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Host: Pastor Freddie Cortes



As a passionate student of the sacred Scriptures, Pastor Freddie Cortes diligently studied the Bible while living in Brentwood, Long Island, New York, and in Lebanon and Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. God truly graced him with the opportunity to write the book Behold! The Lamb of God. Without God, this book never would have been written. As a faithful and humble servant of God, he now shares this revelation from God and Scripture with the rest of the world.


Pastor Freddie Cortes has written a great new book under his Pen Name: Rev. Alfredo Sorrentini




Come and journey with me through the portals of time into a spiritual adventure of unknown proportions. Never before expressed in a simple format that is both unique and simple, this adventure is narrated in the pages of Behold! The Lamb of God.

Discover the truths about wars and rumors of wars and why there will never be peace in this world where terror, persecution, and greed are dominant.

Let us unveil the true nature of Satan the devil.


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November 20, 2017 Show  I Need A Miracle   1 Samuel 1:4-11


November 13, 2017 Show  Decisions, Decisions and More Decisions   1 Kings 3:16-28


November 6, 2017 Show  Prodigal Sons & Daughters    Luke 15:14-19


October 30, 2017 Show  What If There Is No Tomorrow?   James 4:13-14


October 23, 2017 Show  Stand Up For God    I Samuel 17:48-51


October 16, 2017 Show  We Are All Sinners    Romans 3:21-26


October 9, 2017 Show  Repent and Be Saved   Joshua 3:1-11


October 2, 2017  Submit To God And Resist The Devil    Peter 1:5-11


September 25, 2017  The Heart Of The Matter Is    Acts 8:18-21


September 18, 2017  Stand Up For Jesus     Ezekiel 2:1-10    John 3:16


September 11, 2017  3-Part Series: God's Eternal Covenant Part 3: The Promised Land  Genesis 12:17-18  Rev. 2:10


August 28, 2017 Show  3-Part Series: God's Eternal Covenant  Part 2: The Journey of Promises  Joshua 24:29


August 21, 2017 Show  3-Part Series: God's Eternal Covenant  Part 1: God's Promise To Mankind    Genesis 12:1-7


August 14, 2017 Show  Don't Let Your Blessing Steal Your Blessing   Judges 16:15-21


July 31, 2017 Show  Get Closer To Jesus Christ Today!  Galatians 1:19-23


July 24, 2017 Show  The Book Of Life  Rev. 20:11-15


July 17, 2017 Show  Jesus Is Alive!  John 16:33


July 10, 2017 Show  Save Me, God   Psalms 69: 1-2-3


June 19, 2017 Show  God Is Speaking To You Today  Job 38:1-5


June 5, 2017 Show  Help Each Other In The Faith  Thessalonians 5:11


May 15, 2017 Show  Be Filled With The Fullness Of God   Ephesians 3:14 - 21


April 24, 2017 Show  Are You Following Jesus Christ?


April 17, 2017 Show  Jesus Christ Is Our Living Hope  Peter 1: 3 - 9


April 10, 2017 Show  Be Fearless!  Deuteronomy 31: 1 - 8


April 3, 2017 Show  Face Your Challenges   Ephesians 6:12


January 30, 2017 Show  Trust In God   Proverbs 3:5-6


January 23, 2017 Show  Rise Up From The Ashes




January 9, 2017 Show


Lord Give Me Of This Water So That I May Not Thirst Anymore    John 4:15



January 2, 2017 Show


I Gave You All Of Me, And You Give Me All Of You.   Phil. 1:9-15



December 26, 2016 Show


Thank You God For Your Indescribable Gift, Jesus Christ.   Luke 2:28-32



December 19, 2016 Show


I Bring You Good News   Luke 2:8-20



December 12, 2016 Show


Freedom From Bondage To Heirs With Jesus   Gal. 4:8-11



December 5, 2016 Show


Freed From Bondage / Liberado de La Esclavtud   Exodus 20:2



November 28, 2016 Show  (in both English & Spanish)


The King Who Lost Four Crowns  Chronicles  10:1-14


El Rey Que Perdio Cuarto Coronas  1ra de Cronicas 10:1-14



November 14. 2016 Show


The Last And Final Battle    Rev. 20:7-8



November 7, 2016 Show


The End of The World    Matthew 24:3



October 31, 2016 Show


We Are More Than Conquers   Romans 8:37



October 24, 2016 Show


Ya Gotta Think    Mathew 9:21



October 17, 2016 Show


Stop Robbing From God   Mal. 3: 1, 7 & 8



October 10, 2016 Show


Get Up And Battle  Jos 1:1-11



October 3, 2016 Show


Get Right With God   Dt 4:24-29




September 26, 2016 Show


Faith Is Believing Without Seeing   Hebrews 11:1-3



September 19, 2016 Show


No More Tears    Rev. 7:17



September 12, 2016 Show


Jesus Offers You Salvation Today   Acts 4:12  &  John 3:16-18



August 29, 2016 Show


Some Say Jesus Was. I Say Jesus Is. Hebrew 13:1-8



August 22, 2016 Show (In both English & Spanish)


Prosigo Hacia La Meta De La Vida Eternia   Filipenses 3:12-14   Apocalipsis 2:10  (REV. 2:10)



August 15, 2016 Show


Go For The Gold   Philippians 3:12-14



August 8, 2016 Show


Death Comes To All.  The The Judgment    Ephesians 3: 14-16



August 1, 2016 Show (In both English & Spanish)


God Promised Us Salvation / Dios Nos Prometio Salvation    Genesis 3:15   John 3:16



July 25, 2016 Show


In The Beginning God Gave A Promise Of Salvation   Genesis 3:15



July 18, 2016 Show English


Let Us Become Good Samaritans    Dt.30:9-14   Luke 10



July 11, 2016 Show Spanish


Parable of the Good Samaritan


Unamonos Como Buenos Samaritans / Let's Unite Like Good Samaritans


Dt. 30:9-14   Luke 10


Parabola del Buen Samaritano



June 27, 2016 Show English


While Alone, God Spoke To Me  Exodus 3:1-22



June 20, 2016 Show English


Father God, Happy Father's Day / Psalm 18:1: Mt. 6:5-14


June 20, 2016 Show Spanish


Padre Celestial, Felix Dia de Los Padres / Salmon 18:1: Mt. 6:5-14




June 13, 2016 Show Bi-Lingual Program


I Know You Believe In Jesus  /  Yo Se Que Tu Crees En Jesus



June 6, 2016 Show


THE LAMB OF GOD    Revelations Chapter 5



May 23, 2016 Show


This particular broadcast is in Spanish.



Welcome to the pastor Freddie Cortes show coming to you on ArtistFirst World Radio.  I am your host, Pastor Freddie Cortes, an ordained minister, evangelist, motivational speaker, and doctor of the word of God. I am also a Christian Writer, Poet, and Author, having authored the book: Behold! The Lamb of God, under my writers or pseudonym name, Rev. Alfredo Sorrentini.  Normally I do my shows in English, but with a huge Spanish speaking audience out there worldwide, not only in the USA, we, the station owner and manager and I, have chosen to preach today’s sermon in Spanish, for the Spanish communities benefit. I will return next week with this same sermon in English, and as the Holy Spirit should lead me, the rest of our future programs will be in English translated into Spanish for the benefit of all English speaking and Spanish speaking individuals and families.


Bienvenidos al espectaculo del Pastor Freddie Cortes en vivo desde . Soy su anfitrión o locutor, el Pastor Freddie Cortes, un ministro ordenado, evangelista, conferencista motivacional y doctor de las Sagradas Escrituras, la Palabra de Dios. Soy tambien un escrito Cristiano, poeta, y autor, habiendo escrito y publicado por medio de el libro Cristiano y titualdo, "He Aqui! El Cordero de Dios., bajo mi nombre de escritor: Rev. Alfredo Sorrentini.

Normalmente llevo mis mensajes en Ingles, pero con una enorme audiencia Hispana al nivel mundial. no solo en los Esatados Unidos, hemos elejido tras el consejo de mi publicador de esta emisora,, traerles este mensaje esclusivamente en Espanol. En la proxima semana les trayer este mismo mensaje en Ingles, y tanto como el Espiritu Santo de Dios me inspire, el resto de nuestros sermones seran en Ingles traducido al Espanol para el beneficio de la audiencia de habla Ingles y de la audiencia de habla Espanol y sus familia.



May 16, 2016 Show 


Pentecost. The Day They Were Baptized By The Holy Spirit of God  Acts 2:1



May 9, 2016 Show


Mother Are Blessed In God's Eyes Luke 1:31 - 38



May 2, 2016 Show


Stay On Faith Street And Don't Be A Doubter



April 18, 2016 Show


Where Is Your God?



March 14, 2016 Show


Get Up And Fight Against The Giants Of Your Life!



February 15, 2016 Show


The Essence and Excellence of God's Love For You.



January 18, 2016 Show


Stand Up For God.



January 11, 2016 Show


Sin No More Or Else Something Worse Will Overcome You!  John: Chapter 5


January 4, 2016 Show


I Will Praise The Lord My God All The Days Of My Life



December 28, 2015 Show


Unto Us Is Given  Isaiah 9:1 - 7 



December 21, 2015 Show


Fight Those Giants In Your Life!



December 14. 2015 Show


I Love You Forever, Jesus My Strength



December 7, 2015 Show


Go And Sin No More.


(Jesus told the adulterous woman)



December 3, 2015 Show


Warriors Of Jesus To Arms!


For There Is War Against The Army Of Jesus.



October 22, 2015 Show


Do Not Be Left Outside



October 15, 2015 Show


The Good And Bad Of Our Decisions. The Prodigal Son.



October 8, 2015 Show


No One Knows, Except Father God.



September 24, 2015 Show


Do You Believe? You've Got To Believe!



September 17, 2015 Show


We Are More Than Conquers Through Jesus Christ Who Loves Us.



September 10, 2015 Show


Get Up And Fight The Giants In Your Life



September 3, 2015 Show


Come Wrestle With God, And Be Blessed.



August 20, 2015 Show


Beware! The Devil, Man's Worst Enemy, Is Real. Repent!



August 13, 2015 Show 


Today Can Be The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life. A New Beginning.



August 6, 2015 Show


My Shelter Is Jesus.



July 30, Show


More great preaching on the word of God.



July 23, 2015 Show


Can I Get A Witness To Testify About What God Has Done To Free You From Sin?

For The Truth Will Set You Free.



July 16, 2015 Show


I Am Like A Green Olive Tree In The House Of God



July 9, 2015 Show


Stand Your Ground As A Christian Believer!



July 2, 2015 Show


Every Problem Can Be Solved With God's Help.




June 25, 2015 Show


Spreading The Good News About Jesus Christ Worldwide.




June 18, 2015 Show


Rev. Cortes discusses his abused early years, and how God was always there to help him.







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Behold! The Lamb of God



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