where a young man switched places with his dog, literally.

Rosemarie is also finishing her adult novel, “Bitter Sugar,” which has a much more mature theme. She’ll tell us about that and other works she has in store.


November 10, 2017 Show

Author Linda Sands.

Georgia Author of the Year 2016, brings her novel, Grand Theft Cargo.

Jojo Boudreaux is a badass. She’s a trucker with an attitude. With her co-driver Tyler Boone, they navigate their big-rig, Ole Blue, from coast to coast.

Life in a custom Peterbilt sounds like fun for these two. One, who has never had a real home, the other, a Louisiana tomboy who stores her guns in the oven.

This docile setting is perfect for a secretive highwayman, explosive house bombs, singing telegrams, flaming mice, secret cancer drugs, dead truckers, and enough crashes and car chases to remind you these road cowboys have no qualms crossing the zipper to walk the dog in the hammer lane.

Her readers agree, it’s a thrill-ride with plenty of action and…it’s the start of a series.


November 3, 2017 Show

Katie Hart Smith.

 author and journalist, bring us her newest novel, Hope Never Rests.

The second book in Katie’s Sacred Heart series, follows Addie Engel, a nursing student who falls into the world of 1914 corruption at the Sacred heart Hospital in Atlanta. A Great War is on the horizon and already illness and homelessness are at an all-time high.

Katie is a nurse herself and her research and experience combine to offer a gripping story that will keep you turning pages.

Join us for a discussion of Hope Never Rests.


October 27, 2017 Show

Author M. L. Ruscsak.

brings, The New Reign, her first in the “Of Lite and Darke” series.

After near tragedy struck Melisa's health in summer of 2011, she would need the use of a cane to get around.  Suffering a stroke, she required a craniotomy, and then suffered her second stroke. That left her with a partial impairment of her speech, and weakness on her right side. After surgery, she would need to learn not only to walk again but speak as well as recognize the alphabet. Despite all she has been through, Melisa has taken to storytelling through her novels.

Join us for an interesting conversation about her life and her fantasy books.


October 20, 2017 Show

Stephanie C. Holmes, M.A.

Author of “Confessions of a Christian Counselor - How infertility and autism grew my faith. “

Our guest is an ordained minister and credentialed counselor. In 2004, Stephanie’s eldest daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

She turned her role as a counselor toward Individual Educational Programs, 504 Educational Plans, and understanding how to help “special needs” children in the classroom.

Her book, covers her personal struggles and triumphs as both a mother and practical advice to those in similar situations.

Stephanie’s inscription to me, in my copy of her book, declares, “There is Hope !”

Join us and hear from her, whether you know someone dealing with autism or not, this is a inspirational story you’ll want to know about.


October 13, 2017 Show

 Boo Newell.

Psychic and medium

She brings her book, “Between the Realms – What Ghosts Teach us about Life and Death.”

Boo is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and operates the successful and highly regarded, Decatur Ghost Tour.

October is, needless to say, her time of year.

At first fearful of spirits, she has gained understanding of them as she grew. She is a much sought after

Lecturer and teacher of the spiritual/metaphysical realm.

Join us for an enlightening discussion.


October 6, Show

Doug is away on a personal appearance this week.  We will play for you a re-broadcast of a popular show we had recently. An interview with literary agent, Cherry Weiner.  Enjoy this informative interview from last July. Doug will return next Friday with another live program.

Literary Agent, Cherry Weiner.

In business herself, as an agent to authors, since 1977, Cherry has represented authors in most every genre’ other than non-fiction.  Her client list currently includes some 40 to 45 active writers in varying markets.  Australian by birth, Cherry moved to the U.S. when she got married. She opened her own agency at the insistence of former clients from an agency she had left.

Cherry and I discuss the publishing business and she will be responding to questions, you the audience, send in to me. Do that through email to :

Cherry does not currently have a website, but you can look her up through Google and on Facebook.


September 29, 2017 Show

Author Sharon Marchisello.

Inspired by her own Mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, Sharon turned her concerns and talents to paper, writing a novel with the terrible disease as a villain. The heroine of the story, schedules a routine check on her elderly Mom, only to find the woman standing over a bludgeoned body. It is October of 2001 and the events of 9/11 have amplified the mother’s memory loss. Is this a killer without a memory, or someone who happened upon the scene at the wrong time. She is unable to tell what, if anything, she knows.

The novel is, “Going Home.”


September 22, 2017 Show

Author and Doctor William Rawlings.

Dr. Rawlings makes his third trip to our show with his newest book, The Strange Journey of the Confederate Constitution and Other Stories from Georgia’s Historical Past.  A great collection of articles and essays by William Rawlings with historical facts that will surprise you.  Topics include Jefferson Davis, The Great Yazoo Fraud, the boil weevil and the cotton gin.  In a time when society is looking at its history and what to do about it…a great book for lessons we may have forgotten.  Join Dr. Rawlings for a discussion of this book and its impact.


September 15, 2017 Show

Shirley B. Garrett

Author and Doctor of Psychology. Shirley has practiced in the fields of mental health and substance abuse for over twenty-six years.

Her writing is knowledgeable and sympathetic. Dr. Garrett writes in different genre’s; self-help, non-fiction and fiction. She brings us her novel, “Hot Flash Divas,” a quirky look at four southern women who handle life’s challenges while dealing with hot flashes and “cranky bladders.” These “Divas” encounter mishaps and adventures enough to keep the reader turning pages through laughter and tears. Join us to learn more about this writer and her books.


September 8, 2017 Show

Author Michael W. Paul.

Mike brings his memoir of growing up, “The Bridge Over Cedar Creek.” At fifteen, rudderless Mike is invited to spend a summer in Colorado.

The trip in itself is a life lesson, but what he learns once there, sets a stage for the rest of his life.

Learning to be a man or suffer the consequences is a turning point for many of us. For young Mike Paul, that included helping to build a bridge that still stands today, some 57 years later. A coming of age story that will touch your heart.

“The Bridge Over Cedar Creek.”


September 1, 2017 Show

Author Jonathan Gould

will visit The Doug Dahlgren Show for an hour long discussion of his latest biographical work, “Otis Redding, An Unfinished Life.”

Known internationally for his in-depth research and attention to detail, Gould first came into prominence in 2007 with “Can’t Buy Me Love,” a book called, “everything you’d ever want to know” about the Beatles.

Jonathan worked with Otis’ widow, Zelma and others to capture the man who was, the King of Soul.

Fresh from appearances on Don Imus and The View, Jonathan joins Doug for a conversation, Friday, September 1st…here on ArtistFirst Radio.”


August 25, 2017 Show

Author Roger Johns

joins us to discuss his debut novel, Dark River Rising.

This Louisiana born author served as a corporate lawyer and college professor, the latter for almost two decades.

Roger was on the editorial staffs of several academic publications, as well as winning awards for teaching and scholarly writing.

He brings his talent and experience to us through this novel, the first of more to come, of murder and treachery in the swamps of Louisiana.


August 18, 2017 Show

Outdoorsman and author, Duncan Dobie

A full-time outdoor writer and photographer for more than 30 years. He is one of America's best-known whitetail authors. His stories and photographs have appeared in numerous books, magazines and newspapers across the country. He was a regular contributor to North American Whitetail magazine for more than 25 years.

Duncan bring his book about the man who was the most famous forest ranger to never wear a uniform. The man who brought white-tailed deer back to the North Georgia Mountains. Ranger Arthur Woody was a larger-than-life character who dedicated his life to helping others in his community during the very difficult economic times of the Great Depression.

Join Duncan and myself, for a great discussion of the man, the legend, and Duncan Dobie’s great new book: Arthur Woody and The Legend of the Barefoot Ranger.


August 11, 2017 Show

Author, Bryan M. Powell

Bryan brings his novel, “Sisters of the Veil.” The story of a former Marine turned architect tasked with a job he’d never considered.

To build one of the largest Mosque in Michigan. Conflict and romance, prejudice, and hate fill the pages of this novel inspired by contemporary events. The first of a three book series, “Sisters of the Veil,” introduces Jared Russell as Bryan’s main character.



August 4, 2017 Show

Author Linda Hughes

Linda returns to the show to take us back nearly one hundred years. Three women are bound by the story of a missing boy.

One, the child’s sister, an Indian fortune teller, and the boy’s mother, who has been in an Asylum since the disappearance.

It’s been fifteen years of untangling lies in the era of bootlegging and speakeasies to get to the truth.

Linda’s novel is titled, Secrets of the Asylum. Join us for the discussion.


July 28, 2017 Show

Author Janet Kole

Janet practiced law for 30 years with both large law firms and, for five years, her own environmental law boutique. She started writing stories for her family at age 5. She started publishing her work in the 1960s, as a feature reporter for the newspaper. She has written for Ms. magazine, New Times, Penthouse and Harper’s Bazaar before becoming a lawyer. Upon retiring from the practice of law, she began a new career as a writer. Janet brings, to our discussion, her latest novel, The Smell of Money: An Odd Fellows Mystery.

Janet spends her time between Pennsylvania and Maryland, and winters in Florida.


July 21, 2017 Show

Author and playwright, Emory Jones.

Emory’s novel, “The Valley Where They Danced,” continues to be a huge hit regionally and growing nationally. The 2014 book was noticed by the North Georgia Theater at Piedmont College, in Demorest, Georgia, and they approached Emory about rewriting his story for the stage.  With input from experts at the school, the play was produced and performed before sell-out crowds at every show for its nine performance run this spring.  Emory will join us to discuss the process and the issues with turning a novel into a stage play.  The novel is now available in paperback, along with the original hardcover and kindle versions.


July 14, 2017 Show

Literary Agent, Cherry Weiner.

In business herself, as an agent to authors, since 1977, Cherry has represented authors in most every genre’ other than non-fiction.  Her client list currently includes some 40 to 45 active writers in varying markets.  Australian by birth, Cherry moved to the U.S. when she got married. She opened her own agency at the insistence of former clients from an agency she had left.

Cherry and I discuss the publishing business and she will be responding to questions, you the audience, send in to me. Do that through email to :

Cherry does not currently have a website, but you can look her up through Google and on Facebook.


July 7, 2017 Show

Author T. M. Brown

a teacher, preacher, and football coach who has written a novel of suspense centered in a small southern town.

A newly retired executive and his wife leave the big city behind only to find more challenges as he investigates some tragic events from long ago.

This is Coach Brown’s first novel.


June 30, 2017 Show

Author Darden North, MD

Finally, a doctor whose writing you can read. Board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, practicing at Jackson Healthcare for Women in Flowood, Mississippi, Darden North is the author of five novels.

His second book, Points of Origin, won the prestigious IPPY Award for Southern Fiction in 2007. He bring us his fifth mystery thriller, The Five Manners of Death. When a construction worker unearths a human skull on the campus of the University of Mississippi dating to the 1960s, an older woman’s desperate attempt to erase history counts down the five manners of death. A keeps you guessing, page turner.

Tune in and join us !


June 23, 2017 Show

Author Gerald Gillis

Gerald Gillis has written four major novels concerning the military and the business world. His latest takes us back to the Civil War and that battlefield area known by the combatants as, “That Deadly Space.”

A young Confederate officer goes against the wishes of his family to fight for the South. He meets and is befriended by General John Brown Gordon who grooms him for command in the Confederate Army.

Follow Conor Rafferty through the war and his touches with fate in “That Deadly Space.” An inspiring story of courage amidst the horrors of war.


June 16, 2017 Show

Author Fran Stewart

Fran is a self-proclaimed, slow learner. For years, she ignored her dream of writing murder mysteries. Then found out that ignoring your dreams not only gets you nowhere, it can get you into trouble with your body and with your entire being. Once she started writing, though, the healing started.

The story of Biscuit McKee, middle-aged librarian, and Marmalade, the orange and white library cat, eventually became her first novel ORANGE AS MARMALADE.

Her ScotShop Mysteries (Berkley Prime Crime) about a modern-day Vermont shopkeeper and her 14th-century Scottish ghost are quite popular and Fran often dresses the role of the shopkeeper at book signings, to the delight of her fans.

She brings us, “A Wee Homicide in the Hotel,” the third in the series.


June 9, 2017 Show

Author Thom Reese

Chicago native now living in Las Vegas, Thom brings his first book of The Dracula Journals. Titled, Dark Decades, the novel follows Charles Van Helsing as he opens a chest once belonging to a great uncle, the man responsible for Dracula’s demise.

Within is a journal, kept and written by Dracula himself. But there’s more and Charles soon discovers the horror he has unleashed. Join us for a discussion of this and other works by this writer and co-producer of his own radio program, 21st Century Audio Theater.


June 2, 2017 Show

Author Shane Etter

Shane, a former high tech sales professional who started writing fiction after a stroke, has done so like a natural. Although Shane is primarily a self-taught writer he has taken a number of writing workshops and classes by such noted authors as two time Pulitzer Nominee Jedwin Smith, Mary Helen Stefaniak, and Kaylie Jones, daughter of the great James Jones. Author of five suspense novels, he brings for our discussion number five, War in the Bronx. Join us for a great discussion about writing from a man who loves his craft.


May 26, 2017 Show

Author Jeremy Logan

is a retired lawyer turned novelist will be with us to discuss "The Rubik Memorandum," his mystery/thriller about a military fuel depot fire that may be an inside job. Jeremy's former job offered experience in such matters, being a first responder to industry disasters as incident attorney and claims manager. He gave all that up and took the pen name, Jeremy Logan, to follow his dream of writing. "The Rubik Memorandum" is his second novel.



May 19, 2017 Show

Author Alayne Smith

brings us her first book, Ellen and the Three Predictions. A tale of eighteen-year-old Ellen Jones and the predictions of Luella, a seer who claims to see the future. The predictions are that Ellen will defend the beauty, foil a dictator, and find the soldier. As Ellen reads the predictions soon after her mother’s unexpected death, it all seems far-fetched and unreal. But to those she cares for, those predictions become significant.


May 12, 2017 Show

Author H.W. "Buzz" Bernard

will be my guest. A native Oregonian who attended the University of Washington in Seattle, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science; Buzz also studied creative writing. His experience with weather includes a mission with the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters, air drops over the Arctic Ocean and Turkey, and a stint as a weather officer aboard a Tactical Air Command airborne command post (C-135). Serving as a weather officer in the U.S. Air Force for over three decades, Buzz attained the rank of colonel and received, among other awards, the Legion of Merit. If he looks familiar to you, it could be because he worked as a senior meteorologist for 13 years at The Weather Channel. Buzz brings us his latest weather related thriller, "Cascadia."


 May 5. 2017 Show

Author John Sheffield

A physicist with knowledge about fusion energy, energy in general, and the environment. A long time award winning writer, he brings us his mystery novel, Roseland's Secret. On a remote island in the southern Atlantic, Andrew Ferguson seek to discover why an unusual bird, the Roseland Auk, has many more males than females. He ignores his professor's warning that the island’s society is matriarchal, and the women are off limits to outsiders. His research and a forbidden love affair uncover the island's dark secret.
Join us for a discussion of this page-turning mystery.


April 28, 2017 Show

Charles Clifford Brooks III

Author, poet, teacher, and founder of The Southern Collective Experience.

Cliff bring us his latest book, "Athena Departs." A new collection of poems that stretch the envelope till it stretches back. Cliff offers insights into Death, relationships, relatives who have gone ahead, musicians, flowers and Doc Holiday. Of course there is a large measure of Rome, Athens, and Oconee (Georgia obviously !) Cliff writes with passion, the same passion that drove him to start the Southern Collective Experience. I'm sure we can get him to talk about that some, as well.


April 21, 2017 Show

David Butler

returns to our show with his second book, "Ellaville."

60-year-old bones found in a shallow grave near the Suwannee River has taken Chief Deputy Charles Michael Keen to places he really wanted to avoid. Solving the mystery leads to the restoring of a long lost relationship with the family of former best friend who was lost in the war.

For Book Click Here


April 14, 2017 Show

Kenneth A. Griffiths,

author of "Seven Days in July": A Historical Account of the Battle of Atlanta, will be Doug's guest. His story brings into sharp focus the seven days in July that mark the turning point in the Western Theater of America's defining war. History is good, the story is even better. The personalities and decisions of the men in blue and gray affect the South's retreat and the North's advance on the great city of the south. Command changes, personality clashes, low morale, and the constant presence of death and blood explode into a fight for Atlanta.


April 7, 2017 Show

Lynn Hesse

Brings her debut novel, “Well of Rage” based on her law enforcement experiences “Well of Rage” refers to a mother's rage over the murder of her teenage son, racial hatred, and injustice. Lynn's fiction and short plays center on re-framing traumatic events and exploring the role that forgiveness plays in the healing process. Her book was the first place winner, 2015 Oak Tree Press Contest. Joins us for the discussion of her career and her writing.


March 31, 2017 Show

Nina Norstorm

Author of "Not a Blue Print". "Not a Blueprint: It's the Shoe Prints that Matter" is an insightful and inspiring personal story of one family's journey through toxic relationships. Nina Norstrom lost her child to a disease, but that wasn't the only toxic relationship she endured. This story in its raw form projects a remarkable voice to the heroic fight, courage, and bravery gained when striking back to wipe out toxic relationships. Hear Nina talk about her struggle and victory.


March 24, 2017 Show

Alan J. Sanders

Writer, actor, producer, radio personality, and entrepreneur, Alan J. Sanders is becoming a nationally know entity, having sub's for Herman Cain on his syndicated radio show through Atlanta's WSB Radio and his own program on Cartersville's WBHF Radio 1450. Alan is active in the acting community and runs AJS Productions, a web design and logo firm serving the southeastern United States. His blog, Freedom Cocktail, written with blog partner, Eric Wojciechowsk, is a popular and often referenced on-line information site.


March 17, 2017 Show

Robert Alan Black

Dr. Black is a consultant, speaker and author. He seeks to help people expand and enrich their natural creative abilities. Once described as is a "migrant worker who picks brains, not fruits and vegetables.” He brings his book, "My Angels & My Demons to our program for discussion. It is the story of his four plus weeks behind bars in the Desert. Join us for what will be an enlightening presentation.


March 10, 2017 Show

Michael Kenneth Smith

Retired businessman Michael Kenneth Smith began writing to share his stories with the world. He brings us "Scarred" a Civil War story of redemption. History buffs and scholars alike will appreciate Smith’s dedication to historical accuracy…This is Michael's second novel.



March 3, 2017 Show

Georgiana Fields

Georgiana writes paranormal romantic suspense, featuring strong men and resilient women who never give up. In her world, Vampires, Shape shifters, day walkers, and Demons are real. They have lived among us for millennia. Some want to enslave humans, others want to protect us at all cost. As a teen, she would spend her summers on the Atlantic Coast where she developed a love for the ocean, nature, and coastal ghost stories and legends. Some of Georgiana's favorite memories as a child, are of the times she would sit and listen to her aunts tell and retell stories and legends surrounding New Bern, N.C. and other coastal towns. She brings her novel, Crimson Dreams for our discussion.


February 24, 2017 Show

Heather Rogers

Heather is a professional organizer, owner of Simply Organized and author of “A Simplified Life”. She and her team specialize in helping people decrease the clutter in their lives, create a more organized environment, manage their time more effectively, and maintain calm in the midst of a busy life. Her clients include professionals and entrepreneurs who work from home, anyone who is getting their home ready to sell, individuals and families who need help
packing or unpacking, and busy professionals and families who need assistance with time management and space maintenance coaching. She is the Georgia Chapter Professional Development Director of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and frequently speaks to groups about the benefits of time management and the costs of disorganization.


February 17, 2017 Show

Author Tori Bailey

returns to the show with book three of her popular, "Coming Home" series.

Love Made From Scratch. Thomas deals with the loss of his wife, Dee in this continuation of that series.


February 10, 2017 Show

Chuck Gleason

began his writing career at the age of 80 years. He bring to the show his third novel, "Widow", the story of a young wife dealing with the grief of losing her husband in a tragic accident and having to now raise her eight year old son alone. She builds a wall around her life, A wall that is finally breached by a long time suitor. Chuck's other books include "Collision Course" and "Fired Angels."


February 3, 2017 Show

Author Julia McDermott

is a multi-award winning writer. She writes in many different genres and about many different topics. Her book, All of the Above: My Son's Battle with Brain Cancer is a first-hand look at a difficult time for any parent. We'll talk about that book and others like her psychological suspense novel, Daddy's Girl and Make That Deux, her French travel / romance from 2012.


January 27, 2017 Show

Rona Simmons

 is the author of The Quiet Room and Postcards from Wonderland. Both were historical fiction, yet she thinks of them as stories that just by happenstance took place in the past. Her latest novel, The Martyr’s Brother, is straight from today’s headlines and set it in present day, Atlanta, Georgia. Rona loves her craft and spends her "down time" either planning, writing, or talking about writing. She has had many short stories and other articles published in literary journals and on-line magazines. Meet Rona and her new book as she spends an hour in conversation with us.


January 20, 2017 Show

Ross Boone

The guest today is author and illustrator, Ross Boone. Ross has five books in print and has worked with other writer's to illustrate their work. Ross is also known by is nickname, "Rawspoon." The quickest explanation of that would be to simply say his name fast, about three times. His book "Signs of a New Kingdom" is the result of a long put-off trip with his father to Ethiopia. The book is filled with interviews Ross conducted with those he met and the modern day miracles he encountered.

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