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  ArtistFirst Welcomes Our Newest Show! 

True talk about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness via personal experiences.

Wednesdays 4pm Eastern / 3pm Central

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Host Cathy Nutt

has a degree in Health, Physical Education, and recreation from Oklahoma State University. She is an entrepreneur, buying and selling two businesses by the age of 25. Cathy has a commercial real estate license in Oklahoma specializing in real estate investments. She has been a hairstylist for 35 years with licenses in four states. She has a bartending and coffee barista license, also. Cathy has lived in many different cities developing friendships in all directions. In the past five years, Cathy has been experiencing the challenges as a single, middle aged, divorcee. She chooses to remain positive and encouraging to others. Throughout this journey, there have been many laughs, tears, fun, misery, and more! Stay tuned!

What people say about Cathy:

Cathy is loyal, kind , hardworking, generous, fun, hilarious,and she always speaks the truth. I have known her for 33 years and love her like my family.  Lori Huggins

Cathy is a loyal friend, consistent, plain spoken, always speaks the truth, compassionate, funny, sometimes really funny, confident, but, sweetly vulnerable, too. One of my favorite people of all time with a beautiful laugh! Leith Hoggard

Cathy: Here’s my words to describe her: Integrity, honesty, loyalty, authenticity, strong, incredible mama bear to your children, great friend, and FUN and beautiful. Suzanne Waddell

Describing Cathy: LOYAL - She would knock down a doorpost for me or at least tell someone off for me!! She’s beautiful inside and out with a great smile! Kitty Ledbetter

Email Cathy @, visit facebook: Cathy Nutt, Instagram page: Cathynutt2020

~  Hear Past Shows Below  ~

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March 25, 2020 Show

Recording Artist Jeff Clayborn

Grammy award-winner and Executive Producer Chuck Ebert




March 18, 2020 Show


Special Guests: Jill & Julia





March 11, 2020 Show

Special Guests:

Tanya and Brandi

They’ll be discussing divorce, what’s next and middle age.




March 4, 2020 Show

Cathy’s Favorite Things!

Products, places, restaurants, musicians, etc!

Also, what’s coming up on future shows!



February 26, 2020 Show

Inaugural Broadcast

On this first show, Cathy introduces herself to you the listeners with a bit about her life's triumphs and struggles.