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Below are Pics & Vids for Bigfoot Central Show September 1, 2015

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Link To Youtube Video watch-v=aDWFiGWx3-4


Back of the head


Back dimensions enlarged


Arm length still


Arm length still enlarged


Back side enlarged


Click for video: Wrapped up slow motion larger  



Black and white gif



Calf muscle


Bush legs


Bush legs bright




Cloth Sequence animation filtered stabilized cropped and enlarged



Cloth something animated animation


Cloth still


Color saturated still


Color bright knee close up



Croucher foot


Croucher brightened


Croucher brightened color saturated


Croucher arrowed with properties


Croucher side bar color bright



/Square thing


Square thing brightened


Shadow sitter arrowed


Right side hair.jpg enlarged.jpg


Right side hair



Raw frame in program


Don cutting fruit properties


Knuckles possibly


Ken upstream properties




Figures in the distance photo


Dark sitter


Croucher thing gone


Big foot on rocks


Bigfoot inset


Yahgan feet


creek thing


creek thing 2


Creek thing 2 enhanced