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Host Ankit Shukla

was born to Indian immigrant parents who instilled in him the importance of a strong work ethic. Growing up in Sparks, NV, Ankit appreciated the atmosphere of a small town, however, he knew there was much more out there for him. After graduating with a Nursing degree from The University of Nevada, Reno, Ankit took the opportunity to explore other parts of the country, which was one of the best decisions he ever made.

Ankit travels the country as a traveling nurse and is also a motivational speaker and author. He enjoys working with people of all backgrounds and hopes that through his work, he can positively affect millions of people around the world.

Ankit wrote his first book, "Don't Live the Good Life; Live the Better Life", in 2013. Ankit preaches the idea of living the Better Life on a daily basis. He believes that we should all strive for more and improve our standing in life, no matter where we are. Ankit's book is available through Amazon and also his website. Please contact him for any questions.

Ankit's book: Don't Live the Good Life; Live the Better Life is available through his website.


Contact Ankit: Email:


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September 10, 2019 Show

Guest: Samuel George Catanzaro

from Underground St. Louis

Facebook Page: St. Louis Underground

Twitter: @stl_underground


August 27, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Anita Randolph, Ph.D.

Works with Youths Engaged in Science (YES).

Bridging the gap in education and health for underrepresented minorities.



August 13, 2019 Show


Special Guest: Adam Ely


founder of  Hard Luck Automotive



July 9, 2019 Show

Darryl Vidal

Life-Long Martial Artist, Karate Instructor, extra Actor in Karate Kid 1.

Contact: Vidal Kenpo on Facebook


June 25, 2019 Show

Cobra Kai Fan Discussion

Ankit and Friends

have a panel discussion on

Cobra Kai


June 11, 2019 Show


Special Guest: Lindsey Rombkowski

Author with Lit Genius Books

Experienced Foster Parent

 Facebook @Lindseysbook



May 28, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Fredric H. Martini

Author, Professor, Ph.D. in Comparative and Functional Anatomy.

Active in the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society.


May 15, 2019 Show

Dr. Daniel Danyo

Medical Doctor, American Board Certified in Hair Restoration Surgery, Helping others build confidence through Aesthetic Advancements.



April 23, 2019 Show

Jerry Ford

Author and Entrepreneur. Author of Guns, Drugs or Wealth.

Contact: Instagram @RealJerryFord


April 9, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Gregory Rynard Hunter

Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Television Host. Host of The Home Environmental Medicine Show.

Facebook: Home Environmental Medicine Show



March 26, 2019 Show

Guest: Matt Balaker

Author Of “Greg Giraldo-A Comedian’s Story”.

Book available on Amazon:


February 26, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Brandon Bishop

Author, Executive Producer and Owner of ASY TV, former Pro Wrestler and Promoter, Singer of One Eyed Buffalo.

Future Reality TV star.


February 12, 2019 Show


Special Guest: Gerald Jones:

Entrepreneur, founder of Buy Black Podcast.



January 22, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Michelle Dickinson-Moravek

 Author of “Breaking Into My Life”


January 8, 2019 Show

Special Guest: Steve Nykan

Entrepreneur, Investor, Expert in the Cannabis Industry,

Online Marketer and Cancer Survivor.



December 25, 2918 Show

Special Guest: Amanda Abella




November 27, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Julia Carlson

Financial Planner, Founder and CEO of

Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, LLC.


November 13, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Fred Stuvek

Former Naval Officer, Successful Businessman, Consultant, Speaker and Author.



October 9, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Brandon Mayes

Author, Former Educator, Founder of Lit Genius Publishing.




September 25, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Conrad Thompson

 Worlds Greatest Pro Wrestling Podcast Host; Mortgage Specialist.

Twitter: @HeyHeyitsconrad


September 11, 2018 Show


Special Guest: Rulon Gardner

 Olympic Gold Medalist in Greco Roman Wrestling, 2000 Olympic Games.

The Ultimate Underdog Champion in sports and in life.



August 28, 2018 Show

Special Guest: David Matero

True follower of Christ and his teachings. David discusses his faith and

 overcoming addictions. No expectations, no judgments.



August 14, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Karina Kantas

Author, Radio Host

and Founder of Author Assist  FB fanpage      FB AUTHOR ASSIST  INSTAGRAM       TWITTER  BLOG  Goodreads  Google+


July 24, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Dan “The Beast” Severn

MMA legend, UFC Hall-Of-Famer and only Triple Crown Winner, Alternate in 1984 Summer Olympics for Freestyle Wrestling, Pro Wrestler, Coach, Mentor, Author.



July 10, 2018 Show

Tribute Vader

Leon White, Professional Wrestler

Special Guest: Pro Wrestler, Brandon Bishop and Ankit remember this great man.



June 26, 2018 Show

Jeff Bonano

Digital Artist and Candidate for Mayor Of Sparks, NV.

Facebook: @JMBonano       Twitter: @JeffBonano    Public Phone: 775-354-4442


June 12, 2018 Show

Ethan Indigo Smith

 Author, Meditation Practitioner


May 22, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Dave Kieta

Radio Personality, Entrepreneur and Aspiring Author.



May 8, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Michael Levin

Keynote and Motivational Speaker


April 24, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Stormi Hiney

Registered Nurse


April 10, 2018 Show

Ankit Shukla

The Early Years


March 26, 2018 Show

Special Guest: Joel Diehl

Author and founder of Alpine Line Publishers.


March 13, 2018 Show


Nicholas Casale


Author and Historian


February 27, 2018 Show


Corbin Dunn - Author

Find Author Corbin Dunn on Facebook. .


February 13, 2018 Show

Frank Shamrock

Legendary MMA Fighter,

Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist.



January 23, 2018 Show


Toby and Layla Black

Internet Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Mentors.

Toby and Layla Black I Facebook.


January 9, 2018 Show


Special Guest: Jon Robert Quinn

Radio Personality, Entrepreneur, Musician, Author.




December 26, 2017 Show


Special Guest: Jason Mefford

Entrepreneur and Author


December 11, 2017 Show

Special Guest: Brandon Bishop

Executive producer and owner of Asy TV.


Singer for One eyed Buffalo

 Former pro wrestler and promoter.


November 28, 2017 Show

Special Guest: Joel Diehl

Author and founder of Alpine Line Publishers.


November 14, 2017 Show

Special Guest: Nick Nanton

Emmy Award winning movie producer and

Co-Founder of Celebrity Branding Agency.




October 24, 2017 Show

Abbey Eldridge


Ironman tri-athlete,

Adventure Seeker.


October 10, 2017 Show

Special Guest: Richelle Hall

Founder of Chica Rica Foundation. A foundation created to help at risk women and children.


September 26, 2017 Show


Special Guest: 

Don Lovato


Serial Entrepreneur and Author

September 12, 2017 Show

Special Guest: Lance Luke

Construction Manager and author of multiple books.

July 25, 2017

Hear Ankit as a guest on Authors-First discussing his new book

Don't Live The Good Life; Live The Better Life

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