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Host Kim Beyer, MA

holds a master’s degree in comparative religion and a graduate certificate in Holistic Healthcare from Western Michigan University. She attended the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, focusing on adult spiritual formation for a year. Kim has served as a director of lifespan religious education with two Unitarian Universalist churches and has been heavily involved in adult education in venues as diverse as university settings to small United Church of Christ congregations to TED talks and public adult education programs. Kim is also a certified Yoga Therapist, qigong instructor and spiritual director. She is the author of fifteen books, ranging from science fiction to poetry to comparative religion. As a handweaver and artist, musician and nature enthusiast, she also loves the chaos and inspiration of raising chickens, rabbits, North American Retrievers and eventually goats. She and her husband live on and care for fifty acres in Northern Michigan.


~~ About Deep Communion with Kim Beyer:  ~~

The world of religion and spirituality has entered a time of excitement and confusion, joy and fear, tradition and experimentation. It’s a world kneaded together in bowl of social media, access to ancient documents and new spiritual practices, and fired by ecological, economic and political pressures. It’s a world grown smaller on one hand, and more complex on the other. And for the brave and open-minded, it’s a world of homecoming, fearlessness and compassion. Join author Kim Beyer as she helps us all weave ourselves into the cloth of spirit—from modern contemplatives to the paradigm-changing voices of Emerging Christianity, from ancient mystical thinkers to folks engaging Mystery and Reality through music, art and nature, from lives of religious discipline to folks labeling themselves “the religious Nones”, you’ll begin to sense the rich textures of our Deep Communion. Join Kim on the third Wednesdays of the month at 1 PM on Artist First Radio.


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All books are available in hard copy, kindle and audio editions!

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December 20, 2017 Show

Bob Case

(Rev. Dr. Harold R Case)  B. A. Western Michigan University, (Double Major Philosophy, Religion), M.Div. Chicago Theological Seminary, (Thesis Concentration Nazism as a Religious Movement), D. Min. United Theological Seminary. (Thesis Faith Development Theory), pastor in the United Chuch of Christ 48 years (19 years First Congregational Alpena), taught Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics and Religions of the World at Alpena Community College 15 years, former Hospice Chaplain, 15 years local CBS WBKB television show along with Tom Downs local Episcopal Priest, Married 48 years to Judith, four children, 7 grandchildren.

Life is short, And we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who make the journey with us. So . . . be swift to love, and make haste to be kind.

And the blessing of God, who made us, who loves us, and who travels with us be with you now and forever. Amen.

Based on the words of Henri Frederic Amiel (1821-1881).


November 15, 2017 Show

Collene Curran

is a Colorado native and voice actor.  Upon completing a degree in journalism at Colorado State University she spent several years in Taiwan where she lent her voice to numerous projects from teaching materials to cartoons and corporate videos. She is also an experienced public speaker who has presenting stop-smoking seminars across the country since 2008. She has narrated a number of fiction and nonfiction audiobooks. Collene currently lives in Denver with her husband Vince and their two canine children.



October 17, 2017 Show

Kim Beyer, MA

introduces her Easing Into Series, a collection of books designed to invite the reader into comparative religion studies with a gentle and personal touch. She gleans the ten "Great Ideas" from various scriptures, traditions and spiritual teachers to help readers and small groups get to the core of the work, then offers both original poetry and five study questions to encourage folks to connect and go deeper in their inquiry. Kim will also share poetry from her larger body of work, giving listeners a taste of her last five years of romping in comparative religion and poetic arts.



February 15, 2017 Show

Karen Bacon, BS in clinical/community psychology from U of M. Was ordained in 2010 an Interfaith minister through One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York city, then continued for another 2 yrs. to complete the Interspiritual Counseling program and maintains a practice in Alpena, Mi. She is married to a newly retired United Methodist minister (almost 44 yrs.). They have 2 married children, 4 grandchildren, 2 cats and a 14 week old Double Doodle!

Most my life I had struggled with a kind of mental illness. Eventually diagnosed with clinical depression and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality), I fought (despite great inner pain) to function and appear “normal.” I managed to marry at 18, had 2 beautiful children and eventually got a BS in clinical/community psychology. I even helped my husband through seminary and became a United Methodist minister’s wife! However, the longer I tried to play the game of “normal,” the “crazier” I got. In the last 10 yrs. of this hellish rollercoaster ride, despite years of therapy, the self harm and suicide attempts became so extreme, I was put on heavy duty medications, repeatedly hospitalized on DID units, and even given electroshock treatments. The next stop was death! And then something began to change. Though I had given up on God long ago, I began having what I called “mystical, ecstatic experiences” and before I knew it, the flames of hell had given way to heavenly bliss! My life healed and the spiritual path became my “pearl of great price!” In time, I was ordained an interfaith minister and then, in 2012, graduated as an interspiritual counselor.  Visit Karen's Blog:



January 18, 2017 Show

Special Guests: Eugene Bacon and Paul Lance

Eugene Bacon

Gene is a recently retired United Methodist minister. He was raised in Trenton, Michigan; graduated from U. of M. (Ann Arbor) with a Bachelor of Science in Biophysics, and from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois with a Master of Divinity. During the course of his career he pastored churches near Flint, Detroit, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and, most recently in Alpena, MI. Gene’s wife, Karen, is an ordained interfaith minister. The couple have two married children and four grand-children. Gene enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, ping pong, and spending time with his grandchildren.

Paul Lance

After 30 years of ministry elsewhere, Rev. Lance returned in 2013 to the church where he had been ordained in Alpena, Michigan. Having gathered experiences from pastorates in Zurich, Switzerland, to Long Beach and Torrance, California, as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary, Paul brings fresh perspective, new programs, and enthusiastic preaching to his hometown United Church of Christ congregation.



December 21, 2016 Show

Sue Sutherland-Hanson

grew up in a commercial fishing family in Port Townsend, a small town in the Northwest corner of the nation on the Straits of Juan de Fuca that open to the Pacific. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature, a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Students of other Languages (ESL) and a Masters of Divinity. Sue taught internationals English as a Second Language at Edmonds Community College for over thirty years. In her Quaker seminary, Sue focused on writing as ministry, sacred texts, stories, practices and the arts that explored questions about the mystery and mystical in life and how we relate to ourselves, each other, the ancients, the earth, the universe, and the Divine.
Sue has a brand new chap book of poetry called Stars and Strangers available through Finishing Line Press and Amazon. Besides her collection, co-authored with Kim Nunneley of Michigan, a book of poems entitled, Invitation to Openness, her poems have been published in a variety of publications.
In addition to writing, Sue, now working towards ordination through the United Church of Christ, teaches workshops on writing as a listening practice, sacred creativity, the wisdom of the body, labyrinths, meditation, and Celtic spirituality. When not writing or teaching, she enjoys walking, leading groups on Celtic pilgrimage to Scotland and Ireland, playing with her grand-children, or officiating weddings

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